Del Potro Wins Again In Rio, Tsonga Upset, Djokovic Loses In Doubles; Murray, Nadal Return Tuesday
by Staff | August 8th, 2016, 9:56 pm

Juan Martin del Potro continued to be the story of the Rio Olympic tennis event. Just 16 hours after stunned top ranked Novak Djokovic in about 2.5 hours, del Potro was back on court and needed to go the distance to put away the stubborn Joao Sousa of Portugal 6-3, 1-6, 6-3.

“Last night I went to bed at 4:30 in the morning,” del Potro said. “Today I was having breakfast at nine o’clock,” said the Argentine whose build-up to his match with Djokovic on Sunday had been marked by him getting stranded in an elevator for 40 minutes.

“I still can’t believe I beat Djokovic and had to play again so soon. And I can’t believe I’ll have to play doubles later today. It is very hard, but we’ll do what we can.”

Del Potro later played in the men’s doubles with Maximo Gonzalez in the second but lost in 2.5 hours to Rafael Nadal and Marc Lopez 6-3, 5-7, 6-2.

“I am going slowly, I am trying to get better every day and I think I am doing well,” added del Potro.

Taro Daniel booked a spot opposite del Potro on Wednesday by defeating Brit Kyle Edmund.

Gael Monfils stayed hot winning for his 11th time in his last 12 cruising past Brazil’s Rogerio Dutra Siva 6-2, 6-4. US Open champion Marin Cilic will be next for Monfils on Wednesday in the third round.

In the late match, Australian John Millman stormed out to a 5-2 lead in the first set and led 4-0 in the breaker but it wasn’t enough as Kei Nishikori got into gear and won it 7-6(4), 6-4.

Andrey Martin was the beneficiary of a stress fracture to the right foot of Philipp Kohlschreiber and Roberta Bautista Agut moved on with a won over Paolo Lorenzi of Italy.

The lone surprise on the day was Newport finalist Gilles Muller, who was the flagbearer from Luxembourg, sending out Jo-Wilfried Tsonga 6-4, 6-3. Tsonga had to receive treatment for a toe injury during the match while Muller cracked 14 aces and 36 winners.

In a late doubles, Novak Djokovic and partner Nenad Zimonjic lost in the doubles to the third seeded Brazilian team of Marcelo Melo and Bruno Soares 6-4, 6-4. Unless Djokovic plays mixed doubles, his bid for a gold in Rio is over.

On Tuesday, the last eight second round matches are slated for completion. Andy Murray returns to face veteran Argentine and then Rafael Nadal follows against Italian 32-year-old Andreas Seppi.

Centre Court
starting at 10:45
(7) KEYS Madison (USA) vs (9) SUAREZ NAVARRO Carla (ESP)
followed by
MONACO Juan (ARG) vs (2) MURRAY Andy (GBR)
(3) NADAL Rafael (ESP) vs SEPPI Andreas (ITA)
not before 18:45
(1) WILLIAMS Serena (USA) vs (15) SVITOLINA Elina (UKR)
(11) CUEVAS Pablo (URU) vs BELLUCCI Thomaz (BRA)

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63 Comments for Del Potro Wins Again In Rio, Tsonga Upset, Djokovic Loses In Doubles; Murray, Nadal Return Tuesday

Travis Bickle Says:

I see that Fed fanboys here keep reiterating that Olympics don’t matter for tennis players. The only reason for their blather is that their idol Roger has lost a chance to ever win it. To prove just again how wrong and how dumb Federinas on this site are, I am enclosing Del Potro’s statement in which he says that his win over Djoker is more important than his ONLY slam (2009 USO win over Federer)!!!

But who cares what Delpo thinks – we all know that skeezer, daniel, et al. know better and they say that Olympic wins don’t matter, because if they mattered Dearest Roger would have won it by now… LOL

If they didn’t have double digits IQs (my guess is around 80) they would have concluded it after seeing Djoker’s reactions after losing at a slam (Wimbledon this July) and after losing at Olympics yesterday. You really have to be “genius” and, despite seeing those reaction, state that slams are more important to tennis players than Olympics!

