Novak Djokovic: I’m Doing Everything I Can To Play Well
by Tom Gainey | April 22nd, 2017, 10:05 am

Novak Djokovic’s slump continued yesterday is another stunning loss, this time to David Goffin who had previously won all four meetings taking 11 of 12 sets. But in the Monte Carlo quarterfinals, it was the Belgian coming on top against a weary-looking Djokovic.

Afterward, Djokovic, who hasn’t made even a tournament semifinal since his Doha crown and has just one title in his last 10 events, was out of explanations.

“I don’t know. I don’t know,” Djokovic said. “I’m doing everything that I can to play well. I think I’m playing better than I have in first couple months of the year. So that’s a positive.

“But clay is very particular surface that requires, of course, a lot of practice, a lot of movement. Hopefully I’ll get those in the weeks to come.”

Djokovic has overcome the lack of clay prep before having twice won Monte Carlo where he resides. But he did have an elbow injury leading into April. And now he’s looking at a few more weeks of rest before a very important point defense stretch which includes a Madrid title defense, Rome finals and a French win. That’s 3,600 ranking points.

Djokovic still ranks No. 2 but he was 25th entering the week in the ATP Race.

Earlier in the week, Djokovic remarked that his win over Gilles Simon may have re-started his season. Unfortunately it’s more of the same.

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9 Comments for Novak Djokovic: I’m Doing Everything I Can To Play Well

chrisford1 Says:

” I’m Doing Everything I Can To Play Well!”, Novak said, between tepid nibbles at a bowl of organic Quinona sprouts.
His gaunt fingers operating chopsticks. Somewhere in the bowl, he mentioned earlier, there was a single acai berry the Serb decided to add to the bowl as a reward to himself for something.

django Says:

I fear if he does not change his eating habits, this will be his last year.
But, having won all that he has, I can ask for no more.

Danica Says:

His life, his choices.

Czarlazar Says:

I’m doing everything I can to play well, except giving myself proper nutrition, reuniting with my legendary coach Boris, wearing the pants at home to avoid being humiliated by my woodchuck wife on an ongoing basis, which is ruining my confidence, and hanging out with a demented weirdo who’s sucked out my competitive animalistic instincts and aggressiveness and turned me into an airy/fairy, huggable gayboy. Like I said, I’m doing absolutely EVERYTHING possible to play well…

Wog Boy Says:

Care Lazo

First thing first, get rid of that hokus-pokus trange-trange wife.
I don’t know if people are blind or some Nole fans brain washed to the level of Fed fans, which I thought is impossible. Can’t they see that it is Nole’s private life that is the main reason for his downfall, what more they need but to look at his boxes during MC, in one box his team with Vajda that has nothing more to offer to Nole as a coach, proven three years ago when he was replaced by Boris and even more proven now when resumed coaching Nole, what a fkn success!;)

Second box his parents and uncle.

Third box Jelena the Witch all by herself dressed very fancy, for a difference of modest girl in a jeans for most of Nole’s career, but she finally showed his small town face, buying apartments left, right and center (NY, Miami..)
Obviously they are all on bad terms (why would they be separated) and poor Nole doesn’t know where to look first to avoid insulting anybody, they are stretching him like a chewing gum, the more he talks about his family life the more is obvious that his private life is total wreck.

Last, but not least, what do we have here, person (called Saint) claiming that she has inside information based on her parents occasionally socializing with Jelena’s parents at the common friend place (for “slava”), really? What do you expect Jelena’s parents to talk about Jelena, like any other parents about their child, only the best!
But if they socialize with Nole’s parents I am sure they are going to hear something else, no?
I have inside information that Jelena is most hated person with Nole fans, thst is no yellow or brown press, they ordinary people who were staying all night awake to watch Nole, craying and celebrating together with him and he let them down badly, really badly!
So cut the crap about your inside informations, Saint.

Wog Boy Says:

^^ “trange-frange” should say

J-Kath Says:

Well, Wog Boy, you don’t mince your words.

“trange-frange” means exchange rate? or a “plot”? or……?

Czarlazar Says:

The Saint responds to the decline of the most important Serb in history after Tesla with inanities such as “his life, his decisions.” Complete poppycock and representative of her Western sellout desire to be accepted by her oppressors. A classic psychological syndrome. After divorcing from his first wife, Ronald Reagan went from being a B actor to Governor of California and then President. Stan Wawrinka dumped his wife and started winning Grand Slam titles. Even though his second kid is en route, Nole must lay down the law with this woodchuck hag of his and dump her if she’s unwilling to be the supportive person he needs. Freeing himself of her unhealthy influence (vegan diet, Pepe, guilting him to spend excessive time with her and Stefan) is the most important factor in getting him back to the top of the tennis world.

Truth Says:

Who cares that much about her poor wealthy butt?!
She certainly was greedy for his future money because she did everything possible to be with him, get involved with charity & businesses, and tell him what to do.
Strange how she needed to spend so much money already and worry him with apartments that he didn’t spend that much time in.
The woman seemed scared that he’d leave her.
He is not joyful like before. He’s fake in the off-court life, so he’s anguished.
The media loves to portray him as the opposite which is a one dimensional and pitiful liar on the tennis court.

He has to let go of so many responsibilities, chill out and care more about his & the kids’ lives & happiness.

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