Novak Djokovic Denies Roger Federer To Win 2nd US Open, 10th Career Grand Slam Title!
by Staff | September 13th, 2015, 11:10 pm

The much-anticipated US Open No. 1 v No. 2 final between Novak Djokovic nad Roger Federer lived up to the hype as Djokovic won his 10th career Grand Slam title beating his rival 6-4, 5-7, 6-4, 6-4.

Djokovic is now back to even against Federer 20-20 after beating the Swiss for a third straight time in Major final after two Wimbledons the last two years.

“To win against one of the biggest rivals,” Djokovic said. “All-time Grand Slam champion, somebody that, you know, always keeps on fighting till the last point, keeps making you play an extra shot, yeah, all these things now are very special to me. Obviously I owe a great gratitude to my team and for making sure I can perform as well as I did, you know, all these years. And tonight is a night that I will definitely remember for a long time.

“Now actually sitting down here with this trophy and reflecting on what I have achieved, it’s quite incredible. So I’m definitely very satisfied and proud of that.”

The match was delayed about three hours due to rain, and Federer looked the more sluggish player from the start when the match began in the coolest conditions of the tournament.

Federer had served so great all summer, but was promptly broken twice in the opening set as Djokovic took the opener, overcoming an early tumble on the hardcourts which gave the Swiss a break.

As he had in his three prior Slam finals this season, the Serb couldn;t sustain the lead as Federer found his serve, breaking Djokovic to win the set 7-5.

In the third, the two traded early break before Federer was broken again.

With Federer fading and down 2 sets to 1, Djokovic jumped out to a 5-2 lead, then held off a furious rally from Federer who got one break back and then held two more break chances before Djokovic took the match on his first match point.

“5-2 serving, I thought, Okay, now this is the time to finish it off, but it wasn’t,” Djokovic admitted. “He showed once again why he’s competing in such a high level for so many years.

“Again, he never stepped back, and he always made me play an extra shot, extra shot, kept pushing. Yeah, I was fortunate to come up with some big serves when I needed to. You know, serve was not really a strong link tonight for me, but in the important moments I got a couple of free points in the last game on serve, and that’s what matters.”

Djokovic has now won three Slams for the second in a season after 2011. And he locks up the World No. 1 ranking.

“It’s been an incredible season,” he said. “I’m very fortunate to experience a great success this year. The season is not over, but the Grand Slam is over. The biggest tournaments that I have played this year, as anybody else, and I won three out of four. It’s more than I could ask for, definitely.”

Djokovic’s 10 Slams ties him with Bill Tilden, and puts him with Roger Federer’s 17 and Rafael Nadal’s 14 as players with double digits Slams on the tour.

At 34, and after one of his best summers, will Federer have the chance again at reaching 18?

“I am very disappointed,’ Federer said. “I had my chances on my racquet. I should never been down in the score the way I was. But Novak did a great job of fending them off, and, you know, all of that. It was a tough night, but still, I don’t know, thrilling at the same time.”

Federer’s problem included a bunch of errors off the ground and finishing just 4/23 on break point chances for the match.

“I had too many break chances,” Federer said. ‘Of course some of them I could have done better, should have done better, you know, all these things. Surely he didn’t give me much, you know, and all that, that’s for sure, but still I should have done better.”

Federer, though, managed to connect on six of his SABR shots, winning four, breaking Djokovic in one early game he used it and creating a double fault on another.

“I knew he’s going to be aggressive,” Djokovic said. “He’s going to try to disrupt my rhythm, and he’s going to put a lot of variety in his game. slice, chip and charge, come to the net, serve and volley. Which he did. But I was ready for it. I was ready for the battle. That’s what it was. Three hours, 20 minutes. We pushed each other to the limit, as we always do.

“It’s an ultimate challenge that I can have now winning against Roger back to back finals in Wimbledon and here, US Open. It’s tremendous. I’m really, really proud of it.”

Players to win 3 or more Grand Slam in a Season (Open Era):
2015 Novak Djokovic (AUS, Wim, US)
2011 Novak Djokovic (AUS, Wim, US)
2010 Rafael Nadal (FRA, Wim, US)
2007 Roger Federer (AUS, Wim, US)
2006 Roger Federer (AUS, Wim, US)
2004 Roger Federer (AUS, Wim, US)
1988 Mats Wilander (AUS, FRA, US)
1974 Jimmy Connors (AUS, Wim, US)
1969 Rod Laver (AUS, FRA, Wim, US)

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239 Comments for Novak Djokovic Denies Roger Federer To Win 2nd US Open, 10th Career Grand Slam Title!

danica Says:


Nole came within TWO sets of winning the calendar Slam. Thank you Novak! CONGRATS!!!

Crazy, nail biting match for this Nole fan. :)) Was not hiding behind sofa but under the blanket on the sofa :).

Sorry to Roger fans who surely hoped their man can win his 18th slam. He is huge champion. I can only hope Novak can play with such intensity and quality when he is 34.

Well done both!

jane Says:

AJDE Nole! How he played Roger and the crowd (!) I do not know. I’d’ve folded up my towel and gone home. But they’re champions for a reason. I am very proud of him. 10 slams!! :)

Commies to Fed fans. He still has 17 though. And he had Novak (and me) hanging over a ledge by his fingernails more than once.

HUGS NOLE FANS: Wog boy, Mat4, courbon, jalep, Duro, Sar, stu, Shital, Yolita, Danica…and whomever I am forgetting. Woohoo!

What. A. Year. :D

Onward to the Fall swing.

Michael Says:

It is case of so near and yet so far for Roger bidding for his unprecedented 18th career major which seems very hard to come by and might as well remain a dream since Roger is already 34. To win against a relentless tennis machine like Novak, Roger had to compulsorily display the kind of form he displayed at Cincinnati and so far in this tournament. Unfortunately, going by the UEs especially on the forehand wing which is his bread and butter, it appears to be a case of peaking way too early. You do not have the liberty to make about 54 UEs against a player like Novak and still expect to win the match.

But the occasional brilliance of Roger still made the match tight and gave some goose numbs to the Novak camp. But it just wasn’t enough and Roger had to once again contend to be the second best and leave the limelight and glory to Novak. But, Roger fought as hard as he could and showed to the World the Champion’s stuff he is made of. It is tough to see him lose. But we can console ourselves from the fact that he is exceeding all expectations at 34!!

Wog Boy Says:


The only reaso I didn’t have nervous breakdown is that I am so badly jet legged that I am all numb, like a zombie.

Michael Says:

Now coming to the best player on the planet namely Novak, I tend to agree with Jane. Novak not only battling Roger but the brutally partial US crowd too. An unruly crowd which shrieked and hissed whenever he missed a first serve or lustly applauded when he missed a shot or found the net. Yet, Novak totally dismissive of the crowd behaviour which was so biased against him still showed as to why he is right now the No.1 player in the World by peaking at the right moments and right time. Whenever, Roger had break points, he always had some special shots or a lethal serve which warded the danger very well.

Now that he has won 10,and joined the illustrious peers, he is rightly heralded as one of the Greatest and also dangerously closing in on Rafa and may be Roger as well. If not for that exceptional performance by Wawarinka at Rolland Harris, he might have achieved the remarkable calendar grand slam. And 2015 is proving to be a much better run than his extraordinary 2011 !!

Jeez Says:

******************3 Aces 11 *************************
***************5 Double faults 5************************
*****96/155 (62%) 1st serves in 87/137 (64%) **************
*****63/96 (66%) 1st serve points won 62/87 (71%) ***********
*****32/59 (54%) 2nd serve points won 23/50 (46%) **********
**********124 MPH Fastest serve 125 MPH ****************
**********115 MPH Average 1st serve speed 115MPH*********
**********90 MPH Average 2nd serve speed 95 MPH **********21/32 (66%) Net points won 39/59 (66%)**********
********* 6/13 (46%) Break points won 4/23 (17%) ***********
*****52/137 (38%) Receiving points won 60/155(39%)*********
*********************35 Winners 56 *******************
******************37 Unforced errors 54 ****************
*****************147 Total points won 145*********
**********10744.5 Distance Covered (Feet) 10962.3 ***********36.8 Dist.Covered/Pt. (Feet) 37.5****************

Mere 2 points more for Djokoviv than Federer

But more UEs than Winners so its opposite of quality match of Wimbledon 2014 Final !!!

Jeez Says:

******************3 Aces 11 *************************
***************5 Double faults 5************************
*****96/155 (62%) 1st serves in 87/137 (64%) **************
*****63/96 (66%) 1st serve points won 62/87 (71%) ***********
*****32/59 (54%) 2nd serve points won 23/50 (46%) **********
**********124 MPH Fastest serve 125 MPH ****************
**********115 MPH Average 1st serve speed 115MPH*********
**********90 MPH Average 2nd serve speed 95 MPH **********21/32 (66%) Net points won 39/59 (66%)**********
********* 6/13 (46%) Break points won 4/23 (17%) ***********
*****52/137 (38%) Receiving points won 60/155(39%)*********
*********************35 Winners 56 *******************
******************37 Unforced errors 54 ****************
*****************147 Total points won 145*********
**********10744.5 Distance Covered (Feet) 10962.3 ***********36.8 Dist.Covered/Pt. (Feet) 37.5****************

Mere 2 points more for Djokovic than Federer

But more UEs than Winners so its opposite of quality match of Wimbledon 2014 Final !!!

Tommy Says:

Whether it was 1 or 2, or more for Roger, No1e is holding up the trophy! I’m so glad he won to stick it to those NY snobs! :-) SWEET! Bravo Majstore!!!

jane Says:

novak trumped at the net! came in way more but won just as much. also his second serve rocks.
break point conversion for novak was finally where it should be. it’s not been the best at times this year, so i was glad to see him convert more. how he staved those others off?!! i dunno!! eeeek! torture to watch at times.

wog boy, good zombification though. ;)

jatin Says:

Can you imagine guys.. Roger is playing so well even though he is 34. I can imagine him playing late into his 30’s and still in the top ten.
Jimmy conners style. I am not too sad like I was after wimby final because i knew roger had so many chances but alas ! . Its novak’s day. Its his 10th GS.
I think he will supress rafa’s GS total as apart from roger nobody is really a challenge for him these days.. YES.. HE is that good. The likes of Andy, Stan cannot hold him to achieve many more GS.
He is dominating just like roger in his heydays.

As for me, I am pretty excited for shanghai masters now. Just watching roger’s play is a joy no matter the outcome. Hope to see him him like this for many more years to come.
See you later guys and once again congrts to all Novak fans for this amazing win

Jeez Says:

Example of GOOD STATISTIC doesn’t matter(always)
——————–0 Aces 4 ——————————————-3 Double faults 1 —————————-24/42 (57%) 1st serves in 22/31 (71%)—————-16/24 (67%) 1st serve points won 14/22 (64%)———–8/18 (44%) 2nd serve points won 5/9 (56%)——————124 MPH Fastest serve 125 MPH————————–115 MPH Average 1st serve speed 115 MPH—————-90 MPH Average 2nd serve speed 95 MPH—————— 6/6 (100%) Net points won 8/13 (62%)——————2/2 (100%) Break points won 1/5 (20%)——————12/31 (39%) Receiving points won 18/42 (43%)———————10 Winners 13—————————————12 Unforced errors 11———————————36 Total points won 37—————–

Yes 1/5 BP CONVERSION did it against Federer!!!!

Sivaji Says:

Congrats to Djoko, the 3 slam winner in 2015… and Hats off to Federer

Wog Boy Says:

This is stats that mater,
ATP live ranking:

1 Novak Djokovic SRB 16145
2 Roger Federer SUI 9545

or ATP ranking:

1 N. Djokovic (SRB) 14,865
2R. Federer (SUI) 9,065

chris ford1 Says:

Jatin – before Shanghai, isn’t he in Beijing?

jatin Says:

Is he ??
Would love see him play there against Novak :)
But i just checked his schedule and there was no mention of Beijing there

danica Says:

Wog Boy,
Nole holds the most points ever in the last 52 weeks.

Michael Says:

Novak must be ruing that tough loss against Wawarinka at Rolland Garros. If not for it, he would have completed the calendar grand slam and his mighty status in the game might have gone even a level higher. Unfortunately, a combination of Wawarinka’s brilliance and Novak’s passive play prevented that historical moment in men’s Tennis. Tough luck – Novak !!

Wog Boy Says:

Thanks, I didn’t know that, though I noticed it’s a lot of points against No1e name:)

jane Says:

even roger’s coach commented on novak’s strength against the NYC crowd.