Travis Bickle Says:

Djoker just announced he is skipping Cincinnati to better heal his injury before US Open.

skeezer Says:

Delpo got stuck in an elevator and still beat Novak.

I never said that Olympics don’t matter. Fed won a Gold, and yes it matters, don’t twist it. Oh just to show the dumb CON cult on this site….
Your jealousy is showing.

django Says:

Good for him. Troicki said a while back he had a hurt elbow?

Markus Says:

How stupid is Travis Bickle? It’s very obvious in his post above. He just emphasized Djokovic utter failure. No Olynpics medals of any color in any event after two attempts. At least Federer has a silver in singles and a gold in doubles. What a dunce this Travesty Bickle guy is.

Wog Boy Says:

Stan and Federina won it, without Stan Federina wouldn’t be able to win it, same as DC, facts!

Wog Boy Says:

How stupid and infantile Marcus is, Nole has bronze from Bejing, really, how old are you? Go to your mummy to wipe your bum..and mouth..that’s not eatable..

Travis Bickle Says:


You and skeezer will never understand it because you live your life through Federer!

Even though Djoker may never won Olympics, I will still be honest and call spade a spade, i.e. admit that winning gold in singles (not doubles skeezer ;) matter more than a slam – that much was obvious from Djoker’s reactions and Delpo’s statement.

You, on the other hand, would never admit anything going against your Man because federer fans are not healthy – do you notice how tennis is much better these days when there are no Federer fans in the stands to spread their hate?
Djoker-Delpo match had great atmosphere where fans were cheering only FOR their faves, and not AGAINST like Federer fans do ALL the time.

You guys are so bitter with hate and feeling of inevitability of Djoker surpassing all federer records that you are consumed by trying to make Federer’s failures look unimportant (Olympic singles win, 4 slams in a row, negative H2H with Rafa/Djoker), while the same time fanatically cheering for anyone playing against Djoker.

I am different.
I support Djoker, but have no problem admitting Olymoic wins that Rafa, Murray and Agassi have are very important for players’ legacies.

And, one more thing – based on your comments after Delpo’s win yesterday, you have shown how miserable and hate-filled sub-human being you are. At least, skeezer is not like that – he is just extremely unintelligent/dumb Federer worshipper, but he doesn’t hate Djoker IMO…

skeezer Says:

^ the sour grapes has arrived at Tennis X

elina Says:

Lol tb.

Markus an obvious fedfan just serves to prove my point that only fedfans try to define tennis for all fans and even the players themselves for obvious reasons

Vince Says:

Drama joker downfall started. It’s just the beginning

Daniel Says:

Is it true he is not playing Cincy? Damm, had a feeling he would grab it the year.

Cindy starts next week, he could ask for alate start on Wednesday Aug 17th, that’s is 9 days more to heal.

Wog Boy Says:


It is also obvious that he/she is using few monikers, just check this thread and last few days posts. Just wait until his mum gets internet bill…

skeezer Says:

disclaimer; i’ve had sour grapes with a few Feds losses, all good. It is good to see some humble pie all around. Word for the wise, respect other players or what goes around comes around. Expect it.

Travis Bickle Says:

“Word for the wise, respect other players or what goes around comes around. Expect it.”

Are you giving an advice to your Roger Dearest for that time when he called Novak Djokovic “a joke”? All signs points to the sad reality that in few years the joke will be on Roger ;-)

Speaking of respect, I don’t recall Djoker ever calling Federer any names (e.g. “he’s a joke”, implying faking unjuries, etc). Novak is all class when it comes to respecting his fellow players. For example look at Federer after his loss to Novak at USO 2011, and look at Novak after his (super hard) loss against Stan at FO 2105, or yesterday against Delpo.

