Venus Williams Tries to Rewrite Record Books in Wimbledon Final
by Staff | July 13th, 2017, 1:49 pm

Five-time Wimbledon champion Venus Williams defeated Britain’s Johanna Konta 6-4, 6-2 on Thursday to gain her ninth final at the All England Club.
“I’ve played a lot of finals here, it’s been a blessing,” Williams said. “I can’t ask for more, but I want a little more.”

The 37 year old is attempting to become the oldest Grand Slam champion in the Open Era, since 1968.

Konta had two break point opportunities at 4-4 in the opening set, and that was all she had as the American came back to wrap-up the first set, then ran away with the second, booming body serves that left the Brit falling out of the way.

Venus in the final will meet No. 14 seed and former Wimbledon finalist Garbine Muguruza, who rolled over unseeded Magdalena Rybarikova 6-1, 6-1.

“I wasn’t expecting anything because you never know how it’s going to go,” Muguruza said after the match. “I saw her play before. I saw she was playing very good, very talented. I just expected myself to be ready as much as I could. Maybe the score did look maybe more easier than actually playing during the games.”

Rybarikova had upended world No. 2 Karolina Pliskova in the second round, and No. 24 CoCo Vandewehge in the quarters, but had no answers for the Spaniard’s 22 winners to only 11 unforced errors in a little over an hour.

“If somebody told me before the tournament I’m going to be in semifinal, I’d for sure take it,” Rybarikova said. “You tell me I’m going to lose 6-1, 6-1…Obviously it’s very short after the match, and I’m a little bit disappointed. But it’s still great. Maybe it’s even better. Can you imagine I had lost 8-6 in the third? That would crazy for me. I would be so close. But I was not that close today. She deserved to win completely this match.”

Venus has won three of their four career meetings, but Muguruza won their most recent on clay this year at Rome in three sets.

“Facing Venus, she won here, like, five times,” Muguruza said. “She knows how to play, especially Wimbledon finals. It’s going to be, you know, like a historic final again.”

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34 Comments for Venus Williams Tries to Rewrite Record Books in Wimbledon Final

Willow Says:

Would like to see a new champion on the womens and mens side ….

lylenubbins Says:

I like Venus as a person but something about her game is just boring in the extreme.

madmax Says:

Hi Willow,

Well, it might just happen. Obviously, that is not what I am wishing for – but I never take anything for granted. These are some mighty powerful servers at this end of the tournament, whereas Federer is all about wily placement and subtle finesse.

Willow Says:

Madmax if Fed wins it all will be great, ill be here with my congrats, i just think it will be an amazing thing for one of the other three too, although i dont like Cilic, Berdych i can tolerate, Sams a nice guy though, and hes never been in a GS final soooo ….

rognadfan Says:

Venus is much more gracious in defeat than her sister, that’s for sure. That’s really ironic because won’t be achieving (hell no one will ever achieve) what Serena has achieved.

I’ll be rooting for Venus, though won’t be able to watch that match.
Another record for the centuries is looming: Oldest winners on both men and women. combined age of 72+ years.
This one, if happens, is likely to stay till the earth turns to present day Mars, Literally!

RZ Says:

Should be a good match on Saturday. I’m looking forward to it.

@Willow: “Berdych I can tolerate.” That may be the nicest thing anyone’s said about Berdych on this site. LOL.

Willow Says:

RZ Im not really sure what the guy has actually done to offend so many people, was it because of him beating Fed in 2010, there were some pretty nasty comments in his direction from the Fed fans on other forums after that win ? ….

Berghain Says:

Willow.. many things. The double bounce incident on the blue clay for instance.

Willow Says:

Berghain granted some of its justified, and some of it not, and some of the really nasty comments after he beat Fed in 2010 were uncalled for, and by the way im not really that keen on the guy either, but i wont take it to a personal level, and theres plenty of other players i think do far worse, and yet people seem to laugh it all off ….

Willow Says:

But i doubt we are ever going to agree on much here though Berghain anyway ….

