Roger Federer And Stefan Edberg Have Split
by Staff | December 8th, 2015, 9:39 pm

The first major coaching change this off season has hit the wires and it’s a surprise. Earlier today, Roger Federer announced that he and Stefan Edberg have split.

The two joined up two years ago and after a slow start, Federer played some of his best tennis in a while under Edberg this season, reaching two Grand Slam finals to finish No. 3.

The 34-year-old will now be joined by Ivan Ljubicic who worked with Milos Raonic earlier this season.

“After 2 very successful years, I would like to thank Stefan Edberg, my childhood idol, for agreeing to join my team,” Federer said on his website. “It was a dream come true. Although it was supposed to only be for 2014, Stefan was great and agreed to extend the partnership through this year which I really appreciated. He taught me so much and his influence on my game will remain. He will always be a part of my team. Severin Luthi, who I have been working with since 2008, will continue to be my main coach and he will be joined by Ivan Ljubicic. Both Daniel Troxler, my physiotherapist and Pierre Paganini, my longtime fitness trainer, will remain part of my technical team.”

Said Edberg in a statement: “Roger and I had a wonderful two years together. When he originally approached me at the end of 2013, I committed to work with him for only a year. It became very clear from the start that this was going to be a special partnership, working with the greatest ambassador tennis has ever seen. It was exciting for me to be back out on tour and to see that the sport has made so much progress.

“The quality of tennis today is stronger than it has ever been. After an amazing 2014, I decided to continue on for another year, but with a clear understanding that it would be my last year given the time commitment. I believe Roger still has a lot left to give to the sport of tennis and is capable of winning the big events. Roger and I will remain close friends and I will always feel part of the Federer team. I hope to try and come watch Roger play some tournaments in 2016.”

After a brief trial period, Federer and Edberg linked up in December of 2013.

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43 Comments for Roger Federer And Stefan Edberg Have Split

Humble Rafa Says:

Good people don’t fire coaches.Coaches are like family, tells me Uncle Toni.

Humble Rafa Says:

I guess Swiss Miss Cheatee wasn’t available for coaching.

Wog Boy Says:

“After an amazing 2014, I decided to continue on for another year, but with a clear understanding that it would be my last year given the time commitment.”

If my English is right, my understanding is that Edberg didn’t want to commit for another year, right? It looks to me that Federer is thinking beyond his playing days and about his business future, he is trying to sign perspective players and coaches for his company?

django Says:

Sounds like edberg is leaving. I like Ivan but seems like Fed is lowering his standards. Good luck to them.

jane Says:

indeed, good luck to ljubie and fed.

Gypsy Gal Says:

As one door closes,hope all works out for Roger and Ivan….

Chrisford1 Says:

Does that mean next year Djokovic has a shot at getting nominated for the Stefan Edberg Award??

Lodhi Says:


The award will only go to Federer, Stefan Edberg, or skeezer (for his remarkable – for the lack of a better word – postmanship and enormous contributions to tennis-x). You have to belong to the House Federer ( as they’d say in Game of Thrones ) or a House that’s aligned with the House Federer. Yes, Nadal did get the award once, but it was only once ! I’m sure House Federer willfully endorsed it that year as part of a grand plan which plebs like me cannot fathom. I also think that contrary to popular belief, skeezer had a crucial role in that as well.

Stefan Edberg and his awards will eternally be loyal to House Federer. As soon as Fed retires, the award will be renamed to Roger Federer award, and will be awarded to those who pledge allegiance to the House Federer.

Travis Bickle Says:


Funny how you had similar thoughts on this one as myself…

Giles Says:

WTF fed. Lubi of all people? Wrong move IMO.

Giles Says:

cf1. Not if he continues to terrorise ball kids and the like.
Maybe he can win the Boris Becker Award for cheating.

RZ Says:

Not so much a surprise as Edberg was never intended to be a long-term coach. The surprise was that he stayed on as long as he did. It was a great partnership while it lasted. Excited to see what Ljubicic can bring to the team.

Ben Pronin Says:

Seems like a pretty amicable split. Both knew more or less what they were getting into and that’s that. It’s kinda ironic that Federer does seem to go through so many coaches nowadays when, for years, he barely had a coach at all.

I’m not going to knee-jerk to hiring Ljubicic. I’m kinda curious why he stopped working with Raonic, but we’ll see how this goes. Perhaps Ljubicic can help Federer improve his serve and backhand even more. On paper one wouldn’t expect him to be much help on the mental side, but he did help Raonic improve a good deal on the technical side until injuries this year. Also not to be overlooked is that Ljubicic knows Djokovic pretty well. Perhaps this is a specific “help me beat Djokovic” hire. Definitely an interesting pairing to watch this year.