Carole Bouchard
Federer’s coach Lüthi says he’s amazed at how Djokovic kept his head despite the crowd.Chapeau to him,he deserves the win. 3rd set maybe key

Margot Says:

Huge congrats to Nole and his fans, jane, danica, Wog Boy and all.
Comms to Fed and his fans.
Rain delays meant that I didn’t see any of it, which was a shame.

chris ford1 Says:

Djuggernaut (def) – Something (such as a force, campaign, or movement) that is extremely large and powerful and cannot be stopped. Seen in 2011 and 2015.

Patson Says:

Thanks Margot and congrats to all fellow-Nole fans! I haven’t been able to follow tennis off-late because of high workload in the office. But it’s just so pleasing to see Nole proving to everyone why he’s such a great player. I’m in awe of this guy’s mental strength and his ability to play his best tennis in the critical moments.

It’s a pleasure to be his fan. Great stuff Nole ! Great stuff !

Margot Says:

Patson: Apparently Nole battled Fed AND the crowd and won!
That’s the way to do it!

wilfried Says:

Congrats to all Nole fans. Comm. to Fedfans.
Total prize money wise, after already having passed over Nadal, Ðjokovic is now rapidly closing in on Roger Federer.
TPM- situation before the start of the US Open:
Federer: $ 93.146.573 (turned pro in 1998)
Nadal: $ 73. 724.279 (turned pro in 2001)
Ðjokovic: $ 83.066.648 (turned pro in 2003)

Giles Says:


madmax Says:

T’was a fantastic match and I really enjoyed it.

Very happy for Nole and all his fans, especially dear duro and sar who no longer post here any more, but I feel somewhere will be reading this.

Nole was brilliant. Quite the star. Well done!

Roger, WE ARE PROUD OF YOU! So very proud and hope to see you at USOpen next year, though I feel with Wimbledon then Rio, the USOpen may be just out of reach next year.

Who knows? Hope I am wrong.

Roger has played brililantly, superbly well through the hard court swing and so I turn to Mat4 for his superior knowledge on Roger’s progress this year, second to Nole and that cannot be all that bad!

Can’t wait now for the WTF!

A well earned rest though for these two giants of the game!

madmax Says:

Will watch it all again later. (I just can’t help myself!). Can’t get enough of this rivalry either!

J-Kath Says:

To Jane and Wogboy – Great, great, great many, many congrats – after Andy’s departure I was positively routing for Nole – and some pipsqueaks told me I didn’t know “nuffin” about tennis.

WTF Says:

That’s TWO almost grand slams this year.. Djokovic won 27 of 28 GS matches, and Serena 26 of 28.

Both really blew it, losing to unfancied opponents. Djokovic really should have won the french and been the next Laver. He did the hard work beating Nadal. Wawrinka should have been easy.

jane Says:

sorry read net stats wrong. fed came in more! but they both won 66% at net. :)

Travis Bickle Says:

It’s really simple – the best player in the world won, as he should.
Novak is indisputably the best tennis player and all the media hype, nor Ashe stadium rabid and HATEFUL crowd cannot stop the best.
At the end, quality prevails, heart prevails, honesty prevails – such is life, and all represented by Novak tonight!

Special hallo to poster known on this site as sienna ;-)

calmdownplease Says:

Is it beginning to sink in now my little darlings?

Comms to the nice fed Fans but ENOUGH of this best chance talk.
Next slam up will be as hot as hell and as slow as treacle.

I just hope Roger retires after the Olympics for his sake because it is ALL down hill from now on in and he has a legacy to preserve.

And also, super congrats to Jane WB and Jalep and all the others, the best man and let’s face it, the best player by far on the tour got his just deserts against a typically obnoxious & crass NY crowd.
Well done :)

calmdownplease Says:

Oh pardon me, I missed something out…
I meant a `typically obnoxious & crass FED FAN crowd

Gypsy Gal Says:

Congrats to Nole and the nice sensible fans Jane,Wogboy,Courbon,Mat4,Harry,Michael,quite the year Novak is having etc….

Commies to the nice and sensible Federer Fans Madmax,Skeezer etc,and especially Jatin,Rishi and Squirrel,not to be im afraid,but i still think with a little luck at some point he will get number 18,and its amazing hes still putting himself into contention at this point in his career….

Gypsy Gal Says:

sorry forgot Jalep too….

J-Kath Says:

JALEP I’m sure you had a stunning evening and probably the food and wine were good too.

Big Handclap for Nole and Fans.

FedExpress Says:

this hurts so much. this was the most winable finals of the three gs he played vs nole.

lost 3 gs finals a row now. u have to wonder if he will ever win another one.

the way he got broken each time and couldnt convert the bps was just painful to watch. had bps when nole served for the 3rd and 4th set.

broken from 30-0 up or 40-15 up after having all the momentum.

a good tournament but again spoiled by the final result. all in vain.

17-10 in gs finals also.

Wog Boy Says:

Thank you, thank you all for your nice words. As I said on the other thread, it wasn’t the match of the highest quolity, it was rather the battle, but battle in which one Roger had one oponent and Nole had two, Roger and the crowd, like it wasn’t enough to battle only Roger and that is why this win is far more sweet than the others.
While I was waiting three hours since 6am this morning, though I was awake since 3am since I am jet legged, for the match to start, they replayed three matches: 2009 Delpo/Roger, 1989 Becker/Lendl and 2011 Nole/Rafa, I realized that they somehow pick the matches in which Nole team is winning and Roger losing and I was pretty confident that that was the sign from above that Nole will win. While watching Delpo/Roger match I noticed that almost half of the NYC crowd was cheering Delpo to winn, very loudly, without interupting any player serve or cheering double faults, so to say that NYC crowd always cheers Roger the way they did in this final is not quite correct, but who cares, No1e beat them both, convincingly:)
Last but not least, special thanks to the lady from the shopwindow from the Land of Tulips, you are right, No1e was in TMF mode, whatever that means;)

Gypsy Gal Says:

Wogboy the cliche overly used by a certain lady poster whos a Federer fan means from what i can gather THE MIGHTY FED (yawn)….

Wog Boy Says:

^^ thanks GG, in that case I have to change to TMN, for obvious reason.

Wog Boy Says:

I forgot, it was double whammy for the lady from The Land of Tulips, Super Mario was beaten black and blue by No1e too.

Wog Boy Says:

“Super Mario” is ofcourse “Super Marin”

Gypsy Gal Says:

Roger Federer is an amazing player,but unfortunatly i cannot always say the same for some of his fans,crowds that cheer errors and misses of his opponents like Nole or some months back when it was Ivo i dont believe are true tennis fans merely RF hero worshippers,people should remember the world of tennis doesnt revolve solely around one player,there are actually two players on the court,and should show his opponents some respect too,didnt actually see the match,and i was pulling for Roger,but im pleased Nole won now and shut that bloody crowd up,justice was done….

chris ford1 Says:

There is no reason for Roger Federer to contemplate retirement the way he has played this year. He is already looking like he will be the most successful post-30 player in the Open Era.
Still winning Masters, still making WTF and Slam finals. Roger Federer is still a major force.

There have been others, like Fabrice Santoro, Agassi, Tommy Robredo, Haas – that can stick around and compete well enough to more than justify their being on Tour….but none at Federer’s level. Ken Rosewall and Agassi come the closest, but Roger seems to be two levels above them at the same ages..

Roger is living one of the great sports themes – The Lion In Winter – the aged athlete that fights hard against time’s inevitable victory over all mortals – but still formidable in his twilight. What Federer has done in 2015 (and 2014 for that matter), is the stuff movies are made from. No one is respected more on the men’s Tour, still the highest paid, still the most successful player. Adding more “amazing statistics” to his career lists..

Djokovic said what the players think – Roger is getting BETTER.
(PS – I’m a Nole fan. But I hope Roger and Rafa Nadal are around several more years, and able to take anyone on a given day.

calmdwonplease Says:

You want them to continue so they can embellish Novak’s legacy further.
The tennis last night was of a relatively low quality for a final, but to me that’s just demonstrated that the competition is simply inadequate right now against Novak and he has free reign when it really matters.
A better performance from a younger player and it would have been quite interesting last night
And the same with Wimbledon
If Novak is lucky Roger might kick around a bit longer to do his dirty work for him till he is on Nadals 14.
Fedal should retire if they can’t cut it when it matters given how well they could before.
Or they are just making other players look good in the record books.

Tennisfan Says:

Whilst I agree the crowd was shameless, it’s just human nature to behave that way when you become extremely invested in a sport match (it’s not even unique to tennis.) Honestly I can admit to cheering/clapping when an opponent had an UE or DF if my favourite was in a losing position (albeit that was infront of the TV.) If I was at the stadium with thousands of other fans during such a tense and important match, I have to admit (shamefully) that Id likely become really invested in the match scorline and not realise that I’m cheering an opponent’s mistakes. But I do feel bad for Djokovic who had to try and concentrate in the midst of that.

Giles Says:

One thing is for sure, joker will always be a schmuck so far as I’m concerned.

FedExpress Says:

it still suks. it is so surreal atm.

sienna Says:

Federer knows what to do. His improvement from 2013 is still steadily increasing.
Wouldnt say Djokovic got Lucky but boy Federer had so many chances in set 3. this match played on a razors edge.
Djokovic can pull out a set and win even being dominated for 3/4 of match. championstuff but fed will prevail.

Gordon Says:

Tennis is the only sport where fans ask the (clearly) second best athlete in it to consider retiring. In no other sport do you see that. Or maybe tennis just attracts more trolls than other sports.

calmdownplease Says:

Saying Roger is past it is not trolling!
If you compare this period to previous periods, there is simply no real comparison..
He is 34 with over 1300 matches and can’t beat Novak when it really matters.
If he is second best (due only to the travails of both Nadal and Murray, I suspect) It’s merely down to fortunate circumstances out of his control not his level of play, which is spotty, to say the least.
It is a distant second best indeed.
Ie The weakness of the tour right now is considerable when THIS is the best opposition there is.
Also, tennis is far from being the only sport where the dialogue runs around who is past it or not.

Michael Says:

Thanks Alison !!

You are on the dot about the unruly crowd behavior. It was just disgusting to say the least. The atmosphere was something like Roger playing the decider for the US in the Davis Cup !!

Wog Boy Says:

“The atmosphere was something like Roger playing the decider for the US in the Davis Cup !!”
Pretty much right.

Gypsy Gal Says:

He loves the sport and has no intention of retiring anytime soon,i just feel sometimes the fans take things to the extreme with their adulation of the guy,while watching W earlier this year i remember seeing women wearing earings, necklaces,t.shirts,handbags the whole ensemble,my hubby hates tennis so has no axe to grind one way or the other,but he said to me how OTT some of the fan worship is to actually take things that far,the crowd in that final were so pro Fed it was a weird atmosphere,and i actually felt uncomfortable and embarrassed for Novak TBH,it doesnt seem to sit too well with some fans that another player might have the audacity to beat their hero,my two cents,and i will now run for cover….

Gypsy Gal Says:

Michael no problem and your welcome,but sorry as i would like to also see some other players now win something too,its pretty grim for the rest of us right now,and i seem to be the only Rafa fan left now,so its pretty lonely here ATM….

calmdownplease Says:

`he crowd in that final were so pro Fed it was a weird atmosphere,and i actually felt uncomfortable and embarrassed for Novak TBH..`

I loved it as Novak (like in NY) put them in their places.
I would have thought it was more embarrassing for them and fed actually.
But I am tired of this!
It’s not Rogers fault it’s Andy Murray and Nadal’s fault.
Wawrinka has done more to stem the tide.
They are in their primes but where are they!?
Andy is (to a point) almost there but Nadal is inexplicable.
How come THIS particular time out for injury has resulted in such a collapse?
He’s been out for much longer periods than this before and come back winning everything
I just don’t get it
Insufficient information really to draw any real conclusions, i suppose.
I also find it rather bizzare that a 14 time time GS winner lacks confidence for such a long period of time.
Novak is having it his own way too much now, if it’s like this next year well I personally think Tennis won’t be worth watching anymore.
Strictly for the Djokovic fans really
But I suspect it wont be however.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Well i think ill cheer myself up with a visit to the Chalice Well here in Glastonbury,just thought id catch up and post my own personal opinion on my tablet,agree CDP i dont want tennis to become the Novak show though,as i too am begining to lose some interest to an extent,not that i think it should be any other one man show either,so no before anyone attacks me im not using double standards either….

Michael Says:


You are not alone. I am a Rafa fan too. I admire, eulogise and adore the top four and the rest of the Competition too. I wish the best for Rafa and wish that he recovers his mettle, confidence, mental strength and fortitude and become the force he once was.

Yes, it seems Novak is just having a free run and winning everything in sight and it definitely doesn’t look great for the interest of the sport in general with just one player dominating as certainty triggers boredom. But this has happened before for Roger and Rafa too who had their own years of dominance and thus proved to the World, the kind of special Champions they are. Novak is just following in their foot steps and we can only be in awe of them and respect the accomplishments they have managed to garner !!

