Gael Monfils: Djokovic Is Too Good For Me, So I Had To Switch Strategy And That Doesn’t Make Me Unprofessional
by Staff | September 9th, 2016, 11:53 pm

In one of the more bizarre matches in recent Grand Slam semifinal history, Gael Monfils lost to Novak Djokovic in four set at the US Open today.

The result wasn’t much of a surprise because Djokovic is the World No. 1, the defending champion and had beaten the Frenchman in all 12 of their prior meetings. But the match will be remembered for Monfils’s unusual rope-a-dope tank tactics he employed down 5-0 in the first set.

Monfils stood well in the baseline to return serve, and hardly put any pace on the ball, and the strategy paid off. He won three straight games until Djokovic was able to close out the first.

The crowd began to boo as Monfils lost the second, but he was able to turn things around from 0-2 down the third to at least win a set.

After the match, Monfils explained his actions saying that that he had to try something different, otherwise Djokovic was going to kill him.

Q. Strange match out there in that it seemed like you were both kind of fighting your bodies at times. Talk a little bit about the elements out there and how you were feeling.
GAEL MONFILS: Strange match why?

Q. It looked like physically you guys were both laboring at times. Was the heat getting to you?
GAEL MONFILS: I think it was hot and humid, but somehow I think also at one moment of the game it was very physical; was good rallies. Whenever it’s like that it’s never easy to recover quick, like 25 seconds. For sure, the heat help, I mean, not really help us, but I think also that was the way the match goes.

Q. Starting early in this match it seemed at times you were having problems competing. What was going on for you physically and psychologically?
GAEL MONFILS: What do you mean, competing?

Q. You didn’t seem to be able to give it your full effort.
GAEL MONFILS: No, at the beginning I think, you know, Novak was playing good. I didn’t serve great, you know. It was very quick 5-0. I get to change a little bit, you know. I get to change. That’s a little bit tough, because for sure people are not really ready to see that. You know, because, you know, why I will stay and lose 6-0 and not change anything?

So, yeah, definitely I try to get in his head. You know, try to create something new for him, you know, to see. And that was it. When the guy is too good, you know, playing clean and you’re playing very bad, I mean, not that good, you know, you need to change.

At the end, that’s why I think it was necessary, and I almost get back to the first set.

Q. Were there any times that you were not able to try your best?
GAEL MONFILS: I think I try my best every time. He was just too good.

Q. Do you think that strategy of trying to upset Novak didn’t work, probably? Obviously in the first set, and yet later on you competed very well. The third set, for instance, seemed far more successful.
GAEL MONFILS: I think it work, you know. You just don’t want to see it. If no one is doing that, you know, everybody is like, Play tennis like this. You have to do like this.

It’s okay, you know. We can change a little bit. We can, you know — it’s not only one way to play tennis, you know. When the guy is hitting clean and you’re not serving good — and actually, I wasn’t returning good — yeah, you just show him. You stand in the middle of the court. Start to double fault a little bit.

Then you give him very slow ball, but could I run, you know. And then he come to the net. I pass him. Was great strategy. What do you mean? I think I started 5-0 and then I was like 5-3, 15-40, and was bad. I think I guess. When I try a little bit to play “original” tennis is where he kill me.

Q. Have you had opponents do that to you, as well, change up the tactics?
GAEL MONFILS: No, because everyone not doing it because of all the question they gonna receive and all the — is not natural, and I know it is not natural. Because first question is like you’re not competing. Fuck, yes, I’m competing, you know. Even I’m like at my best actually. The guy is too good. I just have to change, you know.

As I always say, the change is guts, you know. It’s like people told me, Ah… No, I think I’m gutsy to try that, you know, against the world No. 1 of the world, you know. 5-0, okay, I show you that I play none academic way.

And then I won’t win a match like that, but I can win maybe 15 minutes, maybe two more games, one more games. I can push him a little bit to defend also myself, more confidence, and put him out his balance.

You know, it was a great strategy, I think.

Q. Good US Open. Congratulations.
GAEL MONFILS: Thank you.

Q. You once said that my culture is to be very fun and to enjoy life. In the big picture of your career, how important is it to have fun and to be creative for you?
GAEL MONFILS: I think it’s natural, you know. It’s not how important I think is like this. I think everything I do in my life I try to have fun, and I try to be creative on the tennis court, outside the tennis court.

