Novak Djokovic And Wife Jelena Expecting Second Child?
by Tom Gainey | February 12th, 2017, 11:24 am

According to Serbian media, Novak Djokovic and wife Jelena are expecting a second child later in the year.

Via, Inserbia news:

“Jelena suspected at the beginning of the year that she is pregnant so she decided to visit a doctor who confirmed the happy news”, said a source close to Djokovic family.

“Jelena told the news to Novak by telephone, she did not wait to come home. Both of them literally screamed with joy because they always wished to have two children.”

And some reports have Jelena two months pregnant, meaning a baby could come in August/September, or around the US Open.

Djokovic and Jelena welcomed their first baby boy, Stefan, in October of 2014.

Djokovic has not yet confirmed this news.

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21 Comments for Novak Djokovic And Wife Jelena Expecting Second Child?

Chrisford1 Says:

Good for them if true.
One of these days, Djokovic is going to need a bigger place than the 2 bedroom Monaco flat he got when he was making himself known on Tour (2006-07). Has to be a little cramped already with a family of 3, 2 dogs, and home office for his pursuits and his wife’s work,
For “home base” he lives more modestly than his Big 4 peers. Rafa – seaside palace. Roger – glass double palace units in the mountains, Andy – big place plus castle on the side. Hope it continues. (though he has chipped in for his parents digs, mom likes to hang on the yacht he got 7-8 years ago, bought 2 apartments in Soho, Manhattan, 1 in Miami, and a vineyard biz for Uncle Goran to play with).
For celebration, I suggest a big juicy medium rare steak for both Novak and his lovely wife, for starters..

Joshua Says:

Congrats to DjokerNole! Safe delivery.

django Says:

And yes, they both need meat.
Is Nole still doing his reality show?

Wog Boy Says:

No chance of them eating meat, it’s a lost cause. When he arrived in city of Nis for DC match he was asked by hosts if he would like to try famous charcoal grilled specialties, specialty of SE part of country, he flatly rejected, and every tourist that goes through that area stops to try famous “Niska pljeskavica i chevap” among other food (meat one).

This is only small part of what he is (was) missing on:

Daniel Says:

Another beautiful baby coming, hope is a girl now!

Humble Rafa Says:

He should name the second kid Boris. Stefan and Boris go together.
Congratulations to the couple and look forward to his tennis tanking even further.

Humble Rafa Says:

The world will be a better place with baby Humbles…imagine my long hair and humility with Xisca’s beauty!

courbon Says:

He refused Niska pljeskavica?????
What a plonker….

Wog Boy Says:

Yes, courbon, he flatly knocked it down

courbon Says:

WB-Hi there-long time, no speak. I dont know what to think about Novak these days.I’m hoping he will find the way back but who knows…How is everything with you-family, bussines, life in general OK?

Wog Boy Says:

All good courbon, thanks, hope all is good with you too.
I don’t have high hopes for Nole, I watched him last eight months and in Melbourne, there is no desire in him anymore, he is too passive, disinterested. I just wish he retires differently not like this, that’s all.
He moved away from philosophy and mentality and lifestyle that brought him glory and success, there is no way back, I hope I am wrong, but doubt it.
Well, life goes on, I miss BGD, the older I get the more I want to go back, while I still can walk without walking stick or wheel chair;)

courbon Says:

WB-Well, I hope you are wrong.One thing foor sure is that next couple of months, I do not think he will win anything.Anyway, no point speculatin.
Same with me-missing Beogard quite a lot…I’m hoping to go there in September.
Anyway, I better go to work-gardens ( about 8 acres with woodland )where I work must be a mess.Winds today are quite something ( 140km/h ) I bet some trees are down…Speak later

Margot Says:

Really pleased for the family.

Nobody Says:

You find it silly that someone might show compassion for non-human animals, and decide not to eat them? That’s pretty sad.

DC Says:

Nole is catching up with Fed in Kid count too. It will be 4-2 in some time

django Says:

Wog boy, that video from Nis is proof that
he needs to retire. I give up on him.

Chrisford1 Says:

I picked Djokovic and Delpo back in 2007 and Cilic in 2008 as guys that I thought would be stars, possibly #1s. I’m really happy with the distinguished careers of each. I won’t quit on any of them until they retire on their own terms.

OK Wog Boy, Niska pljeskavica is now on my bucket list. No offense intended, but there seem to be a lot of similarities between dishes in Greece, the Slavs of the Balkans, and Turkish foods. I also want to hang out in Istanbul for a weeks vacation sometime.

Wog Boy Says:


No offense whatsoever, that’s true and understandable since Ottoman Empire was occupying Balkan states for about four centuries, but Turks themselves were not great cooks, they just moved the food around from the countries they were in charge, same as English, they never had good kitchen but knew how to rule, that was good enough for them, the biggest influence that went through Turkish controlled territory were Arabs, when it comes to food.
Serbia enriched itself by being on the crossroads of three empires, northen part has big AustrianGerman influence when it comes to food. (pastry and cakes) S and SE Oriental and Greek influence, small country but lots of varieties in food and elsewhere;)

This is what we grew up on, every day breakfast with buttermilk, oriental influence, you’ll love it, but not Nole, there is meat involved, have a look, you can make it yourself:

Wog Boy Says:

^^ it’s called “burek” there are varieties depending which part of Balkans you eat them.

Wog Boy Says:

As for Istanbul or Constantinopolis as we love to call it, enormous city, lot of history, particulary European part of city and one and only Hagia Sophia, the night cruise is a must, to see the city from the water to realize how enormous it is. Be careful Turks are great salesmen, they love Americans, they will talk you into buying anything and they will rip you off, but will make you believe you got a bargain;)
There is one problem with Istanbul these days, to much of the “fireworks” can be dangerous.

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