Note though that Novak’s behaviour is not that uncommon. Federer’s was – he is one of the few sore losers on the tour, probably the worst of all.

Novak is a very gracious loser, but also are Murray, Rafa, Delpo, Wawrinka, maybe not to the same degree but still great guys in a loss. Federer, not so much!

skeezer Says:

He is a gracious loser. Sorry for your loss.
Peace be with you my brother.

Khb Says:

Fed is gracious in losses, as Taylor Swift is a role model for 7 year olds.
Tay, a supreme operatic vocalist that no one could match!
The smug & richest entertainer with an obscene, bizarre award total.
The supertalented, honest song genius & feminist!
Fanatics quickly lost interest in buying her crap music when she was
exposed as an evil hag.

Federina’s so heroic that he complimented a tennis reject Roddick, the non-sportsmanship winner just because Roddick failed to gain talent or respect and faked friendship with Fed to promote their greedy, money grubbing existence.
Since novak was the only one that destroyed Federina on every surface, he said Roddick was “his man”.
Funny how fake the weak era was.
Fed admitted that it was weird
to see Roddick getting worked up & squealing with delight at fed.
Fed was a player with 10 times Roddick’s speed & brain size.
Fed was worse than even John Mc after winning.
He thought he was winning 2009 Aussie Open
so he mocked Novak & cried hysterically after Nadal played 6+ hours in semi & final. Clown had his 15 slam jacket & manbag out for Roddick at Wimbledon. By that time, only Fed fanatics cared about Roddick.

6 sportsmanship awards later,
Fed still bragged about his awards that had nothing to do with reality.

That’s like Tay Tay Swift winning Grammies because of the voters’ desperate greed for money & shallowness.

Laver Rules Says:

To all you nutcases on this blog-site, who have probably never held a tennis racket in their lives and behave like tennis pundits, here’s a link to an article in praise of the almighty God of Tennis:

And, here’s an excerpt from the same article:

“There are three kinds of valid explanation for Federer’s ascendancy. One kind involves mystery and metaphysics and is, I think, closest to the real truth. The others are more technical and make for better journalism.
Continue reading the main story

The metaphysical explanation is that Roger Federer is one of those rare, preternatural athletes who appear to be exempt, at least in part, from certain physical laws. …..”

Now, when a credible paper writes something even 10% as laudatory as this on Djoko, Nadal, or anyone else for that matter then you can speak of that other lucky person and Federer in the same breath. Who cares if Nadal beats the crap out of Feds and Djoko may end up with more slams. They are still perspiring, grunting, hard-working, battling retrievers and NOT “religious experience” or “poetry.”

Having said all that, Murray is still my favorite and his time has just begun. I peg him for the Olympic Gold, and the US and Australian Open wins. I also think Djoko could win up-to 2 more slams before retiring, which will happen before he turns 33.
Also check this blog at to read more about some real tennis which includes a little of what you rabid Federer, Nadal and Djoko fanatics seek while glued to your TVs or laptops and munching whatever …… :)

Wog Boy Says:


You just blew it with that article and thanks, but no thanks..regarding your blog.
BTW, that article was posted here while back and we loughed it can have it..and your blog too;)

elina Says:

Who’s the Bad Knee Rules now. As LR said, word to the wise, respect all players or what goes around, comes around. Expect it.

BBB Says:

Didn’t David Foster Wallace kill himself?

Wog Boy Says:


After somebody posted the same article while back I went to find out more about the person who had that religious experience with Roger and found the sad story sbout the man was mentally unstable most of his life, taking antidepressants from his youth days and two years after he wrote that religious experience with Roger he killed himself at the age of 46, but we can’t blame Roger for that..

BBB Says:

No, not Roger’s fault at all. But I’m not sure why DFW’s judgment is being held up as the bar against which other tennis players are being measured.

