Roger Federer: The One Thing I Would Change At The US Open Is The Final Weekend Schedule
by Tom Gainey | August 17th, 2012, 11:32 am

It’s been a topic of controversy for many years, and it’s the one thing Roger Federer would change at the US Open. That is the final weekend schedule which requires men to play best-of-5 semifinals on Saturday then the best-of-5 final the next day on Sunday.

When asked in press yesterday what he would change about the US Open, the 5-time champion responded, “It would be good for all of us or for the semifinals and finals if we had a Friday and Sunday semifinals and finals and not have the first round spread out over three days. That makes sense.”

It does make sense and in a strange way Mother Nature has agreed. The last four years the US Open has been hit by rain on the final weekend delaying the men’s final until Monday giving that extra rest to the men’s finalists.

There has been talk – just talk so far – of moving the men’s final permantely to Monday or changing the semifinal day, as Federer wishes, to Friday. But this year the schedule remains intact allowing American TV host CBS to air it’s traditional “Super Saturday” schedule.

Federer plays tonight in the Cincinnati Masters 1000 quarterfinals against the last American in the tournament, Mardy Fish.

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11 Comments for Roger Federer: The One Thing I Would Change At The US Open Is The Final Weekend Schedule

Joel Says:

CBS is almost as bad as NBC. Just a few more years and ESPN will own all four slams and do what is best for the sport.

metan Says:

Wow, another gladiator performance required for sf and final, killing all the players fitness.

Gaga Says:

Super Saturday sucks.

Federer is correct.

Sienna Says:

Super saturday rules i dont know what Fed is moaning about! I like Super saturday

But both semis should be played right after another not hours between .

Is at AU Open where there is a day between 1 th en 2nd semi ? That sucks and is unfair

jane Says:

I agree with Fed on this one – yes, it’s nice for the fans. But the player who plays the late semi is at a disadvantage Sunday, particularly if it’s a gruelling match. I’d think Friday/Sunday would be best for all.

xmike Says:

maybe the whole idea in keeping the super saturday as it is now is to “force” the players to accept the reduction of match size from 5 cows to 3 cows, to please the mighty multinational adevrtising conglomerates, the same ones that even wouldn’t let del potro make his winning speech in 2009 because it was messing up with their comercial schedule…idiots ! someone should put their fat butts playing 2 days in a row so they know how it feels

nancy Says:

Thank you Mike for your comment – the multinationals who control 99% of the media ruined the Olympics, have trashed our country, & now they want to mess with our tennis. A sport that i find that has a refinement, grace, beauty as weii as astounding athleticism to it like no other sport. I think the current players & past players who have the players best interest in mind should make these decicions.

skeezer Says:

Although as a fan I love Super Saturday I have come to terms over the last few years it’s not in the best interest of fans and players overall. It’s too bad the minds of the money can’t work out a compromise for the betterment of all. Also, playing the first rd over 3 days sucks also. Wtf?

Mark Says:

Wouldn’t it be great if fed was the second semi-final which lasts approximately four and a half hours. Wouldn’t it be greater still if fed DOES NOT reach the semis!!!

Sienna Says:

Well they play the game for eternity and therefor we are allowed to have supersaturday. It is a magical night and when the final is played on modnay so the better.

Everybody is giving the US Open critic the last few years maybe some of the critics are just and it should be dealt with, but Super saturdayjust as the US Open Series are great they bring tennis to a better place in the world.

Nobody ever gives AU Open stick for not holding both mens semis on the same day! I find that much more controversy then super saturday.

David Says:

As much as I respect Fed and his game and agree with him completely on this issue, I find it a bit strange and ironic that these remarks come from him. He’s the player who ALWAYS, and I mean 100% of the time, starts playing on Monday at all Slams (unless he didn’t win Wimbledon the previous year, in which case he’ll start to be scheduled ahead of the other players on Monday of the second week). It’s like an unwritten rule of the ATP.

At the U.S. Open, that early start means that his quarterfinal match will always be played on the second Wednesday. So his run to the final involves three matches in five days, compared to three matches in four days for his main rivals, which is already an advantage.

Then if you consider that the U.S. Open has no roof and frequent rain, the championship chances of the poor sod who has his quarterfinal match on Thursday night are completely at the mercy of the elements. Has Fed ever played his quarterfinal match on a Thursday night? Maybe he has but it was years ago.

So bottom line is that this scheduling that Fed would like to change has always favored him.

I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he knows this and wants the schedule changed for the sake of fairness.

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