8 Things I Think I Thought About Novak Djokovic And The ATP Finals
by Sean Randall | November 25th, 2015, 12:04 am

The ATP Finals put a fitting period on the 2015 season as the man who began on top, Novak Djokovic, finished the year on top with his 5th career London title.

Here are some final thoughts:

1. King Novak
There really isn’t any doubt, he’s the best in the biz right now and that’s a fact by a wide margin. If fact, it’s one of the widest margins by ranking points this sport has ever seen. And when you consider those giving chase, that’s quite an accomplishment.

I’ll have more on his 2015 season in the coming week.

2. Federer At 34
He’s 34. That’s a year older than Andy Roddick. And only one player in the Top 50 is his senior and he’s a 6-foot-10 giant with a monster serve who goes by the name of Ivo.

The fact the Federer can do what he does in his mid 30s (beard or no beard) is nothing short of remarkable. And consider he not only made the finals, he won his group undefeated beating both Novak Djokovic and Thomas Berdych.

It’s good to be the GOAT.

3. Rafa’s Resurgence
If there was a feel-good story of the week, it was Rafael Nadal. After a trying 2015, things came together nicely this fall for the former No. 1 who finally gave his fans some long needed hopes.

Rafa’s still never won the Finals – and likely he never will – but he showed some old form and pocketed some great wins beating Andy Murray and Stan Wawrinka en route to the semifinals.

This all bodes well for Nadal in 2016!

4. Surface Change
If I have one complaint about the Finals, it’s the court speed. Maybe a little more speed would be welcome.

That said, I agree with Nadal and others who are calling for a change of surface. Go clay, go grass, go ice. Whatever. As long as there’s a week between Paris and London, why not change up the surfaces?

5. Berdych’s Bomb
What can you say, for all his talents he was only able to muster one single set at the event. To me, the guy is just too damn content with where he is. If only he could figure out a way to get Ivan Lendl in his camp. Or maybe that’s why he can’t.

In the last two full seasons, Berdych has exactly two Top 5 wins, both in Australia and both over Spaniards: 2014 Ferrer, 2015 Nadal. But he’s probably happy with that.

6. Andy’s Davis Cup Dilemma
Maybe I’m mistaken, but didn’t Novak Djokovic play and win the ATP Finals then take care of business the following weekend at Davis Cup finals in 2013?

The same for Roger Federer and Stan Wawrinka who played a bruising semifinal last year then came together to win Switzerland their first title the following weekend?

So what’s Murray’s problem? If Djokovic, Federer and Wawrinka can leave all out there at the Finals, why can’t Murray, especially in front of his home crowd?

While I’m fine with his focus on the Davis Cup, you have to give it your best at both.

7. Big Three Again!
Three of the four semifinalists were the old stalwarts, the big three: Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Why we all love seeing them play, I do wonder, is anyone ever going to break them up? Or are they just going to dominate for another 5, 10, hell 15 more years? Maybe by the time they retire they’ll just pass the baton to their kids?

That said, what’s so remarkable is that in the last nine years, there’s hasn’t really been a significant, sustained drop off. They just keep winning, keep staying on top. Sure, there’s Murray and Wawrinka, but that’s about it as far as consistent threats. (Makes me miss Del Potro!)

8. Jean-Julien Rojer/Horia Tecau
Lost in the shuffle, credit to Jean-Julien Rojer and Horia Tecau for winning the ATP Finals doubles title. And they did so without losing a set including a semifinal win over the Bryans. That win also earned them the No. 1 year-end ranking. That’s quite a week for the two who like Novak Djokovic, also won Wimbledon.

So that ends the 2015 ATP season, but tennis continues this weekend with the Davis Cup finals and then the start of the silly season with exos around the world.

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82 Comments for 8 Things I Think I Thought About Novak Djokovic And The ATP Finals

Tennisfan Says:

Good recap! I agree with all the points raised. The only hope I have for 2016 is that we might finally see some serious tennis from the next gen players. Or else tennis is screwed once the big 3 retire.

Colin Says:

I do NOT agree with all the points raised.

Once again it’s poor Andy who cops the criticism, in this case a suggestion that he didn’t try his hardest against Roger this week. His agitated dialogue with himself and the team box suggested he was trying, but making errors, as he admitted. If you say he was faking the frustration, I don’t believe he’d play-act to that degree. The cunning Nole might, but not Andy, I think. That’s not a dig at Nole – mind games are legitimate as long as they don’t break the rules.

