Novak Djokovic Is Closing In On Rafael Nadal For The No. 1 Ranking
by Tom Gainey | September 10th, 2018, 11:26 am

Following his third US Open title, Novak Djokovic has narrowed the gap with Rafael Nadal for the No. 1 ranking to just 1,035 ranking points.

With two Masters events and the ATP Finals (combined worth 3,500), and Nadal dealing with a bad knee, Djokovic could very well end of finishing the year on top.

Juan Martin del Potro moved up ahead of Roger Federer, but both are virtually out of the No. 1 hunt, though will both qualify for London.

Kevin Anderson, Dominic Thiem, John Isner and Kei Nishikori appear to be right now fighting for the last two London berths.

Grand Slam winners Nadal, Djokovic and Federer have all clinched London spots.

ATP Race Standings (Sep 10, 2018)
1 Rafael Nadal 7,480
2 Novak Djokovic 6,445
3 Juan Martin del Potro 4,910
4 Roger Federer 4,800
5 Alexander Zverev 4,365
6 Marin Cilic 3,815
7 Kevin Anderson 3,450
8 Dominic Thiem 3,365

9 John Isner 2,930
10 Kei Nishikori 2,475
11 Fabio Fognini 1,940

In the 52-week rankings, Djokovic is still third, but because he has no points to defend the rest of the season, he’ll be closing the gap rapidly as Nadal drops final points from Shanghai (600) and title points from Beijing (500) while Djokovic only adds to his total.

ATP Rankings 52-Week (Sep 10, 2018)
1 Rafael Nadal 8,760
2 Roger Federer 6,900
3 Novak Djokovic 6,445

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19 Comments for Novak Djokovic Is Closing In On Rafael Nadal For The No. 1 Ranking

Humble Rafa Says:

Getting to number 1 in my injury season is not an accomplishment.

Van Persie Says:

Who knew, Nole would be able to compete for Nr. 1 back in March?
It is still unreal for me what he achieved this summer.Am just enjoying all this without great expectations

Mystic - Willow Says:

If he gets it then he deserves it Van Persie no argument for me lol ….

Mystic - Willow Says:

^ You can count the number of Rafa fans on 3 fingers on this forum now lol ^ ….

Giles Says:

VP. Never under-estimate the power of the POD! :)

Van Persie Says:


POD or no POD, Djoko is the oldest in the history in ATP to win a back to back GS ;)

Van Persie Says:

^ You can count the number of Rafa fans on 3 fingers on this forum now lol ^

The quality is important, M-W, not the quantity !

Truth Says:

His attitude sucked and he didn’t want surgery.

No wonder Novak still denies the fact that he tried/still tries to be this doormat special buddy to his brother and guru, to the detriment of his own well being.

He worries so much about how much money the guru makes at the tennis academy that his brother supports.
Who truly thinks he can win Slams by leading a false life full of charades?
If Novak cares so much about the guru, why doesn’t he give millions of dollars to the school & tennis students every year?
Right, Novak has his own selfish support for his family and businesses.

Margot Says:

^ Andy Murray fans know, VP ;)

skeezer Says:

Congrats Noami, another well done and with an 8.5mil deal added on to your 3.5mil winnngs. Wow. Don’t think you got cheated out of winning the US Open lol. Hopefully makes her feel better about the way things ended up on court. Well deserved!

Mystic - Willow Says:

Margot im a Murray fan too ….

Giles Says:

VP. Lol. That’s the whole point. POD makes the big difference.

skeezer Says:

^So does PRP

lylenubbins Says:

@ skeezer – -that’s a lot of cash, let’s see if she can continue her high level. I hope she can, very entertaining to watch. Women’s tennis needs some consistency at the top.

Wog Boy Says:

The one thing that impresses me with Osaka is her demeanor, you just can’t not to fall in love with this girl.
I watched her interview for one of the TV stations after the final and before she started to speak you expect the voice, body language. manners of african american, after all she moved to America at the age of three.
The moment she started talking, you see and hear 100% woman for the country of the rising Sun, the voice, the calmness, the body language, the pitch of voice, absolutely everything is Japanese.
Great kid, kerp up good work.

skeezer Says:

Who knew this? Only these two, glad that is the way it went down. Props.

skeezer Says:

Was just thinkin when I saw that, shoot, I wouldn’t have minded going through all that for 10mil, no matter how much disctraction or controversial stuff came around. Bring it! Lol.
Yeah, hope she is not a one hit wonder and shoots for the top and gets there.

danica Says:

Wog Boy ne seri molim te..pravish se kao nesto fin i hvalish druge igrace a sve ih mrzis…majku li ti jebem onu ustashku katolicku…kobasice i prsut ne valjaju vegetarijanska hrana je best…tvojoj kevi smrdi zadah iz usta

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