2015 ATP Finals Groupings: Roger Federer Placed With Novak Djokovic, Hope For Rafael Nadal?
by Staff | November 12th, 2015, 3:37 pm

The groupings for the 2015 ATP Finals were released this evening in London. The 8-day event played at the O2 begins on Sunday and it features the Top 8 men in the world.

“Short and sweet draw is good,” Roger Federer joked about the quick ceremony. “I’m excited to be back, can’t wait for it to start.”

The groupings:
1 Novak Djokovic (4)
3 Roger Federer (6)
6 Tomas Berdych
8 Kei Nishikori

2 Andy Murray
4 Stan Wawrinka
6 Rafael Nadal
7 David Ferrer

Federer (6 titles) and Novak Djokovic (4) are the only former champions in the field coming for 10 between them. And both are in the Stan Smith group.

Rafael Nadal was placed in the easier of two and with Andy Murray’s eye on Davis Cup, what an opportunity with he and Ferrer the only players in the Nastase group to have even made the finals.

– The 28-year-old Belgrade native is making his 9th consecutive season finale appearance. Comes in as reigning 3-time champion and also won title in 2008 in Shanghai (d. Davydenko). Has won last 14 matches since falling to countryman Tipsarevic in final round robin match in 2011. Last player to win 3 straight year-end titles was Ivan Lendl from 1985-87 (no player has won 4 titles in a row).

– The 28-year-old Scot qualified for 8th straight year (10-9 record) and last year went 1-2 in round robin play (l. Nishikori 64 64, d. Raonic 63 75, l. Federer 60 61). It was his first appearance since ’12 (W/D in ’13 due to back surgery in September that year).

– The 34-year-old Swiss native is oldest player to qualify for year-end finale since Andre Agassi (35) in 2005 and comes in ranked in Top 3 for 11th time in 14 years. Last year was No. 2 and withdrew from final (vs. Djokovic) due to back injury. Went 4-0 coming into final.

– The Swiss native is making his 3rd consecutive appearance at the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals after reaching SF last 2 years (4-4 record).

– The 29-year-old Spaniard qualified for the 11th straight year (13-11 record) and in his last appearance in 2013, reached final (l. Djokovic) after going 4-0 with wins over No. 3 Ferrer, No. 8 Wawrinka, No. 6 Berdych and No. 7 Federer. Ranked No. 1 at time (also in 2010).

– The 30-year-old Czech Republic native is making his 6th consecutive appearance in the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals (6-10 record) and his best result is SF in 2011 (l. to Djokovic in opener, then beat Tipsarevic, Ferrer in RR play), losing to Tsonga.

– The 33-year-old Spaniard, who is 2nd-oldest in singles field (behind Federer 34), has qualified for 6th time (7th overall appearance). Has an 8-11 career record and last year came in as an alternate for Raonic and played one match, losing to Nishikori 46 64 61.

– The Japanese native is youngest player (25) in this year’s field and making his 2nd straight appearance in Barclays ATP World Tour Finals.

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62 Comments for 2015 ATP Finals Groupings: Roger Federer Placed With Novak Djokovic, Hope For Rafael Nadal?

FedExpress Says:

good luck to all

and go fed

Gypsy Gal Says:

Yeah may the best man win….

Okiegal Says:

I don’t understand what formula they use to place the seeds?? I think it should be:

1 4 6 8 for # 1 seed.

2 3 5 7 for # 2 seed. Does that make sense to anyone else other than me….prolly not…..????? Lol

AndyMira Says:

Logically..novak or roger will win it..but we never know..as for rafa..he came here in best possible form in 2010,2013 and still can’t win it..logically this year sadly will very much the same old story but at least he will gain some precious point…

RZ Says:

@Okiegal – They draw which players will be in which group by pairs in order of ranking. 1 cannot be in the same group as 2; 3 cannot be in the same group as 4; 5 cannot be in the same group as 6; and 7 cannot be in the same group as 8. So you could end up with all odds and all evens in your 2 groups, or a mix (e.g., group A could have 1, 4, 5 and 8 and group B could have 2, 3, 6, and 7).

