Rafael Nadal Not Sure About Playing The US Open
by Staff | June 4th, 2020, 8:16 pm

Speaking during a conference on his birthday yesterday, Rafael Nadal said he’s not so sure about travelling to New York for a possible US Open.

“If you (ask) me today, today I will say, ‘No,'” Nadal said with a shake of his head during a video conference call with The Associated Press and other wire services Thursday.

“In a couple of months? I don’t know. Hopefully, ‘Yes,'” he continued. “But we need to wait probably until we have more clear information about how the virus evolves and how the situation is going to be in New York in a couple of months. Because, of course, New York has been one of the places that have been very strongly hit by the virus. So let’s see.”

He added to the AP, “We can’t come back until the situation is completely safe enough in terms of (health),” he said, “and fair enough in terms of all the players from every single (country) can travel to the tournaments under safe circumstances to compete.”

The US Open has stated they will charter flights from Europe to New York, and put up players in a special area for the event.

Nadal said that during the quarantine he hasn’t been playing that much, but plans to

“I miss playing tennis,” he told the AP. “My mind is focused on trying to recover the normal life. The first thing we have to do is recover the normal.”

Nadal is of course the defending champion of the US Open, but the Spaniard will also weigh the French Open which could be held just weeks after New York. Now 34, how would Rafa be able to play in New York and then quickly go from the hard to the clay in just weeks to defend in Paris?

The good news is the August 31st US Open is still almost three months away. The tournament is expected to make a decision on its plans in the coming weeks.

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25 Comments for Rafael Nadal Not Sure About Playing The US Open

Wog Boy Says:

I don’t think Rafa is well informed, not according to American who just flew directly from Belgrade to NY and wasn’t even checked at the airport nor required to go quarantine, but better if Charles tells you himself that everything is overblown, here is our friend and new Serbian citizen Charles:


Check “social distancing” at Belgrade airport 😉

Alison Hodge Says:

Wogboy nice to see that there are still some places that respect the social distancing measures put in place, I live in a seaside town, which was full of tourists on bank holiday weekend, and people couldn’t care less about social distancing ,what idiots, ce la vie, stay safe ….

chrisford1 Says:

Alison – New guidance is social distancing is unnecessary outside unless you are in the middle of a dense crowd.
And about the worst place to be is inside, in crowded NYC apartment buildings or ships with recirculated air vent systems where you are exposed 24 hours a day when ordered to bunker in.
66% of the people hospitalized in New York were people that bunkered, washed their hands totally uselessly except it is good hygiene and very important in a Cholera or other GI epidemic where most of the illness is caused by unclean food, water, and the hands that handle them.
Masks work, but the “scientific and medical experts” spent two months saying masks were not only useless, but worse than useless for anyone other than medical professionals because people would be too ignorant to wear them properly and would get complacent, have a false sense of security.
One bit of good news is only one case has been documented in Asia of someone getting sick from infection outdoors. Get a good mask, enjoy getting out and taking time to do walks, visit the beach.

Alison Hodge Says:

^Yes im well aware of it all, I watch the news everyday to keep updated, to be honest I don’t really care what people do,just as long as they are sensible, keeping themselves safe, as well as everyone else, sadly not everyone is ^….

Wog Boy Says:

If you check the news in the last couple of months it appears that people hadn’t died from anything else but coronavirus since PLANTEMIA has been declared?!
Have you noticed that flu virus hardly visited us this year, check stats in your respective countries how many people got the flu this year and how many died from flu compared to last year, if they published stats?!

I’ll give you Australian statistics, you will be surprised to see that flu basically disappeared the moment PLANTEMIA has been declared, its worth looking and more importantly thinking about it:

“ This year, Australia began with relatively high flu rates: it had 6962 laboratory-confirmed flu cases in January and 7161 in February. However, cases have since nosedived, with 5884 recorded in March and only 229 in April, compared with 18,705 in April 2019. This is despite more flu testing being conducted this year.

Australia’s FluTracking surveillance system, which surveys about 70,000 people each week and records their flu-like symptoms, shows that, in the week ending 26 April, only 0.2 per cent of Australians had symptoms. This figure was 1.4 per cent at the same time last year.”

