Federer Leads Unlikey Foursome in ATP London Semifinals
by Sean Randall | November 28th, 2009, 9:22 am

Raise your hand if you had a semifinal consisting of Roger Federer, Juan Martin Del Potro, Nikolay Dayvdenko and Robin Soderling in your ATP Finals semifinal round bracket. I surely didn’t! Because after five days of often intriguing, sometimes controversial round robin play that’s what we are left with. ADHEREL

And when you consider no Rafael Nadal, no Andy Murray and no Novak Djokovic it’s a strange way for the ATP to close out the season without three players who made such a mark in 2009. But credit to Federer. Say what you want about him – he gets easy draws, he’s lucky, he’s past him prime, etc. – but the guy consistently keeps on winning when it matters the very most, and right now he’s the favorite to walkaway with another year-end title.

Even with three of the top four out, Fed’s road still isn’t easy. Today in the early match the World No. 1 takes on Davydenko. It’s the 13th career meeting between the two and Federer’s won all 12 prior and 22 of the last 23 sets. But at some point Davydenko’s going to breakthough for a win. He’s too good a player not to. But the pick for me here is Federer. Davy has the game to take it to Federer but the Russian usually can’t get the job done when it gets to this stage at these type of events and when the pressure is on, so I think the Swiss gets through.

“Each of the 12 times I played him I came in believing I could win,” said Davydenko who owns a scintillating 18-5 tiebreak record this year. “It’s not like I was coming into the match and already saying I’m losing. But I know Federer is older, I’m also older. Maybe I am starting to play better and Federer not so good. We’ll see. I played great in all three matches [this week]. I would like to play the same way as I did today, and I hope I can run well tomorrow, fast, and not make any mistakes.”

In the second semifinal, credit to both Soderling and DelPo for their effort this week. I thought they would both be overwhelmed by the occasion but they weren’t. And given the strength of the field the pressure was relatively off both of them during the round robin. But not anymore because they are back in the spotlight, front and center.

Soderling and DelPo have split their two meetings with DelPo winning most recently in Auckland this year. Soderling’s among the best when it comes to indoor tennis, but if DelPo brings his “A” game he’ll win and that’s what I guess will happen in a very nervy match.

So that should leave two “A” group participants, Federer and Del Potro, in the final which if comes to pass would re-ignite talk of Federer’s “did he or didn’t he” debate from Thursday. Of course I’m referring to the controversial ending of the Fed-DelPo match in which Fed handed the last three games of the affair to DelPo thereby eliminating the home favorite Murray from the event.

Would Federer rather play Murray on Sunday or DelPo? My guess is with the event in London and Murray’s record, he’s going to pick DelPo. That said, did he purposefully tank the end of the match with DelPo to make certain the Argentine remained in the hunt? I don’t think so. I do think he eased up after winning the second set, but I don’t think he was trying to lose at the end to get DelPo in. I’m sure it crossed him mind, but it I don’t think that became his ultimate mission. Bottom line is though, until the book comes out (or Mirka’s) we’ll never know what really was going through Fed’s mind at that stage, and Murray has no one to blame but himself.

Anyway, all of this may be mute if Federer loses today. Match begins shortly.

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257 Comments for Federer Leads Unlikey Foursome in ATP London Semifinals

Colin Says:

“All this may be mute if Federer loses”? Well, that will be nice and restful!

sonic Says:

Wow, Federer. That is so awful it makes Nadal yesterday look good.

Funny how Davydenko is obviuosly scared of him and is playing bad, but Federer gifted everything. He looks slow and something is definately going on with his serve.

Totaly unbeeliavable.

Bjorn Borg Says:

Sean says, “My guess is with the match being best-of-five…”
The final is best of three, not best of five.
Next recall what Federer said, “It was disappointing to lose at the end, you know, against Juan Martin, who I already lost against at the US Open…So for me it’s a tough loss…I don’t want to lose against fellow rivals. It’s not something I enjoy doing, to be quite honest. A lot of money, a lot of points on the line. So it would have been nice to go through…Yeah, I’m excited to be through. But I wished I could have won today. That would have given me extra confidence…[on 3 break points at 3-3] I remember especially one breakpoint – I remember both actually. I thought I was unlucky on the first one, too, hit the net, gave him the advantage in the rally. The second breakpoint, I thought I played it very well. I had a down-the-line. Hit the net there, didn’t go over.
Sure, it was unlucky…So, yeah, he caught me on the finish line, I thought…”

Besides, JMDP was serving for the straight set win at 5-4 in the tiebreak. He made 2 unforced errors. It was not Federer hit 2 winners. I wonder why JMDP could not pull out his big serve on those 2 occasions.
Both wanted to win the match. According to both, neither of them was doing math and thinking about Murray. I believe them, not you.
Now on to the match, Davydenko looks like he is about to run away with the 1st set, half way to earn his 1st victory, and I seriously think that he is gonna do it today.

Sean Randall Says:

Borg, correct, the final is best-of-three as now amended in my post.

Fed’s lost four straight. Looks like he wants to follow the plan and lose the first set again!

contador Says:

hey madmax and david:

i was being silly last night. after i hit ‘send’ i thought ,” oh no, madmax is not gonna like this.” i wasn’t serious about federer losing nor do i believe rafa and roger should retire, only saying the way they are playing, it’s not so good for their h2h’s.( thinking of the recent losses) ( and thinking about the pop soda would get if davy won)

c’mon roger! yikes!! c’mon!

and again i have no picture, only sound. robby koenig sounded perfectly elated that davy won the first set and is doing so well.

Dean Says:

As noted in the first comment, it would be moot, not mute.

contador Says:

sonic: what is going on with fed’s serve? i have no livestream. and please to tell, if you get a chance, what your impression of fed’s energy is…ty

Gannu Says:

WTF WTF WTF Sean u picked Fedex and look wats happening.. u can only jinx a person… ;;-(((

been there Says:

contador, seems like Davy has infected Fed with ice!

Believe it or not, Fed is now ice-er than Davy…Fed is dead on court…The crowd is quetish – Mirka is bored to death…she’s just yawning. lol

been there Says:

Crowd is now trying to cheer on Fed
He starts to jump up & down…the crowd wants him to get fired up

basically, he lost 6-2 to Del.P in RR, BUT, he was still fired up, here, no energy at all.

contador Says:

federer’s been up all night with the twins?

been there: “fed is dead on court” ??? oh no!

contador Says:

ahh so. fed played ‘all out’ the 2nd set against delpo. maybe nothin’ left in the tank, hm.

c’mon fed! we still love you, man!

contador Says:

‘tator 1 to ‘tator 2: “if your’re davydenko, you gotta sense federer’s there for the taking.”