Roger and Stan, we’re told, played well in Davis Cup shortly after a “bruising semi-final”. That’s right, a SEMI final, after which Roger withdrew from the final. Imagine Mr Randall’s caustic remarks if Andy ever did such a thing!

Let me, for the umpteenth time, recall that Monte Carlo match with Rafa when Andy had an injection in his injured arm 20 minutes before play started, went on court with an arm full of cortisone, and gave a fine account of himself before the dope wore off. But no, he’s a quitter. Give me a break!

Margot Says:

Rog withdrew from the WTF final last year. Two ticks later he was playing Davis Cup.

Margot Says:

And what a damn cheek! Andy is No 2 and suddenly Tx is salivating over the “Big 3” and Andy, and Stan for that mattter, are airbrushed out of the narrative.

Tennisfan Says:

Well to each their own. People see it as him pulling out but to me it shows he actually tried at the WTF to the point of risking injury even though he knew he had DC after. Its completely illogical to suggest he had planned to skip the final- why on earth would he then fight it out with his DC teammate (and wear out himself and Stan) in the semi if the objective was to not even play the next match? It really doesn’t make sense. And Novak has carried a team in the DC after WTFs- so in principle its possible for Andy to do that. I would’ve had more sympathy for Andy if he didn’t complain so much about it.

Wog Boy Says:

I said last year (and was atacked) and I will repeat it, Roger pulled out claiming back injury, that was BS, he was fatigued and didn’t want to be trashed by Nole, Andy made huge mistake (sorry Andy fans) by coming to save a day and play Nole. If Nole did that I would be filthy with Nole, Nole (Andy) is no replacment player! What amazed me is when I saw Roger entering O2 and addressing crowd, he did that in the manner that he is entitled to do what ever he feels like doing (like taking Nole’s chair), he was addressing spectators like Roman Emperor was addressing his plebs. I have no doubt that every reporter will address his WO differently

Wog Boy Says:

Press “submit” before I finished.
I have no doubt in my mind that commentators, once Roger retires, will be talking differently about this WO, once his aura wears off. At least Rafa came to play with nothing left in the tank after four hours SF against Nole in Madrid, out of respect for fans and Roger, knowing he doesn’t stand a chance. Few days after his “back injury” Roger was running like a rabbit, mind you on clay!

Margot Says:

Wog boy, I do take your point. I suspect Andy was heavily leaned on by the organisers- home tournament, home boy, not letting the fans down etc. After all, he was sitting at home relaxing in front of the TV when the call came!
I think it was an exceptionally decent thing to do too, given the disastrous WTF he’d had.

Tennisfan Says:

Very easy to say as an armchair critic. The idea that a player who had previously pulled out twice from 1000+ matches would give up a chance at the grand final of the WTF is ridiculous. If Roger wasn’t injured I don’t doubt he would’ve played both the WTF and DC. Both are a big deal to any tennis pro. The fact that anyone thinks he’s scared of getting thrashed by Novak is hilarious. Someone who has a 23-10 H2H with another rival is suddenly scared of getting thrashed? Again, someone who hates Roger will see it differently but his fans appreciated him personally coming out to apologise. But really, if you’re going to nitpick inconsequential, juvenile things like “taking Nole’s chair” then you’re beyond reason lol.

Wog Boy Says:

“Hate”, absolutely not, “dislike”, very much so!

“..juvenile things like “taking Nole’s chair..”

Absolutely not “juvenile”, “premeditated” YES!

Anything else I can help you with?

BTW, why are you so defensive?

Tennisfan Says:

This is a first- a conspiracy over a chair lol. Of course I’m going to defend Roger since I think your assertions towards him in that comment are flawed and I want to point out said flaws. But I must say that the question is a little hypocritical coming from the no.1 Novak defender on this site. I think you’ve passed over the boundary from dislike to hate. Hate is unreasonable- like stating that a professional athlete would withdraw from a tournament in fear of being “thrashed”.

Purcell Says:

Pity you didn’t press delete before you started Wog Boy. How is it possible to write in such an unfortunate way? I suggest you save your diatribes for Tenngrand, Ruan and tennis.com.
The duel with Stan was a welcome change from the indifferent matches of a very poor WTF. Federer pulled his back very near the end of the match and yes it was unusual as he doesn’t wince and mince, clutch and moan, run off for a wee or take interminable MTOs like the dear boys he shares the top spots with. Next day he was on pain killers, tried unsuccessful practice and was in constant touch with the organisers. Luthi said he was in doubt about playing DC right up to the last minute. Lost his first match didn’t he……..