So for me it’s just myself on the court.

Q. How are you creative outside the court?
GAEL MONFILS: I create music; I create painting; I create whatever I want to create. I create, what you say, clothes. I create, I don’t know, dance move. I create anything.

Q. It sounds like you were prepared for this question about the competition and your strategy and everything else. Did anybody say anything to you when you came off the court to make you aware that so many people, including John McEnroe, including some of the commentators, were kind of angry and really disappointed about this whole issue?
GAEL MONFILS: Yeah, for sure. When I decide to play like that for half a set I knew it is gonna be different. But at the end I’m not playing for those people. I play for myself. I try to win, you know.

At the end, you know, everybody have an opinion of something that not in my body, not in my mind. They not see what I’m saying at that moment, you know.

They will tell me, Oh, he’s so talented, so physical. Look, he’s playing like this in the third set and he won it, blah, blah, blah, blah. But at the time and at 5-0, it wasn’t that. I tell you. I just change something, you know.

Is not academic, but I try to win. I’m sorry, every time, you know, to hear that I get destroyed. For what? At the end, for what? To tell me I’m so talented I waste my time.

Sorry, I’m not wasting my time. I think I know how to try to play the best, and to play the best sometime is to improve.

And when the guy is too good, you know, you change. Not academic, but I try to be better.

If those people talking, talking, come help me. You know, I’m more than happy to have them help.

But I feel that, you know, they want to help me, he’s still Novak. He’s still Novak to play.

Q. Is there anything personal between you and John McEnroe? He’s been criticizing you all tournament, and today he was pretty tough on you in the first two sets. Called you unprofessional and said he never saw anyone lacking effort. Is there something in the past between you two? Are you surprised he’s so hard on you?
GAEL MONFILS: Well, I just know — I don’t know. You know, I like John. I think he’s a great person. I mean, I have nothing personal to him, so I’m very sad to heard that. I’m very sad to learn that such a legend criticize me, because at the end what I can say to John is, you know, John, I want to be the best. It’s tough, you know. And I try my best.

I’m sorry if you think I’m unprofessional, but I guess I’m working, I’m learning, you know. I think I’m failing, for sure, a lot, but I try to stand up. You know, it’s tough, because when he call me unprofessional he calls my coach unprofessional, calls my physio unprofessional, calls my physic — all my team, actually, unprofessional. Is a bit tough, you know.

And he knows what it is. I’m more than happy to talk with him, you know. For sure, you know, it’s easy to punish me because I not win anything, you know. Such an easy thing. I do different stuff. I’m happy. I’m always with a smile.

I make it easy. But I think John knows that if I want to be in the semifinal of the slam, anything he can say, if I not play top seed or whatever, you know, I won couple matches and I have been trained hard, you know.

So I just very sorry bring that, and tell to John that I’m more than happy to talk with him. You know, is someone that I always care about what he is saying, but I’m just sad that he criticize me that easy.

Q. Was it a spontaneous decision to change in the first set, or do you think that comment about Djokovic knowing how your match is going to go against him that would be something you could do?
GAEL MONFILS: Yeah, I knew definitely before the match is something I could do.

Actually, you know, I know it’s not good, but I made a sign to my coach and say, Okay, I’m going to Plan B, actually. (Laughter.)

I made it pretty clear, you know. And I knew it, because I have done that in the past against him, against Novak. You know, I played him, and actually, all the time I get little grip on him, you know, a little bit to get back in the game. Is always to play like that.

So, yeah, I was aware that if he was doing that in my way I have to play a little bit like that.

Q. How did you feel about being booed in the first game of the third set when you double-faulted?
GAEL MONFILS: It’s part of the sport, you know. I think for sure people was expecting a tougher battle, you know. And then, you know, it was strange, because as you say, maybe they will listen to commentary and say I’m unprofessional, I’m poor, whatever. So it gets very quick to people.

And then it’s tough, you know, tweeting during the match saying, and maybe John McEnroe say, Such a disgrace.

At the end, you know, if I have a mic, I would say to the audience that stop saying that, you know, I’m unprofessional. The guy is killing me, you know.
I’m just embracing the fact the guy is too good for me, and I try to switch strategy. Then somehow, you know, I had this small opportunity and I get it, and then I think the crowd was much better.