From 18 thousand cases of flu in April last year too 200 this year even with more testing this year…corona, give me a break please.

chrisford1 Says:

Interesting Australian stats, Wog Boy. It will be interesting to see how many Wuhan Virus deaths in the “terrible totals” have to be revised to state a 3rd or so of Wuhan virus deaths have to be deleted as other things caused death. Your 18,000 flu deaths last season, 200 this season should convince any objective person to conclude something is badly amiss with Australian death statistics.
Then the question comes up – for me in the USA – who instructed the MDs to make Wuhan virus the cause of death when heart attack, elderly pneumonia/flu, car accident victims die.
Who is behind the deception??
Who orchestrated the WHO lie that masks were useless early in the Pandemic? Most Asian countries ordered people to don masks as they always do in flu season, wear in mass transit – and they had far less of a casualty count than Western nations “taught” that masks were worse than useless, they would cause people to get coronavirus from giving people “false complacency” (Except for the Hospital Heroes and Hero 1st Responders who had the mental ability to read 6 lines of instructions in mask use, removal, cleaning that the general population lacked.)
Anyways, I wish that tennis is paying attention to the world opening back up and plans to do the same. There is no true season to tennis so the argument is not “we can’t play only half a calendar because that is unfair to some teams with tough 2nd half schedules and playoffs could be affected.” It would be sad if the West is totally pussied out and bans tennis while China and Japan and the rest of Asia have tennis tournaments go on.
Would really like to see Wimbledon in the early fall, and the USO happen in November, at Indian Wells.

Wog Boy Says:

Just one correction CF1 which doesn’t change your point, the numbers are about flu cases, but it certainly appears that hardly anyone was infected nor died from flu, they are all classified as corona victims these days, your point stands and I agree.
It just doesn’t add up…for the free thinking person, just doesn’t!

Wog Boy Says:

As for tennis, I am not sure if you are familiar but tennis (including fans) starts next week in Belgrade and for next four consecutive weeks will be played moving from Belgrade to Croatia (Zadar), Bosnia (Banja Luka) and Montenegro (location yet to be announced).
The tour is called Adria Tour and is organised by Novak and his family, confirmed participants are:
Djokovic, Thiem, Zverev, Dimitrov, Coric, Cilic, Troicki …
They expect 4 thousand fans in Belgrade and much the sam in other cities.

Wog Boy Says:

I can’t find anything better on YT, but if you check following link and open video clip inside the link you will see facilities (stadium) which is part of Novak Centre and you can see location too, Belgrade downtown next to Danube river and tournament Director Djordje Djokovic (ladies killer):


I was wrong, it will be 4.8 thousands seats and first lot of 2,000 tickets was sold in 12 minutes.

Alison Hodge Says:

Thanks for the info Wogboy, im dying to see some sport, especially our beloved Liverpool holding up that trophy lol ….

Farhaan Rahman Says:

Important information that you provide. My all-time best Rafael Nadal

j-kath Says:

WogBoy: The flu jag in the UK this year nearly killed me – I have been getting the flu jag almost as long as I was married (as my hubbie was on and off a cancer sufferer and my jag was to protect him) and thus being registered, I’ve kept an automatic appointment since his death) – The jag in December almost put me in hospital…I suspect it had a lean towards this year’s C-19.
Chrisford 1: Yes, absolutely agree MASKS! and Use once “Plastic gloves”. Nobody allowed within my house and I have a very large garden. But I’m lucky I live in a small, green countryside with the sea at our doorway. Our village Sorri to bore you. has a sign on entry that states “NO VISITORS ALLOWED HERE” at its entrance barriers. Still, living alone, I am still scared stiff and when I drive to supermarkets I buy for a month at a time (+ the localshop occasionally).

chrisford1 Says:

j-kath – stay safe!

The Adria Tour is a great idea and props to Djokovic, Sasha Zverev, Thiem, et. al. for wanting to make this happen. It’s exhibition, but I’m looking for fans to see say, Sasha and Dominic play after their AO semi….and virtually guaranteed Djokovic and Thiem will have a big match or two – they won’t kill each other but they can’t avoid testing each other to see if they are ready to rumble when the ATP starts up again. As another nice bonus, Jelena Jankovic is coming out of retirement to play in the league. Bosnia is delighted the ATP/WTA central Europe stars are going to Sarajevo to play.

Speaking of Rafa – he just took delivery of his super Sunreef 80 Composite Material Catmaran at Mallorca. He was so excited he chartered a similar one while awaiting delivery of his! Check it out!

Wog Boy Says:

Grigor Dimitrov is first to arrive in Belgrade, greet and meet at the airport done by Novak and brother Djordje, handshaking and hugging, no social distancing:)


Wog Boy Says:

Alison, about bloody time (title time), YNWA:)

My wife had a flu jab few weeks ago (flu season in Southern Hemisphere) for the first time in her life and she felt sick for 3-4 days. She caved in to media pressure.
In our house we discuss everything but make decisions independently, one thing we agreed all was under no circumstances to download that corona app that is tracking your movements and was heavily advertised by government, millions Australians did it but millions didn’t, we are in the second lot, even government promised that they are going to destroy all personal data collected once plantemia is finished, which is big fat lie.

j-kath Says:

Wog Boy: Don’t blame you re. the Corona app – I wouldn’t either – life is unsafe enough and there’s a load of tricky gangsters around – on the phone, web and then there is Govt. ineptitude.

