Happy Holidays! ATP Players Try To Sing Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer [Video]
by Staff | December 24th, 2015, 11:40 am

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.

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Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays!
A Happy Holidays Post

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39 Comments for Happy Holidays! ATP Players Try To Sing Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer [Video]

jane Says:

happy holidays to everyone!

(players should stick to their day jobs. ;))

Gypsy Gal Says:


Chrisford1 Says:

Some of the players, like the Bryan Bros, sing nicely, with great harmony (with a little practice, which they didn’t get). All the people on this vid were ‘called to duty’ during the WTF. No real rehearsal time.
Right after beating Fed, the WTF champ Djoker had some very funny behind the scenes vid of doing all kinds of post match things, wife trailing..including his “Rudolf” attempt. He claimed he had never heard the song before – those evil communists – keeping Rudolf from Yugo kids in the late 80s, early 90s!
Fed and Andy – euwwww! Stan ummm…and Rafa sensibly did not even try.

Chrisford1 Says:

Better than the tune, Christmas photos.

Juan Martin del Potro – (visit his website for some very encouraging pics of Juan’s training progress as well)


Nole and Jelena Djokovic

Just Nole

Fan’s tree for Rafa


Roger Federer was doing IPTL far away from snow, but had a non-Christmasy type photo that was a true ROTLMAO.


From Judy Murray, of her two Davis Cup heroes at Christmas at her place.


Victoria Azarenka was going to do a selfie of unwrapping gifts, forgot to, posted this selfie instead. Who gets to unwrap that, these days???

Thank you Vika, for being in the giving spirit!

Caro Woz & Family

Touching photo with a fine perspective from Tomas Berdych, ever the Twitter artist.


and from Berdych in Manila, noticing security dog attire at the airport likely only found in the Philippines:


La Monf’s Christmas tree


Andrea Petkovic (German beer makes things OK) – 2 pics captioned “Merry Christmas from this weirdo ass family”
Love that beautiful, funny, dark woman. No one I would rather see now have an end of career Bartoli or Panetta happen to.





Wog Boy Says:

Nole, Andrea and Maria are yet to celebrate their Christmas, precisely in 11 days.

Chrisford1 Says:

Wog – Ethnic Serb Andrea celebrates as a German – Dec 25th. Sharapova has lived 4/5ths of her life as an American and not as a Russian – she just has to remember to send a Julian calendar Christmas card to what few relatives remain in Russia, and her patron Putin.
Novak and Jelena Djokovic have lived in a part of the world that calls Dec 25th Christmas since they were teens. But still consider themselves Serbs, which means they enjoy Dec 25th outside Serbia, while holding that “the real official Christmas” is Jan 7th – and observe that date as the one with Eastern Orthodox religious meaning.

Wog Boy Says:

I wasn’t correcting you, don’t get me wrong, just saying that their real, family Christmas, is January the 7th, leaving abroad or being born abroad doesn’t change that as long as you are member of Orthodox Church that celebrates 7th of January as Christmas day, day all respect 25th of December, same as me snd my family, but do NOT celebrate as our Christmas, I join my friends and neighbors in celebration and congratuslions due to respect and place where I leave and as my christian cousins. Nole, Andrea, Maria, Vika have obligation to their fan base to respect them and customs of majority of the people where they live. Great American actor Karl Malden (Mladen Sekulovic) who born in Chicago, was very religious and always celebrated 7th of january. He was big donator to Serbian monasteries and churches, and by his own words his father told him “If you want to be good American you first have to be good Serb”.

Wog Boy Says:

To prove my point, these people are third fourth generation of Serbians in California, they are truly Americans but members of Serbian Orthodox Church and they still celebrate 7th, have a look, nice video from California:)


Ah those Americans..with Serbian blood;)

jane Says:

cool pics CF1, thanks for sharing those.

Wog Boy Says:

Wozniacki family looks like really nice family.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Wogboy nice video,dont personally celebrate christmas in my world,as pagans celebrate the winter solstice or Yule,which is 22nd,23rd,24th December….

bojana Says:

Wog Boy,

I am from Sumadija and we never celebrate christmas as these American Serbs.Personally I do not like this.
We have very nice celebration without firearms.

Happy Holidays to all TX posters and all the best to all tennis players.

