Rafael Nadal Gets Clearance To Play The Rio Olympics; Final Entry List Released
by Staff | July 15th, 2016, 2:31 pm

While Milos Raonic withdrew, Rafael Nadal got clearance to play in the Rio Olympics which begins next month.

After missing the required number of Davis Cup events due to injury, Nadal’s appeal to the ITF was successful and the 2008 gold medallist is on the final Rio entry list. Though Nadal still has some doubt of competing if his left wrist injury is not fully healed.

Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer and defending gold medalist Andy Murray are also on the list. Serena and Venus Williams and Angelique Kerber lead the women.

Nadal will also play in doubles with Marc Lopez. Federer teams with Stan Wawrinka and Djokovic joins with Nenad Zimonjic.

Entries for both events are a combination of 56 direct acceptances based on the singles world rankings of 6 June, and six ITF Places (Final Qualification Places) allocated according to the Qualification System. There are also two Tripartite Commission Invitation Places.

The Draw for the Olympic Tennis Event will be held on site at the Olympic Tennis Centre on Thursday, August 4th at 11am local time.

At the moment, 13 of the Top 15 men are expected with Raonic and Dominic Thiem not playing. All Top 20 women are on the list.

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21 Comments for Rafael Nadal Gets Clearance To Play The Rio Olympics; Final Entry List Released

jane Says:

raonic just pulled out.

J-Kath Says:


Wow! Assume a wee injury? Exhaustion?

RZ Says:

GLad Rafa got clearance to play. He can now carry the flag for Spain!

J-Kath Says:

Jane – Eventually read an article and found out why Milos and others are pulling out of Rio. I can sympathise with them. This Olympics feels different somehow.

danica Says:

They are all scared of zika virus because they are terribly misinformed. There is this whole boo-hoo about the virus allegedly being connected to microcefaly which would mean that the fetus is in danger. So, pregnant women may need to be extra careful, not healthy athletes! Besides, there is no real proof for that connection since the cases of microcefaly that were researched seem to be the adverse effect of the huge amount of pesticides used in those areas. According to webmd.com : “But most people won’t know they have it.

“Only about 1 in 5 people with the virus will exhibit symptoms,” says Amesh Adalja, MD, a spokesman for the Infectious Diseases Society of America. “The vast majority have no symptoms at all.”

They do not know what they are missing. The experience of attending the OG seems to be an incredible thing. There are always repellents to be used, just in case. Of course, it is their decision ultimately but I am afraid they bought into the hype.

chrisford1 Says:

Danica –
Its a tough call for a lot of the athletes and tourists and Brazilians wishing to travel 100s of miles. And an even tougher call for tennis players.
For all, besides the Zika issue, Rio is broke and some real doubts exist on whether or not the the transportation and facilities will be good to go on deadline. Rio and Sao Paul have a massive thug problem, as bad as the worst US cities or places like Capetown SA or Lagos Nigeria. Worse really, because the police cannot control it, so the military is coming in to try and achieve some semblance of order.

For tennis players, outside the stars, points really do matter. For getting seeded, getting invites to Slams vs 250s, getting seeded. Almost all know they have no hope of medalling or getting any notice from nations or private sponsors. And the powers that be in tennis messed up by making a daunting schedule from DC to Rogers Cup to Olympics to Cincinnati to CITI and other 500 events than the US Open. All happening during the remainder of the summer.

And if the tennis stars do go to the Olympics, stand by and watch many of them come up with back issues, knee strains and so on ‘forcing’ them to skip Rogers Cup or Cincinnati.

AndyMira Says:

@Dani..agree..to think back,it’s pretty funny how such a healthy and strong,well over 6ft athlete can be scared of this virus..if they think carefully..there’s always a danger lurking around them all the time..if they go to the public places and there’s always someone who’s got flu bugs in their body and can give it to them in a second..and flu bugs can kill too..didn’t they scared of it?I found their reason for not going to Rio because of this virus is pretty lame..sorry to say that..like Rafa said..he’s already been down there and still alive nowadays..if it’s not a proof enough,i don’t know what else to say..i guess OG is not as important to them as their precious health!

Okiegal Says:

@AndiMira……precious health is important when playing a sport is your livelihood. I can definitely see their concern. I am concerned about my health…..being 70 and all….lol! I am not going to Rio either for two reasons…fear of flying and and fear of flying…..more afraid of that than contracting the virus!! Just put on a mask! 😷😷😝😝🆗???

danica Says:

As far as health concerns and Zika virus, it is all blown out of proportion. You can have a nice stroll in a forest anywhere in the States or Europe and have a tick attach. Lyme and coinfections are way more dangerous than Zika. I agree that there is the problem with criminal activity and total disregard for human life in some parts, but I would think that there are certain international bodies who approved of the Games there. They must have thought that it was safe to organize such an event.

In the end, it is a personal decision that has to be respected.

chrisford1 Says:

The execs running pro tennis bungled the scheduling between competing bodies. From Barcelona to the USO, too much stuff, too close together. Too much for most players to handle. To do well at DC or Olympics or USO or what for Raonic and others are hugely rewarding (in endorsements) Masters – they have to choose and come up with a plausible excuse.

For those that wish to deduct an event from their schedule, they need to come up with an excuse.