Chrisford 1: Re. Wimbledon – up to now we could have counted on Blabbery Boris opening up Tennis with UK’s most important tennis event – but, given the last 48 hours the English population has rejected even a partial opening of schools. There is also some questioning on whether 2/3 areas of England have already exceeded the R-rate. It’s getting to be high risk for him. The economy vs. the health of the English population.

PS to Alison: Do you think Boris is ill again? He looked dreadful over the last two days.

Wogboy: I share your reluctance to be added to a list of corona app. I’m paranoid about trusting any Govt. (even though I trust the Scottish Gov. more than I do the English – but both can get careless).

Alison Hodge Says:

Wogboy lol hell yeah ;-)

J-Kath yes im just wondering if hes still getting over the virus, theres no clarity, and nothing hes saying is making any sense ….

Hi Okie hope your well ,and safe, and great to see you here ;-)

j-kath Says:

Yes, Alison – I really don’t want to be anti-anyone but Boris is simply blubbering – not making much sense – and he lacks conviction. I’m still trying to make sense of his latest i.e. A single person can go and visit another single person and stay in their HOUSE!!! I would be very troubled if even a favourite relative tried to come into my house. So what is Boris’s goal – a couple of lovers and some sex!!!! – Or is he trying to excuse “Cummings” again?

And a warm welcome to Okie too.

Allen Says:

My first comment here- I had to respond to Wog Boy’s comment above about the disappearance of the flu in Australia. This is precisely what has happened in the United States. The similarities are remarkable.

While filtering through the CDC numbers as this “pandemic” began here in the US- something didn’t seem right about the entire narrative and I remembered the Avian Flu Hoax from 2009- I noticed some statistical anomalies that were impossible to explain through any change in the normal patterns of a seasonal virus. In short, as Wog Boy states the flu numbers took a nosedive here in the US. I wrote an article about this with a detailed analysis of the flu numbers over an 8 year span titled:

“Where has the regular flu gone? The CDC reports unprecedented crash in non-COVID flu-positives, raising questions.”


Since this time it has become painfully obvious that with “All Things Covid” there are reams of misinformation given to us by the MSM. Why such changes in how death certificates in many countries throughout the world giving Covid special treatment? Why so many nursing home deaths due to government malfeasance? Why are so many hospitals getting money for listing Covid deaths? Why are healthy people being forced to sequester when this seasonal virus obviously only impacts the weakened? Why aren’t those weakened getting special protection? Why are masks and (anti) social distancing government policies when there is no scientific basis for these?

Why no government considerations for aftermath of lockdowns and the damage done to social and economic well-being? Why such trust in Neil Ferguson Imperial College model when he has a proven record of being wrong by magnitudes of tenfold on past occasions? Why such censorship of medical experts around the world who refute Covid narrative? Why are fraudulent PCR tests accepted when it is known they put out many false positives? Why are their no investigations into cruelty and administrative euthanasia in nursing homes?

Wog Boy Says:

Thanks for your response, accurate, comprehensive and factual. I liked your link, agree with your questions at the end of the link and with your conclusion.
I don’t know about people in America but you would be surprised to know how many people here agree with you, they just don’t buy it the way it has been presented to us.

j-kath Says:

Allen: C-19 was present in the UK at the start of our Winter and burst into conciousness in February. I have a friend who died from it. And no, it wasn’t a yearly flu. The burden of proof is one I hope you are not personally forced to acknowledge as proof.

skeezer Says:

Sorry to hear about up your friend. I have a good friends daughter who caught it, and is just getting over it. Had it for 3 months. This is no Flu.

Okiegal Says:

Hi guys…,, My post must have gone through after all. I always proofread after I submit my comment.. lol! Anyway, I never did see it. I guess it was held up by staff, since I had not posted anything in months.

I’m obeying orders in my state regarding COVID. I mask up up when going out in a crowd and do the distancing thang…. sure playing havoc on my love life!!! LOL….. Just teasing, I don’t have a ❤️ life…….. 🤣🤣🤣

Missing tennis like everyone else. Hopefully things will get back to normal soon! 😷😷🙏🇺🇸

Be safe TXers!!

j-kath Says:

Skeezer: Absolutely. It troubles me even more when the younger generation succumb. Glad your friend’s daughter got thru it.

Okie: I have very close friends in the US (met via my hubbie) and get hilarious emails from them (they still come to Scotland every year – apart from this year)- includes chit-chat re. your wonderful President and his English twin, Blubbery Boris. Keep wearing your mask – and when it comes to your love-life – make sure he takes his temperature and then play hard to get at 2 metres apart!

Okiegal Says:

@J-Kath……You’re too funny!! Play hard to get??? Okey dokey! 🤣🤣🤣

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