Why Does Novak Djokovic Eat Dates On Court?
by Tom Gainey | January 22nd, 2016, 10:10 am

Every player has his quirks. Rafael Nadal picks his pants, arranges his water bottles just so. Roger Federer doesn’t sweat, he likes to put his hair back under his headband and Andy Murray makes odd jaw movements from time to time.

But what about Novak Djokovic? The world No. 1 does that thing with his eyes when he;s returning serve, but more interestingly he’s one of the few players who consumes dates on changeovers. He explained today after a 3-set win over Andreas Seppi:

Well, dates are I think one of the fruits that give you the low glycemic index, which is very important, because you don’t want to have a strong shot of sugar and then it takes you down very rapidly like, okay, I don’t want to name certain brands. It’s not the place.

But, yeah, I do really pay a lot of attention to nutrition. More than that, it’s my passion and it’s my hobby. It’s something that I enjoy exploring more.

Dates are something that I’ve been consuming on the court for a while now. But, you know, people get to see what we eat and drink on the court and think that that’s giving us the hydration or the energy, sustained energy, throughout the match. But it’s actually what you do before that is even more important: the way you hydrate yourself, prepare yourself, what you eat the hours before, how much you sleep and all these things.

It’s not only about what you see on the stage but backstage that prepares you for that so you don’t get into the crisis, physical crisis, like cramps and so forth that I see many players get into because they don’t prepare themselves well.

Will there be a date craze around the corner? After all, kids always try to mimic what the best do – see Grigor Dimitrov or Rajeev Ram for proof.

Djokovic continues his title defense Sunday against Gilles Simon.

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5 Comments for Why Does Novak Djokovic Eat Dates On Court?

Ben Pronin Says:

“The world No. 1 does that thing with his eyes when he;s returning serve”


kriket Says:

“The thing with his eyes” is not a quirk, it’s adjusting his contact lenses. I’m surprised you haven’t recognized it for what it is, assuming everyone knows he’s wearing contacts.

Gypsy Gal Says:

He rolls his head from side to side,and sometimes shakes his feet lol,i laugh at some of these players quirks….

Django Says:

Head rolls are supposed to be good. Did that in a yoga class. It’s a Gumby thing for him.
Dates, ugh.

Annie Says:

Gypsy Gal…About a year ago I mentioned something about lacking good manners…you responded back (not sure what you said) but want to apologize for my comment…you were right.
This is first time I’m seeing you post since then so thought I better jump in while we are on same article.

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