Daniel Says:

3 weeks and AO starts, time is flying…

Wog Boy Says:


You know the saying “koliko sela toliko obicaja” or to translate “different village different customs”. If you check you will find out that ancestors of these people who migrated in 19th century to America were Serbs from Montenegro and Herzegovina and they do fire on Christmas Eve to announce the birth of The Son of the God. Part of my mothers side of the family is from Herzegovina and they were doing that for centuries, they used “prangija” when they didn’t have firearms years ago. So just becouse we don’t do it in Sumadija doesn’t mean the others don’t do it.

bojana Says:

Wog Boy,

I did know, but I did not say that these people must be from Montenegro or Herzegovina.They announce the same way birth of any baby boy even these days.I did not say that they do not do it. I just say that I do not like it and that I am happy that people from Sumadija do not do it.

Happy new Year to You and Your family.
Hristos se rodi.

Wog Boy Says:

Vaistinu se rodi
All the best to you and your family too.
There is one more think to consider, in sumadija we didn’t live in the mixed villages or towns, 99% were Serbians, down south it was mixed population, half a village one religion and the other half the other, being occupied 400 years by Turks and you and your religion subdued it was a challenge to celebrate Christmas that way and to let them know that you are proud of who you are and keep turning the pig on the spit for the Christmas infront of occupiers who hate pigs, it was typical Serbian spite, like Nole, he is the best when his back is against the wall and he wins in spite;)

I think they migrated to right country considering our and American gun culture, they just got more sophisticated and better choice of weapons;)

bojana Says:

Wog Boy,

You are right 100%. Serbian spite.Many times we paid big prices for our Serbian spite,some times we won the biggest fights because of our serbian spite.
I am where I am because of my serbian spite,pushing my self forward some times with tears in my eyes.

danica Says:

Best wishes to all this Holiday Season (whatever you may be celebrating :) ) and Happy New Year!!

I personally liked that ATP video from 2009 much more. Each time I see it, I laugh as if it is the first time I am watching it :).


danica Says:

Chris Ford,

“Rudolph the Reindeer” was not sung in YU but do kids in Germany or France or Italy sing it?

I am 100% sure Maria celebrates the Orthodox X-mas on January 7th. No way does she celebrate it on 25th of Dec. It does not matter where she lived most of her lifetime. How do you know how many relatives she has in Russia? Most likely, ALL of them are still there. She is Russian and plays for Russian Fed Cup and is quite proud of her ancestry if one is to believe her own words.

Novak is very devoted Orthodox Christian and celebrates Christmas on 7th of January. The fact that he lives in Monaco, again, means absolutely nothing. It is just the place of living and bears no effect on celebration of Christmas and Easter.

I’ve been living in the States for 20 years. I respect American holidays and congratulate them to my friends, but I never celebrate Thanksgiving or Christmas on 25.12. or… My kids, born in the States, do not get any presents for Christmas on 25th. It’s just that you do not change your traditions and beliefs just because you live somewhere else. I would certainly not start celebrating Hanukkah if I lived in Israel.

PS: WB, I was in that church in Jackson and I believe I have a distant relative buried there (need to do a bit more research). In fact, for a number of years now, I’ve been planing to go there with family for Orthodox Christmas. No luck so far :(.

jalep Says:

Danica, thanks! that’s my favorite atp christmas video too – very good. Davydenko, Dinara, Nole, Andre Sa, LaMonf… Sam Querrey a little creepy but knows the words…lol… cheers. happy new year!

Wog Boy Says:

Came on Danica, you have to make it for the orthodox Christmas in Jackson. I am jealous. That church with the graveyard looks so nice and serene and fresco painting inside the church looks great. I checked on the internet and it looks like it became tradition and Jackson residents are quite happy with that and they are permitted to fire blanks from all handheld weapons for the two minutes in the center of the town, besides, you never know, you might find long lost relatives in Jackson.
Talking about long lost relatives, I found mine in Sydney just by the chance. After one funera at Rookwood cemetery in Sydney I wondered through different sections of cemetery (Russian, Serbian, Jewish, Italian..) reading the headstones, they are mostly in English regardless of ethnicity. As I was walking through one of four Serbian sections I saw familiar name on the gravestone, after I checked the place and year of birth I realized that I am standing infront of the grave of my grandmother’s brother and they looked alike very much (we put pictures of buried person on gravestone). I was overwhelmed with strange feeling, I went to the shop and bought the candles and went back to the grave, lit the candles for dedicated them to my grandmather and her long lost brother who she raised since he was the youngest and she was the oldest out of all siblings, I felt sad that she wasn’t around so I could tell her I found him. He left Balkans in 1945 as a part of monarchist army who lost the civil war, never to come back. They knew he survived pulling out of Yugoslavia (most of his mates were killed) and is somwhere in Australia but that was it. I traced his wife and daughter later, but we had nothing in common and they gave me cold shoulder, I guess I was new in Australia and they were afraid that I am going to ask them for some favor or whatever.

danica Says:

That’s a great story! I can just imagine the feelings you had while standing at that grave. The fact that your cousin and aunt rejected you must be a total opposite :(.