Purcell Says:

Ha ha RZ. Knew someone was bound to bring that up.

jane Says:

but rz, how would that stir up trouble?
i thought it was a compliment or am i misreading?

RZ Says:

@Jane – I figure some here would jump on the “I’m not Federer” quote and run with it.

jane Says:

ah, gotcha. :)
i guess you could argue that nadal is saying “i’m not federer… i don’t need to change my game.” but you could also argue that he’s saying “i’m not federer… i can’t change my game and/or i can’t last as long as him”??
how do you interpret that comment?
i haven’t seen the full context, which is always helpful.

Ben Pronin Says:

Jane, none of the articles have more than a few lines from Nadal. I think he’s saying he’s going to stick to his own game whereas Federer kinda revamped his style. Whether it’s because he’s incapable or that’s just how he believes he’ll maximize his results, I’m not sure.

But you know at least 3 people here will interpret in their own ways and start a shit-storm. Such is the tennis-x way.

jane Says:

ben, i looked and here’s what i found:

“Are Federer and Djokovic examples, reference points?

‘For me more than examples they are two of the greatest players of all time and I’ve the luck – or misfortune – to play against them in the same era. We are speaking about one (Federer) who, in theory is considered to be the best in history, and the other is already one of the best six-seven best players of all time and that looks to be higher. Novak is an amazing player. He’s doing things that nobody did in the past, so I just congratulate him for everything. I enjoy both rivalries. The rivalry with Roger is something special because of the combination of styles. With Novak, it’s different because we are not that far away in styles. But I enjoy both and I’m happy to be part of it.’

When asked if he would emulate Federer, who changed his game and fitness regimen as he got older, he replied: ‘I am not Federer. I am Rafael Nadal. He has his style. I have my own style. I try to improve things to prolong my career. For sure, I’m working hard to be a better player. I don’t know for how many years I will play tennis, but I’ve so much motivation and I want to keep going on.'”


there is more here for rafa fans, or others:

skeezer Says:

^Actually I thought that was great interview by Rafa. Got more insight into his game than anything ever before.
Also thought this was very compelling “…to have the enthusiasm to compete”. If he still has that, he has a chance to go to the top once more.

Okiegal Says:

@Jane……Thanks for that link. I had seen the last page about his discussion concerning Novak and Roger, but not the first page. It was a very good interview. It’s like he still has the hope he can improve and the desire. He stated that his game is like Novak’s, therefore making their head to head so even.

Okiegal Says:

He didn’t actually say his game was like Novak’s but their style of play was not too far off from each other. Thought I had better fix that and say exactly what he said before someone else did. :)

Okiegal Says:

I just now read an article titled “Rafa Not Contemplating Retirement” and it mentioned he had knee surgery. I have read this before and always have wondered if it’s true. I suspicioned he might have, but there has never been anything that came out of his camp saying so……..
Hope no one is upset that I put this on a Fed thread. If so, please forgive!

Okiegal Says:

I guess the head to head between Rafa and Novak
tells the tale. Their game play being akin to each other…. a 46 match split. One of my favs between the two is the long Aussie Open. Even though Rafa lost he showed so much fight in that match. I was so tired when it was over. They were both astounding!!!

jane Says:

how do you explain novak’s h2h with fed then okie? a 44 match split. by your logic, novak’s style is like fed’s too then.

and personally i do see novak as having a bit of fed and a bit of rafa in his playing style, which makes him formidable in some ways.

from fed’s side, novak tries to be as aggressive as he can and to end points with a winner. he also has a first and second serve that’s a weapon, relatively speaking (not as much as fed’s first serve is a weapon). and he’s improved his net game under becker.

in terms of rafa’s style, novak can defend and return extremely well. and he can also endure, thus winning wars of attrition when he needs to, although novak, vajda and becker have both made it a priority to move away from this style and to look to shorten points, as you could see in 2015 overall. but like rafa, when he needs to, he can absorb pace and turn defense into offense.

that, to me, summarizes why novak is even with both of them. and also why he’s a formidable opponent.

jane Says:

btw, i am agreeing with you okie but just taking it step further with the fed comparison. and you’re welcome for the link of course.

Humble Rafa Says:

The only thing the Arrogant One will get from Luby is a bald head.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Okie that is welcome news,especially when you hear over and over again about how he should/will retire blah blah this year next year or whenever,so we can put to bed the notion hes contemplating retiring anytime soon,as he still loves the game,and still has goals he wants to achieve….

Gypsy Gal Says:

Great post from Skeezer,all assuming hes not taking the mickey ;)….

Okiegal Says:

@GG…..I actually meant the knee surgery that the article mentioned, not the retirement……

Okiegal Says:

@Jane…Sorry, I can only keep up with Rafa’s head to head…..hope you understand! LOL

jane Says:

not asking you to know the other h2h okie, lol. i gave it in the post. was just pointing out that because a h2h is even it probably doesn’t mean or necessitate that the two players have the same style of play.

