21 Million Dollar Man Novak Djokovic Made More Prize Money In 2015 Than Andy Roddick Made In His Career
by Tom Gainey | November 24th, 2015, 11:40 am

Thanks to his ATP Finals title and his No. 1 bonus, Novak Djokovic finished 2015 winning an incredible $21,646,145 million on the ATP circuit.

The record-breaking amount lifts Djokovic career total close to $95 million for his career and just behind Roger Federer all-time mark.

ATP Career Prize Money Leaders
Roger Federer $97,303,556
Novak Djokovic $94,050,053
Rafael Nadal $75,888,125
Pete Sampras $43,280,489

Djokovic is on pace to pass Federer and surpass the $100M level.

And for some historical perspective, Djokovic’s near $22M haul this season is more than legends like Ivan Lendl ($21,262,417), Andy Roddick ($20,640,030), Stefan Edberg ($20,630,941) and Jim Courier ($14,034,132) made in their entire careers!

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17 Comments for 21 Million Dollar Man Novak Djokovic Made More Prize Money In 2015 Than Andy Roddick Made In His Career

FedExpress Says:

at the end of the day it is about the trophies for these top guys

Ben Pronin Says:

I’m impressed that Sampras is still in the top 4. Johnny Mac made like 12 million total in his career. I don’t know where Murray is but if he won 3 or 4 slams next year he’d probably join this list. Prize money for tennis has improved a great deal.

James Says:

Need to adjust this for inflation – otherwise its quite meaningless. 10 million in 1980 meant a lot more than 20 million today.

jalep Says:

We already had this thread didn’t we?

If you calculate the rate of inflation, it’s not keeping up. Still, it’s a lot of money.

1979 3.276,006,00 mil = 1 mil in 2015. 227.6% rate of inflation.

Chrisford1 Says:

FedExpress –
At the end of the day, it is all about seeking justice, not money, for the top lawyers.
At the end of the day, it is all about trophies for the top pro golfers.
At the end of the day, it is all about passing legislation or orders to better Mankind for various Congresses, Parliaments, governors, Mayors, ISIS Leaders, Party Officials Prime Ministers, Presidents and lawyers dressed in robes. Nothing so crass as money or power.

Sounds a little silly, doesn’t it?

Yes, there are exceptions. Yes professional athletes do participate in charity events for free in their very short professional careers. And there are a smattering of people that work only for justice, or pols only interested in bettering mankind.

But for most, money (or power) is very, very important in the mix.

If top tennis players were only about trophies, it would have stayed an amateur sport. But the top players wanted to get paid like pros in other sports were paid.

jalep Says:

3,276,005.51 in 1979 = 1 mill in 2015

Ben Pronin Says:

I think Fedex is saying this is just trivial. I agree. I don’t think Djokovic cares how much money he’s made relative to other guys, as long as he’s making his millions.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Once you have enough money to fill your pool and swim in $100 bills, any more just seems piggish, isn’t it?

Okiegal Says:

It’s all about that cash, about that cash, not trophies!! It’s all about the moolah… the trophies are something to look at and admire when you are old and broke…….I watch Pawn Stars all time and you wouldn’t believe the Super Bowl Rings and Olympic medals, among other trophies that are pawned. Very surprising to me. They are sold because someone is in dire need of cash….poor financial management I suppose.

J-Kath Says:

Okiegal – Have a great Thanksgiving – (hubby has duel citizenship (UK & USA) – don’t do much at moment – he being much less than best form….Enjoy yours – go to the family you like best OR be very hungry and go to all.

Alexandra Says:

That just illustrates how much more money there is to earn every year. Nothing else. And it gets more every season. And if it goes on like that someone will overtake them all in a couple of years as well.

Okiegal Says:

Good idea….but if you could see me in the flesh you would say “girl, you better stay away from that Turkey and pecan pie and go to the gym instead”….You have a great day too!! Okie

Sean Randall Says:

Sure, there’s inflation. But Roddick had a pretty nice career.

Pauly Says:

He outplayed everyone except
Federer & Wawrinka in some finals

His true rival Nadal wasn’t a threat at all …
They’re only 11 months apart in age so hence Nadal should be the one challenging Djokovic most
Andy isn’t good enough
Federer too old
Wawrinka too inconsistent

Nadal of 2013 was a good rival … Wonder where that Nadal went ???

Purcell Says:

Who cares? Interested in their tennis not their bank accounts.

kriket Says:

It’s not just pure inflation. It’s the whole lifestyle standard difference between the ages.

Remember that back in the 80’s people were talking millionaires. Now we’re talking billionaires. That’s and order of magnitude difference, not just mere inflation.

I’m sure the prize money has doubled from 10-20 years ago, I don’t know the numbers, but I’m sure that is the case.

But the extremely rich people are now billionaires, where, when we were kids those didn’t exist.

Mitch Says:

Prize money doesn’t mean anything. It’s not like it has been consistent over the years. For one slam now they win way more they did 10 years ago. In 2009 the Wimbledon champ won £850k and in 2015 he won £1.88m and that’s just 6 years difference.

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