5 Thoughts On Novak Djokovic Hiring Andre Agassi

by Sean Randall | May 23rd, 2017, 6:51 pm

I again give credit to Novak Djokovic, he’s trying at least. Trying to stop this slide. A year ago he was dominating the tour. Now, he’s struggling just to win matches and with a French title defense and Wimbledon around the corner, who ya gonna call? Well, Andre Agassi!

His latest move of hiring Agassi could actually be the spark he’s been looking for. It sort of worked in Rome and I think, at least in the near term, it will help lift Djokovic.

Some quick thoughts:

1. The Hire
Strong move from Novak. He had to do something after jettisoning his team. Will it work? Time will tell but Andre’s a very smart, very articulate man. When he talks, people listen. I do and often I learn a lot. And he wouldn’t have signed up for the job unless he felt really good about.

That said, does being a great interview and/or a good read in a book make you a great coach?

2. Zen Strategy
I think Andre will open up Djokovic’s head to thinking in new terms with respect to shot placement and style. He’s already got the spiritual thing with Pepe and all the special dieting, so my guess is Agassi would focus on getting Novak right in the head, which is what he needs. The strokes and the game are there, and he’s healthy. Mentally, though, he’s been adrift. The focus has to be on tennis and hopefully not as a life advisor which should be left to Pepe, though he may be failing at it!

3. Team
Agassi alongside brother Marko, the parents and Pepe Imaz in the coaching box? I dunno, it just seems like a really, really weird mix. First, we’ve never seen Agassi in the coaching box. Then, throw in these characters and who knows.

And what if Andre says to Novak to get rid of Imaz? Andre’s probably never met any of them in person and I doubt he wants to be spending time away from his family having to listen to them chirp.

4. Future
With a baby due in the late summer, I don’t see this relationship lasting past that. Agassi has a school, has kids, has a lot going on outside of tennis, and I just don’t see him wanting to return full-time to the tour. And it sounds like he’s already told Novak that given he won’t even make it for the entirety of the French, assuming Djokovic even gets to the end.

Imagine Djokovic loses early in Paris, then what?

5. Outcome
As we saw in Rome, I think having Andre will be a short-term boost for Novak but at the end of the day it’s going to come down to how hard Novak’s wants to put the work in to be great at tennis. He’s now 30, going to have another baby, it’s not going to get any easier. So for now, it’s Andre to the rescue.

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23 Comments for 5 Thoughts On Novak Djokovic Hiring Andre Agassi

JM01 Says:

Agassi, lord pepe, Marko all in Novak’s box, hehe. Going to be so weird. I see a lot of articles telling that this duo will be a success, time will tell.

Margot Says:

LOL JM01, it’s gonna be very, very crowded in there ;)

Wog Boy Says:

This is the message for British people, the game between Sydney FC and Liverpool FC is about to start in Sydney, two of my favorite clubs are playing each other and probably for the first time in the history Liverpool fans are with Manchester fans tonight, great Steven Gerard is playing and greatest song ever, YNWA, is blasting right now, Sydney Olympic Stadium and 80K singing along..what a moment!!

Wog Boy Says:

Liverpool too good, already 2:0 after 20 minutes, but nobody really cares about results, it is the moment, great Liverpool FC is in Sydney!

Giles Says:

Wasn’t Agassi a doper? Crystal Meths.

Temple Says:

I’m afraid this is going to look like the laughable Raonic/Mcenroe partnership. How is Agassi, an ocean and more apart from the self-flagellation regime demanded for Djokovic success (with Bregovic music in the background which unfortunately is going to make Andre develop panic attacks) going to help the once so mighty Serb?

At least, for those in the know of how European mentalities work, Becker was German. Don’t forget that it was the German discipline of Otto Rehhagel which brought the lowly Greeks to the European championship in football. Europe may hate the Germans for a lot, but they love their coaches and cars.

Myself, being a sucker for the Big Four myth (to be explained in due time) I ‘d like all of them to end with 18 Grand Slams each and battle it out in Arthur Ash for number 19 (the things one dreams of). However, I’m afraid the mighty Serb might call it quits by end of the year and spoil the party.

Truth Says:

If he pathetically quits in a wimpy way, Djoker can only live with himself and his misery. He’s not living with other people’s minds in his head.
Stop making the public laugh and spit.
Unless he changes for the better, he will have been the one with constant lies and spoiled brat behavior even though he wasn’t a spoiled child.
No one’s giving him everything he wants, therefore he throws hissy fits, then plays secret mind games and says stupid stuff to the media.
No such thing as a perfect family or whatever related to his contentment.
Just let go of the depression of his brother and stop kissing the guru.
There’s no such thing as finding “more answers” for the family.
Marko has no business being his lapdog.
He can deal with not hanging on to Djoker’s every word.
Enough bitterness.