Wog Boy Says:

That is just your opinion (based on what?) and again, don’t be so defensive.

Wog Boy Says:

” I suggest you save your diatribes for Tenngrand, Ruan and tennis.com.”
Purcell, I suggest you save your daitribes for peRFect Tennis
https://www.perfect-tennis.com and other sites that worship your man.

J-Kath Says:

Margot/Colin/WogBoy – with you all the way.

I think that no-talent creep, John Lloyd is marshalling support for his contention that Andy should be doing much, much more to advance British tennis.

As for the 2014 WTF, Andy responded to the vacuum left by Roger and declined payment for doing so.

Djokovic has a couple of reasonably ranked team mates. Roger has the often brilliant Stan. Where is/Who is the No. 2 singles player to support Andy?

Yes, Wogboy – I also can’t get the image of Roger (in his “fireside” cardigan) addressing the O2 audience that he couldn’t play…by that time the two “replacements” were on flights out of London.

Travis Bickle Says:

My thoughts on Sean’s thoughts:

1. I am looking forward to that write-up on Novak’s season next week. I expect Sean to reflect on your thoughts on Novak from 3 years ago, especially his impression that “he’s got a game that’s up their with the greats but is lacking the head…”

2. Can you be the GOAT with the losing record against your two main rivals? I don’t think so. BTW, Federer’s H2H with Novak is 22-23; the last year WTF chickening out counts as Novak win in any rational mind, especially considering Fed played THREE ‘best of five’ matches few days later. Injury? Yeah right…

3. Losing 6-3; 6-3 to Novak in semi does not bode well for Rafa’s 2016. I honestly don’t see what he could do to make it at least mildly competitive against Novak next year. When was the last time he took a set against Novak? It was SEVENTEEN months ago!!!

4. I like faster courts too, but that is really subjective preference. If you look objectively, it is not as if slow courts at WTF prolonged matches this year. Reasonably short matches all week! For example, both Djoker-Fed 2-set matches this week (slow surface) were shorter than both of their 2-set matches on “very fast” surfaces in Cincinati and Dubai.
So, if faster surface produces longer matches than supposedly slow surface at WTF this year, what would be the goal of making it faster? Perhaps the perceived notion that it would favour Federer so he has somewhat better chance of beating Djoker, like he did in Cincy and Dubai? OK, good luck with that.

5. Who cares.

6. Let’s be fair and call it as it happened – the ONLY guy who played WTF final (and won) and then went on playing both Davis Cup final singles (and won both) was Djoker in 2013. Federer shamefully chickened out from his final last year (of course to avoid trashing, anyone who thinks Novak wouldn’t have trashed him after Fed played 3-hour semi with Stan day before, is delusional); and finally this year everyone was making fuss about “poor” Murray having it hard to play WTF followed by the DC final. Conclusion – Novak did it in 2013 like a real man and never complained, it was essentially a non-story.

7. Indeed, the BIg 3 were semifinalist at the WTF, but it is a false premise from Sean to imply they dominated this season again. If you look semifinals of 5 most important tournaments (4 slams plus WTF), Rafa made 1 out of 5, Federer made 3 out of 5, and Djoker made all five. Heck, Murray made 3 out of 5! Therefore, when talking about domination, we really should refer to the Big 1. To be fair, Sean kind of did that in the first point on his list. But still, it confuses me that in his seventh point he lumps Fed and Rafa together with Novak and leaves out Murray who with his 3 GS semis was much better than Rafa and slightly better than Federer.

8. Doubles? OK, if you must. Golf clap for the champions…

Tennisfan Says:

Classic ad hominem. Repeadedly calling me defensive instead of addressing my points lol.

Wog Boy Says:

Aren’t you the one that claimed that Roger was playing Basel for free, while back? When I posted the link in which says that he was payed $500K free of tax you never came back to explain where did you get from your “santa clause” information about your idol. I understand you worship the man, but don’t make Saint out of him..not before he performs three miracles, that how it works, if you didn’t know.

calmdownplease Says:

`Novak did it in 2013 like a real man and never complained, it was essentially a non-story..’

Blah blah blah & blah
You sound like his wife
Maybe you are, in your DREAMS

What YOU and Mr Randall fail to recognise is (drum roll)…
There IS no British DC team
It’s just Andy (bar one or two performances) all year that has got the UK to this place and it will be Andy over 3 matches almost by himself that will pull us through
Fed chickened out of the WTF finals!
And Serbia and Spain actually have other players to support their key man.