Margot Says:

Rafa’s on the back of Sunday Times mag modelling Hilfiger.
Perhaps he’s just too busy for tennis at the mo..:)
Are you going to Davis Cup after all? Guess all the tickets are sold out by now anyway, it’s a very small venue.
Hope you are! The dog’ll be fine without you!

sienna Says:

Crowds reckognize posers and fakers. He will never be loved outside his part of the woods.
look how they treat others there!

Felipe Says:

For those who said that it was low quality…doyourself a favor and rewatch sets 1 and two…1:40 hours of AMAZING tennis at a RIDICULOUS speed…winners left and right….aces..passing shots…serve and volley…outstanding defense…mental toughness at his best from both players. Federer lost the match in the third set (he was outplayed in the first, and he was better in the second)…but he was clearly the better player in the third…but…Djokovic, as always(except Cincy)brought his best and toughest version to the finals agains Federer…found a way to escape everytime and put the bullet in the heart of Federer stealing that third set…The fourth was a last hurrah from Roger (ala Wimbledon 2014), but even if somehow he managed to seteal set fourth, he would not have the legs to compete in the fifth. Well deserved victory for Djokovic, 10th slam (and counting), locked the year end number 1 (4th time), completed the year round number 1, and…sorry Nadal fans, dangerously closing the gap for being the second most succesfull player of this era. We have Federer 2003-2007, Nadal 2008-2010 and Djokovic 2011-2015

Gypsy Gal Says:

If Novak does win another 5 GS and surpass Rafa then power to him he deserves it,and no complaints from me,ive often wondered if Novak were to surpass Rafa then would he also have his achievements pulled apart or be regarded as the failure,and be regarded as less worthy the way that some think Rafa is now,and has been for all of his career??….

Gypsy Gal Says:

Margot he lost his grandfather just recently too,so maybe he is actually grieving,he did the TH photoshoot before the open even started….

calmdownplease Says:

Oh I know
I’ve seen him in his undies all around London.
Seems a bit late to be going down the Kournakova route as he can actually, you know, win big stuff
but business is business!
Still seems a bit weird, such a collapse over not that much…

calmdownplease Says:

`We have Federer 2003-2007`


Gypsy Gal Says:

CDP,come of it Rafa has more tennis talent in his little finger than AK had in her whole tennis body,when his career ends well theres no comparison with hers sorry….

Markus Says:

Three players with double digit slams, all now considered among the best who have ever played the game: GOAT Trinity. And all actively playing at the same. Aren’t we the lucky ones?

calmdownplease Says:

GG are you incapable of reading/comprehending English?
Did I actually say what you accuse me of saying?
But I am still curious about Nadal and his present situation.
And NO ONE has come up with a satisfactory answer yet…

calmdownplease Says:

I would prefer a `quadrility` actually Markus
But Andy is nowhere near their achievements and probably won’t get close now

calmdownplease Says:

or a `quadrality even :)

elina Says:

THE NY fedfan crowd last night was the most classless and disrespectful I’ve witnessed including any French Open crowd.

Cheering every missed serve, double fault and unforced error off Novak’s racquet and scant applause on his many winners.

You could see that Nole was subdued in his on court interview but he openly celebrated with his team.

It was a great example of true grit and heart to win under such circumstances in an individual sport.

Again, so happy for the deserved Novak fans here!

Ajde NoleFam idemoooo!!!!!

J-Kath Says:

Margot – Yes,the dog will be fine without me, but my Sister doesn’t believe it will be fine without her and that’s where it gets sticky – she was to get the tickets – tickets now all gone.

The venue has evidently shoved in a whole pile of extra seating – at least another 1,000 one report says – if true, wondering where people will put their legs. Maybe you get to sit on someone’s lap/maybe you can pick whose lap you want to sit on….the brain is addled with the possibilities.

I’m a bit p-ss-d off – I don’t even know if I’ll see it on TV – s-w Scotland is mostly served by Northern Ireland (Belfast being closer than Glasgow!)and NI will probably be having something more exciting on such as an Orange March!!! When it was at Queen’s we got 2 days out of 3 on TV – there was some exciting (NOT)3-legged race and other such rubbish on instead….same might happen again…..had to feverishly hunt it up on the web – but only saw it fully later in replay…

I think I’ll change my moniker – “Moaning Misery” would be apt….

Markus Says:

@cdp, I keep hoping that Andy will win more majors, more than anybody else during the time of what I consider the GOAT Trinity. So at least we can say that he was knock-knock-knocking on heaven’s door. But Stan has tied him although Andy remains ahead in general achievement. There’s next year. I hope he’ll get one, or two, or yes, three. I dream big.

calmdownplease Says:

me too Dear Boy me too
peppered with quite a bit of disappointment now however…
He can surprise our Andy too

Nirmal Kumar Says:

Not sure if anyone has watched the US Open finals between Roger and Agassi. If you talk about this crowd being one sided, people have to go back and what that finals again and see how Roger maintained his composure.

kriket Says:

It’s one thing to be one sided, it’s onether to behave disrespetfully and repeatedly try to distract a player on serve on important points.

Tignor’s take is that, having waited for 3 hours, the crowd turned to alcohol and that by the time the match started most of them were either tipsy or outright drunk.

Sounds about right.

RZ Says:

There’s been a lot of criticism about the crowd, and I agree that no one should be yelling during serves or points to distract a player. But often the crowd is described as being against Djokovic, and I don’t think that’s quite accurate. I would describe it as the crowd was pro-Fed – the difference being that they weren’t behaving as such because they dislike Djokovic but because they wanted Fed to win. Had Djoker been playing anyone other than Fed or an American in the US Open Final, I bet the crowd would have been on his side or evenly split. In any case, he handled it well and clearly doesn’t need the crowd to win!

Ben Pronin Says:

RZ, I agree. This wasn’t an anti-Djokovic crowd. It was simply pro-Federer. But that doesn’t excuse them. And it also makes it worse in some ways. Federer is loved because he’s a great player and a class act. Why not take example from the guy you’re cheering from and not disrespect his opponent and the sport? That’s what bothers me the most. We’re supposed to believe that Kyrgios is such a jerk and bad for tennis, but when thousands of fans are cheering double faults during a slam final, that is so much worse.

jane Says:

i think it was an anti-djokovic crowd, or the pro-fed aspect was so extreme it became anti-nole.

here are some quotes from stephanie myles; she’s bang on to me.

“….and perhaps ruder to his opponent than it’s been in a long time.
In the end, Djokovic had the last laugh. ”

“They didn’t just love Federer. For those three hours, they really disliked Djokovic, applauding his missed first serve and unforced errors and yelling out when he threw up his service toss. It was rude but, most of all, it was probably disheartening.”

Ben Pronin Says:

Federer could have been playing Kevin Anderson and they would’ve done the same thing. As the match wore on, and Djokovic was winning, obviously they became even more ridiculous. Sigh. It is what is it. NY just not the best.

Daniel Says:

I think this is the first Slam Djoko win with no 5 set matches in route in a long time. That was a commanding performance overall and he can even play much better through out.
This is the thought that make me think he is almost assured to reach Sampras and Nadal 14 Slams minimum. Next year we’ll know for sure. But he prove this year that 2011 was no fluke and he is an all time great and his status will inly increase in the game.

calmdownplease Says:

Well, Novak did have one of the easiest draws, like, ever so it wasn’t the hardest to be commanding in..
And only Roger at the end to deal with…
Slam dunk really, and I never doubted he would win, particularly from that kind of situation.
I expect to see both Rafa and esp Andy start to trouble Novak next year.
Now he stooped the rot in Montreal.
I also expect to see Andy start beating Federer again and become the actual number two soon.
And some real rivalries to take place.

brando Says:

Congratulations to Djokovic and his fans. He should beat 34 year old’s in a best of 5. And he did. Took care of business.

Wog Boy Says:

Just corect myself, I posted this morning ATP ranking that says:
1 N. Djokovic (SRB) 14,865
2R. Federer (SUI) 9,065

Which was before USO final, correct one is:

1 Djokovic (SRB) 16,145
2. Federer (SUI). 9,405

Ben Pronin Says:

Federer makes the final without dropping a set and he’s going to decline now? I can’t wrap my head around the amount of contradictions being thrown around here.

Either accept that this is the weakest of eras with only 3 competent players: Nadal, Djokovic, Federer. Nadal is a huge question mark after a steep decline following 2014 FO. Federer is a freaking geezer by tennis standards, nearing 10 years removed from his prime. And Djokovic should actually be near the end of his prime but luckily he’s facing the geezer and no-knees. Everyone else is a scrub. Some scrubs got lucky to snag majors.

Or accept that we’re witnessing 3 of the 10 greatest players to ever play all at the same time, amassing countless titles and records and partaking in incredible rivalries. It’s been a give and take for a long time for all the players and the guys at the top continue to raise the bar. Federer used to beat Djokovic in slams before Djokvic’s prime and now Djokovic beats Federer in slams after Federer’s prime. It’s a pretty natural cycle.

brando Says:

The crowd worldwide: LOL what a joke. I’m not a Djokovic fan: but people need to stop hating on him. You don’t need to love him. But the nonsense needs to get cut out. He got booed, hated in the final here by NY crowd. Not for the first time. Last year crowd went wild for nishikori. Booed novak in the past USO loudly. And really it’s not just here: Wimbledon final has crowd trouble. Roland garros final in 2014. Gets it even in non-fedal matches: Madrid, montreal, world tour finals (see YouTube). It’s just ridiculous. I think it’s beyond a fedal thing seeing as the number of matches he’s got booed. And it’s ridiculous to see. I don’t get it. He ain’t a prick or anything. Fair enough: his tennis ain’t the most exciting, but that ain’t a crime. Crowds need to be more respectful towards him but I don’t know what he can do or how that can change. It was abysmal hearing the hate last night. It’s beyond Novak: it’s a very, very ugly look for tennis if it goes down as a game that actually had fans hating on one of its elite players.

calmdownplease Says:

`Federer makes the final without dropping a set and he’s going to decline now? I can’t wrap my head around the amount of contradictions being thrown around here..`

I see some can’t `compare & contrast`
He’s been in decline for some years.
No surprises there then.

J-Kath Says:

If the Young Guys are not moving fast enuf – or are not good enough to challenge those at the top of the game, maybe we need to skip a generation and hope Federer will play for another dozen years and then his kids can take over – by then Nole’s wee son will be waiting in the wings to challenge them and who knows – maybe Kim will have a miniature “Andy”….

GG – better suggest to Rafa that he too could replace himself….

and to Stan ….he could be thinking that one day Serena will retire

brando Says:

Re Federer: congratulations on the final. For a 34: outstanding. But at the same time: Roger KNOWS he’s good enough to win slams. And these last 3 slam losses will hurt: since how many more bites at the cherry can you get?

Ben Pronin Says:

Sure, Federer has been in decline for years. But he’s still the unquestionable number 2 right now. At 34. That’s a solid decline. In 2013 he had back problems. In 2014 he got healthy and switched racquets, made 1 slam final. This year, he made 2 slam finals. In the last 2 years, while he hasn’t won the majors, he’s made more finals than anyone besides Djokovic. Nadal is 1-1. Wawrinka 2-0. Cilic 1-0. Nishikori 0-1. Murray 0-1.

A lot of Federer fans are upset because they felt like this was his last/best chance. Why? The same thing was said at Wimbledon last year. And then again at Wimbledon this year. Federer’s decline has featured an upward trend in slam finals made. I don’t see any reason to expect a sharp drop off. It’s more wishful thinking. I thought Murray was going to battle for number 1 this year. I haven’t done the math, but can he even get to number 2 at this point?

brando Says:

Agree with CDP: Federer is in decline. Depends on who Federer is to you. Me? Federer is a winner. I see facts that inform that view. Slams? No.1 all time. Wtf? No.1 all time. Ranking? No.1 all time. He’s a winner. Period. And IF the winner ain’t winning the big ones: for me he’s on a decline. Roger Federer is NOT someone who goes 0/3 in last 3 slam finals, all on his favourite Wimbledon, USO event and has not won a slam for over 3 years. That ain’t Federer. The 34 year old on court can play extremely well: BUT with a ceiling. The 34 year old was in sensational form. 11 matches won in straight sets. Faced a opponent with clear form issues. And yet he still lost. In a straightforward manner. We know why: since he’s no longer at the level to beat certain players in slams. Those days are long gone. And to win slams he has to beat those players. So IF you consider Federer barometer to be: winning majors. Decline is obvious.

RZ Says:

@Ben – Murray is still #2 in the singles race (ahead of Fed by 645 points) so he could still end the year at #2 depending on his and Fed’s results. Another factor would be how much Fed plays between now and the end of the year. Fed has played fewer tournaments than most other players (except those who’ve been injured).

