Federer Back On Course At ATP Finals; Anderson Cruising; Djokovic v Zverev Wed.
by Staff | November 13th, 2018, 10:57 pm

After a disappointing start to his 16th ATP Finals, Roger Federer got back on track Tuesday in a comfortable 6-2, 6-3 win over Dominic Thiem.

Thiem had won the last two meetings but today the Swiss was fully in charge in a dominant performance.

“It feels good. I’m very happy that I showed a reaction after the last match against Kei,” said Federer who improves to 16-0 in second matches at the ATP Finals. “No match is easy here. It’s maybe not something I’m that used to lose and come back and play again, but it was a good exercise. It was a great challenge for me and I’m happy with my attitude. I’m happy with how I played, and it was good fun against Dominic.”

The win also keeps Federer’s hopes for a 15th semifinal at the event. The 6-time champion will take on Kevin Anderson on Thursday in a rematch of their epic Wimbledon quarterfinal.

“[What is] important for me is to play a good last match here in the round robin, try to beat Kevin. He has been playing great. He has had a wonderful season. Played great against me as well at Wimbledon,” Federer said. “That’s my focus. I can’t talk about what would come next because it’s a hard match in itself. My first-round match here wasn’t great, so today was better, and I need to keep that up against Kevin, obviously, if I want to have a chance to stay here in London.”

Anderson destroyed Kei Nishikori 6-0, 6-1. The big South African had lost to Nishikori earlier this month in Paris, today was a total flip as Anderson raced out to a 11-0 lead before the Japanese finally got on the board.

“Amongst the best I’ve played,” said Anderson of the match. “I think I did a really good job constantly applying the pressure and not letting up… I kept at it the whole time. I just felt I returned really well, made him hit a lot of shots off his serve.

“He wasn’t getting too many free points and I think as I grew, I was growing in confidence and he probably was going a little the other way which is tough given the situation. I felt I did a fantastic job throughout really. Even though I had a lead, I felt a sense of urgency throughout which I thought was really important because I wanted to get that win as best that I could.”

Nishikori, who beat Federer on Sunday, still hopes to make the weekend. He’ll meet Dominic Thiem on Thursday.

“I don’t even know why I didn’t play well today, missing a lot. I don’t know. I just didn’t feel the ball today. It wasn’t my day today,” said Nishikori. “I hope I can have a good practice tomorrow, a good session of hitting and just try to forget about today.”

On tap Wednesday in the Gustavo Kuerten Group, Novak Djokovic returns to take on Alexander Zverev. Djokovic and the German split their two prior meetings, but this will be there first indoors.

“Playing Zverev, who also had a straight-sets win today, I look forward to that,” Djokovic said. “It should be a great match. I think played against each other only twice. We split wins. I played him recently in Shanghai, but wasn’t at his best. I expect him to play better than he did in Shanghai.”

In the late match, John Isner meets Marin Cilic with both men hoping to stay alive in the event. Cilic leads 7-3 over Isner but is just 1-9 lifetime at the ATP Finals.

Centre Court 12:00 Noon
RR 1 Oliver Marah/Mate Pavic v 5 Mike Bryan/Jack Sock
Not Before 2:00 Pm
RR 1 Novak Djokovic v 3 Alexander Zverev
Not Before 6:00 Pm
RR 3 Lukasz Kubot/Marcelo Melo v 8 Pierre-Hugues Herber/tNicolas Mahut
Not Before 8:00 Pm
RR 5 Marin Cilic v 8 John Isner

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50 Comments for Federer Back On Course At ATP Finals; Anderson Cruising; Djokovic v Zverev Wed.

Daniel Says:

Fed could finish 1st in his group if he beats Anderson and Thiem beats Kei.

If he laos beats Anderson and Kei beats Thiem there will be a 3 players 2-0 tie. Dependong on sets won loss, which right now is all in straights, things can end with games won ratio, which Anderson has an edge right now. He is virtually in semis. The question is either Fed or Kei.

Dave Says:


How could Fed finish ahead of Anderson if he beats him? Unless Federer blows Anderson out, there is no way his games ratio will be better than Andersons. And he can’t beat him in sets either. So is the head to head the first tie-break? because I heard it wasn’t. Just curious.

Dave Says:

If Anderson wins a set, doesn’t he automatically win the group? And even if he doesn’t, isn’t games differential the second tie break?

AndyMira Says:

Daniel….”laos”?Dependong”?”festire a tiebreka”?…Hehehe….dude!…U realling funning!