Bjorn Borg Says:

Davydenko chickened out, mental edge played here. Fed gets gets break and the set?

contador Says:

OMG….phew!! fed got a set! yesssssss

Bjorn Borg Says:

Now, Davydenko’s hope of winning suddenly dwindles to zero. Federer will march smoothly in the decider.

been there Says:

2 Break-points for Fed…crowd goes CRAZY
Davy lobs, Massive mis-hit from Fed – he shakes his head ..1 more break-point.

Commentator:”nothing has come easy for Fed today…everything gone wrong”

I set ALL

Crowd frenziiic!

Big YEAH!! from Fed

contador Says:

BB: if fed must lose, at least go down fighting! unless he can’t for some unkown reason.

sonic Says:

Federer served 1 out of six in the first game he was broken, 2 of which were the double faults, and other 2 where UE…one criminal. Next service game 1 out of 4 first serve, one double fault, and the rest Ue’s (Davy did keep the ball in play thou). That’s when i posted…

As expected, Davydenko chokes in preassure situation. Amazing how bad he is of slices when it’s tight, i knew he’d hit the net at 15:30 the moment fed sharp sliced his shot a bit short.

Davy still not done, but if he has to serve to stay in the macth he’ll choke again.

sonic Says:

btw Davydenko is playing the same as in first set, it’s just that Fed stoped being an ue machine. SO it’s not like Nikolay faded untill the choke…i do wonder how much strenght he has left thou. It’s been what, 17 hours since he fnished vs soderling?

been there Says:

Davy is never gonna get Fed on a more off day like this. I mean really?? Serve not working + misfiring forehand + low energy. As sonic said, Nadal looked better!

Fed is now fired up, his attacking, more spring to his steps…but Davy will still put a fight. Davy should have finished it in two. Big disappointment for him.

At this point, they are evenly matched….Davy will put up a fight, but Fed should now prevail.

contador Says:

so, i didn’t get to see nadal yesterday but what i did see of him last week, not good. fed looks worse than nadal out there?

uh boy. neither of these two will stand a chance in the final

c’mon fed!

been there Says:

contador, mainly in set1 & 2. Yesterday, both Rafa & Djoko were low energy. You just know Rafa, he’s like the most fired up player out there, whether he’s playing badly or not. But yesterday, it was like a competition between him & Djoko who’s gonna have least energy & play worse. basically, when Rafa is not fired up, then things are really worse.

So yeah, in seets 1&2, Fed managed to top that. lols

BUT, good news, he’s now improved. MUCH better…at least the crowd can now use their vocal boxes…it’s what they pay money for. lol

been there Says:

and by ‘low energy’ I don’t necessarily mean tired from too much play. Just that ‘fired up & ready to go/compete’ attitude. You know, adrenaline sort of.

Bjorn Borg Says:

With Federer getting 72+% 1st serve in, Davydenko cannot even dream of winning this match. If Federer had continued like in the 1st set, maybe…if it happens to go into tie breaker, Federer will have huge advantage. Poor Davydenko, he obviously had additional disadvantage of less rest…

contador Says:

yes, i can hear the crowd has more energy, the tators are too quiet. koenig sounds like he’s fired up when davy is winning and he’s gone silent, so…..fed in the lead! up a break…

oh joy.

been there Says:

what a shot!!!!

Bjorn Borg Says:

Federer will break here and the match will be over in a minute. Thanks to his serve not betraying him in the 2nd and 3rd set.

contador Says:

well i hope fed can get an adrenaline charge going against delpo or sod, otherwise…

and yeah, BB, i always feel bad for davy when he loses. would be HUGE for him to finally win one over fed.

contador Says:

well i hope fed can get an adrenaline charge going against delpo or soda pop, otherwise…

and yeah, BB, i always feel bad for davy when he loses. would be HUGE for him to finally win one over fed.

sonic Says:

Interesting…huge slice of luck and then shot of the orunament to go 0:30…then gets a clean forehand, good setup and misses the court. Then another UE and 2 good points from Davy

Wonder if Davy can break here.

contador Says:

oops double post. can tennis-x delete one please?

contador Says:

sonic, really at this point, whoever has more life left for the final

been there Says:

Davydenko Breaks!!
Davy serving for the match

Bjorn Borg Says:

Yes Davydenko broke but I still have doubt if he has what it takes to close out.

sonic Says:

You could kind of feel it when Federer didn’t break from 0:30, and had 2 chances to get to match points. Tennis is such a strange game.

Hopefuly Del Pony wins it now and gets to no 4 he deserves. Fed need to get a coach or something

contador Says:

what happened to fed? he was up a break! sheesh

been there Says:

contador, Fed was never up a break
He was just serving first

contador Says:

shh! Borg, geeeeeeeez davy is fighting back…he’s got something to prove….

good for davy!

oh how awful for fed!

Bjorn Borg Says:

I saw this coming today. Federer has been vanquished on the 13th attempt.
Congrats to Davydenko, for the 1st victory !

been there Says:

That’s it for Mr. Federer…pack up the bags, bundle Mirka & the kids for christmas to Swizerland. Perhaps visit Tiger Woods.

sonic Says:

he was never up a break, he served first in the third. clutch forehand from Davy on break point so i guess he deserved it.

Really that forehand to go 0:40 up that missed by a foot was afwul…had a nice, slowish, high ball, took a long setup and missed. At 30:30 bh down the line long by an inch for 15:40.

Played great points to get to the break back point, but didn’t dare go for a winner in the rally…Davy did, hit the line and you kinda knew that was it.

Kudos to Davydenko. Didn’t expect him to actually beat Fed…Fed missed a huge chance in the 5:4 game thou. And walks away with the shot of the tournament…scant prize as it is.

contador Says:

ty, been there. i got ahead of myself thinking fed was up a break. well, that’s not so bad. if davy had broke back or crushed fed, it would make this loss horrible.

as it is. congrats to davy!! wow, soda pop, soda pop!

been there Says:

Yeah, time to congratulate Davy

Yeah, way to go! No choking while serving out today. Well done. Money! Money! Money! lol.

1st time for everything. 13th time lucky.
Well done

jane Says:

WOW- He did it! He won! Congrats to Davy – kudos to him for proving me wrong. WOW!!!

