Roger Federer Hanging Out In Miami Beach
by Staff | March 28th, 2016, 11:52 am

After withdrawing from Miami last Friday with a stomach virus, Roger Federer hung around for a bit longer in Miami. And why not!

Federer also met former Italian soccer player Christian Vieri.

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35 Comments for Roger Federer Hanging Out In Miami Beach

James Says:

Like I said in an earlier post – this all seems suspicious. Sudden decision to come back to a hard court tournament that he has already won before, and a slow hard court that he really doesn’t like to play on, with just 9 days of full training. Then sudden decision to withdraw without playing a match. Then remaining there having a good time.

Seems like he got some money from sponsors and/or the tournament to create some buzz, sell some seats, sell some ad spots, then go back to his rehab to come back on clay courts.

RZ Says:

As much as I love Roger, I probably wouldn’t risk getting a stomach bug to get a pic with him. (On second thought, I probably would).

MMT Says:

James: if he was paid an appearance fee, both he and the Miami Open have violated 1.16 (Promotional Fees) of ATP rules:

“ATP World Tour 500 and ATP World Tour 250 tournaments have the option to offer fees for promotional services. No other ATP World Tour or ATP Challenger Tour tournament
owner, operator, sponsor or agent is permitted to offer, give or pay money or anything of value, nor shall the tournament permit any other person or entity to offer, give or pay money or anything of value to a player, directly or indirectly, to influence or assure a player’s competing in a tournament, other than prize money, unless authorized to do so by the ATP.”

The key exception is, “…unless authorized to do so by the ATP.” which I would think would require some disclosure lest the exception becomes the rule.

Ben Pronin Says:

We saw Federer was practicing on hard courts before the tournament.

Pamela Says:

I seriously doubt that Roger came to Miami to “collect” his appearance fee. The man does not need the money, nor does he need people like some of you putting this out there. but let’s get real. Just b/c he has a stomach flu, does not mean he can’t go out. it means he can’t play tennis…. haven’t any of you ever had a stomach flu or virus?

James Says:

Pamela – people don’t always make money because they “need” it. And hardly anyone, if any, dislikes more money.

MMT – rules, yeah right. The number of laws, not just rules, broken by big companies and rich individuals is too large to count. Assuming they all “follow the rules” is naive. Rules are for the common (wo)man.

I just said it looks suspicious. Who knows what the truth is – you and I will never know. the whole thing was just odd, nobody can deny that.

Theo Says:

I don’t think it’s odd enough for you guys to assume the worst without any concrete proof.

Pretty retarded accusations with any thing other than a vivid imagination.

Maybe you should go writ some fictional novels.

The two ashy kind , of course.

chrisford1 Says:

Agree with James. A multimillionaire surgeon doesn’t need the money, but they want it as their true due, what they justly command. Same with US Presidential caddidate Hillary Clinton making a 200K personal honorarium for talking to one small gathering of connected Wall Street bankers, 165K each for two other speeches to the same Ruling Elites. What she is worth for the influence she can deliver them, or gratitude for helping not put a single one in jail.

Roger is far more harmless. He gets his just due driven by his marketability – he doesn’t escalate the cost of medical care or escalate the corruption of American or any other government in the process.

Markus Says:

That fishy odor that some posters smell here must be coming from their own heads.

Green Lady Says:

Nice pictures, all very wish you were here, but i wish people would leave these players alone, and not make a Federal case (no pun intented) about everything ….

Green Lady Says:

Excuse the spelling mistakes ….

J-Kath Says:

Roger may not have come for appearance fee, but he still has to play (at least appear as he has to play) in a given number of tournaments, unless he wants to be listed as absent for major ill health reasons…even though he is exempt because of his age/no, of tours he has attended. Whether this was his reason, or not, it could have a bearing.

Humble Rafa Says:

Disgusting. You should just sent in a helicopter to collect your money, if that’s what it is all about.

skeezer Says:

“Disgusting. You should just sent in a helicopter to collect your money, if that’s what it is all about.”
Or…in your case….a fishing boat.

Tennisfan Says:

Lucky fans that got to see him!

Purcell Says:

skeezer: I hear Boaty McBoatface may be fishing Mallorcan waters.

Van Persie Says:

Hearing unreal voices is not a sign of mental health….

Purcell Says:

VP:What are you talking about?

Green Lady Says:

^Yes indeed^….

Van Persie Says:

Purcell, Who/what told U, that “Boaty McBoatface may be fishing Mallorcan waters”?

Purcell Says:

VP: Do you know what Boaty McBoatface is all about?

Okiegal Says:

Who is Boaty McBoatface??

Van Persie Says:


have googled the first time, when you mentioned it. Have to admit it ;)…
Have found any news regarding Mallorca.
Should you know more, I will apologize

Margot Says:

“Boaty MCBoatface” is a splendid example of what happens when you let the British people who have a highly developed inclination to take the p., have a vote about anything.

Okiegal Says:


Green Lady Says:

Okie its about Rafa, i dont get it to be honest ? ,and i dont get what Humbles Rafas on about half the time either, and i dont get why everything these players do in their private lives is made a joke about ? ….

J-Kath Says:


They do indeed Margot, they do indeed…no wonder, nobody else understands us…

J-Kath Says:

OOps @ Green Lady…just in case U misunderstood your comment appeared after I sent one to Margot… connection, no connection etc.

Okiegal Says:

@GL…….I was being facetious. I am calling him Cutie McCuteface from now on…….lol. I agree with you. I don’t know why they are all picked to pieces with everything they do in their private lives by some of the fans in various fan bases. People can be so mean spirited at times. When they lose or retire or withdraw or get beat by a lessor player, there is something fishy going on…..I don’t get that at all……click bait I guess. The bylines of these TX threads crack me up……they always have an underlying agenda………

Green Lady Says:

J-Kath no problem ;)) ….

Green Lady Says:

Okie ;)) ….

Purcell Says:

The story of Boaty McBoatface presented the only thing to smile about in a week of terrible and unrelieved gloom in which our hearts went out to all those affected by attacks.
No doubt Attenborough, Worsley or something similar will be chosen for the ship, which hasn’t even been built yet.
Anyway Queen Elizabeth…..smashes champagne bottle on prow……’I name this ship, Boaty McBoatface. God bless her etc etc.’
For those of you who think it’s a dig at Rafa…..give me strength……..

Giles Says:

Fishing, Mallorcan waters – not a dig at Rafa? Give me strength. Well, that’s English humour for you.
Hey Purcell, why don’t you use some of it on your Feddy Bear?

Purcell Says:

For heavens sake grow up Giles. And what do you mean, my Feddy Bear? I don’t lay claim to any tennis player or their fluffy teddy/kitten/puppy. Clearly a feel- good story is never going to be enough to keep you from your self indulgent wallowing.

Muhammad Says:

Regardless of everything, I just can’t wait Federer to be on court, winning a couple of Grand Slams :)

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