Rafael Nadal Has Pulled Out Of The ATP Finals
by Staff | November 13th, 2017, 7:34 pm

Following a tough 3-set loss to David Goffin in his opener, Rafael Nadal officially pulled out of the event due to ongoing issues with his right knee.

“I had the commitment with the event, with the city, with myself. I tried hard. I did the things that I had to do to try to be ready to play,” Nadal said. “But I am really not ready to play. I really fought a lot during the match, but knowing that probably was a big chance to be the last match of the season.

“It was not a decision at all,” Nadal added. “It’s about the pain. I cannot hold with enough power to keep playing. I tried, but [it] seriously was miracle to be very close in the score during the match.”

Nadal ends 2017 on a down note failing to finish his last two events due to his right knee. But he’ll edge Roger Federer for the No. 1 ranking and he won six titles including two Grand Slams.

Rafa will have about two months to get his knee ready for the Australian Open. But when he returns he’ll be without Uncle Toni who coached his last match today.

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50 Comments for Rafael Nadal Has Pulled Out Of The ATP Finals

RZ Says:

Mridul called it on the other thread.
So PCB is going to play instead?

Tennis Vagabond Says:

What a shame! Hope he can make a full recovery for next season.
Fed must be kicking himself for skipping Paris!

Van orten Says:

He is not tv .. he knows he was the better player this year . He is at ease with himself . Doesn’t have to prove anything anymore . Everyone is treating him as the co-number one anyways. Hope Rafa will be fine . Never saw him playi injured before but today it was obvious he was . Next year will be tough for him to play full schedule again while roger already knows he won’t be playing the clay season! Hope Roger will not retire if he wins this tournament though

El_Flaco Says:

He’ll get some special injections and be stronger than ever next year.

skeezer Says:

Rafa also will have a lot of points to defend…
If Djoker comes back to form…..

t4t Says:

Unfortunately Fed won’t share his magic potion with Nadal!

skeezer Says:

Nadals potion ran out.

t4t Says:

I am convinced Fed could have won RG as well as USO and all the Masters and he could easily have been #1. But he just wants to add to his slam count without inviting closer scrutiny into his “miraculous” performance at age 36. All his withdrawals and losses were strategic. He could have swept the season.

skeezer Says:


Humble Rafa Says:

When Skeeze yawns, you know something is up. That’s “trained” behavior.

Humble Rafa Says:

Well, rest, then practice and get ready for next year.

Thanks guys for your support this year, lovers and haters. Time to work on #11. It is never too soon.

AndyMira Says:

YESSS HR!…Love your post!!..Vamos!!

Leo Says:

I think he should have skipped Paris and rested the knee.

Margot Says:

Shame. Sorry Rafa fans,

Tennis Magic Says:

Rafa knew he would lose all his matches here. This shows how slow the US Open courts must be for Rafa to have won there. I don’t think the knee is an issue. If it was, he wouldn’t have come to London http://www.138mph.com/tennis-did-rafael-nadal-go-down-to-david-goffin-or-the-court-speed-at-the-atp-finals-in-london/

AndyMira Says:

That’s alright M!…Yesterday,i read about Greg Rusedski’s comment that Rafa would pulled out after his match against Goffin..and i knew straight away that Rafa will do just that…Although why he chose to play in the 1st place is beyond me!

Margot Says:

AM: He had to be there to pick up his award so perhaps he just thought he’d give it a go and see what happened.
I thought Goffin was poor TBH. Just about beat a limping Rafa. Still think he’ll beat darling Preppy?

j-kath Says:

Think Rafa played in hope that he could get thru Goffin in 2 quick sets – but he was obviously hurting and Goffin could see it. Goffin has been quoted as saying that he is pleased to have figured out how to beat Rafa at last……think again, little man.