RZ Says:

@Willow – he seems likable off the court, but I don’t particularly like him on the court. He pulled a hissy fit after he got hit by a ball by Almagro at the Australian Open a few years ago (one of those cases where Almagro ran out wide for the ball and made the only shot he could). Almagro tried apologizing a couple of times but Berdych ignored him, refused to shake his hand at the end, and then whined about it during the on-court interview. But really it was his fault for not doing anything to either hit the ball with his racquet or to move out of the way and not get hit.

J-Kath Says:

Strangely enuf, I’ve come to accept Berdych and am now able to laugh at the scene when Kim showed she knew quite a bit of drunken-sailor language after a snide remark Berdych made to Andy on the first occasion they met on court after Andy’s “staff” left re. his loyalty to Amelie.

Since then Berdych is happily married and though he remains a top player he hasn’t quite made it. Will be interesting if he can play the match of his career (tomorrow?) before he drops out of top players or retires.

Margot Says: Ahhh, Venus’ little sister loves Andy, like wot all his fans do.

chrisford1 Says:

The female players may like Andy for always taking their side in “equal work for equal pay”, equal aircast time, more females coaching men! – issues.
But in some matters , the male pros while liking Andy as a person, are disliking ‘Andy the Feminist’ and his wont for denouncing men whose views on ATP and WTA issues do not coincide with his own.

Margot Says:

Don’t be silly chrisford, the interviewer was disrespecting Serena and Venus and Andy put him straight.

RZ Says:

@chrisford – Andy Murray strikes me as the type of person who doesn’t care too much if people dislike him for his views.

Danica Says:

Andy was right to put this journalist down. How can you think of American tennis and not think of Serena first?

Finals? I am torn. I like both. However, I will be rooting for Venus. Garbine is still very young and has plenty of time to amass a number of big titles. For Venus, this may be the last chance. She was only ever loosing the Grand Slam finals to Serena and once to Hingis. At this point in her life, she needs something beautiful to happen to her. She came through a lot both healthwise and mentally so another title at Wimbledon would be a massive positive boost.

Having said that, I will be happy for each one of them ladies.

Willow Says:

Nothing wrong with what Andy said, it was actually about equality not feminism, he spoke up for Sam been the first male, and at the same time by acknowledging Serena and Venus, he ticked both boxes very well ….

Willow Says:

About the final i like Venus, and its amazing to see her making another GS final, at this stage in her career after been written off so many times, but im pulling for Garbine, as i think it would be amazing to see her winning another GS, and get back into the winners circle ….

FedExpress Says:

First set Muguruza. Vamos.

Wtf is happening with Venus face? Seems strange.

There is a reason why Venus lost more GS finals than she won. And that reason is her sister. She will be always in the shadow of her younger sister.

Same applies to Sharapova. Both have a Serena complex.

FedExpress Says:

Should be GSM Muguruza. Double break up in the 2nd. But you never know in womens tennis.

Daniel Says:

Venus checked out mentally after losing that 15-40 2 set points. Has`t won a game since.

Mugu will serve for the match.

FedExpress Says:

Lol. Venus getting baggled in the 2nd set. Fully exposed. She hasnt won a game after she missed SPs in the first at 5-4

FedExpress Says:

Vamos. Cant win a match after her FO triumph. Didnt even reach one Wta final. Wins Wimbledon.
Muguruza is a strange case. But hey, this is womens tennis after all. So unpredictable. So many inconsistent players (bar Serena).

t4t Says:

Impressive performance from Mugu. I think she has finally arrived. I expect her to do well now on the tour.

Colin Says:

Although the headlines will be about Venus, Garbine deserves huge credit. It must have been strange, even unsettling, to see this living legend crumbling, but the Spaniard kept her concentration and got a grip on her own serve and forehand.

I look forward to seeing Muguruza win many more tournaments.

steve-o Says:

Muguruza played a great match, but definitely Venus collapsed after the 1st set. Probably both physical and mental.

Strange, you’d think Venus would have learned to slice in her old age, in order to change the pace of the rally and buy time for her to recover, but she’s still playing the same “big babe tennis” she made famous, trying to outhit her opponents.

Unfortunately when she’s playing a “big babe” more than a decade her junior, it doesn’t work so well.

Hopefully she can win another major in the next couple years.

steve-o Says:

I think [[Muguruza]] has finally arrived.