Q. You talked about changing things up. There were a few times late in the first set where on your return you came really far in. Was there anything that you saw in his serve that made you think, that would work, or was it just, you were trying anything?

Q. On your returns, a few times late in the first you were coming — were really shallow halfway to the service line almost. Was that preplanned? Anything in his serve that made you think that would work, or was it just a random…
GAEL MONFILS: Because I know Novak somehow is not too confident with his serve now. I think closer you get, bigger the target, and it will force a little bit. And I think that’s why I have done it.

Q. Have there been other matches in the past where someone has tried a very different strategy and thrown off their opponent? Do you know about any of these matches? Does that inspire you? Arthur Ashe against Jimmy Connors.
GAEL MONFILS: And John McEnroe telling me it wasn’t professional? I don’t know. I haven’t seen it. I wish I could, you know.

As I say, I have done it because I want to win, you know. I just want to find a solution. Sorry if it wasn’t, I mean, academic, but at the end, you know, when you change, you change with what you got. What I got is my speed.

I got a little bit my instinct and flair and to show down the game, to make him play, to make him come in. That was my flair, and I hit the shot. You know, at the end it was just too good.

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46 Comments for Gael Monfils: Djokovic Is Too Good For Me, So I Had To Switch Strategy And That Doesn’t Make Me Unprofessional

Wog Boy Says:

“Switch strategy”??

That is not called “switching strategy” but gamesmanship and McEnroe was absolutely right when he said:
“Monfils is bordering on unprofessional. And the only reason I say bordering is because it’s working.”

That was actually understatement, why didn’t you try that few years back against Roger..because you didn’t have a balls !

Khb Says:

Monloser certainly thought fed was the greatest.
He thought delicious fed cured his hunger for tennis.
No wonder he had to eat humble pie when novak dominated him & fed again.

Van Persie Says:

Come on, U are to harsh to Monfiche :)

chico Says:

After seeing the match, and being a bit disturbed about why Mats (who I think is very good commentator) is so hard on the guy was happy to read this interview. Gael simply felt over his head in this match, and had to try something. Maybe he would need a Norman or Chang in his corner to tell him that even though all the numbers are against it, he can be the better player on this day, IS the better player on this day with his own game.

The guy just played himself into a GS semi, facing a guy considered one of the best in history, energy reserves full. Only way you can beat an energizer bunny on court like Novak is that you have to have your best day in a hundred to blast him of the court for three sets. He went for it in the first games, only to be 0-4 less than twenty minutes later after starting to feel the occasion too it seemed. Only chance is to make the opponent play worse. I think he should be given a bit of a slack. A lot actually.

And regarding Monfils talent, I’d put my money on the guy being wired so that if he would be going at it Lendl-wise on the practice courts, he’d be burnt out a long time ago, and there would be no La Monf to bitch about.

So thank you Gael for doing it your way.

Margot Says:

@Wog Boy
Mac gobs off about everybody these days, including Nole. He has become a total pain in the proverbial.
And whose to say his huge temper tantrums in his playing days, were not also “unprofessional?” They were all in the same “no hawk eye” boat, in those days. Pot calling kettle IMHO and I’m speaking as someone who was a massive fan of his tennis skills.
As for Monfils, whatever he was trying to do backfired spectacularly.

rognadfan Says:

The journalists and commentators are earning their bread and butter by talking, making controversial statements and comments on everyone, everything. If they don’t do it they go hungry.
Tho Jmac may have made some money by playing, now he needs to talk trash (aka make a living).So he does, just like Monfils makes a living by playing and trying to go deeper in a tournament (get more prize money) and so forth. And he tries to do it in his own way.
Unprofessional? Not really? It’s like very much similar to what Novak did to Murray in an AO final? And in a match so much closer than Novak vs La Monf, he go a title in his bag by literally pretending and disrupting Murray’s concentration.(Murray simply didn’t want to make a big deal about that because they are good friends. Still there was some controversy then)
Everyone already forgot about that because the guy has won many more beside that one. If that particular match was between Murray vs Monfils, and monfils had done what Novak did, it would have been a field day to the trashheads like Jmac.
To me it’s all good. Novak does it plenty of times. Even murray does a little bit.
Lets don’t go as low as Jmac and the like(i.e. who have to do it to make a living) to criticise this guy.

