After A Busy Few Weeks, Rafael Nadal Was On Court Monday At The US Open
by Tom Gainey | August 23rd, 2016, 10:23 am

Rafael Nadal’s played a lot of matches. Playing 11 matches in eight days in Rio and then reaching the third round at Cincinnati, Nadal made his debut Monday in the new Arthur Ashe stadium.

After losing to Borna Coric on Thursday, Nadal admitted he needed a rest.

“The arm too tired. Elbow, shoulder,” Nadal said last week. “Two months and a half without competing, and especially without practicing, and then do what I did in the Olympics, come here, different balls, too much.

“It’s not the ideal situation to come back to the competition. After two months and a half and with an injury in the wrist, the normal thing is try to come back a little bit slower.

“But having the Olympics there I didn’t had that chance. Now I pay. I pay that, no? Was a little bit too much and my body was to the limit since after the finish of Rio.”

He added, though, that playing and pushing himself and risking further injury was better than staying at home.

“I didn’t want to be back home,” he said. “I spent enough time at home last three months. I needed to keep practicing, keep playing, and that’s why I am here and that’s why I’m don’t going to come back to Spain before the US Open.”

The wrist, though, remains a constant issue, one Nadal thinks can only be fixed by playing more!

“The wrist is still the same,” had said. “The wrist is still bothering me but is a process that I need to pass and a process that I need to go through. I need to play to go through that process. With more rest the wrist will not go better. The wrist needs to adapt again to the game. Needs to adapt again to hit the ball.

“The only negative thing is in one week I pass from not practicing almost anything and playing 23 hours in seven days. So that’s the thing. The wrist is not worse of that so that’s great news, but is not better. Still bothers me, but I need to keep playing. Day by day I hope that things going to go better.”

The 2-time US Open champion will be seeded fourth when the draw in released on Friday.

“I am well-prepared physically,” he said. “I worked a lot at home and I practiced, in the Olympics I played like best-of-five. Played two matches every day and spend for and a half, five hours on court some days. The preparation for that was good. It’s not a question of physical. It’s a question of being ready physically and be healthy. That’s the most important thing.”

Since the start of 2010, Nadal is 22-2 at the US Open, losing only to Fabio Fognini last year in three sets and to Novak Djokovic in the 2011 final. The Spaniard won the title in 2010 beating Djokovic to win complete the Career Slam and in 2013 again over Djokovic.

Rafa hasn’t won a hardcourt title since 2014 Doha when he beat Gael Monfils.

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22 Comments for After A Busy Few Weeks, Rafael Nadal Was On Court Monday At The US Open

Oceanview Says:

It is so wonderful to see Rafa in NY! I have no idea how well he will do, but I wish him the best. Any tournament is better with him in it. With Roger out, I can see him being a big fan favorite there. I hope that he will surprise the naysayers.

Giles Says:

Vamos Champ!

AndyMira Says:

There’s so many question i want Rafa to answer still,and i can’t wait to hear his answer at USO..and whatever his answer’s are,i’m prepared for anything and agree with Oceanview that he will surprise the naysayers and make a big statement one or two..


Willow Says:

Hope Oceanview is right, lovely name for a monikor BTW ;-)) ….

Giles Says:

Thanks AM. :)

Giles Says:

Thanks AM
Very pleased Rafa is going to start 2017 in OZ .
Doesn’t need all that travel before a grand slam.

elina Says:

It appears that Roger will be returning to the tennis court this fall after all despite making a statement that he wouldn’t be playing the rest of the year…

We need Staff to write an article about whether Roger should be instead focus on returning to the tour. In the past, Staff have been very forthcoming questioning the choices of other players who choose to play year end exhos.

Generally speaking I suppose such an exho would be exempt from any silent bans which makes ITFs new stance a good one.

elina Says:

Rafa’s words this week…

On where Rafa places the gold medal in the Olympics…

“The truth, the gold medal is at the height of a large single tournament. I’m not saying a Grand Slam, because it is not much less, but a large single tournament.”

On tennis being in the Olympics…

“Why not going to be in the Olympics? In my opinion, the Games is what comes closest to a Grand Slam for a tennis player. It is the most important event in the sports world and also the most difficult event to win because in the career of a tennis player there are very few opportunities to do so.”

Willow Says:

The Olympics mean alot to the players or they wouldnt play, its the reason Rafa cried when winning singles and doubles gold, same with Murray when he won singles gold twice, and Novak when he lost to Delpo, dont kid yourself otherwise ….

J-Kath Says:

Elina: Roger is not playing this Fall – it is stated as being 2017.

Okiegal Says:

Thanx Giles for the link……I will say the same……..
Aww, Fed………sweet!!

Okiegal Says:

@AM…..Thanx for the links concerning our darling Rafa….and VAMOS!!

AndyMira Says:

@OKie…anything for you mom!

AndyMira Says:

@Giles..Thanks for the link..But then Roger and Rafa was known to have a deep affection and respect towards each other very much..

AndyMira Says:

@Giles..Thanks for the link..But then Roger and Rafa was known to have a deep affection and respect towards each other very much..

AndyMira Says:

Oh great!Double post..Sorryyy!

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