Del Potro Announces Clay Schedule, No Monte Carlo
by Tom Gainey | April 11th, 2018, 9:39 am

After nearly sweeping the “Sunshine Double” last month, Juan Martin del Potro is taking a break before returning to the courts in May.

The Argentine announced on Social Media he will skip Monte Carlo and play Madrid, Rome and then of course the French Open as his clay schedule.

Currently ranked No. 6, del Potro only has quarterfinal points at Rome (180) and third round points in Paris (90) to defend (total of 270). He is just 515 points behind No. 3 Marin Cilic, a gap he can make up quickly if he does well at any of those events.

Last year, del Potro also played Estoril and Lyon, but he will miss both this season.

Madrid begins on May 6.

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19 Comments for Del Potro Announces Clay Schedule, No Monte Carlo

Telperion Says:

I thought that perhaps he would play even less. Good news! I hope he doesn’t start the FO too tired.

skeezer Says:

It would be nice to see him do some damage in the Clay season.

SG1 Says:

It feels like Del Po’s fitness will undo him during the clay court season. I think his fitness is still a work in progress. I do think he’ll win some rounds but winning any of these tournaments doesn’t seem all that likely (…of course now that I’ve said that, watch him go out and win the FO).

I actually like Del Po’s chances on grass as opposed to clay because:

1) He has a strong serve.
2) He has a massive flat forehand to back up that serve and flat forehands really move through the grass
3) A good slice backhand is actually a weapon on grass
4) Fitness isn’t really an issue on grass
5) He’s had success on the surface before

SG1 Says:

And he moves well.

Daniel Says:

SG1, Agree.

Maybe he doesn’t want to grind out too much hence a reduce clay schedule. His FH is a weapon on any surface, but think he will be one of the favorites for Wimbeldon also, together with Fed, Cilic, Dimi and Murray if he gets a soft draw and some decent performance on Queens

LaTiNo Says:

Rome and Madrid are supposed to be ‘fast’ courts isn’t it?

Margot Says: Buried on here is an interesting graph from the ATP, which I couldn’t find on the actual site! But the comparatively high altitude at Madrid effects how fast the ball flies through the air, so it’s a bit different from other tournaments.

Daniel Says:


Madrid plays a bit faster due to thin air, but it’s still clay, is just a faster clay. In between regular clay and Miami.

Rome is slow. Not slow as MC and Buenos Aires, but slow.

Daniel Says:

MC draw should be out today or tomorrow.

Curious to see where Djoko will land as he will be 9th seed. PCB surpass him in the ranking and will be the eith seed.

He can face Nadal in R16 but hard to see #1 drawn to #9 R16.

SG1 Says:

Kind of a sad statement about tennis these days. There isn’t a single tournament that really is “fast”. I understand the logic. Fans want to rallies. Rallies sell tickets. On the other hand, this “homogenization” takes something away from the game. Slowing down the courts almost forces all players to develop in a specific way. A player like John Isner wouldn’t have been a baseliner 30 years ago. It doesn’t make a lot of sense for Isner to toil away from the baseline. A 6′-10″ guy with a cannonball serve should be all over the net and in reality, he doesn’t even volley well. What chance does he have against the Federers, Novaks and Nadals playing them at their own game? This is something that needs a little fixing.

Daniel Says:

Agree SG1, that’s why it is easier today to be an “all court player”, where in reality they are more like, one style of play. Hence we saw 3 different players completing the caereer Slam in a Spam of 6 years. Off course, they are all top 10 all time greats, maybe top 5, but even so, slowed surfaces helped them.

Van Persie Says:

And possible R64 Djoko- Coric. Wow. But hopefully Nole will pass the qualifier in his first round :)

Van Persie Says:

R32, Not 64

Daniel Says:

Wow, just realize this is probably the first time in a decade that Djokovic (seed #9) is not having a bye at a torunament.

Willow Says:

I Do feel for Novak hes always had to do things the hard way, anyway moving on, any chance of a MC thread please staff ;-)

j-kath Says:

Willow: Without a specific thread we get a story here , a story there – yes let’s have a thread before it starts.

j-kath Says:

SG1: Re your comment on Del Potro – fine but – his fitness has to be measured by the 5-set possibilities in many of the matches – not only on clay but also on grass….don’t recall any stunning play by Del-Potro previously when there is a full quota of excellent grass players….he’s got more chance on clay, me thinks.

j-kath Says:

Really would like to see Nole re-emerging as a very competitive top player – asap….to join Nadal/Fed. and (also Andy+Stan to join him). The next gen. are still flaky….almost as if they are satisfied to reach a level they’ve been at for a couple of years eg Kyrios and co.

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