Juan Martin Del Potro To Return In Delray Beach
by Tom Gainey | February 3rd, 2016, 11:46 am

Juan Martin Del Potro announced today that he will return to tennis in a few weeks at the Delray Beach event starting on February 15th.

The Argentine, who hasn’t played in almost a year, said he is grateful for all the support he’s received from his friends and fans, and he hopes to make a full return from multiple surgeries last year on his left wrist.

While he did not set a schedule of tournaments he will play, it sounds like if things go well more events will be added.

“We’ve been expecting this call,” said Delray Beach Open tournament director Mark Baron. “Juan Martin has always had Delray Beach in his comeback plans, and we’re happy to know that it’s come to fruition. We are rooting for him to be able to overcome his injury and hope he will have a successful comeback.”

“I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time,” del Potro said. “As I had promised that I would make a comeback around January or February, now I can confirm it will happen at Delray Beach. I wanted to share the news and also the happiness that I feel knowing that I will play a tennis tournament after such a long time.”

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18 Comments for Juan Martin Del Potro To Return In Delray Beach

RZ Says:

I hope he’s all healed up and able to play the full season.

Dave Says:

Me too. He is an amazing player when he is at full strength. This could be awesome for tennis. I don’t have high expectations at this point though. What a humble person though. I really hope he comes back at plays amazing tennis this year.

Markus Says:

Del Potro is the missing link to the Djokovic/Nadal/Murray generation to the younger generation of Nishikori/Raonic.

jalep Says:

He’s warning his fans to be cautious, One match at a time. But it is exciting news.
Best of luck in Del Ray, Delpo!

Gypsy Gal Says:

This is fantastic news,to be honest,some months ago i thought he was closer to retirement than he was returning to the tour,anyway he needs to break himself in gently,and im not expecting instant success,baby steps first….

SG1 Says:

Great to have DelPo back out there. Great player cut down by injury. I feel strongly that if he had been healthy the past 5 or six years, he’d have 4 or 5 majors in the bank right now (…perhaps more).

Agree with Markus. He should have been the link between the Big Four and the next two or three. Now he’s the broken link. Can only forward now.

chrisford1 Says:

Great news. Juan is one of three players I have rooted for since 2008. Him, Cilic, and Novak (2007 for Novak). I think I may be the only one to have him on a Top 10 List for 2016.
But slow steps 1st. Wouldn’t it be something though, if he is able to reach full form and get yet another classic match in against Fed or Nole in 2016!!
Let’s hope against hope this is the last wrist injury fix he will need. Even if he must scale back the forehand power some to stay healthy.
Again, just great news!!

Margot Says:

I wish him all the best, but I feel, pessimistically, that he will never be the same player.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Margot i think the same,its unrealistic IMO….

jane Says:

good for delpo!!

Michael Says:

It is great to see this good piece of news. I thought that Del Potro’s career was good as over and he might be emulating the example of Soderling and announcing his retirement after all the injury problems that he was confronted with.

But now it appears that they are things of the past and Del Potro is alive, kicking and raring to go. He is definitely needed today in the Tennis world which is struggling with lack of competition and depth and he might provide the necessary heft if only he remains injury free !!

J-Kath Says:

Will Del Potro be able to play with that same power he had before? Dare he? Perhaps he’ll be content with a middle-of-the-road career – top 30? I think he’s already 27 years old…

Gypsy Gal Says:

Michael do you think Delpo will return to the tour and all of a sudden make some big impression at the click of ones fingers,its great news indeed,but im not one of those people thats expecting miracles,he could hit the ball with alot of venom and also very deep,and he was unplayable,but i dont think he was ever the best mover,so i doubt he would be challenging the top guys for majors,and also come the USO it will be seven years since he won that one and only major?….

Colin Says:

The trouble is, most events are sudden death, and you don’t have time to play youself in if you lose early, as Rafa knows only too well.

James Says:

Delpo really had the potential of being in the same category and Fed/Nadal/Djokovic – amazing game, power and temperament, and great movement for a tall guy like him. Also such a nice guy. Unfortunately, with both wrists having multiple surgeries – he’s done. He was done many years ago. He might be able to win some good matches, even a couple of small tournaments here and there, might crack the top 30, even 20 eventually – but I don’t see him going past that. Its really unfortunate, but it is what it is. He’s already 27+, so its not like he has too many years left, even though his body has few miles on it.

If this was soccer, I would be hopeful, but tennis is played by hands, and in his case, both hands on the backhand side.

Djokovic must be smiling somewhere – with Fed out of his way, and no young guy on his heels, 2016 seems to be his year again, might even win the calendar slam, maybe a golden slam. whatever little hope I had of Raonic being a challenger got vanquished with yet another injury – the big guy just can’t keep his body together.

James Says:

If Hewitt can sort out Kyrgios’ mind, that’s one guy who can do anything on the court. And he’s just 20. I don’t see anyone else picking up the mantle. Dimitrov? Nah, we know that. Nishikori? Body can’t hold up. Raonic? Body can’t hold up. Goffin? Lacks firepower. Thiem? nah.

Daniel Says:

If Haas coild play almost at 36 so can DelPo. Hehad toomany sitgeries but be wasn’t out of tour as long as Ancic or Soderling. Last year he was playing.

Hope now he is pain (within possible) and doesn’t need any nore correction. Even if he loses a lot of matches as long as he is on court playing and getting match ready he can think of top30-20 and maybe even top 10 next year. Once there who knows…

I just wanted him to get 1 more Slam, that would be amazng for everything he wen through. But, first things firts, winning some matches.

Wog Boy Says:


You mentioned Haas, it is true, he is still around, but what has he won worth mentioning? Nothing.
Delpo is GS winner, player who beat and was able to beat any active player. The way he won USO was amazing coming from behind and the GOAT, sure he can play until 36, but what is the point if he is only the name on the tour without winning any meaningful title, and honestly I don’t see him winning any meaningful title.

Somebody mentioned Kyrgios, following closely all Aussie players in the last 6-12 months I came to conclusion that they bonded really well, but wrong way, the way they justify each other stupidity (Tomic, Kyrgios), I just hope that Kokkinakis can brake away from that pattern, if not, I don’t have high hopes for any of them.

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