Daniel Says:

Davy really deserve thi one. The forehand crosscourt he delivered at 30-40 6-5 was awesome, corageous!

Again Fed miss a chance at 0-30 when he was inside the court with a forehand wide and then a backhand winner that was out by 2 inches. He was broke almost in the same way as DelPo match, missing chances that gave the moment to the opponents to get a break. Still a very good match. From, the midle of the third set untill the end the level was unbelievable.

contador Says:

thanks you guys. your comments were appreciated!

i got the idea. fed lethargic the first set, not serving or moving well.

the best man going to have fun tomorrow.

and the next match? will soda see this as an opportunity and get fired-up? or will delpo fade cos it’s not rafa or roger?

Bjorn Borg Says:

Sean and Jane, what did I tell you guys?
I argued with Jane yesterday and with Sean this morning on this. And I was serious.
Am I surprised? Not at all. Davydenko showed some heart. He, too, believed he could win today. He said so in his interview yesterday. He materialized his dream of beating Federer once in his life time. Way to go, Davydenko !
He remains a contender for tomorrow’s final. Actually, it would have been easier for JMDP had it been Federer in the final, and I was selfishly and secretly wishing Federer reach the final. I am not worrying too much against Soderling tonight. It won’t be easier for JMDP to deal with Davydenko tomorrow. I hope JMDP wins the title and takes that coveted No. 4.

been there Says:

Time to chastise Fed:

Sue Barker & Co from BBC: “Davydenko’s emotions never go up & down. Always level…so if Federer expected Davydenko’s energy to lower, it was never going to happen. But Federer, surely, you expected that once he got fired up in the 2nd set, he’d probably take it to the next level like we’ve seen him do many times before. Yet, he was still very flat in the 3rd set. He waits till the last 3 or so games to unleash”

Agreed. That was pathetically low energy from Fed…& even more pathetic tennis in the 1st set. It pains me to say this but no way did he deserve to win.

jane Says:

Yes, BB, been there, contador – you can all say “I told you so” LOL! You were the prescient ones; I was going by the past. But those interview excerpts you posted BB did make me think twice last night. This is a very nice win for Davy – WOW!! KUDOS again to Kolya!

sar – hope you’re happy; I know you’re a fan of Davy!! Woot!
: D

Daniel Says:

Fed looked really sad after this lost. I think he wanted the fifth title very bad. It would be great if he was able to end the year with a victory special over DelPo to seal his amazing year.

But, all in all, it was agreat year for Fed fans at least. Rafa needs to find the spark back and I am cheering for DelPo now. If he can end n. 4 it will change the whole seedings for next year AO. Murray already has to defend Doha points, so he won’t be able to get n° 4 back in time for AO.

sonic Says:

It does seem that Federer can only play 2 sets thou. Either he doesn’t play in the first like every single match here, or he doesn’t play in the third set like in all the early TMS matches, Basel final…basicaly all the best of 3 he played this year.

The strange thing is his topspin bh looked better than i’ve seen it the whole year. Hopefully he realizes now he needs to play every set nex year…perhaps get a coach to keep him mind on the task at all times. As he sacked Roach and Hewitt’s ex coach snubbed him, not sure who’s big enough name that Fed would take him on, but less he stops the decline right here it doesn’t like he’ll break the 286 weeks on no1 record.

Pony will crush Davydenko if he’s on, Denko wouldn’t have a say in it. But no guarantees he’ll be on. Soderling seems a bit 2 one dimensional to win the whole thing.

RG Says:

Wow! Davydenko has finally done it! That 10th game in the 3rd set – Davydenko showed a lot of heart and held his nerve. He always had great tennis skills. But today in his victory over Federer (who played very well in the 3rd set), he displayed remarkable mental toughness.

On another note –
After the match, when the two met at the net -there was not a lot of warmth on Federer’s part. I thought Federer just went thru the motions, but he seemed a little ticked off – maybe at the overhead shot that Daydenko directed towards him in the 3rd set. Or maybe I am just imagining things…

Bjorn Borg Says:

What must be troublesome is Federer lost the 3rd set despite getting 74% first serve in and winning 87% of them. And Davydenko got only 53% of his 1st serve in, and won 88% of them. What this means is Federer got outplayed, lost fair and square. You cannot even blame Federer’s FH or BH in exclusivity. Comparatively, they were working OK, if not magnificently.

contador Says:

BB: i hope you are right. delpo should win all the way through for sure. davy has to be spent.

even if soda is charged up, i’d be surprised if he wins. it’s all up to juan now.

glad i didn’t SEE this match. “pathetic” is not how i like to remember federer.

Kimmi Says:

So, this is where everybody else is hiding.. What a match by both and davydenko..Congrats.

I will repost my post here from another thread.

Despite being a big Fed fan I am delighted for Davydenko, who is probably the best player never to make a Slam final – just hope he can win tomorrow, he is a decent guy as well and thoroughly deserves it.

Cheers to you davydenko.

jane Says:

Sean, your prediction record is running true to form; does that mean we can expect Soda to “pop” as contador so aptly puts it? Or will you get that one right? I am curious to find out.

Bjorn Borg Says:

Jane, the funniest line of the day in Sean’s post: “Would Federer rather play Murray on Sunday or DelPo? My guess is with the event in London and Murray’s record, he’s going to pick DelPo.”

Bjorn Borg Says:

And Jane, Federer, Murray, and Djokovic all got equal points and equal money from YEC. Federer did not receive 1 dime and 1 point more than Murray and Djokovic, despite playing one match more. He only added 1 more loss plus Lodon expenditure of 1 day.

contador Says:

jane, i was not trying to be prescient last night…..lol..i was really not seriously thinking davy would win, rather just thinking out loud a bunch of ‘nonsense’…which say, came true. sorry madmax, really.

i guess it wasn’t such nonsense. but one cannot be sure which federer shows up anymore. i love the federer but if he didn’t play well, well this is great for mrs. davydenko! congrats kolya!

jane Says:

That’s just Sean stoking the fires BB – he’s great at it!

Does anyone know, when is the next semi? Is it right away or this evening?

David Says:

I’m stunned, but congrats to Davy. He’s been playing great all week and was able to keep it up against his nemesis in the most important moments. Some great shotmaking by both players, but Roger was the much sloppier of the two on his service games.

You could tell how disappointed Fed was. If Davy had beaten him in the final of Basel, there wouldn’t have been such a lukewarm handshake at the net.