Ben Pronin Says:

Thanks for the clarification, RZ. I could see Federer skipping Paris or Shanghai, so that’s a good point. Murray is up quite a bit in the race, I’m kind of surprised. But if he ends number 2 this year he will have deserved it. We still have no idea how the last 3 big events will play out. There’s 3500 points on the table. If Murray wants to challenge for number 1 next year then these next few months could serve as a great launching pad.

calmdownplease Says:

I thought it was obvious what I meant re barometers and Mr 17 slams
It’s basic common sense!
As for Andy getting to 2….
mmm, the impending baby and Davis Cup has shortened his year, I don’t think we will see too much of him beyond the masters and the Master exhibition thingy..
At least he wont have to kill himself to get to London this year having already qualified.

calmdownplease Says:

Fed’s become what Agassi was when HE was the 34 year old….

J-Kath Says:

Jane @ 11.03 am

Re. comments from Stephanie Myles – I’m stunned and shocked by the level of abuse Nole had to put up with. My first thought was – surely the Umpire should and could have contained most of it…

@ Brando – The Wimbledon final – Yes there was loud vocal support for Roger – but not overwhelming – Nole had a lot of fans himself – I didn’t witness any over-the-top behaviour – what did I miss?

Daniel Says:

If Fed reaching 2 back to back Slam finals and just recently won a Masters (beating the other top 3) has to retire next year before USO (after Olympics) what about Murray 1 Slam year can’t beat Djoko in Slam or Nadal who haven’t even made a semis since RG 2014?!?!
Fed has to play for as long as he wants bar Djokovic he reached the most finals this year (9, winning 5 titles) and only lost finals to Djoko in IW, Rome, Wimby and USO. Imagine if Novak was not around he could have 19 Slams now. Only one Murray was beaten by Djoko in this 4 tourney was IW. Even if you give that to Murray Fed would be clear #1 this year, even if Murray got AO.

Indeed Ben bizarre thinking.

Ben Pronin Says:

As long as Federer doesn’t need cortisone injections before every match I think he’ll last a little longer than Agassi did.

sienna Says:

Facts are that Federer/Edberg are getting better and better. They wont stop untill slams and #1 ranking is achieved.

Federer dominated after First set and actually was the better player sets 2, 3 and 4. Creating chances winning points making more winners then ue.
Most errors came in set 1.
the servicegames he surrendered 40/15 leads in servicegames.

so he just needs to keep working and given the riae in level he will dominate also Djokovic. by aan mile he is best of the rest. Murphy jas more points in ranking but he has played 3/4 more tourney. ranking with Murphy will be dealt after 12 months ranking.
0-5 and counting.

Federer will dominate 2016 with 1/3 slams and another medal.

RZ Says:

@Daniel and Ben – while Fed has 2 GS finals, keep in mind he had lost in the 3rd round of the Australian Open and in the quarter of the French. Murray was a finalist in Australia and a semifinalist in France and Wimbledon (with 4th round loss at the US Open). Also, Murray won 2 Masters titles this year; Fed only has one Master win. Close race between them for the number two spot for sure.

Daniel Says:

– Fed is in decline, fact. But he at least revamped his game and is beating everybody bar the top, winning titles and have to adjust to surfaves where he is better at (skipped Miami and Montreal).
– Nadal is in decline, fact. No Slam semis sicne his RG 2014 (6 Slams now), 1 Masters final since his last amjor trophy RG 2014, no HC final and just 3 small titles when he was top seeded.
– Murray by the same standards is in decline also. 2 years with no major title, 9 Slams webr by after his Wimby 2013 and he has only 1 final where he collapsed mentally. Has 1 win versus Djoko and no wins ober Fed in forever. Of course surgery break took something out of him and he was never the same player again, even with a fee decent resultas this year

Only one playing great is Djoko and I expect him to be great for a few more tourneys still. Manu are saying that he is not playing his utterly best, they hardly are. And if he wins 3 Slams where some questioned his performanve imagine how many more he will win if he starts playing his best?!

This is subjective view, in my eyes einnijg the big points as he had, leading final set as he has is playing great. Apart frol RG he is playing great all year, 11 staright final shows it. e more big tourneys to go: Shangai, Paris and WTF. 3 more finals in those and he’ll have a legendary year

Ben Pronin Says:

RZ, you’re right. If Murray ends number 2, which I think he will because I think Federer will skip some events, it’s well deserved.

I just find it amusing that Djokovic is criticized for beating a 34 year old Federer but Murray is just fine having to compete with the guy for the number 2 spot.

Also, Wawrinka is the ultimate spoil sport.

Margot Says:

Oh so sorry :'( . Do hope you can at least watch it on the TV.
Yes CDP, thank goodness we won’t have to endure Andy’s frantic race to London this year, and now will he of course. ;)
I’m with you too re babe, have absolutely no idea how this will impact next Spring. He’ll do his training block in the UK this year too, no idea where or how will that impact either.
Of course it’d be much easier for Amelie to come to UK rather than USA so that might be a positive.

Daniel Says:

There was a lot of drunk people on the standing. Remember those 4 (3 guys and a wasted girl) all in red swiss shirts. At one point the camera close up on them and one guy was trying to control the lady making her sit because the poont was about to start and she was still standing.

Agree that the delay made the crowd more loaded as they had tonpass time somehow but even so agree that their behavior was awful. And it took sometging out of Djoko’s win because he didn’t celebrate with utter joy. Didn’t fall down, didn’t cry. As if he was a bit embarrased by it all. I thiught it would be much more emotional from him with his strugles in NY before but maybe he realised that he couldn’t win them so ge showed more flat. Of course he has happy but if he had a bit more “decent” support from the crowd it wiuld be more sweater.

Maybe his time will come, if he is closing on Roger 17th.

So far, Roger’s record is safe until 2018 (unless Djoko wins 4 next year). Federer broke Sampras in 2009, less than 10 years. Imagine if Djoko could do the same by 2018/19?

Ben Pronin Says:

This is already a legendary year for Djokovic. 3 slams, all 4 finals. He’s reached every single Masters final he’s played in, which is 6, winning the first 4. He could still set some serious records in the last 2 months. But even if he doesn’t, this has to rank as one of the all time best seasons easily. I think it’s even better than 2011.

I think it’s too soon to say Murray is in decline. He won a slam in 2013. He was in a transition stage in 2014. 2015 opens up with a slam final and then 2 semis. He has Masters wins over Nadal and Djokovic (hasn’t gotten a win over that pesky geezer yet, though). And he’s a good bet to finish the year ranked number 2. If he can build some momentum this fall, especially with a DC win, he could do even better next year.

But, age is not on his side.

sienna Says:

I have already expressed indetail why djokovic never be a peoples champion.
Take my word for it is global.

calmdownplease Says:

Well, how is it `well deserved` for Andy if it is only achieved due to Fed skipping `some events` then?
You are so obvious in your reasoning and don’t seem to even register it
And no one is criticizing Novak!
Not this again!
Just keeping it real.

`Murray by the same standards is in decline also..`

Er, Andy had declined precipitously due to medical conditions but the trajectory is going the other way now.
From last year at least, but there’s still room for improvement.
But It’s not a long term decline due to age, but a short term one due to other factors less defining.

Margot Says:

And Andy turned pro after the other 3, which is never taken into account. Why is everyone saying Nole has years left, whereas poor old Andy is in decline? Yes, 2014 was poor by his standards, but he has almost righted the ship IMHO. Can still improve of course.
Last year he was scrabbling around trying to get to the O2.
This year he comfortably qualified.

Ben Pronin Says:

I don’t think it’s only because Federer may or may not skip events. Murray is 19-4 in major play and Federer is 18-4, not much separating them there, both very consistent. Murray has 4 titles, 2 of which are Masters. Federer has 5 titles but only 1 Masters. Federer has 2 Masters RU to Murray’s 1 RU.

Overall, they are pretty even. And right now Murray has a sizable lead in the Race. So if he ends up number 2, it’ll be well deserved. It’s not his problem if Federer is skipping events. Keep in mind Federer skips events to preserve his body so that he can do better in the events he plays. You could assume that if Federer had played Montreal, for example, maybe he still wins Cincy but doesn’t go as deep in NY.

calmdownplease Says:

Murray will be skipping events too
And the only reason I am interested in the number 2 spot it’s nearest the only one that truly matters
I’m with Fed for this, for once.
Yes Margot, Novak has now played about 18 months worth of matches more on the tour as Andy but apparently he will be retiring around the same time as Fedal
They can think again on THAT one.

Ben Pronin Says:

I don’t think Djokovic has years left. I don’t think 17 is possible at all. I think 14 is a huge maybe, if that is the goal. I think, at best, he could win 2 more next year putting him at 12, and then maybe he can squeak out 2 more before calling it a career. But he’s on the wrong side of his prime. I think 12 is the most realistic goal, tbh.

Which is sorta the case with Murray, too. He’s also nearing the end of his prime. With him, I’d say you have to hope he also gets another 1 or 2 slams. It’s too early to tell with Nadal but so far he’s not doing well at slams since turning 29. Federer has, I think 2 slams since turning 29. And both Djokovic and Murray play more physical games than Federer.

Daniel Says:

Federer usaully doesn’t play a pre Shangai tourney so I think he’ll play Shangai and Basel for sure. If he goes deep in both maybe he skips Paris to better prepare for WTF. But even so 3 touneys plus WTF is maximum 20 matches more, if he reaches all finals, on faster courts so I think he can play this 4 tourneys. Don’t know of Murray is confirmes for Beijing but pretty sure he will play it or Tokyo pre Shangai. Than he can decides which one to play pre Paris.

Thibk the race between him and Fed will be close till London. There usually Fed fares better but Murray is due for a big finish in London. Depends on ranking and groupings. For him it would be better if he enters London as #2 on race because there is a chance Fed and Djoko are in the same group so he avoids them only facing one in semis.

Now thinking about it if Murray indeed keeps #2 race for London, Djoko, Fed and Nadal could be on the same group in London. That would be something.😜

Daniel Says:

“but the trajectory is going the other way now.”

CDP, the same could be said for Federer. This year is being better so far with 2 Slams finals. Last year he had a negative win/loss ration in fianls. This teas is better. Last year he had 1 Masters more, Base title and WTF runner up. Still some
Tennis to be played let’s see if he keeps playing great.

Agree Murray ladder seems up.

Daniel Says:

Margot, my point on “decline” was regaridng results in Slam cdp was applyign to Fed. Hence I break down for Nadal and Murray.

Fed and Murray are playing better this year than last year and that’s what matter. So is Djoko. The only one who isn’t is Nadal.

Still some tourneys to be playid and I expect the same 3 will win and make finals in all. Wouldn’t surprised me if one or the other wins 2. They basically domiamted NA HC, Murray Montreal, Fed Cincy and Djoko USO. Djoko and Fed made all finals in tourneys they played. Murray had one “bad” loss in USO. They will contend for next 3 for sure.

Daniel Says:


The thing about “years left” is that tennis age is changing. If Wawa, Lopez, Anderson, Gasquet amd many other are playing great at 29 or 30 so can Murray and Djoko even with more physical games. Nadal seema spent but he started way ealry than them and have more milage. Have to check how many matches played by the 3 of them as of now to have a realistic view.

But Djoko winning 4 out of last 6 Slams indicates to me that anything less than 2 next year will benlow for his late standards. He is also dominating Masters for quite some time and this year was able to translate to Slams. Plus his records of Semis and Quarters second only to Fed actve males him the player to beat in all 4 next year.
As soon as we enter the “slow” part of deason next year and I bet Fed won’t ve winning much.

Than remains to be seen if Nadal regroups, if Wawa will have a consistent year (or gearing up only for Slams), if Murray will be able to not only challenge but actually beat Djoko and if someoen else step it up.

But agree, on paper and past results, 17 seems too much now because he plays 5 more Majors beofre turning 30 in RG 2017 so for him to reach 17 he will have to win minimum 2 Slams after 30, something not even Fed could achieve so far.

jalep Says:

Tennis-x Bracket Challenge for US Open 2015
Breaking news:
Congratulations to Daniel – winner!

Thanks to all who played. Hope you had some fun (it was a very hard bracket to pick) and best wishes for your next bracket picks.

Personally, my favorite time of a GS and bracket = the early rounds/ first week. However when your favorite wins — the end is also nice ;)

Congratulations to Novak and Roger for giving us great tennis in the final.

No1e Rocks!

The NYC tennis fans at the final who jeered and booed Novak are — deplorable tennis fans. It is embarrassing for me as an American tennis fan.

We love you Novak Djokovic. May you win many more US Opens in Flushing Meadows. In their face!