RZ Says:

BTW, it’s similar to how they do the grand slam draws – where 1 and 2 are placed opposite in the draw, and then they draw 3 and 4 to decide which half they go in, and then they draw seeds 5, 6, 7, and 8 to place them in the quarters.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

On the one hand, Stan Smith group seems tougher, but on the other, Fed and Novak should emerge easily. The other one is more unpredictable. Stan, Rafa or Murray could make it from ‘tother.

I love this tournament. Non stop top flight tennis, and the players seem kind of jazzed to play there knowing its the last tourney of the year.

Dave Says:

Nadal vs Ferrer could be a good match. Nadal leads the head to head on hard courts 5 to 4.

Dave Says:

Nadal vs Murray on hard courts is 5 to 5.

Dave Says:

Nadal vs Wawrinka head to head on hard court is 8 to 2 for Nadal. That stat is a bit misleading considering where both players are at at this point in time. Just thought I would post it anyways.

Dave Says:

Murray vs Wawrinka on hard court is 6 to 3 for Murray. It didn’t say what surface the Wawrinka win in Davis Cup was on. So it might be 6 to 4. Not sure.

Dave Says:

Wawrinka vs Ferrer head to head on hard courts is 3 to 2 for Wawrinka. There was a davis cup match that Ferrer won in Spain. It didn’t say the surface. Maybe it was clay. Not sure.

Dave Says:

Murray vs Ferrer head to head is 9 to 2 on hard courts.

Dave Says:

For Murray

Dave Says:

Djokovic vs Nishikori is 2 to 2 on hard courts.
Djokovic vs Berdych is 15 to 0 on hard courts for Djokovic. Djokovic also won 2 davis cup matches but it didn’t say the surface.
Federer vs Berdych is 6 to 4 on hard courts for Federer who also won a davis cup match.
Federer vs Nishikori is 2 to 1 for Federer.
Nishikori vs Berdych is 3 to 0 on hard courts in favor of Nishikori.
Djokovic vs Federer is 15 to 15 on hard courts with 2 davis cup matches that were 1 to 1. Interesting that Federer was 10 to 5 the first 15 matches on hard courts. Now Djokovic is 10 to 5 in the last 15. At the Barclays WTF Djokovic leads the head to head 2 to 1. He also was given a walkover last year, but we can’t count that even if some feel he would have won with Federer hurting and tired from the Wawrinka match.

These are just statistics, but they are fun to look at and can give us a bit of an idea of what we might be getting in some of the matchups

Chrisford1 Says:

I wouldn’t count Nadal out as well, AndyMIra. Rafa in full form is still a very dangerous player, and in 2013 gave Djokovic (who was on the warpath and pretty much unbeatable that year after losing the USO to Rafa) – a hellacious battle in the 1st set in the Final. That 1st set was decided on one of the best points I ever saw Nole play, to break Rafa.


Look at where Djokovic his his return on the wide serve (that Rafa caught him leaning the wrong way on , too. Then look at where Djokovic ends up the 2nd time he hits the ball (a perfect volley).

Against any other player save a red hot Djokovic, Rafa might well have gotten the last major trophy missing from his case in 2013. And he still might get it. He wins the WTF in 2015, and he can – that would be a super salve for a pretty ugly 2015.

That Youtube video also has two other fine points before and after the NOLE_RAFA one. The opening point with Stan has Rafa hitting a powerful smash with his back facing the net. The other point is a Berdych – Stan one.

Dave Says:

Ya that Djokovic vs Nadal point was amazing. I do remember watching that live and was blown away. Interesting matchup between Wawrinka and Nadal. The Paris conditions were slower and gave Stan more time to set up for his shots. The Shanghai conditions were faster and favored Nadal. I think this court favors both for different reasons. The ball not bouncing so high favors Wawrinka. The faster courts not giving Stan as much time to set up for his shots favor Nadal. So this match could go the distance. It’s a hard one to call.