Fed is really furious because he wanted this title back and the YEC record. Oh well, he’ll have to wait until next year.

Bjorn Borg Says:

Jane, the 2nd semi is this evening, begins at the usual time.

jane Says:

contador – it’s true that with both Fed and Rafa, they are not quite the “sure” bets they once were (still 80 or 90 percent of the time we expect them to win…but there’s wiggle room), and thus in some ways this win is not entirely surprising. I still think Fed will win over Davy more often than not, but maybe Davy will turn things around somewhat. Maybe players realize the playing field is leveling and they know they can win on a given day. For a while there, with the auras AND records that both Fed and Rafa had, I think some players did walk on the court thinking it was a hopeless situation, and probably it was a lot of the time!! But now the doors are swinging open a little bit, and players seem to feel they can win. I mean Benneteau pushed Murray (Cincy) and Djoko (Wimbledon) before he beat Fed in Paris this year. And yet who saw that coming? Fed still has the upper hand in most matches because of his sublime tennis, but it’s nice to see his opponents showing their mettle anyhow, and it was a good win for Davy. I am truly happy for him.

Kimmi Says:

Despite defeat, fed has a lot to celebrate about in this year. Finish year end number 1, reaching finals of all 4 GS and winning two. Beating his nemesis nadal in madrid..beating his other nemesis Murray twice etc etc the list goes on.

Who would have thought the top four players will not be in the final..not me for sure..Bookies must have made a lot of money in this tournament. What a week it turned out to be.

jane Says:

As for Fed’s fans, I find it hard to console them because he wins 90% of the time, LOL. But seriously, better luck next time to Fed, and he can enjoy Christmas with his new family, and after having had another great and ground-breaking year in tennis. It’s all good.

contador Says:

david: fed has to be unhappy with how he played today and against delpo. maybe some good will come of it. i really do love roger federer – his tennis is, well the best. but it will be interesting to see what he does from here. surprise us, roger!

sar Says:

Bravo to Nikolya who beat the odds, now go all the way.

Fed had more time to rest.
Davy was his “pigeon.”
London crowd screaming for Fed.
Fed was probably rooting for Davy to win yesterday so he could play HIM instead of Djok.

Did it look like Fed was cool to Kolya at the net and near tears leaving?

sar Says:

Kimmi you were right the other day. You said H2H meant nothing here. Look at Djok/Soda and Fed/Davy.

Yesterday Davy said something like…I am old, he is old. I can win if I run good.

Bjorn Borg Says:

Di you guys know, with today’s win, Davydenko has replaced Roddick for the No. 6 spot?

Kimmi Says:

sar..its true, especially this tournament. We have seen a lot of upsets than normal. but then this is what you should expect when top 8 players are put together..like what jane says..it shows now the gap is very small compared to the way it used to be. Only soderling now remains to be seen if he can get his 1st win from the fed.

contador Says:

jane- this really isn’t so surprising. it’s sad for those of us sorta hooked on roger winning. davy was playing really well post- us open. he went out early in moscow against safin but he had just won shanghai.

i would actually be thrilled if davy wins tomorrow! and i am equally pumped to see who he will be playing!

Cindy_Brady Says:

Daveydenko is the Nalbandian of 2005. He is going all the way. A credit to the short balding man. Reminds of an athletic version of skeletor.

been there Says:

True, at this level, H2H is almost meaningless. Sure, it’s something to brag about, but once they step on court, it’s each man for himself. Just ask Murray while he’s stepping on court against Fed. He states the H2H over & over & over in his pre-interviews…..that doesn’t save him.

“Fed is really furious because he wanted this title back and the YEC record. Oh well, he’ll have to wait until next year”

For sure…but he only has himself to blame. I hope he sheds some light in the interview. As BB said above, it’s not the serve (ok, maybe set1), nor FH nor BH that let him down. I can’t even say lack of interest…that was Tsonga-Fed in Montreal. Neither can I say he was outplayed per se….that was Del.P on Thursday.

This one was more of, ‘ok, I’ve been put on-court to play.’ I’m making an ppearance. I’ll just, erm, drag myself around’ lols. Maybe he fell for H2H trap while forgetting that the last time they played was in early ’08. As Davy said in his yesterday interview, a lot has changed since then.

Had Davy lost with Fed playing like that, and seemingly not trying or even bothered, I’d have said he should retire.

jane Says:

BB: No I hadn’t realized that Davy moves up a spot, but that’s not too surprising considering Roddick has been losing points from the USO on whereas Davy has been gaining, with the Shanghai win and now here. I don’t fret too much when my faves go up or down a ranking spot unless it affects their draws, and I guess in this case, if Roddick is down to 7th, it could affect his draw for the AO – it’ll be a steeper climb. I see he has signed on to play Brisbane so maybe he hopes to get some extra points there. Now, if JMDP also moves Andy Murray to 5th by winning this event, he, too, could have a slightly tougher draw at the AO.

David Says:


I guess you picked Davy before the match? From your posts, it sounds like you doubted him the whole way.

“With Federer getting 72+% 1st serve in, Davydenko cannot even dream of winning this match

“Now, Davydenko’s hope of winning suddenly dwindles to zero. Federer will march smoothly in the decider.”

“Yes Davydenko broke but I still have doubt if he has what it takes to close out.

madmax Says:

hi people – i’ve been posting on the other thread with kimmi! and have now tracked him down here!

Yes, well contador! you are a one! Jane, as for me, I dont feel as bad as I thought I would. I absolutely adore Mr. Fed as you know, but I am more mad with a certain commentator, Mr. Pat ‘oh I love myself and want to be a rock star’ Cash, who was reporting for skysports. His words – Federer is on the decline, it’s over for him, everyone else is getting better…bla bla – and I think to myself here we go again.

Cracking tennis from both players in the final set – cracking – fed was tired though conty, he looked at times, not very fresh, a bit flat with his shots and he actually looked unhappy. Sad.

He did congratulate davy at the net, but was very short and then it looked as if he wanted ‘outta there’.

But we know fed dont we. We know what a great player he is. I stand by what I say. Roger’s best comes out in the slams, in the five setters. He is just about untouchable. (i know some of you are going to argue with me here, and that’s fine, it’s just my opinion).

but the day belongs to nikolai and I am really happy for him. What a fighter. I dont think having too much time inbetween matches to ‘recover’ is good for fed, personally. I think he needs that adrenalin to keep on pumping, and almost play on pumped up adrenalin, rather than restful energy, if you know what I mean.