Clearly what Sean learned after this WTF is that he is still a Fed fan through and through.
Now will all of you please JUMP out of the nearest window!

Wog Boy Says:

You couldn’t have said it better:

“in his “fireside” cardigan”

I thought I was the only one..thanks for that.

Daniel Says:

Ok Let’s evaluate what is fact and opinion:

1 – Fed and Wawa played a gruleeing match – fact

2 – Fed eeceived MTO for his back, which flare in the pass before – debatable
Players “faked” MTO before (Nadal, Djoko accised of that). By the amount Fed ever requetsed MTO in more than 1200 matches and always ref back I think almost everybody agree he felt something right?

3 – He had DC 1 week later – fact

4 – He was 33+. Maybe his recovery time from one day to the other is different
Maria Ester Bueno, brazilian former multiple Wimby and USO champ comments on my channel and she was coveeing London as this year. She said she met Roger and he could barelly move after the match with Stan lasr year.

5 – Fed had 4 days rest before he was seeing on a tennis court on Wednesday – fact

6 – he plaed dc and lost first match

7 – he did not play 1 day later saying he couldn’t play.

Anyone can deduce what they want.

You can either go the WogBoy way and think: he didn’t want to pkay Novak thinking he had no chance (which he didn’t) but he believe he could have played without jeopardyzng his injury.

Or you can take his word and think that had he played (if he was able or not) he could made the injury worst.

There isn’t any way to know for sure, just what you choose to believe.

Wog Boy dislike Fed so he went one way, which could be right. We are not Fed’s doctor or him to know if he could have played and lose 6-1 6-0

I like him, choose to believe a commentor I valie oponion and fed’s historical issue with back plus his age.

Daniel Says:

TB, i am not arguing that would be trashed by Djoko. The final outcome was decided in the semis already. What I am arguing is that some Djoko fans including you don’t count the possibility that Federer actually could not play a day before, that he could be in pain and not phisically fit.

Playing 7 days later (not that his last match was Staurday and he only played again Friday) in tenhis os a complete different thing for pro athletes.

My big questuon is, what if somthing similar happens to Djoko in next 3 years and he was to face a youngee generation player on top of their games (don’t know kkk) would you give him the benefit of doubt or you’ll just assume he “chicken out”?!

That is the core of this whole argument: bias, non bias and choosing to believe one player or not.

Daniel Says:

Don’t we all say: if you are not fit to play don’t play and of you do, don’t conplain.

Had Fed played and got trashed most will be saying that he wasn’t fit to play, the match don’t count and etc, as it us the case with that Madrid 2009 semis that echo til today. I know that it was a final you have the fans and etc but is just a situation that we can’t just know for sure. And in that match Nadal played the whole match, wothout the same intensity but he was able to play (as a 23/24 year old).

Margot Says:

OMG am agreeing with TB :0 but was actually gonna say it’s the “Big One” and then the other 4. But to
leave Andy out is outrageous!

Wog Boy Says:

Bold letters!, you are really upset:)

Daniel Says:

Agree ref Andy, is far more in the Big 3 right now than Nadal. Just 2 good top 5 wins in indoor slows as you can be courts don’t change his while year.

Murray may not be winning Slams now but he is in contention for all he plays right there in top 3 favorites (only outsider is RG, but he gets back to back semis there).

calmdownplease Says:

So TB thinks Novak was a ‘real man’ for winning DC right after the WTF
But he, like Fed (who bialed out of the WTF)
had actual TEAMS to back them.
he doesn’t SEEM TO realise that Andy really does not.
It’s Andy against the world for the most part.

Daniel Says:

Will Andy play doubles as well?

Wog Boy Says:

Nole actually hasn’t won DC 2013, he won his two matches but didn’t have second player to bring DC to Serbia, Troicki was suspended and Tipsarevic injured, so he was in the same situation Andy is now, Nole was Serbia and Andy is UK, I hope Andy can do one better.
To be honest it was heartbreaking for Nole, but as TB noticed it was non-story , Nole won all eight of his matches that year, got injured in Idaho, brought Serbia to final just to lose for not having second player.

J-Kath Says:

Think it will depend on who wins the first rubber – seems like Edmund will play David first –

Colin Says:

The last few threads are all about the WTF, which is finished, or about particular players, mostly Federer.