Giles Says:

“backfired spectularly”? Lol. He was merely trying a change of strategy. What’s wrong with that? You guys obviously wanted him to roll over and die which is exactly what happened as has to almost all faker’s opponents.

BBB Says:

Courier was pretty harsh on Monfils as well, and he’s not as hot tempered as Mac. But I accept Monfils’ explanation – he was right that he had to change things up. He didn’t have a lot of options. Djokovic was able to right the ship, but not everyone would have been able to get past nearly coughing up a 5-0 lead.

Travis Bickle Says:


If you are equating Novak actions in AO final with Monfils actions yesterday, please don’t go into sales business, for your own sake ;-)

You are obviously incapable of comparing things and I’d be able to buy a car and a bicycle from you for the same price!

However, considering your nickname, I think we should all be full nice and accept occasional nonsense from you – it ain’t easy being Fedal fan these days, nothing to cheer about :-(
Or you can go Giles’ route and scour twitter for negative posts about other players – but you have to be a psychopath to do that, and you don’t seem to be one…

Finally, I agree with you about what Monfils was doing! It is all good to me too. He did everything (most of things) within the rules of the game. If that distracted Novak, that’s Novak’s problem not Gael’s. Only thing perhaps was that he was taking too much time in between points and umpire could have been stricter to him there.
But considering inhumane conditions they played in, I agree with the umpire being lenient there…

rognadfan Says:

@ Travis Bickle

You seems to have a very high rating of your wisdom.
Nowhere did I equate those two actions. All I am saying is that Novak pretended to be injured when he was not for a little bit.
If you deny that then obviously, you have similar problem to your eyes as to your ‘wise’ brain.

For me I can compare things alright and for that reason I didn’t equate those two actions.
But Novak did it in a match that was much more competitive than yesterdays match-pu where MOnfils never has had any hope. And by doing that fake injury Novak probably helped murray go away (again murray goes away pretty easily because of those sort of things, his problem).

I was only trying to make a point that people like Jmac(as a commentator) and other journalists their statements are not alway genuinely expressed because they are not the ones in the limelight, and they want to be there.

Finally, I don’t know to what level you understand tennis (Based on your your post, I got severe doubt that you do beyond the fact that ‘two people hit the ball to win the point’). I watch tennis not just the people. Of course I enjoy some peoples game more than others. But unlike your assumption, I don’t hate a great tennis player just because I have another one as my favorite.

BTW, it seems from your post,that I could make you throw away a goat by telling that it’s a dog. Forget about me selling a car at bike’s price.

HOpe you decomress your your brain bud, coz it’s obvious it’s dumbing you way down.

mat4 Says:

This is pure nonsense:

“It’s like very much similar to what Novak did to Murray in an AO final? And in a match so much closer than Novak vs La Monf, he go a title in his bag by literally pretending and disrupting Murray’s concentration.(Murray simply didn’t want to make a big deal about that because they are good friends. Still there was some controversy then)”

Novak did NOTHING of the kind. He was tired, and Murray broke him in that sequence. In fact, some could say that Murray cursing on the other side of the net has a more disrupting effect on the opponent.

Murray MADE a big deal about that, especially since he was bageled in the last set.

Monfils admitted GAMESMANSHIP after the match. There was an etiquette in tennis, but it seems that, today, everybody has forgotten it, from players to journalists, not to mention some fans.

Travis Bickle Says:


Here is your actual quote:
“It’s like very much similar to what Novak did to Murray in an AO final?”

‘Very much similar’ is pretty close to equating, genius… So yeah, you do have a problem with reality and comparing things, because it was NOWHERE close to being similar or equal. And putting question mark at the end of that statement was likely your Freudian slip. Google it if you don’t know what it means ;-)

I am sick and tired of Fedal fans who think they are the only ones who understand tennis and Djoker fans are some shirt-ripping barbarians who only watch “two people hit the ball to win the point”.