Okiegal Says:

@RZ…..Thanks for the feedback!! Appreciate you taking the time to explain the process…

AndyMira Says:

To Chrisford1,i still believe in rafa..in 2013 he dominate novak in FO and USO and his mental strength is still hard rock..in USO 2013 3rd set when they tied 4-4 when novak got a break on rafa serve 40-0..he clawed back by winning not only the game but break novak serve after that and claimed 3rd set!That was the most amazing point i’ve ever seen rafa played.. but now..you and i know that he is not the same person..at least for now..although he start showing his amazing old self bit by bit.. i still feel heavy with dissapointment when he lost to stan in Paris..he lead 5-2 in tiebreak in 2nd set and he blew it..can you believe it!I believe that nerves and mental weakness,anxiety and doubt still very much alive in his battered body..as much as i want to believe otherwise,i have to face the reality..our rafa is not there yet..

AndyMira Says:

To Chrisford1,i forgot to thank you for a nice word you had for rafa..it’s soothing to read your comment.

Wog Boy Says:

Did you, by any chance, had a photo with Gerge Clooney in Edinburgh yesterday or you missed on that one;)
I love the lady at 1:02, she is so happy that she couldn’t stop showing her picture on her mobile with George, but I have to admit that I had to rewind few times before I could understand what was she talking about:


J-Kath Says:

Wog Boy

When George heard I was the other side of the country he only stayed in Edinburgh an hour…however our photo shoot had to be postponed as “Abigail” arrived earlier than scheduled and I had to battle against “her” and the Irish Sea to get home…….!!!!!!

Yes, saw her and the very delighted faces ….yes, lots of weird accents …Edinburgh’s usually OK – but maybe she was too excited to talk properly.

Gypsy Gal Says:

I think Novak tops group A,and probably wont lose a match,i would think Roger will get to the semis,although in saying that Berdych can sometimes be a pain in the ass,and seems to relish the challenge and playing Roger on the big stage,i like Kei but dont know how he is physically speaking to make much of an impression….

I think Stan might top group B,who will join him is a toss up,Andys mind might be on the DC too much so he might be saving himself for that,Rafa might join him if hes focused enough and in the right place mentally, and i dont know what to think about Daveed TBH?….

Felipe Says:

Nadal could easily end up 3-0, but also 0-3. If he can keep the form showed during the asian swing and indoor season, he should beat Ferrer, might beat Wawrinka and maybe top Murray. But a litle dip in his level and both Murray and Stan can blow him off quikly. The first match should be against Wawa, tough one.
Djokovic should end up 3-0, Berdych and Kei have no chance against him, and maybe Federer can do some damage (indoors), but Novak has become the undisputed indoor king, so..

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Group Smith is definitely a pick-’em between 2, I just don’t see Ferrer making it out.

Odds are very good it’ll be Rog and Novak in the other group. Dave points out that Novak is winning at a 2:1 clip over Roger of late, and I would think that’s about right odds here. To Roger’s credit, I think that’s the best odds anyone in tennis has against Novak right now.

James Says:

Nadal dodged a bullet by avoiding both Fed and Djokovic – he could have had both in his group.

Djoke and Fed are obviously likely from that group. The other one seems wide open. Except for Ferrer – I can’t see him making the semis. Same way Nishikori seems unlikely – primarily because of health reasons.

Sunday start finally gives Fed some relief – not having to play 3 days in a row if he makes the final. That has hurt him in recent years. Why can’t they start on saturday and give everyone a day off before the semi/final weekend? Its the same stupid problem US open used to have until they finally fixed it.

skeezer Says:

“Nadal could easily end up 3-0, but also 0-3.”
Lol Felpe quite the prediction.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

My above post makes no sense. I meant, NASTASE group a pick-’em between THREE.

Dave Says:

Here is my prediction. I could be way off. But here it goes. Murray wins the group and Nadal gets 2nd. Djokovic wins the group and Federer gets Second. Djokovic beats Nadal in the semi-finals. Federer beats Murray in the Semi-finals.

Djokovic beats Federer in the Finals.

Dave Says:

This is a totally unbiased prediction because I enjoy Wawrinka a lot more than Murray and Nadal and would rather he made it. I just feel that he won’t make it this time around.

Dave Says:

The other thing that I was thinking as well which could be a very difficult thing to do no matter what form Djokovic is in, is to beat Federer 2 times in a week on indoor courts in a best of 3 set format. I think if Djokovic were to split the 2 matches with Federer he would much rather lose in the RR and not the finals obviously. So if Djokovic wins the first match, he might get upset in the second one. Realistically it is a big possiblilty.