Wog Boy Says:

To be honest, I thought LR is pulling our leg, but after I read his post again I realise he was serious and if it is not sad (due to what happened to writer) it would be loughable to take that seriously.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

DFW is one of the greatest writers of the last fifty years. His loss is a tragic one but I am not at all surprised to see posters in this forum making hay off a suicide. His essays are brilliant. I highly recommend the collection, Consider the Lobster, which also has an amazing piece on Tracy Austin and the vacuity of athletic genius.

If anyone can write a paean to Novak’s game well enough to get thousands of words in the NYT, I look forward to reading it. This one is an expression of one man’s thoughts on the aesthetics of tennis, but these are also thoughts that were, and are, apparently shared by many, including myself. Check the reaction to the piece. Also, the continued popularity of Federer despite his drop from the peak of tennis. This is simply a fact: a large number of people enjoy Federer’s game. DFW gave a voice to what they see. Anyone has a right to enjoy the tennis player they wish. Its absurd to think that fans can’t enjoy other players, or, they can, but they can’t say why! Which gets back to the idea of a paean to Novak’s game: I really would enjoy reading that, because it would be interesting to see what other people see, just as I would enjoy reading an accessible explanation of the attraction of some genre of music I don’t get.

DFW is also the only (that I know of) writer of his stature with a background as an elite junior tennis player.

Wog Boy Says:

I would never ever like to see that kind of article about Novak. Different strokes for different folks.

elina Says:

It’s tennis. Not religion.

Fandom run amok cannot separate the two.

When tennis (or anything) is turned into a religion, it’s followers try to shove it down the throat of everybody else.

And therein lies the problem.

My point all along.

BBB Says:

If a poster wants to make the absurd statement that a brilliant but troubled novelist ipso facto sets the bar for evaluating the greatness of tennis players, then expect an absurd response.

I myself prefer George Plimpton.

skeezer Says:

^If you are bringing up that kind of quality writing, I prefer Harvey Kurtzman.

skeezer Says:


See you can watch it here…..the episode is broken up into smaller pieces…

Otherwise ….nevermind :(

Khb Says:

How does fed change the lightbulb?
He holds it in the air & the world revolves around him.
How do you describe a fed fan with half a brain?
How do you teach a dog to roll over & play dead?
Watch Fed/Roddick matches.
How creepy that fed fanboys still worship that
appalling, self-absorbed crap.
A work of unconscientiousness. A confused mind.

It wasn’t shocking. A conceited, deluded Fed worshipper
realized he wrote a bible about Fed and got embarrassed.
The world didn’t revolve around Federina’s ballet, so he got pissed.
I guess he realized that Fed ridiculed beautiful Novak
yet praised violent, aw breaking spoiled bratRoddick the Fed hero in 2006-2008.

The disgusting sycophantic article looked like a last ditch effort
to be legendary.
To tell everyone that he was dying for people similar to Fed.
David’s biggest fan was himself.
He took too much medication, couldn’t face reality and therefore killed himself.

Khb Says:

*law breaking

AndyMira Says:

And Andy take 1st set 63..and i think he will get through in straight sets..C’mon Andy..

AndyMira Says:

What is he/she is talking about???

SG1 Says:

khb….take a deep breath…maybe two or three. I’m not a big Federer fan as most folks from this blog will attest to. This being said, he went toe-to-toe with Novak in the past two Wimbledon finals and last year’s USO final when he was considerably past his prime. Not to mention those 26 or 27 major final appearances and 17 major wins. His record is beyond reproach.

Federer doesn’t have to be your favorite player but to not recognize the immense talent and achievements of the man is to discredit yourself more than him.

AndyMira Says:

@SG1….very agree!!Not to mention that Fed is not even here or in Rio!

Btw..great win by Andy..63 61…M, guys must be delighted..and please help yourself with “ginastics” and “scothistics”..

Daniel Says:

Ferrer bad year continues, he just lost to a Russian Player I’ve never heard about: Evgeny Donskoy.

Markus Says:

How do you call a Fed hater
who writes a poem about him?