Markus Says:

If I have a brother suffering from major depression, I will do everything I can to help him. I’d rather not win anything which in Djokovic’s case, he already has, rather than leave my brother alone in his misery. It’s a choice between trophy for Novak or suicide by his brother.

autoFilter Says:

Is Marko the brother that Novak used to say was going to be the best player of them all?

Wog Boy Says:

No, it’s the youngest, Djole, in his case only his girlfriends might end up with depression, definitely not Djole, he is character, realizing tennis is not what makes him happy turned to other things.
As for Marko, he hasn’t seen specialist nor he was officially diagnosed by depression, it was selfdiagnose and Pepe the savior came along, the rest is the history, Nole was collateral damage.

Wog Boy Says:

This is Djole Casanova few years ago, very advanced boy, “srcelomac”, heartbreaker:


Marko doesn’t appear to be interesting in girls, he’s got Pepe.

Bruce Says:

Djokovic is a ME, I AM type of guy and far too full of himself. I do not think he will survive a come back with or without coaches.

Margot Says:

I think I’ve unlocked the secret of Nole’s coaching strategy.
He’s going reverse alphabet as in: BB then AA. Obviously the next coach will be Zinadene Zidane. Remember you heard it here first folks…;)

Colin Says:

What nonsense Mr Randall writes when he says Agassi will attend to Nole’s intelligence (his brain), and then goes on to say Pepe is already looking after the spiritual component. My hackles rise at the sight of the word “spiritual”. It is essentially meaningless.

You, I , Nole or anyone IS the accumulated information and experience stored in the brain, in the little pink cells in the skull. (Sayers – and Hercule Poirot- got it wrong. The cells are grey only when the brain is cooked).

How often do we hear the family of someone with brain damage, say that he or she is like a different person? Brain damage can of course be caused by violence, or by chemical changes in the case of drink or drugs.

RZ Says:

@Margot – I could think of worse people to coach tennis than Zinadine Zidane.

Colin Says:

I can judge the deep interest aroused by my recent posting by the fact that nobody has corrected my mistaken attribution of the Hercule Poirot stories to Sayers. Of course it was Christie, but the point about brain cells is correct.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Colin, if I would have seen your earlier post I would have shown outrage.

Andrew Miller Says:

I think this was a downer for the Agassi Djokovic duo. And I think it is crowded, I’m still in shock at the house cleaning. You take all the people who have built up your fame and game and say adios. And you keep a coach who has deep sixed your game in Pepe. And then you add a legend who, lets be honest, hasn’t been around the game much in the last eleven years. So far it’s been bad.
Did Djokovic lose in order to, say, fire someone else? That’s reckless speculation on my part, but the 6-0 scorelines for the final set with Thiem was bad news from a ten time slam champion who as recently as a year ago was the consensus pick for the golden grand slam plus Olympic gold medal. Del potro beats him and he’s in a tailspin from which he hasn’t recovered and won’t for months more. Nadal didn’t and I don’t think Djokovic will either, he needs a good four, five months.

Andrew Miller Says:

Best case scenario, he needs four or five months to restore his mojo. But I don’t think his past coaches were the problem. Again, why fire all of them and keep Pepe? I’d have fired all plus Pepe if it were about new influences for my game. I’d have fired only Pepe if it were last hired first fired. Again, makes no sense.

Wog Boy Says:

Very reasoned post and very simple answer Andrew, he is a messed up man who can’t think rationally anymore.

The question why is he messed up man? You can see the answer in his box. Two mentally unstable persons sucked him into it, he probably tried to help one but ended up hurting himself, as there is saying, “if you put rotten apple between good ones, they become rotten too”, the way to save the other apple is to eliminate rotten one, Nole did the opposite.

His box at FO looked like a funeral cortège, that was one ugly site to look at, he is not coming back anytime soon if ever.

django Says:

Wog boy
That Djole has some good taste in the ladies. What’s the scoop on her?

Wog Boy Says:

She is the daughter of former Red Star football player Vladan Stosic, Nastasija Stosic, agree, gorgeous young lady, but they already moved on to another partners;)

Djole doesn’t waste any time, neither Nastasija for that matter…no depression problems:)

Wog Boy Says:

^^ She was presenter on one Belgrade TV station, but now studies in Greece, Thessaloniki, methinks.

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