As for the Jackson celebration, I didn’t plan well enough this year but you know what, next year I’ll make it a mission :).

danica Says:

Hi Jalep,
Everyone is great in that video ;). I absolutely love the one second Monfils appears ;). Cracks me up every time. Great editing ;). Davydenko and Simon, Seppi… Just super! Sam knows the words but in another video it is shown that he also was mistaken because he didn’t know that you were supposed to count down. I thought everyone in the States knew this song ;). He really looks like an elf. Nole too with his pointy ears :). Andy’s words “Merry Christmas” are calm and balmy.

RZ Says:

@Wog Boy and Danica – it is always January 7? Armenians celebrate on January 6.

RZ Says:

^ That should be Armenians who are Orthodox Christians (which is probably 99% of Armenians)

Wog Boy Says:


Yes, it is true Armenian Apostolic Church celebrates on 6th of January, but I don’t know why, besides, not all orthodox churches celebrate on 7th, Greek, Bulgarian and Romanian celebrates on 25th. Orthodox churches don’t have one head of church, one supreme leade like catholics have Pope or anglican church Archbishop of Canterbury. They are fully independent from each other regardless how big is Russian church or how most respected is Greek church. Nobody can interfere in the affairs of other sister church (that is how we call each other). Every church has it’s own Patriarch and holly sinod and they are making decisions for their own church. That is why some orthodox churches change to 25th and some are more traditional with 7th of January, but one day that all orthodox churches never change and always celrbrate together on same day is Easter day, we calculate Easter Day differently than western churches.
BTW, Armrnias consider themselves as the first nation that accepted christianity, though Assyrians disagree.

Wog Boy Says:

^^^ “Armrnias” should be “Armenians”

RZ Says:

Thanks Wog Boy

Wog Boy Says:

To all my Nole fans, all TX posters and all of my people who left our homeland and are spread all over the world, Happy New Year, I celebrated both Aussie one and European one (due to time difference), this is sad song, song about us who left the country but reminds us of life we had before we left the country, you don’t have to speak Serbian to feel the vibe, cheers with “Žuta Osa”, heaven ‘s drink, enjoy the song:


“U jbt, od ovoga moze da se rikne”

Wog Boy Says:

I know that you Americans are yet to celebrate NY, but keep in your mind that we are sending you second hand NY, used one;) We used it and absued it, Kiwis were the first one to use it, then Aussies and by the time it reaches America the NY is pretty much worn out;)

Wog Boy Says:

Since I am in the good mood after more one day of celebration, this is special song for mat4, former friend of mine, who the deserted me:


Also New Year wish for certain government;)

lakie Says:

Wog Boy you can celebrate New Year many times as the new year midnight gong strikes in other places! Incidentally New Year arrives first in Kiritimati, Christmas Island in a country called Kiribati. Never heard of it but it has the Australian Dollar as its currency. It arrives last ( 24 hrs later) in Honolulu, Hawaii in US. So you can have non stop 24 hours of welcoming the new year!!!

Gypsy Gal Says:


lakie Says:

Happy New Year GG!

J-Kath Says:

Old New Year was traditionally celebrated 12th January and still celebrated in many Scottish Gaelic communities today.

My hubbie still in hospital so my wish to all fans and players alike is Good Health to all in 2016.

Wog Boy Says:


We must be realated to Gaelic people, our (old) NYE is on 13th of January, and we are celebrating it big time, it was almost illegal to celebrate it when I lived in the old country, but police and secret service were turning blind eye, but still registering who is celebrating it. I remember meeting my friend from high school in the restaurant where we were celebrating Serbian New Year on 13th of January, (Restaurant Olimp in Zvezdara region), I knew he joined police after finishing high school, he was there to see who is coming to celebrate it. He was very apologetic and embarrassed when he saw me telling me “I am just doing my job”, since I was already on the other side of fence with existing political system I just told him not to worry since I really don’t care.
BTW, do you know that the first know residents of Belgrade area were Celts, that is where we inherited our stubbornness from:)

Best wishes to you and your family.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Best wishes J-Kath,to yourself,your hubby and the rest of your lovely family ;)….

J-Kath Says:

Yes, WogBoy, there are certainly connections Serbs/Gaelic folk – my fledging knowledge needs to be researched and improved….didn’t know that first known residents of Belgrade were Celts…so one is always learning.

Thanks to You and to Gypsy Gal for your best wishes, kind and appreciated.

MMT Says:

Let’s just say, they should all keep their day jobs.

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