AndyMira Says:

Yes!!Rafa won 1st set 63..

BBB Says:

I have to say, I am really impressed that Rafa is playing in all three events. What a commitment to his country and the games, at what may be a risk to his own health (I certainly hope not).

And Venus is will be playing mixed doubles. Good for her.

AndyMira Says:

@BBB..i think rafa choose to play that much not only for his country but for himself as well..we all know that rafa is kind of player who needs more matches under his belt so he can adept faster to the game..i think he’s playing this much to prepare for US open…

BBB Says:

Andy – I suppose only he knows, but this seems like too much tennis for someone recovering from a wrist injury.

AndyMira Says:

I know BBB,even Moya also did not agree when he choose to play in 3 events but who are we to stop him…Rafa not only known for his greatness but for his stubborness as well!

skeezer Says:

^hurt wrist and all. One thing about Rafa, he can win injured, at least so he claims.

Humble Rafa Says:

You and skeezer will never understand it because you live your life through Federer!

Please be nice to my friend Skeeze. He is going through a rough rest of the year and we all need to be kind to him. Until January, please don’t provoke him. He will take it out on his cats and that won’t be nice (for the cats).

BBB Says:

Sock and Johnson are playing surprisingly well in the dubs.

skeezer Says:

“.. because you live your life through Federer!”
You should talk ,,, the guy who lives through someone else on this site, LOL!
I am skeezer, and post and represent myself, not Fed.
Your Humble Rafa, and post like your Rafa. That is a wee bit different, no?

elina Says:

Word to the wise. Respect all players or what goes around comes around. Expect it.

But some can’t practise what they preach.

Who is Bad Knee Rules now I wonder?

Hint: the same guy who skipped out of facing Nole in WTF only to play with same back to win DC a few days later.

Guess some aren’t wise enough lol.

skeezer Says:

^what does that have to do with anything?

elina Says:

^ like I said, guess some aren’t wise enough.

skeezer Says:

So your saying your not wise? Ok…got it.

Wog Boy Says:


Thanks for the link, I didn’t know about that, though I knew about “Viminacium” archeological site, it is worth visiting same as not far away “Lepenski vir”, they are both alongside river Danube on the most imoprtant trading route between east and west for thousands of year and today, that part of Serbia is Eldorado for archeologists. Unfortunately, due to careless industrialization after WW2 in that area lot of archeological history and treasures are lost for ever, even these days they careless, just last year or so they buried foundation of just unearthed ancient church because it was on the way of freeway to Sofia (Bulgaria) instead of diverting freeway, can you imagine.

Do you know that thirteen Roman Emperors were born on territory of todays Serbia including Emperor Constanine who introduced christianity as offical religion in Roman Empire.

These are two links about those two very important archeological sites I mentioned:

Wog Boy Says:

And while we are at it, again alongside river Danube, basicly outer Belgrade suburb, european mysterious ancient Vinca culture unearthed, this one is really worth reading, check it out:

Vince Says:

Another arrogant is out today , awesome!

Vince Says:


Travis Bickle Says:


You don’t like Djoker and Serena very much?

You seem to be more of a Federer/Graf type…

Should we call you Gunter?

fred stone Says:

…bounces the ball nine to sixteen times before serving.
…’shovels’ his heart to the fans begging for their love.
…flexes his muscles like a typical self-loving moron.
…waves his arms for the crowd to cheer louder to feed his fat ego.
What’s not to like?

J-Kath Says:


Wow..the articles, especially Vinca (Yours at 7,32pm Aug 9th).
It is a huge, extraordinary subject. You were lucky to be born in Serbia and absorb the knowledge with your porridge. Walter (geologist)was passionate about ancient Egypt et al, he would have loved Serbia.

J-Kath Says:

What’s not to like?
Please don’t tempt me.

elina Says:

What’s not to like? Arrogance, for one.

Top story: With 72 Players Now In Full Quarantine, Djokovic Wants Fewer Restrictions