But as Jane’s said. It’s all good. It really is.

In a way, watching a final without fed in tomorrow, I can watch the match a little easier, because I dont really care who wins – I think I would like davy to win if I was pressed – because despite what longlive says, I think he is cute as well as enjoying his own special brand of tennis.

Go davy go!

Federer will always be the best for me though. No question. 2010, will see a revitalised federer going for the slams once again –

Bjorn Borg Says:

David, look at my 1st post on this thread, Now on to the match, Davydenko looks like he is about to run away with the 1st set, half way to earn his 1st victory, and I seriously think that he is gonna do it today.”

The ones that you cited were made toward the end of the 2nd set and 3rd set. Those were instantaneous observations made during the 2nd half the match. But as for the overall assessment in cool mind, before the match and early in the 1st set, I responded to Jane: “Jane says, ‘I suppose Davy could beat Fed, ha ha!! That’d be the shocker wouldn’t it!?’ Shocker thing is dependent on perspective and belief. There is just too much Fed-worshiping in that shocker you pointed out. I would find it more shocking to see Soderling beating JMDP than Davydenko beating Federer. Seriously, I see the latter’s possibility higher than the former’s.”
In all honesty, I was not so sure which way the match would go, and I was arguing with Jane that the outcome could not be taken for granted. After reading what Davydenko said yesterday, I was inclined to believe him a little bit, if not a whole lot. I posted this last night: Davydenko believes he will have his 1st tomorrow. “Each of the 12 times I played him I came in believing I could win,” said Davydenko. “It’s not like I was coming into the match and already saying I’m losing.”

jane Says:

been there @ 12:29, here’s Fed’s post-match interview transcript.


been there Says:

madmax, just for the record, I do agree with what you say here:

“I stand by what I say. Roger’s best comes out in the slams, in the five setters. He is just about untouchable.”

Very true. If this was a slam, he’d find a way to inspire and fire himself up even if everything is going wrong. He needs to be outplayed for someone to defeat him in a best-of-5. Not dragging himself around like today. lols. Had he lost being outplayed like with Del.P on Thursday, then I’d be upset & sad for him. This one, I’m just mad at him. urgh…I wanna punch him in the face. lols. No sadness at all. He got what he deserved with that level of play. Kudos to Davy!

Also here:
“What a fighter. I dont think having too much time inbetween matches to ‘recover’ is good for fed, personally.”
Yeah, also in USO. After playing Djoko on Saturday, there were rain delays which pushed the match to Monday…Fed came back on court against Del.P and all that majic from Saturday was gone.

been there Says:

Thanks Jane

Kimmi Says:

“Had Davy lost with Fed playing like that, and seemingly not trying or even bothered, I’d have said he should retire.”

been there, I disagree with you..fed was not that bad as you put it. He raised his game considerably in the second and third set but davydenko never wilted..he stood with fed shot for shot. In the third set, davy was serving as well as federer, he hit few un-returnable serves and his groundies were shot for shot with federer. davy stood tall all the way, he did not give fed many UE as he used to be, davy played a clean game today, and I think that is what won him the match, he had previously broken down in the critical juncture of the match but not today..OK maybe fed should have made 1st serves at important moments but it does not go that way always. That game where davy was serving to stay in the match was incredible from davy, to get out of that 0-30 deficit, just incredible nerves of steel. Even the commentators were saying, they don’t call this man the iron man for nothing.

Colin Says:

Been there – you say “Just ask Murray while he’s stepping on court against Fed. He states the H2H over & over & over in his pre-interviews…..that doesn’t save him.” Save him from what? Murray usually wins, doesn’t he? That’s why he leads in the flaming head-to-head, isn’t it?
I don’t know if everyone’s aware, but I understand that if the games tally of DelPo and Murray had been dead level, Andy would have gone through because he has a higher ranking. Boy, would that have stirred up the people who don’t like Murray!

been there Says:

I like Roger’s honesty. He never uses all this ‘tired’ excuse – neither for himself nor his opponents. And he correctly points out that these are best-of-3s not 5setters, & that they are professional high level tennis athletes, so neither him, nor Davy, nor Sod, nor Del.P are particularly ‘tired’. That’s what they are trained to do.

“That means that you’re more maybe mentally fatigued for some.”
“Niggling injuries we all have when we’re playing. It’s just how you handle them”

very true…if someone is physically fatigued, then it is probably due to the individual’s fitness issues…not ‘coz of playing back-to-back 3setter. (ok, unless we’re talking of Rafa-Djoko spending 4+ hrs on court in a 3setter)

jane Says:

From Fed’s presser, I think he realizes that he is a front runner, and that by losing the first sets in all or 3 (?) of his matches at the WTF, especially perhaps in a best of three, it may’ve cost him in the end.

As madmax points out, in best of five, Fed can outlast others, and/or raise his game when it really matters, plus he has the experience not to get nervous. But in best of three, he doesn’t necessarily have the time -or even the inclination always- to rally back. Eventually, sorry to say, this same thing will affect him in best of fives/ at slam, as some of the other top players stay with him through the whole thing, like Rafa has always done, and like JMDP did at the USO and almost at the French this year (he was very close to the huge upset there, but his fitness was still questionable and the occasion must’ve got to him somewhat).

Kimmi is right, though, that after the first set Fed played well. But he did play the first set sluggishly at times, and especially with the serve not firing, this hurt him.

been there Says:

Colin, follow the conversation in the previous thread. It’s quite long. What do you think it means? They’re playing tennis, so it can only mean one thing. no? :) In tennis, it’s either a win or a loss…so it can only mean that.

“Murray usually wins, doesn’t he?”
The last time I checked…unless we’ve been watching different tournaments, Fed has beaten Murray in the last two times they’ve met..in Cincinnatti & in London. lol

In a nutshell, having a better H2H than Fed, isn’t going to save Murray from losing. Neither is it going to save Fed or Rafa from losing to a Davy, Sod, Cilic, etc.

Quite straight-forward really. No need to get all defensive over nothing :)

madmax Says:

Q. Last year in Shanghai you couldn’t get to the semis. In any case, the match was played so quickly, can you explain what happened there? You usually never lose with Nikolay.

ROGER Federer: Yeah, not so far. So, sure, it’s disappointing. But not to lose against him; just to lose the semis. Coming so far in a tough group, in a tough tournament, I had hopes to get through to the final and maybe win again.