Okiegal Says:


jane Says:

ace way to end a discussion. :)

Okiegal Says:

Jane, I don’t know what else to say. I never did see the head to head of Fed and Novak that you said was in your post. I missed it. I googled it and it’s 22/22…..even steven. My logic tells me nothing because I don’t care about what Novak and Fed do, just Novak and Rafa and Rafa and Fed. You took it a step farther to put me down, I guess??
For the record you said “whatever” to me once. Another thing, I compliment Novak a lot on here, but rarely ever get a thank-you. I do get a thanks if Novak wins a match and I personally congratulate certain fans. I find myself getting into a tiff with a few posters for just making a simple statement….probably a stupid one to some because I don’t play tennis and don’t really pay any attention to how its being played…..defending to shorten points etc…. as per your post at 1:54. I enjoy watching the sport and think it’s exciting. I do not claim to be an authority on tennis per say…..just Rafa…..I apologize for being curt with “whatever”. I felt like it was a slap in the face when you said it to me too.

jane Says:

no worries: i thought whatever was a good way to leave okie. you put those 3 posts out there and so i decided to strike up a convo. (partly just procrastinating and not doing work!! :O)

just to be clear, i truthfully don’t know if and even h2h means the 2 players share a playing style. on the one hand, i could see your point, so i took the comparison further by bringing up fed. after all, usually fed and rafa are said to be apples and oranges in terms of style, but novak has even h2hs with both. so does that mean he shares qualities of both? i was just riffing on that, for fun. no biggie.

on the other hand, we both could be wrong. ha. or maybe you’re more right. a lot of people point out novak’s defense first.

so yeah, let’s just chalk it up to misreading tone or whatever. cheers okie.

Okiegal Says:

Cheers back Jane. Sorry, really I am….in a funk today….feeling lower than a snake’s belly….

Gypsy Gal Says:

Okie sorry i wasnt been nasty to you my dear,i just thought others might read and see he has no intention of retiring,but if hes also had knee surgery and is no longer suffering thats great news too,so sorry to hear your feeling down Okie, i wish i were near you so i could come around with tea and sympathy,but i can only wish you warm wishes from across the pond my dear ethereal friend :)….

Gypsy Gal Says:

Okie agree with your post@1.51am,this is not about any poster merely a generalisation,but ive talked up for Novak and Roger many a time on this forum and congratulated both and fans when theyve both won titles,and Novaks fantastic year,what an amazing career Rogers had and still having,not posters dont seem to notice,yet the slightest negative comment and they pounce all over you,anything nice and they dont want to know,one poster who was here about a year ago who i wont name came after me all the time saying you really hate Novak dont you?but didnt seem to notice the nice things i said about the guy,ive even had fellow Rafa fans claiming im some secret Novak and Federer fan, i guess you cant win sometimes….

Okiegal Says:

@GG…..First and foremost, I didn’t at all feel that you were being nasty. I didn’t make my post clear. Naturally you would think it was about the retirement since that was the focus of the thread.
I just wondered if the knee surgery had actually happened and I missed it. It is great that his knees don’t seem to be an issue like they used to be……which is a good thing!

Your post at 7:04……Exactly! You’ve had that happened to you too. I have come to the conclusion we are a fan of the wrong person! lol

Thanks for the warm wishes from across the pond….I do have my days. Hope you are doing OK too! I will be fine. It’s a new day!!!

madmax Says:

Interesting pairing this. Don’t think it will have a major effect on Federer’s game. Think that Edberg has been an incredible coach these last two years. Nothing but respect for him. The contract ended and he returns to Sweden. Simple as that.

Made me think though about Lubi. Fed and Lubi have been friends for ions. Will be good to see him again.

Purcell Says:

Sorry to see Edberg’s departure but of course it was a short term arrangement so it was great of him to spend another year with Rog. I suspect, but don’t KNOW, that Roger was a bit glum, knowing things were coming to an end and I feel, but don’t KNOW, that Roger may have been nervous and thus pressurised to win slams because of his admiration/hero-worship of Stefan and what Stefan has achieved with him. These are my opinions and I write them to counter those of you who seem to have direct contact with your favourite player’s personal life, team, history of hardship, the culture of the country from whence they came and what goes on in their head. I’ll also add that they were the most handsome pair of men to grace the courts for some time. And of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Regarding Ljubi, he’s a big pal of Federer’s but that doesn’t mean he’ll have too much respect in terms of giving him advice. They’ve worked together on The Player Council, Roger calls him a born leader and he has a powerful and intelligent game, two features rarely seen together in recent times.

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