Robin Soderling Announces His Retirement From Tennis
by Staff | December 23rd, 2015, 9:52 am

Forever to be known as the first player to ever beat Rafael Nadal at the French Open, Robin Soderling has finally announced his retirement.

The Swede, who stunned Nadal at the 2009 French Open, hasn’t played since his 2011 title Bastad title due to a lengthy battle with mono.

“With this letter I want to inform you that I have decided to end my career as a professional tennis player,” Soderling wrote in a statement via Google Translation. “A few weeks before the ATP race the Swedish Open in Bastad in 2011 I became ill in glandular fever. Since I was not then realized the seriousness of this, I made the mistake of continue to train and compete with the virus in the body which also resulted in that I suffered a sharp overtraining syndrome. I have since struggled to recover completely from this.

“With the disease it has been impossible for me to train one hundred percent and I forced to rest after any physical effort. Some periods I felt so bad that I was completely bedridden. This past year, however, my health improved and I have been able to increase my exercise dose, but my recovery after exercise works unfortunately still not as I would like.

“To play the competitions that require physical exertion over an extended period has thus been excluded. In all the years I have believed that I would be able to take me back to the world elite in tennis but now I’ve realized that I will not be healthy enough that I will be able to play tennis at the level I demand of myself. The reason I have decided to end my career as a professional tennis player.

“Of course this is a very sad decision. Now in hindsight, I feel that I should have listened better to my body, and then have avoided the illness but on the other hand, it is always easy to be wise and tennis is a sport that requires that they maximize their workouts to maintain a position in the top of the world. With that in mind, and then I know I’ve done everything in my power in recent years to eradicate the disease, I can, without major difficulties to take this decision. Instead of being annoyed everywhere I potentially have passed, and loses, I feel fortunate and can proudly look back on my career as very successful. I have achieved and have experienced things that few are privileged.

“Although my career as a tennis player over I see a bright future and my schedule for the next few years are already packed. First of all, I have my wonderful partner and two children I spend a lot of time with. I have also been instrumental in starting the company RS-Tennis, where we manufacture tennis balls and other tennis equipment. It’s been surprisingly good for RS-tennis and we have already established sales in more than forty countries in the world. This is something I will now be able to add even more time trying to improve and develop.

“First and foremost, I want to thank my family who have supported and shown patience for me all these years. I also want to thank my fans who have shown tremendous support, both during my career, but even also in recent years been very tough for me. Without this support I would never have been able to continue to try to get back to the top.”

Soderling is the Stockholm tournament director and he runs tennis ball company.

31-year-old finishes with 10 career titles including one Masters title in Paris. He also reached two Grand Slam finals at the 2009 and 2010 French Opens. He reached a career-high No. 4 on November 15, 2010.

He was ranked No. 5 when he last played winning 2011 Bastad. His final point:

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26 Comments for Robin Soderling Announces His Retirement From Tennis

Humble Rafa Says:

About the only human being who could out hit Humble on a clay court. That forehand will be missed.

RZ Says:

Shame it had to end this way. He was fun to watch when he was on.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Not entirely shocked or surprised to be honest,the thing i am shocked about was how it took him till now to make it public,and sadly if im completely honest here i think weve seen the last of Delpotro ,i expect him too announce retirement next year too unfortunatly….

Skeezer Says:

Humble Rafa beater will be missed.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Soda beat defending FO champions back to back,then lost to the same two players back to back in finals,enjoy your retirement Soda….

Giles Says:

That’s all I have to say.

Humble Rafa Says:

Humble Rafa beater will be missed.

Isn’t he the reason one of my goats became so valuable. You have to give to receive.

Humble Rafa Says:


Happy holidays to you and your cats. Treat them well.

Jatt Says:

More appreciation for fed , suffered from the same disease and have been in top 5.

Chrisford1 Says:

“About the only human being who could out hit Humble on a clay court.”
Soderling and in a different way, not involving sheer power – from time to time – Novak Djokovic has outhit Rafa on clay.