Margot Says:

Some great pics.
Ok Daniel.
A general point: Stan won his first slam at 29. And we all agree the top 20 is getting older, for whatever reason. I think Andy has 2-3 good years left. However, I don’t personally think he will be playing at Fed’s age, agree with Ben, his game is more physical.

Brando Says:

Djokovic breaking Federer 17? Let’s be realistic:

He’s on 10 right? Let’s give him AO immediately and call it 11 slams by age 29.

He’s age 29.

History tells us: NO MATTER WHO you are, you start declining after that age. That father time is unbeaten.

That Djokovic- when not facing 33,34 year old players in Slam finals- is 7/8 in slam finals. That Djokovic is 2/8 v non 33 plus year old in slam finals outside AO.

Essentially: he’s far from a certain bet outside the gravy train of facing a very old player (in tennis terms) when looking at his facts in slam finals.

And he’s now had 5 straight years of elite performance. That naturally brings wear and tear on the body. Mileage.

And he’s a player who’s forte is defense rather than being a offensive player like Federer. Meaning: He’s more dependent on his physical attributes.

It’s tough to say. I’m no mystic meg. And anything can happen. But:

I would be extremely surprised IF he manages 5 slam wins post age 29. That I cannot envisage.

Even 5 seems extreme. But possible. My bet?

I think somewhere between 2-4 wins is very feasible. But beyond that is far-fetched for me.

The key:

He has to keep on winning really to pull it off. And for me next year he will have a tail off since history shows that happens to all at that age.

Federer, Nadal, Sampras etc. Name them: they have tasted a dip at that point.

It’s all guesswork though. No one will be right.

Markus Says:

In favor of Djokovic winning more slams is that there are no youngerl players in the horizon who can challenge him. His competition will still cone from the same people whose games he has already mastered and who are older. I agree with Ben Pronin’s assessment regarding 14 and 17 slams for Djokovic.

Daniel Says:

Agree Ben, this year was as gold Staurday’s his “moving” year. Next year is time to really see how far he can go. If he replicares this year with 3 he has a shot, anyhting less and he will be between 12-15.


Agree that Andy has more years left but although he plays a physical game he has the tools to change it. maybe when he realize he can’t be running and defend as before he will shift and maybe attack the net some more kind of thinking, well I have to go for it. it would be nice to see him serve and volley half his first serves or advance after his amazong DTL returns inside the court. For example I can’t see Nadal doing than, he doesn’t have the serve and his spin shot with high net clearancs doesn’t allow him to. So that’s why I am one of the most critics here saying I can’t see a way out for him. He doesn’t have the serve and his game is too clay structured to change now.

Murray OTOH wouldn’t surprised me if he’ll pulled a Federer after 32. It’s almsot like he’ll have to and even if he is not confirtable he surelly can.

jatin Says:

Some extracts from Roger’s Interview which made me feel better as i had a pretty bad day tonight after his loss .

You said something interesting on court. You said that a match like tonight’s match, you learned so much about your tennis and yourself. I know you just stepped off court, but can you reflect a little bit about that and what you did learn?

ROGER FEDERER: Well, I mean, usually you learn more when you lose just in the sense that you analyze them harder, deeper at times. Not always. Sometimes you just walk away and you forget about it.

But, you know, I think in especially best of five set matches, ones that exceed two-and-a-half, three-and-a-half hours, you go through some ups and downs naturally. You can’t play two perfect points every single time. Naturally you’re going to have to battle.

That’s where you learn a lot about your game, about your attitude, about your fitness. This is, I think, the longest match I have played all season. It was very interesting to see for me how I coped with it.

I’m very happy I had no problems, and I’m happy I’m putting in the hard work, you know, obviously aside from the matches, because the matches I have played this year have been really quick. I won’t see another best of five match some time except for next weekend.

Yeah, so I’m happy that I’m able to stay at a great level of play for a long period of time, because I’m match tough and I have worked very hard in the offseason, as well.

He played finals in halle, Wimbledon, Cincinatti and now USO. So its been a pretty awesome season for him. Hope he will defend his title in Shanghai and attack the WTF with some SABR.. Pretty excited to see how he play the indoor hard court season with his SABR tactic. Would love to see more of Novak vs Roger at Indoor hardcourts.

Daniel Says:

Murray should get Edberg the minute Fed retires after 36, as I think will be the age Fed would be considering retirement.

Imagine what his game would be like with someone like Edberg

Margot Says:

Daniel: Do hope you’re right about Andy :)
He’s so bloody infuriating tho., has all the tools for a more aggressive game, and have seen him win many matches in this way, but far too often he is way, way behind the baseline. Grrrr!

jalep Says:

Edit to my 1:13 pm post:

Delete ‘NYC’ fans and should be ‘US Open men’s final’ fans. I’m not pointing to the fine people of NYC specifically.

calmdownplease Says:

`I think Andy has 2-3 good years left..`

I think 4 plus actually
I think Novak probably has 3 or 4 but injury could affect him too. I shouldn’t say it but he is due something as even Roger got caught out on this.
Andy has played a LOT less than Nadal and quite a lot less than even Novak
I agree players hit a wall but can still win a slam or two (or 3) after that.
Agassi had more longevity due to this (less matches played due to injury) and the tour is able to get a bit older now so in some respects we are in uncharted waters. It’s not just physical age, but age plus science plus matches under the belt
And style.
But there is no one really coming up so he should have quite a few more chances towards the end of his career.
There are variables but Im hopeful, but its only speculation after all.
Wawrinka and all that
I hope he wins DC and gets the golden slam, that would be really cool
After this year, I think that Andy will have chances on all surfaces but he must not let Novak get more Wimbledons than him at least
C’mon Andy!

jalep Says:

Excuse me – I’m stuck on abuse given Nole at the Final – just wondering:

Didn’t see that sort of treatment of Nole in any other match this year at US Open, right? It has to do with the mass appeal of Roger Federer.

Or does anyone think Novak was treated as badly in other matches and finals at US Open?

Federer himself was unpopular playing Andre Agassi 2005 but…don’t remember anything close to the level being like 2015 final.

kriket Says:

I like how people are throwing out multiple slam numbers as if it’s peanuts. “if he wins 3 then he’ll win 5-7, otherwise it’ll be 3 or 4”.

Please! So many top players over the years struggled to win more than one slam, happy if they win 2. Now we’re talking batches of slams, and yet somehow it’s not good enough. It sounds like, oh he’s fucked he can’t win more than 4 more slams.

Get real people. 10 is a huge number already. Everything beyond that is gravy. And some ppl here got so spoiled by fed, rafa and novak, they are now considering slams in batches, and if a batch isn’t big enough, then the player somehow ain’t good enough. Reality check!

When Fed was asked if he thinks Novak would win more slams, he replied “are you kidding me?”, as in of course he will.

the DA Says:

Margot, a funny anecdote about Muzz regarding the longevity topic. I remember when a particularly rabid Fed fan tweeted some 2008 quote of Roger’s that criticized Andy’s game – after losing to him of course;) – and questioned whether he could maintain it throughout his career. The fan added that Muzz’s career would be over by age 30. Lo and behold, Andy himself replies and tweets “wanna bet”? :D

The fan was stunned into silence. Unfortunately Andy deleted the tweet but enough fans caught it and screen capped it. Aside from the fun I thought it was interesting that he felt compelled to answer and it indicated that he plans on being around a few years.

Congrats to the Djokovic fans. He showed incredible resilience. Not only did he have to overcome an opponent, he had to deal with one of the worst crowds outside of RG that I’ve ever seen. NYC fans: shame on youse.

kriket Says:

I like how people are throwing out multiple slam numbers as if it’s peanuts. “if he wins 3 then he’ll win 5-7, otherwise it’ll be 3 or 4″.

Please! So many top players over the years struggled to win more than one slam, happy if they win 2. Now we’re talking batches of slams, and yet somehow it’s not good enough. It sounds like, oh he’s f****d he can’t win more than 4 more slams.

Get real people. 10 is a huge number already. Everything beyond that is gravy. And some ppl here got so spoiled by fed, rafa and novak, they are now considering slams in batches, and if a batch isn’t big enough, then the player somehow ain’t good enough. Reality check!

When Fed was asked if he thinks Novak would win more slams, he replied “are you kidding me?”, as in of course he will.

EDIT. first comment awaiting moderation lol

kriket Says:

jalep, they say that during those 3 hours of delay, people got drunk and…you know the rest… gor our of control.

Ben Pronin Says:

Thank you, kriket. I fully agree. These batches of slams aren’t normal AT ALL. This is only the second time Djokovic has ever won more than 1 slam in a season. Even Nadal only has 3 seasons of multiple slam titles. And all these guys are getting older. As crazy as it would be, I don’t think it’s possible for Djokovic to produce another triple. Not next year, and pretty not ever after that. I think 12 is the most realistic target his fans can hope for. But yeah, 10 is more than enough. He’s joined a very exclusive tier of champions.

Ben Pronin Says:

I think the crowd was more anxious than drunk. Alcohol is wildly expensive at the US Open. I don’t think everyone sat around getting hammered. Probably only a select few groups (the same ones who were constantly yelling, probably).

Margot Says:

@The DA
Nice :)

Okiegal Says:

The New York crowd has got it in for Novak over the Andy Roddick remark during his on court interview after his win a few years ago about all of his retirements……..but having said that, after all he was playing Fed and the New York crowd loves Fed plus they wanted to see one more set…… fans are wishy washy. CONGRATULATIONS to Novak fans, he’s the best player on the planet and sympathies to Fed fans……..but yeah, the best player atm won USO 2015. However, Novak showed his anger……

J-Kath Says:

Yes jalep

Asking my question –

I think Brando felt it was similar at Wimbledon ????

Margot Says:

Ben: Are there corporate boxes at the USOpen? Because, in my experience, and I’ve gone a lot over the years, the very rowdiest, drunken behaviour at the O2 comes from there. I don’t think these people are generally tennis fans, they are just on a jolly.

Margot Says:

jalep: Andy has had a very similar experience at the O2 when playing Fed. Which is pretty bad considering it is a home tournament.
I know I was there.

FedExpress Says:

The loss is vucking annoying me till now.

calmdownplease Says:

`Which is pretty bad considering it is a home tournament..`

Not really.
London is overrun with internationals Margot
I wouldn’t place too much meaning on that
Andy is THE most popular player in the UK now
More than fedal, judging from ticket sales and match views etc.
But only in the Uk of course.

Giles Says:

It seems joker is hated in the Big Apple irrespective of who his opponent is. Anyone know why that is?

courbon Says:

Comis to all nice Fed Fans and virtual high five to all Novak fans, specially Jane, Wog Boy, Jalep,Daniel and Danica.
Well, this final was something else…but instead of trying to write something clever ( which I alwys fail to do ) , I will put text from P. Bodo’s write up on ESPN:

“From Day 1 of the tournament, a bright sun smiled down on Federer through still, mostly cloudless skies, creating ideal conditions for the kind of precise, attacking tennis Federer hoped would carry him to that long-sought 18th major title.

What irony, then, that on the final and most challenging day of Federer’s quest the skies grew roiled, flags snapped angrily in a chill wind, rain pelted the National Tennis Center and out of the darkness came the closest thing tennis has to a grim reaper, Djokovic. ”

Long Live Grim reaper

Margot Says:

I don’t care who they were CDP As we’re using the word “disrespect” on here, it was extremely disrespectful of Andy at his home tournament.
Judging by the flags and cow bells it wasn’t British fans tho., some consolation.
Hi Courbon. I can see your smile from across the channel!

Okiegal Says:

Sent my comment before I intended to… to finish my sentence…..Novak showed his disgust towards the crowd, which made them worse….it was a good match and Roger is still amazing at the young age of 34….. :)

Ben Pronin Says:

Margot, I don’t think so? Unless corporate boxes are like the “sideline” seats around where the players’ teams sit, the ones that only millionaires can afford.

kriket Says:

Okiegal, mind you, even Roger at one point showed his disgust towards the crowd. The Eurosport commentator noticed it. It was in 4th set I think that he turned angrily towards the stands.

So it wasn’t just Novak, although I didn’t notice him showing any particular anger towards the crowd.

He said after the match when asked about the cheering, said he wasn’t there to comment on the audience, he was there to play tennis, and he understands the support Roger has, and didn’t expect anything less from the crowd. He’s learnt to deal with that.