Zika is a wonderful excuse for players getting no pay, no points, no chance of getting a medal if they show – to duck the Olympics.
Injuries are the way to avoid fines playing Rogers Cup or Cincinnati. Expect Rogers back to act up anyday now, Novak to have fatigue and mention the injury he alluded to at his Wimbledon exit, and Rafa’s wrist will still be malo, muy malo,,

BBB Says:

International olympic organizations are notorious for corruption. The fact that they decided to locate the games in Brazil to me simply means they decided to locate the games there.

We know what we know about zika as of today, but it often takes awhile to know the full ramifications. I don’t blame anyone for being risk averse.

AndyMira Says:

@Okie 3:38pm,Ha ha ha..i can understand your fear okie..don’t worry,nobody will blame you if you decide not to participate in Rio this time!You’re a special case okie..But Zika is not SARS or H1N1 or H5N1 or other deadly virus..it’s only dangerous for pregnant women and since this strong and healthy athlete is not pregnant..so why afraid of it?I think,the main reason is Rio not offer any points and maybe money also play a little role..oh well..they’re all entitle to their decision.. i just hope,rafa’s wrist will hold up nicely when he proudly carry his nation’s flag at OG later!

BBB Says:

I just watched Safin’s Hall of Fame speech. That dude remains hilarious. Unbelievable that he’s a politician now.

Ruby Says:

A thread full of incredible misinformation. If you’re not a physician or don’t have a background in public health, perhaps don’t tell people what is safe and what isn’t. For one thing it is not factual that Zika is only potentially harmful to pregnant women. Zika is also linked to Guillain Barre syndrome, which could be devastating for a male or female athlete and end their career. Yes, it is a rare side effect, but the risk as far as is scientifically known at this time real, not made up or hyped. It is for individuals to decide what to do with factual information — but it amazes me that people feel comfortable spreading their unresearched opinions about whether or not Zika is dangerous.

J-Kath Says:

@ Ruby:

Thank you for sharing your expertise with us. I have personally felt uneasy about the Rio Olympics on more than one front. Zika is one of them. Not only because of the blighted Scottish Volunteer Nurse but all the deaths that previously resulted from exposure to Zika. And Rio will host massive audiences and many hundreds of the world’s sports stars. So I am uncomfortable with all the casual posts in which “people feel comfortable spreading their unresearched opinions.


AndyMira Says:

@Ruby..sure zika is dangerous..who says it’s not?And zika became sensational because of a connection between the virus and microcephaly,that could lead a death to babies..and of course pregnant women is the most exposed and should feared this virus..but not an athlete..sure the virus could infect them while they’re in Rio..but they’re also can take several precaution for it as i’m sure their physician will give to them later..

When SARS first outbreak in China 10 years ago,it’s 10th or 100th times more scary than zika Ruby..i live in Malaysia who’s the largest population were divide to 3 biggest ethnic..MALAY,CHINESE and INDIAN..and thousands of chinese travel to their motherhoodland China,Hong Kong and Macau every day..and not surprisingly SARS arrived in Malaysia not long after that..you don’t know how scary the situations at that time …you go out and you don’t know you brushed your shoulder with someone who’s already infected by this deadly virus..we have to wear a mask everytime we’re going out..children has to wear a mask to school..if we’re going out to buy a food,we have to wash our hand thoroughly after we got back,millions of chickens and birds have to be destroyed because some of them were already infected by the birds that were flown in from China and those infected area.. and we’re only eat fish months after that..and if you were infected by SARS,there’s nothing you can do except order your coffin right away..and it’s not stop there,we’re also has to deal with H1N1,H5N1 and Chikugunya,Yellow Fever in the past and Dengue[in daily basis]..

So..sure zika is dangerous but it cannot compare to the SARS,H1N1,H5N1,Ebola and Mers CoV who’s already killed 446 deaths globally..

chrisford1 Says:

Ruby – “If you’re not a physician or don’t have a background in public health, perhaps don’t tell people what is safe and what isn’t.”

Sure there is a lot of ignorance in Zika comments, but remember that the appeal to “only experts and MDs should be heeded” always comes with no agreement of the “experts, and doctors”. Zika is another classic case.
One faction says that it is terrible for many communicable through sex recommends that pregnant women or those planning to get pregnant in the next five years flee Zika areas, and men bank sperm if they are planning on having children.
The other faction is “no worry, trivial safety concern, the Brazilian authorities are on it, don’t avoid the Olympics unless you are pregnant do to a very slight risk.

It is maddening in the information age how little consensus exists in any field where judgment and subjectivity are involved – with the public left deciding which opposed group of experts is right.

AndyMira Says:

If there’s someone who’s interested enough to know what ITF president David Haggerty said about zika and olympics..http://www.tennisworldusa.org/David-Haggerty-There-is-no-reason-to-cancel-or-postpone-Olympics-because-of-Zika-articolo34531.html?

BBB Says:

It isn’t necessary to compare zika to other viruses. If an athlete feels there either isn’t enough information yet, or that the existing information suggests too much of a risk, then the athlete is perfectly within his or her rights to skip the event.

Willow Says:

Glad he got the clearance, just hope the wrist is OK ….

skeezer Says:

State sponsored doping by Russia?


Hope this has not “bled” into Tennis.

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