I do hope we’re going to get a thread devoted to the DC Final, which this year poses an extra challenge to the participants inasmuch as they could get killed.

Over the years the “slams are all that matter” brigade have as far as possible ignored DC. This year, even the crowds who enter the stadium in Ghent are showing how much they care about the event. I bet if The USA were in the final, all the players would be hailed as heroes.

calmdownplease Says:

Andy will be playing doubles
Can you imagine any other scenario?
Edmund Kyle looks like a bit of fluff you’d find stuck to your clothes in a dryer
I have ZERO confidence in his abilities!

calmdownplease Says:


thanks for the report
Well, it seems TB is even more of a w*nk*r than I previously thought!
And I thought about it A LOT.

Wog Boy Says:

I don’t know what you thought but TB said what I said, Nole played DC final after winning WTF and won his two matches, but that wasn’t enough to bring Serbia DC, anyway Colin is right, they should open thread for DC final, particulary because of situation regarding circumstances in Belgium.

calmdownplease Says:

`I do hope we’re going to get a thread devoted to the DC Final’

And what would be the point of that?!
Sean’s imaginary boyfriend Federer isn’t playing!!!!!!!!!

Nikola Says:

Abut DC. What a joke this competition has become when even Andy has a shot to win it.

Margot Says:

@wog Boy
you bet I am!
Will stop now, enough already.
@CDP @7.34
Tee hee. it seems it’s a lot worse than we all feared….

Colin Says:

Nikola, can I whisper a little point you’re missing.
DC is not a “competition” like the USO or FO, it’s a team event. As I said, if the USA were in the final the DC would get plenty of media coverage.

By the way, who’s Edmund Kyle, CDP?

Nikola Says:

It was joke. I will watch it and hope Andy and rest of team win it. They train in some cold conditions. Both teams.

J-Kath Says:


Thanks for the info. re. Nole and the two other Serbians….forgot about Troika being suspended. Nole played his two matches and won….Most time Andy has to play 3 matches for GB to win…..which is why I have trouble seeing the GB group as a team effort.

Nikola – glad it was a joke…so sick of the new game “let’s see who can insult Andy Murray the most”.

Come back Margot, come back.

Nikola Says:

It was a joke about “even Andy” Stupid. I mean he is unlucky that he have to fight these guys for big titles, but at least he is not giving up.

elina Says:

Comparing Andy’s situation (which he has clearly stated as having to transition from hard court to clay) as being the same as Fed, who skipped out on the WTF final (somehow being called leaving it all out there) and Nole who didn’t have a change in surface to clay, is clearly showing the author’s revisionism and bias.

(also a small typo in the last sentence of point 2. – should read ex-GOAT.)

Chrisford1 Says:

Colin – I understand your desire to get more discussion on DC, and agree with you about the narrow vision of the “Slams are all that matter” writers and fans. I agree with the importance of Andy getting the Trifecta for the UK – gold medal in London’s Olympics, ending the UK Wimbledon drought, getting DC after generations have passed without the Brits winning it.
The coverage will come, but for now, the focus is rightly in the substories of the Championships, Feds fine 2015, and conclusion of Novak’s 2nd monster year.

Ben Pronin Says:

LOL classic Sean post generating so much heated controversy. I kinda love it.

So I’ll throw my hat in. It’s definitely unfair to compare what Djokovic did in 2013 since he didn’t have a surface change. So forget about that.

Then there’s the accusations of Federer faking an injury last year. Ok… he recently said it was one of the most painful experiences of his life but I’m sure the guy with 0 retirements out of 1000+ matches in his career is faking injuries now. He was also playing with some back brace during the warm ups for DC. Then he was a shell of himself against Monfils in the opening match. I know people will then jump on saying Monfils has had a decent edge on Federer lately but not to the extent of only losing a handful of games.

Then there’s the Murray situation. I’m all about criticizing Murray when it’s warranted but did no one pay attention in 2013? He skipped the majority of the clay season citing his back and then had back surgery. And he specifically said playing on clay aggravates his back. And in case no one’s noticed throughout his career, playing on clay doesn’t come naturally to him, especially compared to Stan, Roger, or Novak. The transition is already much tougher for him game-wise plus it’s a physical risk, too. So, while I was disappointed in his play during the WTF, I don’t agree with the criticisms regarding his trouble peaking for both events.

Which also ties into why I don’t think rotating surfaces at WTF is in any way a good idea. A week between events isn’t ideal time to get used to a new surface. But they definitely need to speed it up.