Let me know me if you ever started working in sales. I’d like to bargain with you…

mat4 Says:

Novak DIDN’T PRETEND to be injured. He was playing a gruelling match for more than two hours in the heat and he had a crisis, like everybody does from time. Murray had his own crisis a little later, and made a lot of UE in the fourth set.

Anyway, he didn’t need to play games to win against anybody in 2015, and he beat Murray eight more times since then, four times in slams.

Travis Bickle Says:


First of all, great pleasure to see you posting here again!

Second, perhaps instead mentioning Novak beating Andy 8 times in 2015, you should have reminded “rognadfan” that Novak has beaten “rognad” spectacular 50 (fifty) times!!!
Lots of pain and psychological damage inflicted to Fedal fans ;-)

mat4 Says:


I never really left, I often check for the comments of the posters I like, but I started a blog in French and I spend some energy there.

I didn’t mention the second fact, because I don’t believe that anybody can be a “rognad” fan at the same time; if he was a dealer, the guy would try to sell us a bike as a car.

Wog Boy Says:


If you are around pay attention on the boy named Miomir Kecmanovic, he just made USO junior final, he turned 17 week ago, has already won few prestigious junior titles and has beaten older boys regulary, including Tsitsipas who lost his SF match. When he was only 13 years of age ING noticed him and signed him immediately.

mat4 Says:

My son pays attention to him, and I know he’s won the Orange bowl. So far, too early. Let’s wait and see.

rognadfan Says:

@Travis Bicker and Mat5
Oh ya, when your boy does it, it’s nothing. Good for ya. seeing a saint in him. He is not.
It’s not equal in extent, but it’s in the same category. Yes Novak was tired. Who isn’t when playing in a slam final or semi-final? But why did he pretend that his foot was hurting?
Or you didn’t see Novak doing that? The whole world saw it.

I also said Murray does it pretty often, to a different extent of course.
But Novak’s at AO was not nothing as you guys would like to believe.

I was not trying to defend Monfils there. I was simply saying that the magnitude of criticism the likes of Jmac threw was simply unfair. They do it simply because they get paid to talk whatever.
That’s all.

Travis, I am selling a dog.I am sure you will pay for that goat( because I I am telling it’s a goat)

vami Says:

I don’t understand why you guys pay any attention to the hater. Using “rognadfan” nickname is just a way of saying “I hate Novak and I’m a jealous a%&*^e”.

Our boy should do well in the final. I’m very optimistic :-)

Khb Says:

dude, Djoker enjoys life. Yeah…we get it. Either Djoker stinks or he cheats to win 6-0 & 5 setters.
You didn’t feel the need to be insincere when he lost all those French Opens. The biggest crime was losing to FED in 2006-2011. Not because Djoker was fake. Because Fed was the reason Djoker decided to win! The fewer propagandas, the better for mankind! GodDjoker embraces the challenge of not being Federererer. If Murray couldn’t win 1 game in a set, it wasn’t Djoker’s fault. Nobody felt sorry for Djoker. He is too good for the crying disingenuous Fed.

Danica Says:

Rognadfan @ 1.49 pm : “Novak does it plenty of times. Even murray does a little bit.”
Rognadfan @ 5.58 pm : “I also said Murray does it pretty often, to a different extent of course.”

Ok, so which one is it? “A little bit” or “pretty often”?

“Even Murray.” EVEN Murray?! Now, I love Andy, but he does it all the times. Every thight, long match, he is grabbing his this and that. His own brother called him on that. Personally, it doesn’t bother me. The other guy should learn how to ignore it and stays focused. What bothers me are double standards and yes, they differ when Novak’s in question.

rognadfan Says:

Ok. I get it. You all want to hear or see that Novak is the perfect example of sportmanship. Great nitpicking good for ya. I agree, May be ny language on murray was not clear. He does more often than Novak. Now do a happy dance.
I was not taking anyones side there. just saying cut some slack to Monfils instead of jumping on Jmacs and the likes’ bandwagon.

Just because my name says rognadfan doesnot mean I hate nole.

Unlike you guys, who still seem to be too jealous of the old guy. Go read the very first post I wrote and try to see the main point.

Just ask yourselves ‘did he do it at Ao or not’?
Still I totally agree it’s murray’s freaking problem that he lost the set.

