Roddick Makes a Change
by Sean Randall | February 8th, 2006, 11:17 pm
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Could you see it coming? Sure.

After working his butt off over the off season, Roddick returned to action only to lose to Baghdatis in the fourth round. As we know the last was his third in the last four Slam before the quarterfinals. Not good for an American who’s trying to takeover tennis.

Roddick took the loss in stride, seemingly so. But then erupted in Delray Beach over not getting a wildcard and then having to play three qualifying matches.

As if that’s not enough, in what has turned out to be a horrendous start to the year, someone on inadvertently reveals that Roddick’s coach, Dean Goldfine, has been replace by brother John.

The note on the coaching change was posted on the site until later this afternoon when it was pulled.

Why was it pulled? More than likely Roddick didn’t want the move to overshadow the upcoming Davis Cup. As such, someone at probably got a big talking too!

As for Goldfine, the Baghdatis loss did him in. Simple as that. If Roddick really wanted to make a move he would have done it over the off season like he had with Gilbert, but the loss in Melbourne last month was the final straw.

Now with brother John, Roddick will truly make his pro career a family business with his parents handling the charity end and sister-in-law Ginger involved in his PR. Question is just what will John can bring to the table (can you name someone he’s coached?). Or who will emerge on the horizon to coach Andy.

Wonder if Andy now wishes that he had never gotten rid of Gilbert. Wonder what Andy’s record would be if he had stayed with Gilbert. We’ll never know, but what we do know is that all is not well in the Roddick camp…

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One Comment for Roddick Makes a Change

mandymcdaniel Says:

Gilbert was not aquired in the offseason. He was called right after Roddic’s first round loss at the French. Hellooooooo

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