But I missed the start again, and I guess that’s what cost me the match at the end.

Q. You started very fast. I think you won the first seven points. What happened then? Was it concentration?

ROGER Federer: No, I think I picked sometimes wrong choice of shots, you know, right from the start, that let him sort of recover, not be a break down.

After that, I didn’t serve very well in the first set at all. So that gave him obviously opportunities to start to find his range from the baseline. So that was pretty much the story in the first set.

Second set, it was more a story of just trying to hang on, you know, get through to the third. As the match wore on, I actually started to feel better and better. I was starting to feel better, which made my life easier throughout the match. In the end, you know, indoors, you never know what can happen. It could swing either way. I was a couple of points away, but just couldn’t get it done.

He did well. I thought he played strong throughout, even though I don’t think it was our best match we ever played against each other. That wasn’t the greatest for quite some time.

Q. Everybody expected Davydenko would be tired after yesterday’s match. How would you estimate his game today? Was it just luck for him? He managed to beat you for the first time in his career.

ROGER Federer: Well, I didn’t think it was a particularly physical match. So that’s why I don’t think it had anything to do with fitness. We’re professional tennis players. We’re used to playing many matches in the same week. These are not best-of-five-set matches. Doesn’t usually come down to a lot of fitness. It’s just a long season. That means that you’re more maybe mentally fatigued for some.

But he missed quite a few months of the season early on, before. Really the season was sort of already into Miami and stuff before he started really playing. So I think he also has got some reserves left.

I had the same left, although I had also tough matches in my group. So for this reason I don’t think it was played on fitness, you know. I think we were both fresh. Niggling injuries we all have when we’re playing. It’s just how you handle them. I thought today he handled them well.

At times he did look a little bit sort of wrong-footed. Maybe he had some issues, but he’s definitely not going to tell them to you before the final, so don’t even bother asking him (smiling).

Q. Nikolay has finished top five in the world for the past four years. Do you think he gets the respect he deserves?

ROGER Federer: Well, I don’t know if you guys have. I have. I think it’s most important that he has respect from his fellow players. I think he didn’t have the easiest of last few years, you know, where people suspected him of doing bad things in the sport, you know. He had a cloud over his name for quite some time, which was not very fair at the end now. I think he handled it very well towards the end.

To be able to continue playing this well by being asked always the same stupid questions must not have been very easy for him. So I respect him not only for that, but obviously for the player he is. Proved it was worth hanging in there. He finally beat me today. I wish him all the best for the final.

Q. You talked about fatigue. Could it have been the other way: you haven’t played a whole heap of tennis since the US Open? Could that have been a factor today?

ROGER Federer: How do you mean? How should I be tired?

Q. I don’t mean tired.

ROGER Federer: You said ‘fatigued.’

Q. Not fatigued, going the other way.

ROGER Federer: Not enough matches?

Q. Exactly.

ROGER Federer: I had three here before. Three three-setters. No. I don’t know how to answer it. It’s just the wrong question. Sorry.

Q. The Davis Cup final? Do you think the Czech Republic has a better chance after Rafael Nadal and Verdasco looks like they’re out of form?

ROGER Federer: Out of form? Hmm. We’ll see in a couple of weeks, huh? For some reason, I just still favor the Spaniards, even if they don’t have Verdasco and Nadal, because they’ve got quite a few players out there in their arsenal.

Good luck anyway.

Q. We spoke yesterday already about your first sets here that were difficult. Another one today. Does it worry you at all or…

ROGER Federer: I tried everything to have a good start. I wasn’t able to do it again, so, sure, it’s disappointing. I guess the important thing is your serve works, you know. Maybe I just couldn’t get my serve working, you know, in the first set this week. On top of that, you know, played top guys. It’s just not easy.

But I think that definitely cost me maybe two out of the four matches, you know. You can’t turn around every single match against top guys because then you don’t have enough cushion anymore at the end. It’s a game of luck at the end. Not that this one was one. But things swing so quickly, you know, at this pace we play at. That’s why I think this is where I made my mistakes, just to hand him over the first set. It was a pity.

But looking at the bright side, I still had a great season. Looking how deep the game is right now. To finish on top for me is phenomenal. I don’t know, I try not to look at too much what I did wrong this week or what I did wrong today. This is my last press conference of the year, so I’m happy (smiling).

I had a good season, and I don’t have to answer any questions anymore.

Q. Have you spoken to Tiger Woods since his accident? How worried were you when you heard the news?

ROGER Federer: I haven’t spoken to him. And I heard it’s not too serious, which is a good thing.

Q. What do you say about Robin’s performance here, his progress during the last six months?

ROGER Federer: Well, he’s been very good, you know. I thought he played a great round robin. He’s still in the tournament. He’s got everything to play for. Sure, there’s no easy matches now in the semis. Against Del Potro, I thought he was playing really well. But still I give him an outside chance. You never know.

He’s definitely made his move now. I think next year is his year where he needs to prove himself even more, again and again. That’s how tennis works. I think he’s done exceptionally well. I think he can be proud of himself.

Q. Since it’s the last press conference the year…

ROGER Federer: And the last question, so this better be good (smiling).

Q. I’ll try my best.

ROGER Federer: You’re known for good questions, so I’m really excited (smiling).

Q. So what is the best moment of the year? Roland Garros? Was it the memory you will always remember of this year, 2009? What is the worst memory of the year, if there is any?

ROGER Federer: Well, the best one from a tennis standpoint was definitely, you know, winning I think sort of that combination of Paris and Wimbledon back to back, coming from so far back in so many matches in Paris. I think those are incredible moments in my career.

Worst moment, I don’t know. I mean, didn’t really have many. I always play at a very high level usually at the end of tournaments. When you go out, if it’s five sets or three sets or straight sets, I know I put in the best effort I could. And then you don’t walk away too disappointed.

I finished No. 1 in the world. So I don’t have many regrets.


ROGER Federer: Pleasure. Anytime. Find me somewhere.

Fedfans! dont you just love the final line of fed’s presser? haha! Find me somewhere! (yeah right!)….in other words, thank god for the end of the season!

Cheers to all fedfans – get ready for January, but in the meantime, I will enjoy the match tomorrow WITHOUT cleaning my bathroom! (that one is for Jane!).

jane Says:

Here are some highlights; both guys playing well at times! Some great passing shots, and Davy really willing to attack today:


Kimmi Says:

jane says: “I don’t fret too much when my faves go up or down a ranking spot unless it affects their draws, and I guess in this case, if Roddick is down to 7th, it could affect his draw for the AO – it’ll be a steeper climb.”