But if you guys are rattled by my point Novak at Ao, you guys need some eyecheck for sure.
Oh ya good for ya, pinning the double standard tag on someone else to avoid yours being pointed.

rognadfan Says:

Mat4 and posse-
I am sure you guys are watching!. Now tell me where do you rate this one from Nole!
Had to say coz you seemed to be so blindly kissing Nole’s whatever!

ulysses02 Says:

Monfils made two mistakes:
(1) he rightly came out guns blazing (something way out of his comfort zone), but his aggression was low percentage (high part of net instead of angular deep balls that travel farther and hence greater chance of dropping in)
(2) he abandoned that strategy too quickly, letting the weight of prior defeats begin taking a toll
(3) admitting to trying to get into Novak’s head
The 4th is not serving well, but that’s not really something entirely controllable.

Look, everyone knows that Monfils clearly has always had a better/softer heart than most other guys on the tour willing to do anything to win (weirdly, most of his fellow compatriots are similarly unable to be completely ruthless). And he has been mightily successful even at that. He would probably do better in a team sport where a leader could coalesce his energy and carry the burden of being ruthless. Or in a sport where athleticism alone could render ruthlessness unnecessary. Either way, he’s been a top-15 player in his generation and I fail to see many folks in the top-15 of their respective careers on this board.

In the semis, he tried playing a game which is best reserved for those willing to win at any cost, and sadly, he lost doing so. He got skewered and afterward scapegoated as the bad guy for attempting doing what Novak had done to him in 2005 and what other professionals find much easier to pull off (Volandri, Coria, Carpriati etc). Monfils is no poker player and it’s obvious giving (a) how terribly he pulled it off and (b) acknowledging before being officially caught in the act of doing so lol.

BTW, to the over-zealous folks unable to see past their biases, JMac understood and commented on this matter when he mentioned that Djokovic had done something similar to Monfils in 2005 (but he won) and that mental episode probably still haunts Monfils till this day since he and Novak were apparently best friends back then and Monfils struggled with seeing what Novak was willing to do to win. JMac was being nevertheless honest in throwing Monfils under the bus. I agree somewhat, for example that Monfils’ hobbling over in between points is a look I absolutely hate. Bow to no one.

If I had advice for LaMonf, it would be that he’s better off just having fun on the court and continuing the good work with Tilstrom. He can’t hit through baseline huggers as Wawrinka can even though he he has prodigious tennis gifts, and so his best chance is to keep making it deep at tournaments, and be lucky to meet someone he matches up better with (which is anyone not named Novak and Nadal). Otherwise, umm, the whole thing is a non-event. At least the guy is not a jerk like Kyrgios.

rognadfan Says:

Great post. I was not aware of that particular match at 2005. But I have seen Novak do it (to a lesser degree) in other occations.
You probably saw what happened in todays final. He gave rest to his cramping leg by calling trainer for a toe injury in other guys serve.

Buy the veteran posters of this blog like Mat4, seem to be completely blindfolded. The are so quick to label anyone who says anything to their boy a hater.
Hopefully, they get their head out of their … to analyse todays incident at US open final more rationally. But I would not be surprised if their hypocrisy takes over there too.

ulysses02 Says:


Yeah I was in high school when that happened and had followed both of them throughout juniors, so it’s still fresh in mind. The funny thing was Novak actually admitted to it. This is probably where Fed initially became critical of Novak. As you know, Fed is a huge tennis buff, and he has always taken a keen interest in young players.

But, look, here’s the thing we all know. Djokovic improved — A LOT — and success has a way of acquiescing public derision. I credit his improvement to desperation, which unfortunately can lead to doing certain borderline things to win (it’s like the guy who wanted doggedly became rich and then donated to charity to atone). Monfils, on the other hand, has not had as much success, and as a result, it’s easier to bash him after his plan, which was too overt by the way, backfried.

You can’t get people who are probably compatriots and completely loyal/invested in one idea or player to change. It’s like a religion. So no need to try. It’s obvious from your username you just like tennis (never understood the rivalries amongst fans it’s quite silly). And I’ve read this blog long enough to understand what you mean by hypocrisy.

Wog Boy Says:

“You can’t get people who are probably compatriots and completely loyal/invested in one idea or player to cHange.”