Wawrinka and Murray are not in the league of the Big 3.

elina Says:

I, for one, don’t believe that Roger faked an injury at all, but his stated reason of defaulting because he wouldn’t stand a chance against Novak (as opposed to not being able to play or not wanting to risk further injury) was a Freudian slip and a disservice to the paying fans.

Matt Says:

A lot of you sound like Ruan, can’t see the forest through the trees, sound like fanboys and girls. The bias is not becoming.

Djokovic is running the joint. Andy is really flawed. Roger is getting pretty old. Rafa is a shell of his former self.

All of these other story-lines sound like gossip from a tennis message board. :)

calmdownplease Says:

`Wawrinka and Murray are not in the league of the Big 3′

Andy is NOT done yet (and is NOT like Wawrinka!)
Oh no!
Flawed beings can sometimes reach the highest of heights, even for a brief moment.
The penny will drop.
Andy has the natural tennis talent, more than Novak, and we’ve yet to see the very best of him and we will do so quite soon
So fasten your seat belts B*TCHES!

calmdownplease Says:

‘By the way, who’s Edmund Kyle, CDP?

Kyle Edmund
Edmund Kyle

Colin dear boy, does it REALLY MATTER how it’s arranged?


Travis Bickle Says:

“Andy has the natural tennis talent, more than Novak”

Thanks for the laughs calmdownplease! It’s always a bonus when a poster is unintentionally funny.

calmdownplease Says:

You’re SO welcome TB
feeling giggly aussi
So easy to get under yours and BP’s skin about this thorny little subject isn’t it?
But it’s true, only really Novak fans think otherwise

Lodhi Says:

I am surprised skeezer hasn’t posted here yet !

Skeezer ! O skeezer ! Where are you ? Skeezer ?

Ben Pronin Says:

“we’ve yet to see the very best of him and we will do so quite soon”

How do you know?

Margot Says:


Stop trying to rewrite tennis history Ben, and if you’re talking about the present, Andy was No 2 last time I looked.

Jack Lewis Says:

“was a Freudian slip and a disservice to the paying fans.”

Perhaps but me thinks he had a whole country where he lives to think about too.

BTW anyone who goes on about stupid chairs can’t be taken seriously. It’s weird how the first person anywhere usually gets to pick where they seat, that thing has boggled my mind for decades… well no, not at all actually.

J-Kath Says:

Yes, as Margot points out Andy is No. 2. Admittedly many ranking points lower than Nole. So, where does that leave those others?…the growing list of slippage………..

So who are the so-called current top 3 which obviously does not include Andy according to a bunch of H2H hysterical analysts (sorri, I obviously meant historical analysts) – my goodness, choose your years, the list of could haves, should haves, the ifs, the asteriks….the wee back strains and while you are at it, why don’t you honestly compare like with like when it comes to the DC?

Why should you ….it’s more fun to compare the earth when it was square rather than now when’s supposed to be round.

Thank you J-Kath – I enjoyed that.

Sean Randall Says:

Wasn’t expecting all this hubbub over Andy’s Davis Cup comments. But I still stand by what I said.

CDP, do what your moniker says and calm down please.

Yes, Travis, I will reference 2011. In fact that will be a big part of my coming story.

Ben Pronin Says:

The Big 4 is a media generated term.

Here’s my response to that link:


J-Kath Says:

Sean Randall

Re. measuring like for like on DC why don’t you seriously measure like for like….

“I stand by what I said”….Get real! Please let me know any other player who regularly has to win 3 rubbers to ensure his team wins….(not even considering change of court).

No1e Says:

Novak completed one of the greatest seasons of all time on the ATP World Tour on Sunday.

The world no.1 put the finishing touch to a magnificent year by beating Rafael Nadal (semis) and Roger Federer (finals) to win the ATP World Tour Finals for the fifth time in his career.

Novak won 11 titles (including three Grand Slams and record six Masters 1000 events) and took his 2015 win-loss record to a phenomenal 82-6.