I’ll believe it when I see it. The WTA is swarming with one- and even two-Slam wonders. It would take a lot to convince me that Muguruza has done anything more than join the likes of Kvitova, Azarenka, and Kerber.

The fact that something like five women could have ended up #1 depending on the outcome of this Wimbledon tells you how chaotic the field is.

There’s Serena, and then everyone else is playing for second place. OK, in her old age she’s losing a couple more major finals than she did ten years ago, and she’s pregnant now. But everyone knows that as soon as she has that baby, she’ll be back crushing everyone. Motherhood won’t slow her down.

The disappointing thing about the women’s game is that the field has not evolved to challenge Serena’s dominance–as happened with Federer on the men’s. It has remained stagnant.

Henin was the only player who had the game to consistently beat Serena, but dominating the tour took such a toll on her physically that she had to retire early. Since then Serena has had the field essentially to herself. Let us not mention the disgraced Sharapova–she has never dominated as consistently as Serena and has only ever beaten Serena twice.

I don’t think Serena has had to change her game very much, certainly not to the extent Federer has. She’s destroying everyone more or less the same way she was ten years ago, by overpowering them. It’s not very interesting.

J-Kath Says:

Venus looked so composed and dignified at the trophy ceremony – has a beautiful face. I like her more than Serena.

Truth Says:

LOL Mugu should only play Slams.
She needs minor improvements but she usually is smart.
How refreshing. She can serve, is very talented, healthy & not always injured.
She’s not powerless, and won’t play dead for the coddled Williams’ ugly mindless ballbashing & desperate, deafening shrieks.
So sick of the old age excuses for the Williamses & Fedal.

If only gals such as Belinda Bencic can be like Mugu… Sigh

madmax Says:

Willow Says:
Madmax if Fed wins it all will be great, ill be here with my congrats, i just think it will be an amazing thing for one of the other three too, although i dont like Cilic, Berdych i can tolerate, Sams a nice guy though, and hes never been in a GS final soooo ….

July 13th, 2017 at 4:02 pm

Willow, I hear you. You may get your wish tomorrow.

Regarding Berdych, he was a different, immature player when he got clobbered verbally by many, many people, and not just Fed fans Willow, but also Rafa fans, plenty of things you can look at so I won’t bore you. I think he has become more mature and better able to control his temper.

He is married now and so perhaps this has helped him to ‘change his ways’.

Something about him though, I do agree – you either like Tomas or you don’t. I am sure he couldn’t care less though! :-)

Willow Says:

Madmax i have no emotional investment in either player tomorrow, just hope for an entertaining match from a neutral point of view ….

About Berdych im not keen, although off court when talking about Esther some years ago he came across as being quite nice, i just think sometimes he gets a bad wrap, and theres players on tour that have done far worse, yet threatening an umpire, throwing missiles at an umpire, and making sexual remarks on another players girlfriend all seems to get laughed off, go figure ….

Giles Says:

Sooooo madmax. Looking forward to tomorrow? As far as I’m concerned it will be another borrring result 😀
You can’t fart against thunder!

madmax Says:

Giles Says:
Sooooo madmax. Looking forward to tomorrow? As far as I’m concerned it will be another borrring result 😀
You can’t fart against thunder!

Giles, I guess I understand that feeling, when Rafa was playing RG. Had no doubt he would win. However, I wished him well, and was super excited especially for Willow, not for you though as you continue your draconian rhetoric about Federer.

I don’t believe it will be a beat down, some do, I don’t. Cilic is aggressive hungry and nothing to lose . Federer will have all the pressure on him tomorrow, so from that viewpoint Giles, I hope he conquers the nerves and plays as freely and magically as he did at the Australian.

Thanks for asking, though I know you couldn’t give a damn.

Willow, yes, absolutely. I think that Berdych does get bad press, and for too long now, the sexual remarks on other players, I agree, has to be the worst, so in terms of this, Tomas is the pope.

Way back, I think he cheated on a point against Rafa, and was rude in some way. But let’s leave it there. He doesn’t deserve to be punished for his character for this length of time. Let bygones be bygones.

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