Look who is lecturing about compatriots and loyalty after saying this:

“Congrats to Canadian junior Felix Auger Aliassime as well, just turned 16 crushed 17yo Miomir in junior final after defeating Tsitsipas (probably the most highly talented 16-18 yo currently). Proud day for Canadians.”

Give it a brake dude, every dog has its day, and this is one of the rare days that you and other Nolehaters (don’t pretend you are not one of them) can bark after two years of unseen domination, keep barking, but don’t disappear again like “rognadfan” did for a quite few years , am I right “rogrnadfan”?;)
Nole is not done, not yet.

Danica Says:

No, I didn’t see it at the AO. Because as a former athlete I know what a crisis is. If you manage, and have enough time to overcome it, it’s like getting new wind in your sails. I saw a crisis, fighting to stay competitive and finally, him overcoming it.

As for Monfils, personally, I applaud him for changing tactics and thinking outside of the box. Have nothing against his attempts. I do have against Johnny Mc’s comments directed at both le Monf and Nole. Being judgemental is not his job.

The only instance of cheating for me, in recent years, were in clay match between Rafa and Soderling and Raonic (net) and DelPo. Everything else is within rulles. Now, some of us, Nole fans, disapproved of his MTO which we stated on another thread. However, he asked the umpire, was allowed, got treatment, lost the match fair and square and that’s it.

Danica Says:

Great reply re: compatriots.

rognadfan Says:

@Wog Boy
Its your casting a doubt where Nole is done or not done yet.
I know he is not done yet. I never had any problem with that. Heck I didn’t even have any problem with some level of abnormal tactics he, like others have used to win a match now and then. Only problem here is that you like religious hypocrites labeling the message as ‘hateful to Nole’. It’s not. He is a player with incredible capability in every aspect and one of the greatest ever. But it is also true that he has a few time resorted to some unusual tactics (those in the same category as what monfils did to him on semis-and here is the important part-its the same category not the extent).
Now if you, the ‘Nolelover’ can’t see that, I can just hope that you see it next time Nole does it (not guarranteed but based on history not improbable). How ironic is it that you, who branded others Nolehaters, are hating and insulting even the posters that contrast your belief system.
And yes I was out for a while, but not for the reasons you mentioned.

Keep cultivating hate till brain turns to dung.

Wog Boy Says:

“And yes I was out for a while, but not for the reasons you mentioned.”

You just got out of rehab (asylum), yeah, got it.

ulysses02 Says:

Wog Boy,

Lad, in the very post you copied and pasted in an attempt I paint me as a Novak-hater or draw me into the usual tropes on this blog that detract from the spirit of tennis knowledge/discussion, did you fail to notice I highlighted — as I have several times in the past on this board — my admiration for Tsitsipas (he’s Greek, no?) whom I hold as the most talented junior in the 16-18 yo range. It’s a little strange that the argument someone uses to support his claim that another is biased displays the exact opposite.

But, the real irony is that I’m not even Canadian although I do live in the country. Btw, everyone knows Felix Auger is a standout junior (watch the way he constructs points, how strong he is in the legs/footwork department and this is rather obvious) and it was poignant to point out he’s Canadian given the recent success the “small” country has been having producing talent suddenly. Shapovalov (Felix’ best friend) is another player I doubt the world isn’t eagerly looking forward to. The other irony is that my business partner is Serbian and I attend a Serbian-dominated church lol.

Some people simply aren’t that interested in being overly invested in one side or another (this is not to say some players’ styles don’t catch my eye more). My passion is in the tennis itself, though I’ll often cheer the underdog if he/she’s producing wonderful tennis (Dan Evans had my support because he’s incredibly talented). If Fed goes up against Wawrinka, I want the better guy to win. I don’t want to see a timeout or silly drama decide any match. Hated when Fed won at the WT Finals few years back after Mirka incident. Does that mean I hate Fed? I turned off the TV after Stan lost the 3rd set at AO2014 final as I thought Nadal would pull it off after he had that sudden quasi-panic attack incident running into the locker room (though he was obviously injured). I didn’t want to see that decide match. Does that mean I hate Nadal? lol, not at all, such haphazard conclusions would be lousy logic.

If I may request, kindly don’t suggest understanding my leanings without first confirming. And if that’s too much to ask, don’t pull me into such matters period.