AndyMira Says:

M & JK…U guys still remember the feelings of dread when seen Andy played through his pain at Wimby?Yeah…that’s what i feel atm..To be honest,i just want him resting at home,concentrating to get healthy for next year…Time to do this kind of thing is over…He’s 31 now…

Btw…Bout Goffin..i also think he’s got discomfort on his left knee..touching there a couple times…and yeah..i still think he has a chance to beat your darling preppy…

j-kath Says:

A-M & Margot: Forgotten! Who is “darling preppy”??????

AndyMira Says:

JK!…Hehe..Darling Preppy is a nickname to Thiem given by our Margot..

Daniel Says:

Another WTF and no title for Nadal, next year he will be 32 and half this time, window of oportunities closing. Hard to see him doign a Federer and being #2 close to #1 at 36.
He is too good and his B level still good to beat almsot everybody, but with his knee showing that he can’t sustain a full year (78 matches played but 2 withdraws in a row, plus Basel)

Actually, his last Masters on HC in any kind was Cincy 2013. Oddily he has 2 USO after that (which any player would take any day). Seems for him is easier winning at USO than winning a HC Masters title;-)

Now he has 45 days to rest and recovery before Abu Dhabi Exo, but some questons marks remain if he is dealing with pain on his kneww since early October. And if he played it must be his old tendinitis, nothing tooo serious to need surgery or taking time away, but flaring regularly.

lylenubbins Says:

Rafa should not have played. He tried due to respect for the tournament. Class act.

WC Says:

VO: “…he knows he was the better player this year.”
Want to explain that VO? Last I heard, Fed lost 4 matches all year, three to journeymen and none to top-10 player. Nadal lost 11 matches, including some to top-10 players. Fed won 7 titles, RN won six. Fed beat several top 10 players throughout the year. Fed beat RN four straight times this year, and if Fed wins WTF that will be the ultimate icing on the cake.

t4t Says:

Wonder how 36 year old will pull off the miracle next year? Does his marketing company with Godsick ( former employee of IMG which once controlled ATP through the Board) control ATP? Media is bought. Ah the power of money!

Mridul Says:

This has got to be the worst WTF in history. Not a single person in the audience is giving a flying fuck about Cilic v Sock. They are just here cause they bought the ticket to see Roger.

Mridul Says:

This has got to be the worst WTF in history. Not a single person in the audience is giving a flying f**k about Cilic v Sock. They are just here cause they bought the ticket to see Roger.

Daniel Says:

Yeah, all the powers to be waited 5 years to architet this Federer ressurgance. When they risked all their potential income with Federer considering retiring after his knee surgery early 2016. Oh no, I forget they rig all draws and they also have a forutnes teller galss ball to predict all the developments and knew this way they potentializate the most. LOL.

And I love a good police novel with a plot tiwst at the end and some Stranger Things twiglight zone s%$@#t. kkkk

People can’t stop amusing me in here;-)

Daniel Says:


At least matches are competitive. 5 Matche sand only Federer won in straight and even so a 6-4 and tiebreak set. All toher matches went the distance.

Sock broke back and is serving down 4-5.

This is going to be the trend the rest of Fedal careers, everythime they play people will only be interrested in thir matches because all tennis comunity know the clock is ticking.

At best there is 2 more top level competitive year for both. Which would be a surpirse. Fed may have the game more long term but top 10 at 38 was unthinkable for even his most avoid fans.

And Nadal also, playing top level at 33-34 with the way his play was unthinkable a few years back.

So, everybody know they are wathcing something unique and how rare it is and wioll be the longer it goes.

Margot Says:

Mridul: Afternoon and evening sessions can be purchased separately, as well as you being able to buy both. Fed played Sunday afternoon, so it was fairly certain he’d play tonight, tho the schedule doesn’t get put up till the morning, I don’t think. Therefore it’s probably safe to say the audience is not killing time. Besides there are loads of Americans in London, who would want to see Sock.
So pleased Tubs won in the end because Lady Luck scowled on him the whole match. Like his laid back attitude too. But OMG that backhand! Yuck,

j-kath Says:

Margot: Good to know one can purchase individually. PS: You can see the schedule the night before through the main ATP websight – you hit day 2 or day 3 whatever……

j-kath Says:

Taa A-M: Thiem is not bad looking but need to stop shaving for a wee while and let he skin settle down. The female with the long blonde hair – surely not his girl-friend????