AndyMira Says:

I think Nole will have no trouble in dispatching Sascha in straight sets…

Margot Says:

Lol AM, I can’t even get google to translate Danielese. What’s to do?…..;)

Daniel Says:


1 – If Thiem beats Kei and Fdd beats Andersonn, direct confront Fed leads the group.

2 – If Fed beats Anderson 2-0 both will be 4-2 in sets won / loss. If Kei beats Thiem but loses a set, Kei out and there will be no 3 way tie, so Fed ahead of Anderson in direct confront as well.

3 – The only 2 ways with a Fed win over Anderson for him to be second is either Anderson wins a set (he will have 5-2 ration) and Kei also beats Thiem, 3 way tie Anderson better sets ratio; or if Kei also beats Thiem 2-0 and Fed beats Anderson 2-0. So there will be a three player tie at 4-2 sets won loss, so than it goes to games ration and Anderson will probably lead the group. Unleass Fed beats him 1-1

Dave Says:

I heard all that Anderson has to do is win a set no matter what and he wins the group.

Dave Says:

Do you have the rules anywhere?

AndyMira Says:

Hehehe….Use my method M!….I practiced with my cow & cats for months just to mastered Daniel’s slang…Hey!u could do the same with Clarissa u know….

Daniel Says:

Anderson is 25-10 games won / loss now
Federer is 21-18

If Fed beats Anderosn lets say 6-3; 6-2 which is possible:

Federer 33-23 = 58,9%
Anderson 30-22 = 57,7%

If Anderson wins a set, he qualifies regardless, if he plays at leats one set tough vs Fed his chances of qualifyig 1st also increase.

Fed and Anderson will play the evening match tomorrow, so they will know what need to be done, depending on Kei and Thiem result.

If Thiem beats Kei in straights Fed knows that only winning 1 set will be enough to qualify second as Kei 2-4, Thiem 2-4 and Fed 2-2, so he wins a set and goes 3-4 qualifying second.

If Kei beats Thiem in starights Fed knows he will need to win in starights. If Kei beats Thiem in 3 Fed knows winning in 2 he qualifies also.

Best for Fed is Thiem beating Kei, so he knwos the result will be on his racquet.

lylenubbins Says:

Maybe Anderson will win the whole thing, WTF are weird that way. Past champs include Dimitrov and Nalbandian . . . Sock made the final last year.

K-Nish: dude beats Fed and then almost gets double bageled the next round, sheesh. I’m a fan but he’s frustrating.

Daniel Says:

“I heard all that Anderson has to do is win a set no matter what and he wins the group.”

Not tru, if he wins a set he qualifies regardless, but if Fed beats him in 3 and Thiem beats Kei, Thiem and Kei out each with only 1 win and 2 losses; Fed and Anderson tied with 2 wins and 1 loss but Fed wins the group in direct confront with Anderosn.

The first tiebreak if there is a 2 player tie is direct confront.

So, if Thiem beats Kei in first match, Anderson already qualifies even if not playing. But if he loses to Fed, Fed leads the group.

FedExpress Says:

Fed is dependend on Thiem Kei.

If Kei wins and I dont see Kandy not winning a set vs Fed.

FedExpress Says:

Zverev so unreliable

Nole does what he does best. Saves BPs and breaks in the next game for the set. Happens so many times.

Daniel Says:

Zverev gone now.

AndyMira Says:

Sascha is soooo clueless how to face Nole…he can’t win against Nole from grinding it out at the baseline all day long!…Nole defensive skills r legendary like Rafa….And Sascha too is not good at the net…

I wonder if Lendl will urge him to come to the net more often in the future…coz he’s only relying to his big serve & big groundstrokes..nothing more…

Daniel Says:

Djoko huge step to qulify, if Cilic beats Isner (as he should on paper), Djoko already qualified.

Want a Djoko x Fed finals, so history in the making again, one going for 7 to extend the record and the other for a tie record at 6 each.

Also, Djoko x Fed finals in AO would be great, both tied at 6 each, one emerging with 7.

skeezer Says:

There is no one really around during this fall/winter season to challenge Nole. He is obviously the favorite for this WTF, this time. The next gen is faltering once again, Fed is old, no Rafa, no Andy, etc. Extremely weak field and Nole is playing well once again.
It is a great time for Nole to build up some more titles, and next year is looking even better for him.
Hope the Nole fans are ready to ride another winning streak,

Ronn Says:

Daniel, 6-6, 7-6 for Djoko if feddy boy is lucky enuff to even go that far and 27-22 too but I hope you get your wish…

skeezer Says:

I’d worry about Novak beating all time records than being obsessed with beating an old man h2h. H2H don’t get you titles, winning whoever is in the final does.

chico Says:

And if Fed loses in 3? He has one win over Thiem, Thiem must win Kei for them all to be with one win..