Roddick going down to 7th will not affect his draw. seed 5, 6, 7 and 8 will all meet 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 in the quaters. Unless he goes out of number 9 then he should worry because he could play federer his nemesis as early as rd 16.

But Delpo move to number 4 will be significant in seeding, he will only meet the top 2 in the semi and can only meet 3rd seed in the final..he is very dangerous delpo, so not so many players will want to play him early.

jane Says:

Kimmi, at 7th, couldn’t Roddick meet Fed in the quarters? If so, to me that could potentially affect him. Last year, he could not meet Fed before the semis.

Kimo Says:

Sean jinxed the favorite, again :(

Ah well, good for Davy. He played well and deserved to win. I’m kinda disappointed that for the second match in a row Fed got broken at a critical moment in the final set.

But it’s been a good year for him overall, and considering that Rafa, Djoko and Murray didn’t make the semis, it’s not such a bad result.

My biggest dissapointment is that we’re not getting a Fed-Felpo rematch. There’s always next year though.

Kimmi Says:

jane, no. unless you are seed 3 or 4 the you meet seed 1 or 2 in the semi only. seed 5, 6, 7 and 8 will meet seed 1, 2, 3 and 4 in the qtrs. With 6th seed, roddick can and has played fed in the qtrs – remember madris this year and IW 09

Kimmi Says:

I think roddick was 5th seed in madrid and IW…but still

been there Says:

Kimmi, Davy definitely played well…I’ve said so in my previous post, & that after Fed won the second set, that Davy was gonna fight hard. I also said that Fed raised his level in the 3rd set. All I’m saying is that fed was generally flat throughout the match, save for a few moments here & there. Very little adrenaline.

“Even the commentators were saying, they don’t call this man the iron man for nothing.”

I didn’t refute this fact at all. Look at my post at 11:35am. I said the almost the same thing myself then. Even in my posts yesterday in the previous thread, where I was saying Davy definitely has a chance against Fed ‘coz save for choking while serving out, he is a bunny – returns everything & would put a fight.

been there Says:

@ 2:08: ‘previous post’ s/b previous posts

contador Says:

roddick. the guy has to feel encouraged with the davy win today. and roddick, at least has some wins in his fed h2h. just not at the BIGGEST moments. poor roddick. i have to go look at that h2h again, i forget how many GS titles federer has kept from roddick.

madmax, thanks for posting the post match interview. and glad you are watching the final tomorrow. who are you hoping wins?

Kimmi Says:

Some quotes from davy’

“All my family, everybody who supports me, waited for this moment, when I can beat Federer,” Davydenko said.

“I don’t think now I’m number one because I beat Federer, but I know now, if I come to a match and play against the number one, number two, number three in the world, I have a chance. That’s really good confidence for next year.”

jane Says:

contador, Fed has kept Roddick from winning -for certain- 4 slams: Wimbledon finals 04, 05, 09, and USO final 06. PLUS, there are all the times Fed eliminated Roddick at the quarter finals or semi finals stages, like, off the top of my head, the USO 07 quarter finals, and the AO 07 and 09 semi finals. Indeed, one of the reasons I have always find it hard to root for Fed is all those devastating defeats, against my favorites in the past, Roddick and Safin, and in the present as well. But I can appreciate his expertise and his incredible achievements nonetheless.

Kimmi – that’s so true: Davy beat Nadal and Fed at the WTF, but not Djok. However, he came really close, and he beat Djoko in that third set tiebreak in Shanghai, and then Nadal for the title. He really has a lot to be proud of at the moment.

Andrew Miller Says:

Fed played well, Davydenko played well. Not sure how this translates to the Australian Open. Kind of believe that Federer playing at this level translates into another big positive result at the Australian.

Agree that Roddick must be encouraged at how he matches Federer at this point. However, my concern is Roddick even getting to the opportunity to play Federer. Other players are just as hungry as ever – and Roddick struggles against “other players” whereas Federer generally “does not”.

jane Says:

This is why Roddick is underrated; look at all the times he put himself in the position to win slams!! And the only person who could stop him is the guy who beat Sampras’s record. Man I hope Roddick can win a Wimbledon or any other slam!! That would be such a dear win to my heart. I was so sad when he lost Wimbledon this year.

been there Says:

Wonderful quotes from Davy there. Wow! He’s had quite a good run post USO with the top-most guys. Rafa-Shanghai & London, Djoko-London, & now his life-long tennis dream (save for getting a slam!) – beat THE FED.

For a long time, he’s been disrespected by many people – fans & media alike. No more journey-man/whipping boy tags. He’s vindicated himself on the next biggest stage after slams.

[Q. Nikolay has finished top five in the world for the past four years. Do you think he gets the respect he deserves?

ROGER Federer: Well, I don’t know if you guys have. I have. I think it’s most important that he has respect from his fellow players.]

I hope he doesn’t party too much tonight. He’s got an important match tomorrow. Hope he wins.

Go davy, Go!

David Says:

been there

I didn’t see this lackadaisical Fed you’re talking about at all. I’m seen him in some matches where he really doesn’t seem to care all that much, like maybe the Mardy Fish loss in 08 IW or the Tsonga loss in Montreal. This was definitely not one of those cases. Fed wanted that match as much as he possibly could want a match. He just came out on the short end this time.

Let’s give Davy credit. He played an incredible match and he deserves it. It’s impossible to win them all.

In fact I was thinking that whereas before Fed could win 3/4 of the tournaments he really wants, now he’s down to half or less, maybe 40%. So next year I expect him to either win 2 Slams or 1 Slam and the YEC.

been there Says:

@ 2:20pm: Djoko-London s/b Djoko-Shanghai re: Davy beating the top-boys

David Says:

Er, typo. “I’ve seen him …”

Fot Says:

Well, I guess Davydenko can use the line “Nobody beats me 13 times in a row”!…. ROFL_2

Oh well…. An exciting year for Roger has come to an end. After Roger lost the AO this year and didn’t do well in the Spring Hard court season, I was ready for a looooong long season. But Roger gave me joy this year and here are some of my highlights that I will never forget!

1. Roger winning against Nadal in Madrid to win his first title of the year – on clay! He did say he was glad the hard court season was over! ROFL_2

2. THE highlight for me this year was Roger winning the French Open. This was a dream come true. And to come back and fight for wins against Tommy and Del Potro – I was crying for days with joy after this victory. This was a sweet one.