Mridul Says:

The matches are pretty damn competitive but they are not high quality, it’s only so tight because both players keep making bucketload of unforced errors and not able to close out as they are so mentally weak. Happened with Goffin yesterday and today Cilic,can’t believe he is still so weak and keeps choking even after so much experience and being a slam winner. He is just going to end up being another Berdych.

RZ Says:

@Daniel – I love your 12:27pm post.

Daniel Says:

Thanks RZ, I can’t understand the logic for some…

Rennie Says:

As an opera lover, I know only too well the risk of buying a ticket in the hope of seeing “box office” (I travel to see some productions) only to find that they cancel hours before we are due to see them. In a similar way, it must be frustrating for tennis fans not to see the usual tour leaders, having long ago purchased tickets only for their heroes to end the season prematurely for injury-related reasons.

The Sock-Cilic encounter today was at least a three-set affair but the sell-out crowd found it difficult to get involved. Now, with the departure of tour favourite Rafa Nadal, the pressure on Roger Federer to deliver is huge. We might expect great things of Alexander Zverev in the years to come, but for him to win WTF without ever having disputed a grand slam QF would be a little weird. Still, ticket sales are huge so the event itself seems pretty bomb-proof.

Mathews Says:

if Rafa got 1 extra day before the Australian Open final, the results would have been different after that long semi-final with Grigor.

madmax Says:

I thought when Rafa pulled out of Paris, after the first match it was done so pre-meditated, because he had a goal, to get that Number 1. He had to play in Paris, one match to snatch that award. He did. After that, I thought he achieved what he needed to, and then he could rest up knowing that Number 1 was in the bag, rest and then onto London.

Again, I think that Rafa was there to show his face, to collect his award and to play perhaps a few matches. He needs to think of his schedule a lot more now, and not to try to please others, but to please himself.

What is the news on his knee? Is it serious, because I really think that after having had his MRI in Spain, he should have just skipped London, for the rest of the year.

Aside from this, for all players, their calendar is absolutely gruelling. Unless you are in the position where you have played on tour for years, and you can pick and choose a bit more.

The Schedule is too gruelling. We want our players to play for many years and to continue to enjoy their chosen profession, but to only have a few weeks at the end of an intense year to rest and then to recover for a major first slam in Australia, in February. it is not enough time.

Margot Says:

Rennie: If Kei was playing the O2 would be full of Japanese people. When Fed plays its full Swiss. Gorgeous Grig has a huge support group. I think people will come just to see their favourites, the quality of the match is only of interest to neutrals, I’d say.
BTW my email box was still offering me tickets up to last week. Saturday and Sunday are pretty much a sell out, but it’s still possible to get tickets….at a price.
I think it’s very pricey anyway.

Willow Says:

Giles read that just now on FB, while its nowhere near enough, at least Rafa won, hopefully this teaches people a lesson before they come up with slanderous remarks about players ….

Giles Says:

^^^ Exactly. The amount of money is irrelevant.

j-kath Says:

Willow: Twitter won’t let me in today. Will probably be able to read the details on another article – Meanwhile, Pleased Rafa won – it’s not a boast to say I knew he would from the very beginning.

Willow Says:

Exactly J-Kath ….

Willow Says:

From Giles link above, NachoVR is a friend of mine on FB, that works for Rafas academy ….

t4t Says:

What a measly sum! The damages should have been at least a 100k. What is 10k? Must be less than a month’s salary. French charities have been cheated and Bachelot has got away with a light tap on her knuckles.

Giles Says:

As I said the amount is irrelevant. This has probably set a precedence. You accuse, you have to prove or if you don’t you will have to pay. All good.

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