Fed would be -1 in sets
Thiem max -2 so behind
Kei could be max -1, but with the romp from Anderson should be ad fed

Conclusion: Thiem wins in two, Fed in basically regardless, if Anderson does not romp fed too(not likely, Fed “no match” against Nole, but picked up from the first round)

Thiem wins in three, Fed needs a set

Kei Wins in three, Fed needs to win

Kei wins in two, Fed need straight sets win (Not gonna happen I’m afraid, sorry fedfans ;)

This format is great, you really can’t know what is going to happen. Kei has the game to pull games from Thiem in a two setter, he has just not been able to show lightnings during a mediocre stretch(fed win was not spectacular). Correct me if I’m wrong.

Anderson “Dark Horse” for the whole shabang. Fed needs 1 of ten days to take Nole apart in the semi :), but he could do it, Kei 1/50 so not.

– Mr. Obvious

Daniel Says:

– If Thiem beats Kei in 2 Fed just need a set: Theim 2-4, Kei, 2-4, Fed 3-4

– If Thiem beats Kei in 3: Thiem 2-5, Kei 3-4, Fed will have to beat Anderson. Because ieven if Fed wins a set, he will go 3-4, Thiem out and to break the tie between Fed and Kei, direct confront where Kei wins.

– If Kei beats Thiem in 2, Fed needs to beat Anderson in 2, so the three tie in 4-2 sets and it goes to games ratio

– If Kei beats Theim in 3, he goes 4-3. Fed needs to beat Anderson in 2, because if he beats Anderosn in 3, Anderson ends 5-2; Kei 4-3 and Fed 4-3 Anderson gest 1st and direct confront Kei gest second.

So, any scenario with Kei winning, Fed has to win in 2, because Fed winning in 3 sets, won’´t have the 3 players with same sets ration to go to games won, so 1 players is segregated and the other 2 define with direct confront.

So Fed relly heavily on Kei’s result.
Best scenario for him is a Thiem straight set win, so he only needs a set.

Daniel Says:

Agree skeeze, things looking pretty great for Djoko at least till clay. Off course, he will have a loss here and there as he had to Tsisi in Canada and Kachanov Paris, but if he gets his timing right (as he did this years second half onwards) and avoid these losses in Slams or WTF, he will collect more big titles.

Looking clear favorite for this WTF, specially as Fed may not even reach semis stage.

Than AO is just 2 months away (Nadal and DelPo may not be ready by them) and the only other real competition will be 3 players: a 37 and a half Federer, Cilic and Anderson. Because Zevrev is not there yet for Slams, no chance for Thiem on that surface and the others may have a big win but not win the title.

Giles Says:

Borrrring times ahead unless you are a joker fan! 😡😡😡😡😡😡

J-Kath Says:

Evidently Novak is a bit under the weather – has a cold left over from Paris. Still, he played like the champion he is (bounces ball too much though). Novak or Anderson will win the final.

As for Sasha he needs a bit more variation in his play – but of course he’s still very young…..evidently he’s repeated his complaint about too much tournaments/too tiring for players.

Van Persie Says:

Giles, I love this time 🤗

Missed the match as I had to work, watching a replay now.

Giles Says:

Joker had a cold right through Paris. If anyone says he still has a cold he is faking, as usual. He looks mighty fine to me!

Van Persie Says:

Giles, how could Nole convince you? Should he play with his boogies during the pauses?

Margot Says:

VP: Henman was saying in a few years time well be looking back at Nole’s career and saying he’s the GOAT.
*hastily lowers head beneath the parapet* ;)

Van Persie Says:


Lol. Hope it will be in a few years at least and not post mortem :)

Giles Says:

VP. Lol

Van Persie Says:

Now to be honnest, do not understand why they are insissting with the GOAT debate thing. Not sure this Holy Trinity: Fed, Nadal and Nole would have play that long and that good in the 70’s or 80’s.
They rely on this GOAT debate in order to keep the interrest for tennis alive, that’s for sure.

Margot Says:

VP: to be fair to Henman, I just think he was just reflecting on how well he thinks Nole is playing. Making a point rather than seeking to cause controversy.