Here are some remarkable record-breaking feats and significant achievements by Djokovic in what’s been an unforgettable season of dominance:

– First man to win five Australian Open titles
– Third man alongside Rod Laver and Roger Federer (in the Open Era) to reach all four Grand Slam finals in one year
– Second man alongside Federer (in the Open Era) to win three Grand Slams in a single season multiple times
– First man since Federer (2007) to defend Wimbledon title
– First man to defeat Federer twice at Wimbledon
– First man to defeat Federer three times at the US Open
– Second man alongside Soderling to defeat Nadal at Roland Garros
– First man to defeat Nadal in straight sets at Roland Garros
– First man to defeat both Federer and Nadal at all four Grand Slams
– First man to hold tied/positive H2H record against Federer at all four Grand Slams
– First man to eliminate all other defending Slam champions in a calendar year
– Sixth man with double digit Grand Slam titles
– First man to win six Masters events in one year
– First man to win six Masters tournaments at least three times (IW, Miami, Rome, Rogers Cup, Shanghai, Paris)
– First man to win four Masters 1000 events at least four times (IW, Miami, Rome, Paris)
– First man to win Indian Wells-Miami double three times
– First man to win the Australian Open-Indian Wells-Miami triple two times
– First man to win the first three Masters events of the year (IW, Miami, Monte Carlo)
– The only player to win four titles in Indian Wells
– The only player to win Shanghai Rolex Masters 3 times
– The only player to win Paris Masters four times
– First man to win three BNP Paribas Masters titles in a row
– First man to reach final of eight Masters tournaments in a year
– First man to win five or more Masters events in one year on two occasions
– First man to win five consecutive Masters tournaments in which he participated (done twice)
– Recorded most Masters wins in a season – 39
– Won most hard court Masters titles – 19
– Had second longest Masters winning streak (30, only bettered by his other streak – 31)
– Highest amount of points (16,785)
– Largest points lead over no.2 (8,535)
– First no.1 not to drop any ATP points for 12 months, from Shanghai 2014 semi-finals to 2015 World Tour Finals Round Robin stage
– First man to beat Nadal at every big clay-court tournament
– First man to beat Federer five times in one season
– First man to beat Nadal, Federer and Murray at least 21 times each
– First man since Federer (2007) to hold no.1 ranking for an entire calendar year
– Longest run of final tournament appearances in one season – 15 finals in a row
– Tied with Ivan Lendl and John McEnroe on third place with 4 year-end no.1 finishes (Sampras 6, Federer and Connors 5)
– Fifth player in the all-time list with number of weeks spent at no.1 (174 weeks of reign)
– Record number of top 10 wins in a season – 31
– First man to have 20+ wins over top 10 players in four seasons
– First man to beat all top 10 players in a calendar year
– Longest winning streak at ATP World Tour Finals – 15 victories in a row
– First man to win four WTFs titles in a row

Clearly a much more successful year vs. Roger’s 2006. And clearly the GOAT in the making!

elina Says:

^^^ Wow, you guys, it looks like Roger has two daddy’s now.

django Says:

This is impressive.like I said anything over 12 for me is gravy.

Wog Boy Says:


Good job, thanks.

jane Says:

HOLY WOW! No1e thank you for that list; it’s astonishing! :D

Margot Says:

J-Kath @4.425
Thanks I enjoyed that
elina @7.26
Enjoyed that too.
Ben @5.37
Well….think I’ve heard almost everything now. Guess it’s open season on Andy yet again.
Sean you too? Hmmm. Davis Cup comment doesn’t stand up to scrutinytho.
No1e @ 6.30
Wowzer! Expect to be banned…;)

No1e Says:

@ Wog Boy – Nema na ćemu ;)

calmdownplease Says:

Calmdownplease yourself!
We were only joshing lol
I’m sure you’ll do something closer to the time Sean, and that will be that!

‘How do you know’

Andy Murray is indeed flawed, maybe even a little of a basket case. No one has articulated this more than I. But he is also a very talented basket case & these are the things, the dark things can also drive us. I’m willing to bet that, for a change, it will be in reverse to all the tears and collapses of old.
He’s got to grow up at some point, and frankly he’s been putting the work in like it should come together quite sweetly, soon. Why do I think it will?
Because, for ALL talented humans that can & do work very hard at what they do well and (maybe?) love and for years it always does at some point! It would be very strange indeed if his career was to continue in a splutter/stop and start ALL the way through.
The surgery was unfortunate, but as you and others have said it was now a long time ago.
He’ll be revamped and retooled for next year. He is simply too talented not to have some kind of ‘white heat’ moment when the penny drops and everything just seems to work.
It doesn’t mean he’s going to win everything, Others will have a say in that too, but he should be more of a presence in 2016 for sure.

Yolita Says:

Great list, No1e… I took the liberty to tweet a link to it.
Everybody must read it. :)
Cheers to everybody here, one of the nicest tennis sites.