Thank you kindly.

ulysses02 Says:


Kindly read the post which Wog Boy refers to in full. Note my treatment of Djokovic having earned the right to admiration from fans after his initial early struggles due to how much he improved. I also noted Monfils, on the other hand, has not. While Wog Boy is passionate, I question selected inserts of another’s comments without treating it in full, and anyone who does that, I have the right to point out to others my full message.


Wog Boy Says:

“The other irony is that my business partner is Serbian and I attend a Serbian-dominated church lol.”

There is no such a thing as “Serbian dominated church”, there is one and only “Serbian Orthodox Church” and if you are really “attending” that church, then you are either Serbian or of orthodox faith (even if the service is in English instead of Serbian which is less likely) so your tirade doesn’t make any sense, but you are sweet spoken person with rich vocabulary, all words but no substance, of course you have right to disagree, but that won’t change my opinion abou you.

ulysses02 Says:

“Serbian-dominated” not “denominated.” And yes, I attend an orthodox church because I live in the area and there’s no other Church within walking distance (I’m not going to go out and find a specific church – I just like the community-feel of church period). Again, things don’t have to be closed-off to others. There’s room for every opinion, without sharpness.

Wog Boy Says:

Things are not “closed-off” to anyone, but you have to be familiar with language in order to “attend” church service, liturgy, prayers, communion, and to follow everything. Can you imagine me in the mosque or sinagoge pretending I am muslim or jew not even knowing the language of those two?

Give it brake, stop BS-itting, and besides according to your posts you are around 26/7 years old and so religious that you are even going to foreign church in the country (Canada) that have churches on every corner, yeah, I got it;)

Van Persie Says:

““Serbian-dominated” not “denominated.” “: not very PC from a Canadian. Should be “the majority of participants are Serbes” or something like that ;)

Wog Boy Says:


He doesnt have a clue, or blatantly, he is a lier. There is not such a thing as “Serbian dominated church”, those churches belong to Serbians, Greeks, Russians, Romanians, Bulgarians, Ukrainians, Arabs Orthodox, Kopts or any other people of orthodox faith settled abroad and built their chrches and they are the one attending them, since they built them to preserve their faith and raise the kids in the same one, and service is almost exclusively in their languages (partially if ever in English) whether it is Australia, America, Canada, South Africa or Venezuela…

Van Persie Says:


Who knows? Perhaps some Serbs organized crusades to Canada and conquered some churches :) Just kidding.

rognadfan Says:

@Wog Boy

Hahahah! Now you started showing true color. A Worm in the gutter can’t see anything else.

Wog Boy Says:


Be careful, you might end up back in rehab (asylum), you know conditions of your release, behave..behave and don’t use and abuse substances.

You disappeared in your rat hole for the last couple of years when Nole was on a roll, now true your scavenger yourself coming back after few Nole defeats to feast on it, but you will be running back where you belong very soon, back to rathole, you know that I know and you previous yourself on this very forum!
BTW, how is your favorite doing, no good?;)

Wog Boy Says:

ok, I have to go to bed now, it is really late here, so stick with ulysses02 for time being, you deserve each other, you can rub each other’s back, but don’t go to shower together and if you do don’t bend over to pick up the soap if you dropped it..or..well, you’ll find out anyway;)

Talk to you in the morning (local time)

rognadfan Says:

@Wog Boy
Wow! Good luck with living a homophobic hateful life ahead.
You detailed your entire sequence of moves there man! It seem like it worked great for you everytime. Good for you; Though I seriously hope you did not follow the footsteps of Jerry Sandusky and those Catholic Bishops.

I had no idea this loss of Nole left such a deep wound in you. Brexit is it that you now feel empowered/inspired to throw that much like that from your mouth???
Now leave me alone. I will also be writing next post when your boy wins if I get out of rehab that is; Now go entertain yourself.

ulysses02 Says:

Van Persie,

Don’t be silly mate. If you indeed are Serbian, you’d know from watching any Toronto/Montreal practice video of Djokovic on youtube that there’s quite a contingent of Serbians in both cities. I mean if a bar can fill certain nights with Serbian folk music theme in Toronto, surely it’s not absurd to have them a majority at a church in the main neighbourhood where such folks reside. It’s very simple, actually. Think it through.

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