Beach Bum Novak Djokovic Makes TMZ
by Tom Gainey | March 8th, 2011, 10:24 am

djokovic-beachYou know you are a big star when you make the celebrity gossip site just for walking around on the beach. Novak Djokovic appeared on the site yesterday after shirtless pictures of the Australian Open winner were taken on him on Malibu Beach and in the water.

Novak even posted a picture (left) to his facebook page of his Saturday trip.

“LA – Hollywood- Beverly Hills – Malibu. These are the places I visited so far on the West Coast (yo yo yo) :) I keep on noticing people around me who are probably there because they are dreaming of becoming actors or actively trying to be ones…. it is just incredible! :)The weather is perfect, people are very kind and easy going which makes me feel quite comfortable – almost as if I am their citizen :)” he wrote Saturday.

Then followed up on Sunday with, “Hey guys!!! I had a great night last night. Went to some club and met some great people! LA is really crazy city, always something going on. Anyway, even though all this is nice (partying& chilling) I still prefer living in my world – tennis world :) So after two days of rest, i am heading to IW to start my strict eat – sleep -practice regime :)”

Djokovic is now in Indian Wells where he’ll resume his assault on Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. The Serb will play either Saturday or Sunday.

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14 Comments for Beach Bum Novak Djokovic Makes TMZ

sar Says:

Seems like Novak is on a PR blitz in LA. Besides TMZ he is also active on his FB page and Twitter all of a sudden.
Something is in the air….

Duro Says:

Number 1, sar. Number 1…

skeezerweezer Says:

“I have this feeling in my head,” Djokovic posted on his Facebook page, adding, “I feel physically well, fit, mentally motivated to do even more coming up to Indian Wells and Miami.”

Errrr…look out Rafa/Fed!

RE; LA. There is a reason besides Hollywood LA is sought after still. The beach towns and beaches are incredible. Travel down the PCH in a Harley or Mustang (top down of course ) yo yo y o.

Duro Says:

Hey, Skeez! Two rivals all of a sudden for your champ? There’s a big war coming…

Prepare to fight!

Oleee ole ole oleeee, No1-leee, no1-leeee…

Rafa next!

skeezerweezer Says:

Haha Duro :-). Should be a fun tourney…

dari Says:

Nole has everyone buzzed up! Even though a nole/Rafa meet up would mean roger lost, I wanna see what novak can do! Wait, actually depending jm the draw we could see nole/Rafa semis….. IW here we come!
All the tennisx folks who are going- safe travels and report back!

Kimmi Says:

no dari, nole is on federers half i think.

Sean Randall Says:

Novak is really eating up his newfound fame! I hope the fame doesn’t return the favor.

dari Says:

Yeah, when I wrote that I didn’t know the draw was out I thought it was coming out tomorrow! So I spoke too soon. Oh well, maybe roger can snag him this time!
Lineup looks great, and dolgopolov seeded!

Mike Says:

Big head Nole is boring as ever zzz

jane Says:

He goes to LA and has fun for a couple of days. No big deal: he needs to blow off some steam and chillax, and as skeezer says, what better place? Seems to me every year he’s gone to LA before IW. In fact in 2008, when he won IW, he went to LA and appeared on Leno beforehand. I think he has his priorities straight by the sounds of it. Also, the fame isn’t exactly “newfound”; he went through all this before after he won his first slam. He knows the drill.

stu Says:

yeah the only difference is that he is trying to connect with his fans more – way more facebook than usual, and now twitter too. on the other hand, maybe he’s just discovered social networking. we all went thru that phase!

jane Says:

true stu – Nole the networker. LOL. As long as he’s a “net” worker too, I am okay with that. Okay enough with the puns (see other thread re: hotness) for today! Cheers.

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