Andy Murray Explains Split With Amelie Mauresmo And The Search For A New Coach
by Tom Gainey | May 11th, 2016, 9:38 am

After the stunning news Monday that Andy Murray split with coach of two years Amelie Mauresmo, the Scot discussed what had happened that led to the break-up which came down to scheduling issues.

“I think the end of last year we tried,” Murray said. “Tried to make it work. Amelie was in Dubai, did a training block with me and agreed to, you know, try for another year.

“Obviously in Australia it started well, but then,” he added, “between the Australian Open and Rome we only spent 10 days together really which is in Miami and that wasn’t planned, either. That was something that we changed as well to try and spend a bit more time together through that period. You know, it was just difficult with the amount of time required to do the job and the amount of time we were able to work together.

“It was just such a long period of the year, an important period where I was struggling, as well, where we weren’t getting to work through that together. Yes, it’s unfortunate but those things happen.”

Despite not winning a Slam under Mauresmo, Murray said the controversial partnership with a woman paid off.

“I think it did work,” Murray said. “For two years I think the results that we had were good. Maybe unless I win a Grand Slam, then maybe ultimately that’s how people may judge whether it worked or not, but when she first came into the team, I was really struggling. I was not doing well. My confidence was low and I was going the wrong direction.

“Then obviously when she came on board, my results actually really picked up. For me, the time we spent together was positive. It’s just a shame I wasn’t able to win one of the major events, because that’s what both of us wanted.

“The problem is that the same thing was going to continue happening, like I said, throughout the year. So after Wimbledon it was going to happen and then after the US Open.”

Murray also pointed out there was much criticism when Roger Federer and Stefan Edberg ended their relationship.

“Roger stopped working with Stefan Edberg at the end of last year,” he said, “because Stefan Edberg wanted to spend more time with his family, didn’t want to spend as much time traveling. No one sort of batted an eyelid about that.”

Murray said he will continue working with Jamie Delgado and he hasn’t thought much about full-time Mauresmo replacement.

“I haven’t really thought too much about a new coach,” Murray said. “I haven’t given it loads of thought. But it’s something that I will speak to my team about over the next few weeks and try and find something that works.

“Again, I want it to work, long term, so I will take that into consideration, as well.”

In his first match in Rome earlier today, Murray beat Russian qualifier Mikhail Kukushkin 63, 63.

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29 Comments for Andy Murray Explains Split With Amelie Mauresmo And The Search For A New Coach

lakie Says:

Good decision.

Dennis Says:

“Stunning news,” as you put it, only to someone who has not been paying attention. Even Serena’s coach has said publicly that everyone in the locker rooms knew the writing was on the wall with this relationship.

MMT Says:

I love it when people compare unlike things and then complain that they are treated differently. Federer and Edberg split at the end of the year, not in the middle of the clay court season a couple of weeks before Roland Garros. Typical hide the ball b.s.

madmax Says:

It did seem that Andy was a bit defensive, however, wouldn’t you be after being asked silly questions by silly journalists?

MMT Says:

The question is not silly – the timing of his decision elicited valid questions about it.

Humble Rafa Says:

Mr. Lady Forehand,

One of your “mates” reached out to Uncle Toni about the job. Did you really think that my uncle will ditch family for some kind with unruly hair?

Wog Boy Says:

I am not convinced that Andy is convinced Amelia was a good choice, it was wrong choice for a few reason and his career stalled with her, but you have to say what you have to say after split.

J-Kath Says:

Wog Boy

If you recall Andy returned from a back operation. Amelie was the best choice at that time. Then she was pregnant – her needs had to be considered….which I doubt was the plan when the relationship started. Then and Now are where it lies…plus it was much the same as Lendel…neither of them could give the chunk of time Andy thinks he needs…and he is the Employer.

Colin Says:

Look at the latest news, folks. There seems to be at least a possibility he and Lendl might team up again!

Okiegal Says:

Lendl is a great fit for Andy. I hope they can make a deal!

Wog Boy Says:


That is excatly one of the reasons it didn’t work, Amelie knew she is trying to have a baby and yet committed herself as a coach of top player, it was selfish and only worked for her, but not for Andy, at least Ivan was with Andy as per plan they both made, and according to Lendl, Vallverdu was doing enormous job on a full time basis, so it worked.

Wog Boy Says:

I just read your post again, you don’t belive that she didn’t plan to have a baby when committed herself to Andy, do you? You don’t just decide to stay pregnant overnight when you are in relationship like her and in her ages, it takes time to plan it with her partner, agree upon it and execute it. Of course she knew it and planned it with a partner, Andy was collateral damage.

RZ Says:

@Wog Boy – she might have known she was trying, but she might not have known that she would have succeeded at getting pregnant. We know nothing about the background of Amelie’s attempts to get pregnant. We also have no way of knowing whether she told Andy that was a possibility. It’s also possible that she had thought that after a maternity leave, she would be able to travel with the baby but afterward decided that wasn’t going to work. Bottom line: there’s a lot we don’t know about this situation.

Wog Boy Says:


Fair enough.

Wog Boy Says:

My previous post should say:

“RZ, fair enough” and not “JK, fair enough”

Sorry RZ:(

Michael Says:

For commercial reasons, Lendl departed and I am not sure the exact reason why Mauresmo split with Andy ? May be, her attaining motherhood might have played a part and you cannot expect her to concentrate wholehog on Tennis when she has a progeny to take care.

lakie Says:

Agree with wog boy. Even with normal couples who have been together for a few years, a baby is a result of planning , not impulse. In the case of Amelie and her partner, the baby has to be the result of very careful planning involving a donor and doctor. It was unprofessional on her part if she did not tell Andy and if she did and Andy was ok with it, then he is an idiot. Anyway I am glad she is out. Andy has some issues with male coaches, I don’t know what. I think Mirka can be a good coach.

lakie Says:

Obviously though Mirka is not available. Maybe Navratilova?

Okiegal Says:

How about Margot and J-Kath??? You guys would like that,
no??? LOL

J-Kath Says:


Don’t know what was for me or RZ….either way, sounds like you are in your fesisty mood right now….if there is something to forgive – you’re forgiven, especially as I’m accepting OKIEGAL’s great suggestion and have an interview with Andy….he’s paying my fare to Rome, so I shan’t be commenting for a while.
PS: Don’t ask the question that’s burbling to the top of your lips..I may frighten you with the truth.
PS: I think Margot’s been invited as well…’d better warn Novak his days are numbered.

Okiegal Says:

@J-Kath…..I would love to be in Rafa’s camp….I think I would get along famously with Uncle T……might could give him a few pointers about being less noticeable when coaching from the sidelines…….LOL!!

Margot Says:

Dunno if that would be a good idea because if he started swearing at me, I’d be down on that court and giving him a piece of my mind, rather sharpish I can tell you. And then Andy would be disqualified for wasting time!
“Babe, you ain’t seen nnnnnothing yet.”

lakie Says:

Novak will hire Wog boy and Fed will hire skeeze. Devoted fans know exactly what their favorites are doing wrong and what they should be doing instead!

jalep Says:

lol, I’m thinking restraining orders in advance needed. hahahaha

lakie Says:

Andy did well under Lendl when he wasn’t allowed to swear.

Margot Says:

lakie: You writing me a reference then…;)

lakie Says:

yep, a glowing reference!

Margot Says:

Lol lakie, on the grounds I once saw a tennis match?….;)

RZ Says:

@Wog Boy – no worries. JK and I get along so it’s all good. :-)

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