And that scuffle between him and Roddick was truly ages ago, like 6-7 years. If it’s even the same crowd as back then, they surely can hold a grudge. He was young and mpulsive then, didn’t think before he spoke.

courbon Says:

Margot, Is that obvious?
Well, for me 11 is a magic number and Novak is so close now.Being there with Laver and Borg would be dream come true.And if that number 11 would also be a RG-then I can die in peace! But, whatever happens I wish for couple of more years of Novak, Andy, Fed and Rafa playing each other-they are Beatles of Tennis for God’s sake!
By the way, I wanted to ask you to borrow your umbrella against turd but surprisingly there is none-all nice and calm on Tennis X planet;
You better keep that umbrella, I’v seen one flying in your direction earlier (“…at least Federe has Andy firmly in the bag..” )

chris ford1 Says:

Giles Says:
One thing is for sure, joker will always be a schmuck so far as I’m concerned.

Ever hear of psychological projection, Giles????

Margot Says:

No Ben not like that. There are “boxes” round the top of the arena at the O2. A bit like theatre “boxes” and companies like big banks/BT etc will buy them to entertain clients.

Margot Says:

Lol Courbon, missed that one….and up goes my umbrella right now!
Agree, very nice compliments about Nole on here…so far… But no-one can argue with what he’s achieved can they?
Enjoy :)

Ben Pronin Says:

Oh, no. There’s nothing like that.

kriket Says:

Brando, as long sd Roger keeps clearing up the field for Novak, he’s golden in the slams. And Roger doesn’t seem to consider quitting doing that.

There would have to emerge another Đoković to stop Novak from winning slams next year. And I don’t quite see anyone like that emerging. If it wasn’t for Novak, Roger would have like 20 or more slams under his belt right now. And Rafa would have at least 17 as well.

It’s only because of Novak emerging in the last 4-5 years that they got stopped in their tracks of winning 20 slams each.

Wawrinka could also beat him here and there but I don’t really see Wawrinka winning more than maybe one, 2 slams max in total. He’s no spring chicken either.

Murray is the same age as Novak, and he also can hardly win more than 2 more slams at best – he only won 2 this far (2 slams are nothing to sneeze at but the rest are in double digits), and he’s not getting any younger. Things can only get worse for him, down the line. Although there really is no Big Four. There’s the Big Three, and Nadal is out of it for a year now, Roger didn’t win a slam in years? Only Novak still marches on from the Big Three.

So apart from an odd Wawrinka and Murray slam, and some one-hit wonder slam winner, Novak currently has no real competition to stop him from winning at least 2 slams a year.
He’s not getting younger as well, but he matured later in his career compared to Fed and Nadal.
Novak started winning slams when Roger pretty much stopped. Rafa was contesting with Novak for a cpl of years, but he couldn’t keep it up, as we can see. So we can safely say Rafa’s best years are behind him.

Novak isn’t showing any signs of ageing. He is in perfect physical fitness to remain in the same form he is now for a few more years at least.

He weighs 15 pounds less than Roger, meaning 15 pounds less to lug around the court chasing the balls. Same goes for Murray and Rafa. They’re too bulky and it’s weighing them down. So unless Novak suddenly gets fat, he’ll be perfectly capable of moving at the same pace for two more years at least. Which is not certain for Murray or Rafa.

Long story short, Novak is fit to compete in the future at the same level he was this year.

His closest competitors are in the same position as him agewise, but not fitnesswise, and not consistencywise. So there really is nothing to stop him from at least reaching Rafa’s record, if not exceeding it in the next 2 years. Only if he suddenly forgets how to play tennis.

chris ford1 Says:

To my tastes, way too much talk about Slamcount as the sine qua non of “Greatness”. And it is hardly a pure measure. Laver for example. Times, equipment and surfaces have changed since Laver’s day. And how do you adjust for Laver being banned from Slams for 6 years? 6 years that happened to be bracketed by Grand Slams. Can you really argue that it is Rod’s fault he only had 11 as an Open Era player, he could have instead stayed an amateur and not helped CREATE the Open Era and the pro game?
SLamcount is important, but not the only metric to look at when you assess the totality of a career. Level of competition, winning other events matters..etc., etc., as discussed endlessly.

With Djokovic, the discussion here and elsewhere mainly centers on 10,14, 17. As if Djokovic is 10/17 or only 58% of the player Federer is – though he may win more of the “Holy 4” events and maybe even reach 80% of the Fed Greatness. (Better than Delpo, by that logic, who is 1/17, or only a mere 6% as good as Fed??
It of course misses the totality of a career.

And while Fed is on solid ground here with all his fine outings elsewhere and 302 weeks as #1 – Djokovic is much more than a “Slamcount number”. Right now, he has gone 11 months winning or making the Finals in all the events he has entered save a Doha 250 warmup appearance. He moves past McEnroe into 5th place in weeks at #1, will most likely become the man with the most career Masters titles in 2016. Only player in the Top 10 on all surfaces now played, indoors and outdoors. You could go on and on about this or that stat, but the one that matters most is after 4 years of struggle against the two “Greatest to have ever played” – Djokovic surpassed both in 2011. He also, BTW, was the reason why Nadal does not have 5 more Slams.

elina Says:

And Nadal is the reason that Roger does not have nine more slams and round and round we go.

Ben Pronin Says:

CF1, it’s not like Federer exclusively won slams in his prime.

They have a lot of records. A whole lot. It’s remarkable. If Djokovic has another 1-3 years at this level, who knows where he’ll end up?

But more than anything, Laver was tiny. Forget about the technology and all that. Laver was about the same size as Fabrice Santoro or Olivier Rochus. He was the best of his time and did incredible things with the tools he had to work with. But it’s hard to imagine he’d have the same kind of success if he played today. Or even in the 90s. Djokovic and Nadal would like like monsters if they were sent back to the 60s.

brando Says:

Lmao: all these IF’s need to stop. Too ridiculous how many of those are banded around. Let’s keep it simple: novak won slams no.10: congratulations to him. The how, why, who he beat, did not beat: matters not. This is a statistical sport: and 10 got put up. Period. As for the future: EVERY year there are predictions post USO for next year and without fail they ALWAYS go wrong. NO ONE knows the future. Time will tell what unfolds. Could be anything. Let’s not talk in certain terms about something ultimately we know little about: the future. It can wait. As for me: soon I’ll be checking out till AO. Busy fall period coming up, and to be honest outside slam seasons I just tune out regarding tennis. Its hard for me to get interested outside the jan to USO period. Now its the football and Rugby world cup. I’ll bid adieu on Sean’s (I hope he writes it) open takedown. Till then I’ll pass on this crystal ball game that’s ensuring now.

brando Says:

@Elina: LOL: exactly. It makes me howl with laughter how fans say “because of x, y didn’t win certain no. Of majors”. I mean come on now: you could literally say that about so many players in the history of the game. It’s just par for the course: someone always seems to emerge who has your number. Atleast for a while. It matters not. Its just a part of the game.

kriket Says:

Yeah, it was Nadal who slowed Fed in his tracks, and Novak who eventually stopped him, then Novak slowed down Nadal, for him to eventually stop.

Point is there is noone to emerge to stop Novak. There is no Novak Đoković for Novak Đoković at the moment, and I don’t see anyone in the field that could rise up to the challenge in the next year or two. Someone will come up eventually, inevitably, but right now there’s noone.

In Fedal hayday, they had Novak and Murray challenging them, with Novak eventually taking over. Who’s gonna take over from Novak? Noone knows, and noone can even name the possible contender. Kyrgios? Sock? Raonic? Ćorić? I don’t think so.

Ben Pronin Says:

“all these IF’s need to stop.” Why? We’re having a discussion. It’s a part of sports.

Kriket, what about Murray? Maybe he won’t go full Djokovic on Djokovic but he could certainly slow him down as he has in the past. And Wawrinka is still somehow around.

Also, you just never know. Guys can get healthier, others can get injured. Someone could emerge out of nowhere and turn this whole “everyone’s getting older” shtick on its head with some crazy run.

J-Kath Says:

Courbon @ 2.55pm
“And if that No. 11 would also be an RG then I can die in peace.”

Dearie me, oh my, sad, what are your favourite hymns – “Abide with Me”? I’ve written immediately to Nole and he is in tears – he’s promised that RG will not be his 11th Grand Slam – wants to know if you’ll settle for it being his 12th? (PS: We’ve told him how precious you are to us).

Kriket @ 3.29 : Usually in sympathy with your views – but can’t quite get your dissertation on Andy and how he can not be part of the Big 4 – when he already is – and also en route to being No. 2 – all things being equal.

kriket Says:

As for the crowds booing, there will come the time when they shall build Novak, Fed, Rafa out of mud.

That’s the saying in our country, when someone’s not appreciated, it says “they will be making him/her out of mud/dirt” (when they’re gone).

We will all be making Roger, Rafa, Novak out of mud, once they’re gone off the stage.

We’re all too lucky to be witnessing such a great time in tennis history. Much water will pass under the bridge until the similar time in tennis repeats, I’m not sure we will live long enough to witness another such time, some other players of the same caliber, competeing each other.

There always will be a good, maybe even great player. But three of them at the same time, not likely to happen again soon.

sienna Says:

Wow Fed is going crazy if hè ever sees that third set again.

kriket Says:

Ben Pronin, anything’s possible but they would have to come out of nowhere for there’s noone now that we can think of.

Re: Murray, sure he can trouble Novak, but somehow I doubt he’ll be taking over as World No.1 of Novak’s caliber. If he didn’t manage to do it up until now, I doubt he’ll become a wonder in his 30s.

FedExpress Says:

As long as he doesnt win the french his career will have a hole and will reamain incomplete.

Okiegal Says:

@Kricket…..Of course what I perceive about a situation can’t be etched in stone as the law and the gospel!! The commentators made a comment about Novak being a little disgruntled with the crowd. After the comment Novak made a great astounding point and he begged for the crowd to show him some love….exactly what Pat Mac said. The crowd was definitely getting under his skin, you could tell by his play at times. But he pulled it together and and closed it out. I think the crowds reaction to a player could bring positive or negatives to the players game. It was just an observation of mine, whether I was right or wrong. The Andy incident was a long time ago……but I haven’t forgot about it,….maybe the New Yorkers haven’t either…. Lol
Thanks for the feed back.

My hubby was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last Friday. I’m devastated…..If there are people out there who believe in the power of prayer, I welcome all I can muster up……Tennis is very insignificant to me atm…….One minute you’re on top of the world, the next lower than low. As the Bible says, you can leave this old earth in the twinkling of an eye……..

Ben Pronin Says:

“As long as he doesnt win the french his career will have a hole and will reamain incomplete.”

Overrated. There’s no such thing as an “incomplete” career.

courbon Says:

you are way too optimistic.
Is quite possible that Novak even does not win slam next year, also possible him to win two Slams but most realistic is him wining 1 Slam.
You are disregarding Andy, Rafa, Stan ( and Fed, for that mater ) like they are finished but they are not…
Regarding the now guys-you never know.Maybe justright this moment one of the young guys is hitting ball hard practising and saying his coach:I will beat Novak and others next year! I will be the greatest player ever!
In 2002 we have been mentioning young Federe as a ^promising player like we do today with Thiem, Coric, Zverev. And then in 2003 he wins Wimbledon and in 2004 he dominates field completely!It happened fast.
And remember 2011? It happened fast Novaks rise.It can happen again with somebdy else…
Andy, Rafa, Stan and Fed may not stop Novak completely but they can share GS with him, like it was case in 2012,13,14…
Don’t get me wrong-I wish you are right-but most likely not, I’m afraid

courbon Says:

J Kath: That is so kind of you.12??? Tell him, 12 sounds great- I will settle for that. Thank you, thank you, thank you….( and it goes for couple of more pages )…..thank you, thank you, thank you……

courbon Says:

Fed Express-You are so right. Just look at Sampras.Big hole in his career.Second league plyer…nah…Nobody mentions Sampras because of that hole he has…

FedExpress Says:

Considering that nole is in his prime it is his only 2nd season in which he won multiple slams. After 2011 he won only one slam each season till 2014. He could do that too after this season

Imo his level of play was in 2011 much higher than this season. He may have accomplished more but thanks to some chokes of certain players the stats are spoiled. Bar two matches in 2011 (us open semi and rome semi) his victories were convincing. He will be hunted more then ever next season.

FedExpress Says:

Its my opinion courbon. U dont have to share it.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Okie hi,oh my goodness so sorry to hear about your hubby,im in Glastonbury at the moment,and also visiting Avebury and Stonehenge,so i will certainly pray for you both at this trying time,rather puts all this silly bickering into perspective,i will do some healing for you both with my souix drum,i cant even begin to imagine what your both going through,i know tennis must be the last think on your mind at the moment,but if you stick around you never know it might take your mind of things a little silly as it sounds,goddess blessings to you both my dear etheral friend….

Ben Pronin Says:

The stats are spoiled, huh? Fedex you say the darnest things.

Players choke against the top all the time. Look over Federer’s matches from 04-07 and see how many times players choked against him. Top players earn their chokes, for the most part. There’s a reason players choke against them.

