Juan Martin Del Potro Might Skip The Australian Open: I Might Not Be Fit Enough
by Tom Gainey | December 21st, 2016, 12:34 pm

According to reports, Juan Martin del Potro might play the Australian Open and the lead up event in Auckland where his 2017 season is set to begin.

“If I’m being smart, I know that I have 15 days of practice left for Australia and for my first tournament [ASB Classic], and that’s a goal I’m not going to make,” del Potro told AAP.

Adding from Reuters, the Argentine isn’t in a rush to play in Melbourne.

“What I need is to have someone get me physically fit enough to last the whole year,” del Potro said. “There’s a fortnight to the Australia Open and I’m unlikely to make that objective.

“We’re looking at what the priority is. If tennis waited for me for two years, Australia can wait for me for one more.”

Del Potro wrapped up a highly successful second half of 2016 by winning the Davis Cup during which he suffered a broken finger.

With his off season training behind schedule, might del Potro be cautious and skip the Australian swing? The 28-year-old last played in Melbourne in 2014.

He is still slated to playing two exhibition matches against David Ferrer in Buenos Aires on December 27-28.

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17 Comments for Juan Martin Del Potro Might Skip The Australian Open: I Might Not Be Fit Enough

Margot Says:

For Andy fans….carries a warning….Andy has his shirt off and, even more worrying, his socks too…
*Waving* to AM. Hope you day goes well.
Great song isn’t it jalep? Love his dirgy, gravelly voice too.

Okiegal Says:

I love Andy’s look when he is in the short hair mode…….shirtless works too………

Margot Says:

Lol AM. I’m a glass of fizz on special occasions only type of gal! Am a health nutter. Avoid sugar like the plague too so the scales hold no fears….;)
OK: Andy doesn’t so that often does he? Still that pale, pale skin that goes with red heads.

AndyMira Says:

M….ha ha ha…actually,i remember a while ago when Andy won Paris i think and you made a comment here..”Alcohol,i need alcohol now”..and i decided want to teased you!

Btw…Andy’s got a new hair it seems..and you know what contrast in that pic..Andy’s lean torso and 8 months pregnant Lendl!

Margot Says:

Indeed AM, golf doesn’t look very effective for keeping the old paunch at bay! Lolling at the side of the court watching Andy practise just wont cut it Ivan!
I’ve noticed that with sports people generally tho., as soon as they stop being so active, the weight piles on.
Enjoy the rest of your day darling. BFN.

J-Kath Says:


Thank you for the card. Lovely surprise. Like another Xmas card.

J-Kath Says:


And the coffee pic. Thank goodness I’ve got a mug of coffee at my elbow or I would have had to rush to make another one – looked so tempting.

PS: To everyone – both Andy and Rafa are playing 29-31 Dec. in Mub……. (as U probably know).

J-Kath Says:

Margot: Do you indulge in chocolate?
I don’t take much sweet stuff myself – however, I regularly have a not so wee dram – after all it is called the “water of life” ahem, ahem.

AndyMira Says:

@JK…Thank you for acknowledged my gesture this time!this is the 3rd time i tried to give you something..The 1st 2,you give no response at all,i thought to myself..if you bypassed this as well..that’s it,no more..btw..glad you ‘liked’ your coffee!He he..

JK..I can’t wait for them to play in Dubai..I think Andy can slowly close up their H2H considering his explosive perfomance nowadays..

@M…In that case,i can’t imagine what Andy,Rafa,Novak and Roger look like in 10 years time..Who’s going to bet with me who’s belly will look like that in 10 years time?Btw M,hope your day would be wonderful and lovely okay?

RZ Says:

@Margot – Andy’s looking very fit. He doesn’t seem the type to try a spray tan, though. :-)

J-Kath Says:


I’m sorry if I have missed a couple of your threads. I’m not checking as regularly right now. I saw two today and they were quite lovely.

PS: I’ve still got some nagging problems with my computer (as well as having a nagging pain with a tooth…moan, moan, sigh, sigh). And before I could write down the area of Malaysia where you live, the blasted thread vanished.

The TV is currently reporting Barbara is on her way – blooming woman, I never invited her – I’ve been sawing wood and carrying coal to put my fire on in case I and neighbours lose electricity – at least I won’t freeze.

jane Says:

From what i’ve heard JMDP has pulled out of AO; it’s official.

AndyMira Says:

JK…That’s alright,no need to be sorry..It’s not that important but the pic more beautiful than the last,so i have to give you again because it suit’s you..



Hey…Dear Barabara is on her way..so,take care of yourself okay?Don’t you dare let her in,no matter how sweet and beautiful she is..

RZ Says:

@Jane – that’s a shame. I thought he could do pretty well there.

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