Dave Says:

I think the easier path for Djokovic would be for Nadal to win the group and play Federer and beat Federer in the Semi finals. Djokovic would much rather have that matchup in the finals instead.

James Says:

I think right now Djokovic would be eager to play Nadal and level the H2H. Against fed, I am not that sure, he knows that on indoor courts and best of 3, Fed could beat him. And while Djokovic has gotten the better of Federer lately, especially in best of 5, his game doesn’t make Fed uncomfortable – he just wears Federer down. Unlike Nadal, whose game still makes Federer uncomfortable. Very frequent net play is the only solution Fed can hope for against both.

it is still amazing what Fed is doing. After Sampras turned 29, he didn’t win ANY tournament, even dropped out of the top 10, until he won the 2002 USO at age 31 (but with a lot of luck, since he never faced a top 5 player in winning that slam). Fed has won 6 tournaments this year at age 34 including a masters where he beat Djokovic, and two slam finals where again he lost to the best player right now in tough 4-setters.

Would be nice if Fed can win his 7th YEC here.

Giles Says:

These brain fart predictions are really amusing to say the least. LMAO.

jane Says:

thanks for all the stats dave. they’re always fun to keep in mind, though certainly not the be all or end all, as you note.

Ben Pronin Says:

I definitely think Federer has a really good shot at Djokovic here. I’m pretty sure he’s won all of their pre-finals matches in the last 2 years. To me that’s the biggest threat to Djokovic finishing off his run undefeated.

Giles Says:

Last year fed was injured and had to withdraw from the finals. Who’s to say joker won’t get injured this year? Anything can happen, no?

elina Says:

Andy Murray on changing WTF host city….

“I’m certainly not against it. I do think that changing the surface up isn’t a bad idea,” said Murray. “I wouldn’t mind seeing it on a grass court. I know it would be difficult to get it indoor on grass, and I don’t know how Wimbledon would feel about that!”

J-Kath Says:

WTF & Davis Cup (How not to make friends and influence people)

Federer’s view of DC commenting on Andy Murray and the CD – GB v Belgium:

“It took me a match to get confident to know I could play and that was a big relief to me.”

“At the end of the day Davis Cup …..is just 3 days.”

Possibly a recognition of Stan Wawrinka’s equal contribution to the Swiss win might have been appropriate. Possible a recognition that Andy Murray does not have a “Stan Wawrinka ” to depend upon might also be appropriate.

No, no, Roger, as much as you want to portray your situation as similar to Andy’s, no way is it similar, not true – not even close.

PS: Hate mail will be ignored.

Dave Says:

It reminds of when Federer said to Roddick after he beat him in the Wimbledon final, “I know how you feel”. I agree with you J-Kath.

Dave Says:

Roddick definitely didn’t feel comforted by those words by his reaction to them. And in know way were they in the same situation. Again, not even close as you said.

Gypsy Gal Says:

J-Kath i agree with you,Roger,Rafa,Novak had top 10 players to help them with winning the DC,Murray doesnt actually have that luxury,hes basically on his own and it sucks….

Gypsy Gal Says:

Dave I dont hate Federer and i have defended him plenty on this very forum,but how could he know how A.Rod felt after losing three finals to the same player,he lost the year before to Rafa,but so what he still had 5 titles,which doesnt compare to A.Rod who had none, indeed the two situations are totally different….

Dave Says:

I don’t hate Federer either. That was just one of those moments that stuck out to me.

J-Kath Says:

Thank you Dave and Gypsy Gal – thank you for your fair-mindedness …I appreciate Roger as a stunning player …but really the ego sometimes overcomes the reality.

Dave Says:

It’s true. The ego can get in the way for all of us at times.

Ben Pronin Says:

Giles, you’re hoping for a Djokovic injury?

Federer says some things that really make you scratch your head sometimes. He’s just a tennis player, though.

Wog Bog Says:


My condolences and sympathies for you and your people.

alex Says:

May the best win.