Maybe Djokovic was better in 2011. But you can’t always be perfect. He’s carving out his own, unique place in history. So he hasn’t accomplished as much as Federer, this makes him a failure? Either you’re the GOAT or you’re horrible? Makes no sense.

Wog Boy Says:

If Nole is going to have a “hole” in his career if he doesn’t win FO,than Borg has two holes and his career is totally “incomplete “, he has never won USO and AO, right?
Some fans, Nolehaters, will never learn nor they will accept that Nole is the best player in the world during its Golden age where you have six GS winners, with 46 GS titles between them, still competing, and he is the best in the world since 2011!

Gypsy Gal Says:

Hi Courbon hope your OK, congrats to you and your favorite,unless Novaks game completely colapses which looks unlikely,its quite possible he could surpass Rafa and even Roger at this rate,hes making the finals of just about everything going,the skys the limit,he deserves it ;-)….

courbon Says:

Okiegal-That is awful news.There is a long battle in front both of you-my heart goes to you.I’m not religious and I do not know how to pray, but there is the church next to my kids school that is open all the time and tomorrow I will put good wishes candle ( I think is called like that ) for you husband’s recovery.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Wogboy and Rafa haters say his career is in complete because he hasnt won the YEC,hmm go figure….

Okiegal Says:

@Gypsy…..Thank you so much! Yes, we are reeling….so shocked about it all. Had his gallbladder removed a week ago Friday. It was working 8%. We knew this would take care of his upper back hurting. It did for a day or two but it started hurting again, tumor on his pancreas and two or three spots on his liver. We hope to go to Tulsa Cancer Institute soon. Later……

FedExpress Says:

Wog boy, last time i checked rafa was the best player in 2013.

courbon Says:

Wog Boy, Borg who? Never heard before that name…

Gypsy: Hi there.Thank you on good wishes. All this talk about passing Rafa or Roger is unrealistic.One slam at the time…He may stay on 10 for that mater! ( hope not).
How is that naked full moon dance going on?

J-Kath Says:


Oh my dear. Have a feeling I know how you feel. My hubbie was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkinson’s in 1991 and given the usual 7 years prognosis. It’s 2015 and he’s still alive and has been in remission for about 8 years. Prostrate cancer – I’m sure you have excellent medical care in the USA and I’m praying he is at a stage where a complete cure is a likely outcome.

I can’t tell you how to help him – only that I never ever thought for a minute that my husband would not recover – for me every chemo visit was a step forward. You will find what is right for both of you – don’t despair – always be positive.

Lots of love

Okiegal Says:

Courbon, you’re a sweetie. I appreciate it…..Thanks for million.

Brando Says:

Preface: this is my honest opinion. Whether one agrees or disagrees with it: I care not.

Re Djokovic and next year:

I thought he was extremely lucky to win 3 this year.

When I think of the tennis he played in the Slam wins, most especially Wimbledon and USO, it’s the most average level of tennis I have seen in a 3 peat season.

When I look at Novak’s press conference, even the threads pre final in Wimbledon and USO on here, with his fans posting about how average he’s playing etc: I see others thinking the same.

3/4 of his last 4 wins at majors have been v a 33, 34 year old. The other 1 has been against a player who admitted to his meltdown post match.

So for me he has been lucky rather than brilliant. Hence:

Next year I either see a BOOM or a BUST.

BOOM: He steps up his performance and wins either 3 or maybe 4. If he can win 3 playing average at slams in my book against such a weak field: he can nail 3 minimum and go for 4.

BUST: After good fortune comes bad fortune. It goes in cycles. This year- especially at Wimbledon and USO- things just feel in place for him in a manner that one only dreams off for their fav:

Who’s to say next year it shall be the same?

Maybe Andy finally wins a Slam again? Maybe Nadal finds form and contends? Maybe Federer get’s that little bit of luck he needs and wins? Maybe Wawrinka steps up another notch?

Maybe Novak get’s injured? Goes into a mental rut? His level drops? etc. Anything can happen that leads to decline:

And it does not neeed a good reason for it.

No one saw Nadal winning 1 slam in 2 years post USO 2013. No one. Nor did they see Wawrinka being a 2 major winner. Federer reaching 3 finals etc.

At 29 players decline. And when Father Time works magic: good reason is not needed at all. So for me that is where it’s at for Novak:

Ambivalence as to which extreme he shall be at.

He either steps up and wins 3 in a dominate fashion maybe even 4.


He falls cropper and wins 1 maybe none even.

F–k it, Brando predicts for Novak next year:

Either 4 majors or NONE. Crazy, ridiculous? Yep, I know.

But i’m sticking by it, and judge me at USO 2016 end.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Courbon lol,it was a bit too cold for that….

Okiegal Says:

@Kath….Thank you so much. You are so sweet to acknowledge someone you really don’t know, except through comments on a tennis forum! Is that crazy or what? Lol But do feel like I know you and the kind of person you are. Yes, we are in for a battle I just hope and pray it’s not too far gone…..He thinks it is…..He is being strong for me and Derek, but I know he is depressed. Thanks again, Jan

Wog Boy Says:

Rafa was the best player in the world in 2013? Really? I didn’t know that, thanks for letting me know. Nole became best in the world in 2011, by huge margine and we are nearing the end of 2015. and he is still the best. In 2011 Roger (29), Rafa (24) Andy (23) were at their prime and Nole took over tennis Olimp, and is still there, and will stay there for a while, take that!!

Brando Says:


I am sorry to hear about that. May your husband recover fully and you and yours pass through this moment of trial with patience and to good tides.

One never knows what can happen. Tough moments arrive at everyone’s doorstep no matter who they are in life. One can overcome them.

I hope it’s the case for your husband.

My best wishes.

chris ford1 Says:

Okiegal -Sorry about the news of your husbands serious illness.

Wog Boy Says:

Best wishes for your husband recovery.

Ben Pronin Says:

Brando, I wouldn’t say you’re wrong but I don’t agree regarding the boom or bust thing. Next year he’ll be closer to 29. There’s no way he’s winning 4 slams. And I agree, he’d need things to fall his away to win 3 again. That’s why I think he wins 2 at best. Maybe he only wins 1 again. But yeah, we don’t know who will step up or if he’ll come down.

He definitely took advantage of the opportunities presented to him as best as he could this year. The one time he had a nightmare draw he came up 2 sets short. The thing is, all of his main rivals will be a year older, too. That’s not going to really improve their chances, necessarily.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Courbon/Wogboy sorry i know i actually come across as been quite bitter and hateful towards Novak at times,and i will admit that i am quite resentfull about his success and also Rafas lack of,and also that he has had Rafas number alot just lately,but thats me with a problem not him,as hes a fantastic player that deserves all his success….

J-Kath Says:

Courbon – WHEW!

Nole’s happy that you’re happy – he did the splits – all the way, stood on his head and did the cartwheel while Jelena smiled her glowing, lovely smile and baby jumped up and down on his trampoline brandishing his plastic tennis racquet – gonna have a winner there too.

Don’t forget to send them a Thank You card and/or Xmas card.

Wog Boy Says:

You are fine, trust me, my posts had nothing to with you, whatsoever, you know that.

Brando Says:


Fair and excellent post: Props.

I don’t blame him. Sure I think he was lucky. But so was Federer at times and Rafa too, It’s all about taking advantage, and this year he did. Fair play to him.

But next year I see it as a extreme for Novak: either the field stays limp and Novak bosses it playing better tennis (let’s be honest: he can play way, way better than what he did in his last 2 major wins). IF he can: I see a 3 peat minimum, and just to be radical: a 4 peat call I make.


The rest step up. Their level improves. And they get the rub of fortune and claim the titles. Hence: a 1 slam year. I know my call is extreme but and yep: saying 4 or nothing is crazy, but I do feel next year is a boom or bust kind a year for Novak and the tour.

It’s just a hunch and I can see it from both sides: there is the obvious ground that he can win big again. But equally: he’s 29 next year.

Federer is said to be GOAT. Sampras, Nadal all time legends: look at their win count post 29: ONLY 3 Slams combined. Look at Rafa: so strong in 2013, clean sweeps the USO series in 2013 and has now won 1 slam in 2 year. No one saw that coming.

Anything can happen and things can change so suddenly.

Gypsy Gal Says:

The player i mostly resent is Flavia Panetta the girl is beautiful,and is engaged to the gorgeous Fabio,and has won a GS,some people really do have it all….

J-Kath Says:


PS: My bill is in the post – certified cheque required – I’m a Scot so don’t try telling me the cheque is in the mail.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Wogboy i know,its all cool,read my post above @5.50pm LOL….

courbon Says:

J-Kath-That’s a deal-cards are in the post.
Maybe you should also send one to Andy ,but not ‘Thank you’ card more like ‘-Dear Andy, while you scratching your head, Novak is taking all the cream.Wake up, and win some Slams! Now!Please..

courbon Says:

Brando, you completely copied my post to kriket 30 min earlier. Get you own material, you copycat…

courbon Says:

J-Kath-Cheque? Ok…let me just find that pen….
I think my kids , stole all my pens.I’ll do it tomorrow…promise

andrea Says:

re: crowds. it was strange indeed that any time fed made a shot that levelled things off or put him in a better position they were definitely louder. i know it has bothered novak in the past but what can he do?

novak was prickly in the early years, and his nightmare parents ever helped either (thank god they’ve been scarce in the past few years) so i guess it is what it is now. he can’t fight the love that roger gets. but i’m sure he’ll take the trophy over the love.

Brando Says:


Surprised at the post C. Surely you must have heard of the saying: great minds think alike. There’s 2 geniuses on TX, not 1 my friend: expect overlapping post from ourselves in the future.


PS: Congratulations on Novak’s win by the way. You know me: I speak my mind. I do think he got lucky in the majors at times but equally:

I did think he was unlucky not win USO 2012 where he played his best ever USO tennis for me. He was unlucky also to be drained by Wimbledon 2013 semi final (v del potro in that oven was tough) and he was unlucky to lose to wawrinka in AO 2014.

So in my book:

This is destiny’s way of paying him back for some very, very, very tough losses post 2011.

It’s deserved.

I expect next year him and the field to step up. Change will occur and I feel it’s certain that a twist will occur since after all: no one saw Nadal pulling off: 2010, 2013. Nole doing 2011. 4 winner’s in 2012, 2014.

Even this year had it’s surprises for sure (Novak winning 3, wawrinka out of nowhere, record low from Nadal, a 34 year old playing back to back finals) etc. I am sure change will occur next year. But for the moments:

Congratulations to you on your boy’s success. It’s been beyond annoying to see when my boy has gone from a lion to a mouse!


chris ford1 Says:

Brando&Ben – I would not be so absolutist that all players decline starting at age 29. Serena, for starters. And Federer saying right now (post Cincinnati win on Nole) that he is by any measure a better player than he was back in 2007.

Djokovic is like Federer in that he moves fluidly. Neither pounds the court like Rafa or Murray do to get around on points. Novak puts more wear on his legs than Fed in terms of longer points played, but I think that is negated by his weight and style of play.

(1)KE=MV^2. Djoker weighs less than rivals. Forces of starting or stopping are less damaging because of less mass.
(2)And slowing down a moving object or redirecting it to conserve velocity is always better than a sudden stop. Knees, cars…same thing. Better to slowly brake than go from 80 to 0 kph in a microsecond. Djokovic brakes, sliding on all surfaces.
(3) Ability to anticipate, something Berdych says is better than any player he has seen coupled with highly unusual flexibility applied to the sport – means he knows where the ball is going and doesn’t need the explosive energy that a Murray or Rafa put on their legs, and his stretching ability means he has to take one less step….and sometimes conserve energy making a cut with his feet like a ski racer does going around a pole.
(4) While a world class athlete, he had health issues in the past that impeded him enough to make him a near fanatic about caring for body and mind.

Brando Says:


I agree but:

I think Novak’s problem is the LACK of respect not LOVE.

He’s not dumb:

He fully understands how popular Federer is. Ditto Nadal. He knows the most successful players always (see in other sports) command the most support. But that does not excuse the lack of respect he reserves.

The crowd was going wild whenever he double faulted, a shot went long etc. They were clearly on his back. And for what? Because they want the other guy to win.