J-Kath Says:


Your greetings are welcome….hope your tweet brings fun people to the site …we’re always in need of a laugh….or at least I am (I’ll be clobbered if I try to be spokesperson for all the weird and wonderful folk here).

Mia007 Says:

I’m thankful that there is Djokovich, a Sock,Thiem
Gulbis, Dogopolov, Curic,Kei,Sharapova,Keys, Pekovic,and other young players that show such integrity for the game and seem to not need the “help” of the Tennis World to make them shine.
It’s so refreshing to see these players make it on their own terms. Howver, we all know the “chosen” few of the next generation will become “manufactured greats”; unless they totally blow it. This make stennis sometimes very hard to stomach. I could predict the names of the chosen but prefer tolet it be.

Ben Pronin Says:

CDP, so purely speculation and wishful thinking, then.

J-Kath Says:

So Mia 007 – What are you actually saying? Dokovitch linked with Sock linked with Thiem then Gulbis, Dogopolovic etc.

I personally love to see the “Dog” when he’s really on – however, he’s much more than a country mile away from Dojovic and the rest of the top 10. Agree Thiem might be a name in the future.

Purcell Says:

In my irritation with WB I forgot to add that I think Sean’s summation is pretty fair but I would add that in view of what happened to the Swiss last year Andy had every right to be concerned regarding DC. Unfortunately, and as usual, the press provided a disproportionate amount of speculation. As it turned out, a safe choice of venue became a far more important issue.

Wog Boy Says:

“In my irritation with WB..”

Best compliment one can give me, to manage to irritate Roger fan, particularly one so eloquent and masterful in carefully crafting his sentences and posts..to look like a facts.

Purcell Says:

Oh dear WB : four responses to my innocuous post. Roger’s like Gilles Simon’s play. He simply won’t go away. He and his fans are the thorns in your flesh that you imagine will validate your erm……opinions. Oh and I’m an eloquent and mistressful

Wog Boy Says:

“He and his fans are the thorns in your flesh..”

Actually it is the other way around and sorry for getting your sex wrong, I thought Purcell is male name, silly me, my apologies dear lady.

RZ Says:

For #6 (Andy’s Davis Cup Dilemma), you can’t make the comparison with the others who won the WTF or made the semis and then and went on to win Davis Cup. Nole had Tipsarevic and Troicki to back him up (not to mention Zimonjic in doubles); Fed had Stan and vice versa. Rafa isn’t mentioned here but to keep going with the argument, he had Ferrer, Robredo, Verdasco, and Lopez. Who does Murray have? No one ranked in the top 100 in singles. Team GB is all about Andy, and they won’t ever get this chance again. I completely understand if his head wasn’t in London but already in Ghent.

Chrisford1 Says:

The difference between Serbia 2010 and Britain 2015 is not as big as you suggest, RZ. Serbia’s doubles team fell to a better ranked French doubles team and both Tipsarevic and Troicki were ranked below their French foes. Troicki got the upset to give Serbia the Cup, 3-2.
Britain has Andy, but they also have Jaimie Murray, an excellent Top 10 doubles player (now 6th ranked)who has paired winningly with Andy many times before. The chocolate poodles have two doubles guys, Bemelmans and Coppejans, ranked as the 160th and 501st best doubles players, respectively.

Andy and Murray BROS Doubles is why Britain is solidly favored.

Both Serbia and Britain are toast without their superstars, obviously, but the UK faces a much weaker Belgian team than the Czechs and French ones the Serbian team got in 2010.

J-Kath Says:


For GB to win Andy has to play 3 rubbers.

calmdownplease Says:

`CDP, so purely speculation and wishful thinking, then.

What did you want then, dimwit?
The f***ing oracle?
But I’d exclude the ‘wishful thinking’ bit,
Call it an educated prediction.
I don’t think you can tel the difference but never mind.
Hopefully for you Novak will get ANOTHER slice weak era good fortune rack up another 3, this time with a 35 year old Fed instead of a 34 year old one.
Hell, he might even pull off the ‘Calender Grand Slam’ this time.
Ah Bliss!

RZ Says:

@CF1 – the difference is that Tipsy was in the top 10 for several years and Troicki in the top 20. There are no singles players in the top 100 for GB other than Andy. But you are right that Jamie Murray is a huge plus for team GB and that Belgium is an easier opponent than France was for Serbia.

django Says:

If it’s such a weak era with an old Fed and tired out rafa, why can’t Murray get 3 slams?
Just sayin’

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