Okiegal Says:

@Dave……You are so right about egos. Egotistical people are my pet peeve…….

madmax Says:

J-Kath Says:
Thank you Dave and Gypsy Gal – thank you for your fair-mindedness …I appreciate Roger as a stunning player …but really the ego sometimes overcomes the reality.

November 13th, 2015 at 4:48 pm

Not at all J-Kath. If all professional athletes didn’t have an ego, coupled with natural born talent, they wouldn’t become professional athletes. Fed is aware of his personal identity, his talent – they all must be , but couple that with being the most popular tennis player on the planet, respected by most, loved and respected not only his opponents but millions of fans.

Its tough being at the top of your sport and Roger is no different.

Admire his candidness, his appreciation of others. He has earnt that right. He has lost finals at Wimbledon, and expressed his understanding. Always going to be people ready to jump on any comment he makes. Roddick and Fed remain great friends. At that time of loss, feelings are always going to be raw, but I don’t think he was being insensitive at all. It must hurt badly, any loss in sport. But by now, all of these guys are accustomed to losses, and grow from it. It’s the haters that don’t.

A tearful Roddick picks up his silver salver, then Federer lifts the golden pot. The crowd gives Roddick the greater reception, perhaps mindful that he may never, ever get over That Volley. Poor sod. “I’m one of the lucky few that gets cheered for, so thank you for that,” he tells the crowd, who are loving him so much right now. (He’s lost, this is Britain, you know how it works.) “Sorry Pete, I tried to hold him back,” he quips in the direction of Mr Sampras, who is wearing a fixed rictus.

Berdych’s comments over time. Now THAT is ego.

Roddick has been loved in the UK for years and his friendship with Federer is well documented. Federer can say whatever he wants and it will always be twisted by others.

I guess so Ben. But he really is an extraordinary human being.

Chrisford1 Says:

Gypsy gal –
Djokovic didn’t have much help winning DC In 2010. Except for Troicki’s great win in the Finals – it was all Djokovic. TRoicki was rated 30th in 2010, Tipsarevic 49th.
But Andy has it tougher.

jane Says:

i’ll echo wog boy in hoping mat4 and anyone around paris is okay. so sad. :(

Emily Says:

@J-Kath, agree totally w/ your post on Roger’s comments on the DC. The truth is that Stan’s brilliant play that weekend was essential for the win, but unless you watched the whole tie, that won’t be what you remember.

The comment that I thought about when you mentioned the Wimby ceremony was when he told Novak at Cincinnati this year that he would win it one day (maybe paraphrasing there). Seemed very condescending at the time

Okiegal Says:

Paris is hurting atm. So sorry for the citizens there. What has happened is a tragedy…..prayers…

J-Kath Says:

Thanks Emily, Okiegal, GG, CF1.

Also thanks Mat4 – most of your comments were directed at Dave & Ben I think….anyway I don’t mind your comments, despite having reservations on the question of ego….
….there’s nothing wrong with knowing what your personal performance level is/respect for yourself (vowing to maintain/or improve)

…but ego in sports can be irritating (self-adoration?) when you attribute your own conduct and performance as being better than others when in fact it wasn’t e.g. Swiss DC as said previously.

J-Kath Says:


PARIS:…129 deaths, 99 others severely hurt….dreadful, shocking.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Chris Ford1 but they were still once prominent top 10 players at one time,where as Andy has a team of journey men at best,so his route will indeed be alot tougher as he hasnt the support the others had,doesnt matter though as you got my point anyway….

Gypsy Gal Says:

Mat4/Courbon Yeah highlighting everyone elses posts here,so sorry to hear of the the terrible attacks in France,and just to say that i hope yourselves and your families are safe and well…. :(….

Okiegal Says:

@J-Kath…..The numbers are terrible. People out and about enjoying life…….and then something like this happens…….so very sad……

courbon Says:

Thank you Gypsy, it’s very thoughtfull of you…
can’t post today,speak to you in a day or two.

jalep Says:

Just can’t get used to group “Smith”. Group “Nastase” isn’t bad.

Group S: 1st Nole, 2nd Federer.
Group N: Happily unpredictable. Andy? Stan? Rafa? Really like the possibilities for match-ups! Hoping it comes down to the wire in WTA Singapore 2015 style and something unexpected happens.

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