That’s no justification for their behaviour. It seemed that they were trying to bully him into crumbling at times.

courbon Says:

Brando: You got it! Ones happines ( me!)-others misery ( you!) .
I dont belive for one second that Rafa is sitting home and feeling sorry for himself.He is pissed off and training hard to get back to top level.
He may not have great result rest of this year ( even in top form he was never great at the fall of the season ) but I bet he will come very strong at AO ( in Asai, Paris and London he will probably still work on his glitches and maybe trying out new things ).
And mouse may become Lion again…
I’m not saying this to make you feel better, but I really mean that.
One thing is sure-next year there will hunt on Novak from all sides!

mat4 Says:


I hope your husband will win this fight. Be brave! Especially you, he will need you more than anybody.

kriket Says:

Okiegal, don’t take the discussion here too seriously, I said I didnt’t notice any particular gesture Novak expressed towards the crowd, that doesn’t mean it didn’t bother him, and yet as much as they were disrespectful not only towards him personally, but towards the game, the match, the other player ultimately, it didn’t bother him 1% of what they tried. Certainly not nearly enough to distract him enough to lose his grip on the match. The injury he sustained upon that fall bothered him more than the crowd ever did.
And that’s it, he’s done with the crowds. Love him or hate him, he doesn’t care enough to distract his gameplan, and that’s the thing that matters most.

Re: your husband, sorry to hear that, truly. I’m not a religious person, I don’t go to church regularily nor do I believe God could help you and your husband. If anyone can help it’s the doctors, and I don’t think they require prayers. Wish you the best outcome, although it’s a viscious illness. My friend’s father recently succumbed to the same diagnose. But it’s life you know, no amount of best wishes would change anything, though if you believe in prayer and in God’s help in such matters, I shall pray for you and your husband tonight when I lay my head down to sleep.

Brando, I gave my arguments as to why I think Novak is in a different position, fitnesswise, consistencywise, but you just repeat the same arguments (father time) over and over. I’m not gonna repeat myself as it clearly makes no difference.

Luck, luck, lucky, unlucky, blah blah. My head’s starting to hurt only thinking about your posts – never have I seen so many words saying so little and repetitively. Father time, father time, luck, boring stats. Ok, we got it. It’s father time vs the world. And the statistics. No need to repeat yourself any further.

kriket Says:

Ben Pronin, Re: choking, remember when they used to call Novak – the Choker :)

peter Says:

Novak did get broken when his service motion coincided with shoUTS.

Without the crowd this could have been straight sets.

S Green Says:

With regard to his ultimate goal and how much he is committed to it, you can hear from the man himself, “I would lie if I said that I am not aiming to maybe at least match or surpass some guys like Pete or Nadal, even if Nadal is still playing, obviously, so he still has a chance to increase his number,” said Djokovic, who clinched the year-end No. 1 ranking for the fourth time. “I want to keep on going, and hopefully have longevity in my career, because if I continue doing what I’m doing … I have a fair chance to win a couple more.” (Source: AP under the title, “Djokovic in Grand Slam Driver’s Seat,” by Howard Fendrich).
As for the outcome, you can only wait and see, while fantas-tically relishing (or mourning) the splashes of the sea of his tennis life.

Markus Says:

Okiegal, about you husband, I am with kriket and could not have said it better. I do pray and will abide by your wish to do so for your husband. Stay here, in spite of the outside appearance, all the arguments and some mudslinging, a majority are nice and (I feel sure to say this) all wish you and your husband well.

jalep Says:

My gosh, Okiegal. Thought it was just a routine laparoscopic cholecystectomy. :(

Very sorry to read this thread about your hubby — and diagnosis. Just looked up Tulsa Cancer Institute and it looks top notch. Thoughts and prayers with you and Okieguy. Take care of yourself, Okie.

RZ Says:

@Okiegal – very sorry to hear about your husband’s diagnosis. I wish him and you all the best for his treatment. You are both in my thoughts and prayers.

Okiegal Says:

@Chris Ford1
@Wog Boy

To all of my forum “friends”…….I do appreciate your well wishes for Byron. He’s very sick. I only asked for prayers from those of you who are comfortable with prayer. Those of you who aren’t….that’s OK to…… to each his own……
Oh, another word to Kricket, I do pray that God will give the doctors wisdom for the proper treatment to administer to him… mistakes please.
Thanks guys!
Sincerely, Jan Rowsey

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Well. I been running around the last couple days, couldn’t watch the match until late last night. So I apologize for missing all discussion, and I’ll just throw in my three cents, late to the party.

Thought it was a great match. Really enjoyed the tennis. Thought both guys played great and there wasn’t much between them, except one very big thing: Novak won the big points. Roger’s break conversion rate was unbelievably bad. Some of those were due to exceptional serves, but a full handful were due to bad UEs on Roger’s part. This is something he has always struggled with, and just as with Rafa, against Novak it’s not good enough to win. I’ve always thought Fed was one of the mentally toughest players, but I think Novak is tougher now, albeit in different ways.
As a Fed fan, disappointed but encouraged at how well he played. I really like the tennis Novak plays against ROg. He seems more aggressive, more pushing the red line, than against others. Congrats to Novak. He has now 2 of the all-time-great seasons, and that is a big deal.
Also, when did Novak learn to lob like that? That was incredible. So many key points won on that lob.

jane Says:

oh no; i am so sorry to hear that, okie. all the best wishes for both you and your husband.

Okiegal Says:

That crowd had been waiting on the match 3 hrs?? I’m sure they had way too much to drink…..but as I said above, Novak is just not as popular as Fed…..that’s plain to see. Even though he isn’t my cup of tea, he does deserve respect as Brando pointed out. He’s the grandest duck in the puddle for now. I guess the non-Novak folks, like me, are just gonna have to get used to it…..he’s awesome!!
Congratulations to all his fans again!!!

Okiegal Says:

@Jane, thanks, I appreciate your care and concern.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Of course, I focus on Rog and talk about Rog being a fan. But I have to say, Novak was amazing last night. Every time Roger got momentum, he fought back. He was a fighter last night, but much more, he was an attacker, much more so than normal. He went out of his comfort zone and he rocked it. Last night, his athleticism, strength of will and mind, tactics, everything came together. He is an amazing tennis player and in my opinion a great champion and #1. His intelligence, humour, and “normal guy”-ness are apparent in all his interviews, and he seems to really understand how to step up his own “public” persona for the #1 position without losing his own personality. Remember, Becker was not at all comfortable as #1, and I never thought Rafa loved being in that role. Novak understands it and owns it.

Skeezer Says:

Well said!

courbon Says:

Tv, nice post.

Michael Says:


Please accept my commiserations too for your hubby’s ailment. I hope he recovers quite fast with the power of medicines and surgery. I cannot pray because I am an atheist. Nevertheless, I wish you the best of luck and seeing your hubby back in the pink of health yet again !!

Margot Says:

So sorry to read your news. Huge internet hugs to you and your hubby.
Take care.

jatin Says:

So sorry to hear about your hubby :(
I will definitely pray for his wellbeing and hope he will be absolutely fine.
There are all sorts of treatments available for this disease. Just go to the best doctors out there.
And yes, most important thing, be strong like a rock and spread positive energy in his presence which in turn would make him positive as well. This is the toughest mental battle. Be brave okigal. Everything is gonna be alright

brando Says:

To be honest about the match: I thought Federer got it right. He said he was really disappointed since he had the match. And it’s true. The difference between the 2 was only 2 points in the end but really it could be summed up as: one guy took his break point chances, the other did not. This statistic summed up Federer for me: Federer won 1/10 of break point chances that were a SECOND SERVE. 10 chances to break on a 2nd serve and you only nail 1: sorry, but it doesn’t matter who you are or who you play: if that’s your conversion rate of opportunities you are 90% certain to lose. Its a game built on creating chances and taking them. Federer had plenty but he pretty much took none almost. Hence: I can understand his disappointment since he was there, had the chance but failed to take it.

FedExpress Says:

Exactly brando.and to get broken after not taking his chances was kind of predictable.

davis cup this week. Hope his team mates can cheer him up.

Felipe Says:

Djokovic, not Nadal, not Federer, is the one who actually started winning Slams with the stiffest competition. In 2011 Nadal was at the top of his powers, 24 years old comming from his best season ever…and Djokovic beat him six times (2 slams) and took over. Federer was 29, Murray 23 and getting close to his first slam. In the next few years…Murray matured, Nadal put everything to come back, Federer was still a force and guys like Wawrinka, Cilic, Nishikori also emerged as slam contenders…but Djokovic has proved that his mind is on another level….Nadal “might” be the toughest mind once you faced him across the net…but djoker is the toughest mentally since his mind is working all season….his has a mission to accomplish, and his mind wont let him down. Mark my words….he puts the USOPEN hurdle behind….next year he will win Roland Garros and the Olympics, will top 200 weeks at number 1, records that will put him as one of the 3 most dominants champions ever (Sampras / Federer). Nadal never “dominated” the tour.
Becker has helped a lot…he was a smug and prowd champion, with a strong personalitie who has created a champion mind. With Becker he is 4-2 in slams finals, (4-0 hard and grass), has won a bunch of master series and is beating regularily all his rivals, on every surface (Nadal clay / murray hard / Federer grass-indoor).

Okiegal Says:

@Michael……Thanks for your concern, I’m numb to say the least. We have a battle ahead ahead of us for sure. He is staying as upbeat as he can for me and our son.

@Jatin…..sounds like you may have had some experience dealing with this dreaded disease. I am trying to remain positive, I just hope he is. Thanks so much.

@Margot…..Hugs back…..and thanks. We got the news last Thursday. I’ve had a sinking feeling ever since…..but I will trudge on and try to be strong for him and Derek…..appreciate your concern.

As for tennis, you work on Andy and I’ll work on Rafa and maybe they can be in the finals at the Aussie Open! A tall order?? Yes it is, but possible!! :)

Margot Says:

Do hope you’ve got lots of good friends to help you and hubby through.
It’s strange this internet business, you don’t really “know” people and yet in a way you do.
More huge hugs.

Daniel Says:


My father is battling kidney (healed) but than moved to lung cancer for 2 years. He is under quimo.

I think the key is to not let him give himsefl to the desease, my father still works, go to ships (as he is a surveyor) and even grow hair back. Make him keep himself acrive and think about the least possible. Postive thinking helps a lot. Also tell him to drink a lot of soursop juice. Have amazing cientifc powers agaisnt cancer cells.

He will be in my familys prayers. My mother is very catholic.
All the best for your family.

Okiegal Says:

@Margot…..I do have a large family…..therefore lots of support, my church family and close friends. It want be easy, but I’m trying to remain calm and positive…..and yes I do feel like I know the posters on this forum. Hugs back and thanks again!

@Daniel, I’m so sorry you’re having your struggle with this nasty disease to. I appreciate you concern and covet your prayers. Thanks for telling me about the soursop juice. Have never heard of it. I bet my health foods store knows about it. I will check. Thanks a bunch for the juice tip and my best to your father. So sorry about his cancer problem and I hate this disease!!!!!!

Gypsy Gal Says:

Daniel yeah and best wishes to your father too,i know what its like as i lost my mother through breast cancer,and my father through kidney failure….

Daniel Says:

This desease is awful because it carries a constant sense of death. The mental hurdle sometimes is worst than the desease itself, if there is not much pain. My father lung one is 9 mm (1/3 of an knch), at one point it was 3 cm (1,3 inches), but it is resilient. More than 1 year that it doesn’t grow nor spread (thank God) but also doesn’t vanish and ot is in a place that is not recommended to operate. It is a battle and there is not much we can do than support whatever way is best for them. My father act as if he is not sick, qorks for him.

Thanks GG and Oki all the best to your familiars as well and my condolenses to you GG.

Okiegal Says:

@Daniel…..You are welcome. Sound a like your father is a trooper! They say attitude is very important in treating cancer.

@Gypsy…..You to know about the big “C”. You never let a year go by w/o doing a mammogram!

Gypsy Gal Says:

Thanks Daniel and to you too,i know weve had our differences when it comes to tennis, but that was really sweet,when it comes to matters of the human heart its nice when we are all on the same page….

Okie thanks i have regular check ups regarding all my bodily parts….

Michael Says:

Okiegal @ 8.14 am,

It is courage, determination and forebearance which is the need of the hour and it is heartening to note that your hubby is upbeat. It is this kind of confidence which is the need of the hour and I am sure it will stand him in good stead.

I am sure that pretty soon, you are going to roll out the happy news to this forum that your hubby has come to his normal self !!

Michael Says:

Alison @ 5.13 pm,

It is really tragic to hear that piece of news from you. My belated commiserations !!

Okiegal Says:

@Michael….I appreciate the words of encouragement!
I can tell you are a kind spirit. We will try to muster up the courage and most of all the strength to get through this trying time. Thanks again. Good health to you.

Gypsy Gal….A big thumbs up!! You will have to stand up for Rafa as I might be out of commission from time to time. Don’t let folks come down on him too hard……Lol….Seriously, tennis is definitely gonna take a back seat…… Okie

Gypsy Gal Says:

Michael thanks it was many years ago now,but it still hurts to a certain degree,especially Mothers and Fathers day,Christmas and their birthdays,just pointing out to Okie and Daniel when it comes to matters of the human heart that i know what they are both going through….

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