Robin leaves with victories over each of the Big 4, including two huge wins over Fed (ending his semis streak), and Rafa at the FO. He has a place in tennis history and looks to be having solid post-tennis pro days as a Dad, businessman, and solid part of Swedish tennis as a promoter.

99% of tennis players will not achieve the success of Robin Soderling. Wishing him a fine Christmas and New Year as a just retired player.
And for that matter, same Holiday greetings to all Tennis-X fans and writers.

lakie Says:

TB is obsessed with Rafa.

lakie Says:

wrong thread

Gypsy Gal Says:

Lakie wrong thread yeah but your right,same old boring stuff that he believes passes for humour,still each to their own….

Michael Says:

It is very sad to hear that Soderling will be seen no more on a Tennis Court. I vividly recall his last tournament match against Berdych where he virtually destroyed him and his opponent opined that he had not faced any opponent who played so well against him giving just no room for him to go for his shots and totally decimated him. That is how Soderling plays, a rusty player with a great bludgeoning forehand and hits pacy flat shots on court to unsettle his opponents.

His historic two feats were ofcourse being the first player to beat Rafa at the French comfortably and also stopping the incredible run of Roger till the quarter stage at Grand slams again at the French Open.

I hoped that he had a very fine potential of becoming a much better player with greater consistency and control in his range of shots. Unfortunately, his career has been cut short by cruel Nature’s intervention and we are going to see him no more.

Nonetheless, wish him all the very best and his family. I think he might be involved in the Sport in some way or other !!

Michael Says:

Alison @ 1.40 pm,

It will be really tragic if Del Potro too announces his retirement and his absence has definitely created a big void at the top. Already the level of competition is mediocre there with the aging of Roger and Rafa. There is no player who can be said to possess this class of the top four including Andy and the distance is getting much wider where Novak has reigned supreme and will likely dominate the sport in the years to come.

lakie Says:

Sometimes I have the weird feeling that GG possesses a crystal ball. Her predictions are so accurate!

Giles Says:

Who said the sod was fun to watch?? Anything but.

skeezer Says:

^ I did. ’09 FO was a beaut.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Michael it would seem youve talked yourself into the weak era argument lol,anyway whatever,and nothing against Novak,but im not exactly sharing your enthusiasm on Novak dominating the tour and winning everything sorry,on Delpo though just a feeling,and i will probably be wrong anyway,but unlike some i dont pass off my opinions as bona fide facts,or with an irritating quote of get real,or you heard it here first,HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR BY THE WAY….

Gypsy Gal Says:

Lakie 9.51am December 24th yes a have actually,and im deadly serious….

Michael Says:


Belated Seasons greetings to you and all other Tennis X posters !!

We will discuss some other day on the weak era argument. That is destined to carry on without a stop over !!

lakie Says:

GG, yes I suppose you do have a crystal ball. So what do you see for 2016? Any next gen grand slam winner?

Humble Rafa Says:

More appreciation for fed , suffered from the same disease and have been in top 5.

Oh…the art of changing someone’s misery into your fantasy. It is unparalleled.

elina Says:

“stopping the incredible run of Roger till the quarter stage at Grand slams again at the French Open”

What incredible run was that exactly?

No, Soderling will only be remembered for 2009.

His QF win over Roger in 2010 was little more than perfunctory as were Tsonga’s, Gulbis’ and Wawrinka’s wins in years following in Paris.

A loss by Roger on clay is not exactly history making.

Kyrgios’ win over Nadal at Wimbledon is more significant.

Neither upset comes close to Soderling’s 2009 win.

lakie Says:

Soderling ended Federer’s record streak of 23 consecutive Grand Slam semifinals by stopping him in the quarter finals. I do not think “Staff” was talking about any incredible run on clay but the sf streak. A record which bears testimony to Fed’s extraordinary consistency and brilliance and this record will probably stand unbroken for a long time.

lakie Says:

Even at RG, Fed has an incredible record and but for Nadal there might have been a debate today about who is the greatest clay courter of all time, Fed or Borg? Without Nadal, Fed might have had 6 RGs, five being consecutive.

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