Van Persie Says:

I got it, Margot and appreciated as it was about my fave (was also unexpected);) it was just about the Media in general

Van Persie Says:

Agree with JK,

We will have Nole – Kando final(or semifinal for sure) most likely. Let’s see if others could change that.

Van Persie Says:


Did read Sascha’s complaints aswell. Maybe he should skip clay season, like Fed did after turning 34 or 35 :)

chico Says:

Thanks Daniel, so I missed the direct confront in case Fed and Kei win in three, Anderson then has +3 sets and Kei wins over Fed with direct confront as both would be +1 in sets. Which tips the scale towards Kei. Still doubt Anderson would not win at least a set, and Thiem beating Kei in a match without meaning (If Rog wins a set). Ofc last match of season so Thiem can play freely, and he seems like the pro who would not let a crowd down.

J-Kath Says:

Van Persie: Unlike Fed. maybe Sasha should skip clay season after turning 24 or 25!!!!!!

chris ford1 Says:

VP – Not sure this Holy Trinity: Fed, Nadal and Nole would have play that long and that good in the 70′s or 80′s.

Or that Rod Laver at 5’7″ would have have a chance in power serve 90s. Or that Sampras would have had a chance once the hardcourts were slowed down because fans were walking away from no-rally 2-hit serve and volley tennis on fast courts.(because of people like Sampras).

With the Big 4, my thoughts are70s up to 2002 or so:

I don’t think Uncle Toni would have selected tennis for Rafa with faster courts. Slow courts are why Rafa has success off clay, with his speed to get to shots he wouldn’t have in the 80s, 90s. Rafa is a natural athlete, and it is easy to see him, a scratch golfer and a very good defense back in football having success in both. Spanish football players believe Rafa could have joined his uncle and been a formidable national team level player. Had he played tennis, great success on unchanging clay, but his knees, without advanced sports medicine available in the last 20 years, would have meant a short career.

Andy had a weak 2nd serve and sucked on clay most his career. He likely would have had a Henman-like career. Very good oplayer but not special as he is in the present era.

Fed had the all round ability, but his real success happened when the courts slowed down. He started with a fine serve and the serve and volley game…and if he had built on that and adapted more …Slams and fine records on all surfaces still would have happened, but not as much, IMO.

Djokovic coming of age in the late 80s and early 90s would have been interesting to see what path he took. Had lung and sinus issues that would have made it difficult to get to a top pro level in football or basketball. He was also a good skiier, but pushing the upper bound in height, as he was a little too short for basketball aside from point guard, he was a little too tall to “fit” the candidate specs Yugoslavia went by. Likely may not have been a pro athlete had he come of age in the 80s and 90s. Djokovic was a top student and had unusual strengths in languages, math, the sciences. His teachers saw him as a future doctor, scientist, diplomat, military officer. Had he been 17 or 18 when Yugoslavia broke up, civil wars going on, no tennis. Good chance he’s have been sent to officer’s military academy. Yugoslavia lost a generation of athletes with the breakup and Civil Wars.

Humble Rafa Says:

Anyone miss me at the WTF? Asking for Xisca.

Wog Boy Says:

That’s strange, even with two straight sets (no TB) wins there is a possibility that Nole can end up not making the SF?!

Ronn Says:

ChrisF, thanks for conceding that,indeed, Djoko is highly intelligent- much more so than feddy or Rafa. It took courage for you to man up and `do that and I applaud you. Djoko is the Nikola Tesla of tennis…

Ronn Says:

So funny to see the fedatics racking their brains out trying to figure out how little feddy can weasel his way into the semis when Djoko can sleep for the next few days. Priceless.

Van Persie Says:


Of course this applies to the champions of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s as well, how they would have adapt nowadays.

As example: Nastase, not an all time great, but a legend: he would have Nick Kyrgios’ results most likely. He lacked discipline or the willingness to work hard, to train. His talent would not have been enough in order to win a slam, had he play in this generation.

Wog Boy Says:

“Djoko is the Nikola Tesla of tennis…”

Ronn, Nikola Tesla was the greatest geek who ever lived and Nole is the greatest….you are free to finish.

Nikola Tesla, I love this take:

chico Says:

Lol Woggie :)! (that came from a bit of caffeine and reading the whole Tesla/Edison rant almost trough)

For Tesla fans:

chico Says:

Actually no non tennis geeks in the top hundred. Kyrgios included.

Wog Boy Says:

Thanks chico, always loved Cash.. and he is right.

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