3. Then to come back and get his Wimbledon crown back. In a dramatic 16-14 5th set too! This was a tough one to watch, but in the end if was so joyous because it was that record setting #15.

4. Then to finally marry Mirka. I hoped this would have happened years ago, but I was so glad to finally see it happy this year.

5. Then to not only have ONE baby, but to have twins, and to have kept it a secret from the media and fans too! It shows some things can stay a secret!

6. To regain the #1 ranking and to finish the year with it just caps off a fantastic season for us as Federer fans.

Also….people take things for granted when it comes to Roger. Like that unbelievable SF streak in the slams and to have made the finals in all 4 slams again this year goes to show how consistent Roger is and has been throughout the years.

So even though I wanted him to finish the year with this year-end title, it wasn’t to be. But I can’t complain about the year. When I look at some of the other players, I cringe when I think of their fans. So Hats off to you- Roger -for making this a memorable year for us fans again! Amen

been there Says:

correction on correction lols:

s/b @2:40pm…not 2:20. enough blogging.

Bjorn Borg Says:

Did anyone notice one disgruntled fan brought a Scottish flag with “No Thanks Federer” painted over it? The camera lens paused on it and the commentator-duo G & K commented on that. A very committed fan !

been there Says:

David@ 2:41pm, where have I said he lacked interest? In fact, I’ve said quite the opposite@ 12:29pm:
‘I can’t even say lack of interest..that was Tsonga-Fed in Montreal.’re: Fed’s body language in the match.
So unless you direct me where I said he lacked the interest, I can’t see it in the entire thread.

I’ve said the way I saw it, he seemed to lack energy, adrenaline not pumping, flattish, sluggish.

The BBC commentators where I watched the match saw it the same way too. Their specific words were ‘flat’. See my post at 11:35 am. They commentated on it throughout the match & also after the match. If according to you that was Federer being all fired up (like say his match against Del.P where he also lost, then I guess we see him very differently. He lost in both matches with the same score-line in the set1, but imo, save for the 3rd set, it was like two different players.

So different people viewed it differently. Fair enough.

“Let’s give Davy credit. He played an incredible match and he deserves it. It’s impossible to win them all. ”

erm…I don’t think ANYONE has taken any credit from Davy. Certainly not me. I’ve very clearly said that Fed certainly deserved to be beaten. Fair & square. Infact, in two-sets had it not been for Davy choking there.

“Fed wanted that match as much as he possibly could want a match.”
Again, I haven’t read a single post saying he didn’t want it. And for me, I never buy into all this ‘He didn’t want it enough’ when say a Fed or Rafa loses. If they lose, they lost ‘coz the other guy was better…there can be many ‘irrelevant’ reasons for the loss (e.g. tired, injured, etc) but for me, ‘not wanting a match’ is never in the list – unless it’s a fixed match with betting on the line. Which is illegal. I say ‘irrelevant’ ‘coz the only thing that matters is that they’ve lost – once it’s done, the reasons are all irrelevant.

At no point have I said ‘Davy won BECAUSE Fed was sluggish or lacked interest or whatever’. I was the one engaged in a long debate in the previous thread that Davy had every chance of beating Federer. So where all this is coming from I don’t know. lols. The only thing that has surprised me here is how easy it was for him.

Perhaps Fed-fans are having a problem because I say ‘Fed thoroughly deserved to be beaten’, as opposed to ‘Davy winning’?
Same thing really. Ok, to make everyone happy, let me put it this way: Davy thouroughly deserved to win. Better?

(b.t.w, I’m a fed-fan too, & not a Davy hater either…so I’ve got no reason to be happy that Fed lost, nor reason to deny Davy the victory)

Kimmi Says:

jane, thanks for davy interview link.

LOL LOLOLOL !You gotta love davydenko. he is so funny. love the quote “I m russian but I am not safin” Classic.

contador Says:

Jane: i am so with you about roddick getting a slam. i mean it’s tragic, really. he deserves way more credit than he gets for making the GS finals he did ….especially the wimbledons. all one needs to do is have a look at the roddick v fed h2h to understand. he has a great game for grass. let’s hope he comes back in 2010 with enough fitness and fight in him. he had worked hard, improved his game. wimbledon 09 final was head-splitting! i wanted fed to win, but i was also screaming for roddick to win. i was happy and smiling for weeks after fed won the FO. but i could not feel very much joy after after wimbledon. definitely was not as happy as i thought i would be when federer beat sampras record and regained his wimbledon crown. it was just too heart-wrenching for andy roddick, all considered.

Bjorn Borg Says:

JMDP and RS are already on the court. We in the U.S. are blessed with Espn360 today and tomorrow. Enjoy the 2nd semi lagless on HD Res./ Surround.

andrea Says:

davydenko! the invisible man prevails. i hope he wins the whole thing.

jane Says:

I know Kimmi; I thought that comment “I have a wife, what do you expect, 3 girls? 4 girls? I’m not Safin” was one of the most hilarious things I’ve read from a tennis player this year – Very Funny Davy!!

contador, For sure- and Roddick has won Queens 4 times! He is one of the best on grass, no doubt. For obvious reasons that Wimbledon 09 loss was a crusher for me and anyone who could see how much effort Roddick put in, and was almost up 2 sets! But for weird reasons, the 07 quarter final USO loss has always stuck out for me as also heartbreaking, because for 2 sets he was there, and then lost the tiebreaks due to nerves or one bad shot. Sort of like Djoko’s USO 07 finals loss. Could have almost been up two sets, but choked. Just so crushing when I see a player so close but so far. I can appreciate the winner, the nerves of steel, etc. But so crushing for the underdogs who fight so hard.

Anyhow, maybe it’s time for a little more parity in tennis, not flat out domination, but more jostling for position – that will be a welcome shift for me, though I know not for some.

been there Says:

Here is Davy setting the record straight:
“That’s for me it’s important how I play first, not about money, how much pay for me another company.”

BB, you posted alot through the tournament about money & points. Would you by any chance know where this ‘love for me’ re: Davy comes from? Is it from all those betting speculations in yester-years? ‘coz the likes of Fed, Rafa etc also mention money from time to time in their pressers, but they’re not labeeled ‘money lovers’…so where does this come about with Davy?

Anyone know?

Yeah, his pressor is funy.
“NIKOLAY Davydenko: Wow, so many guys coming now after semis (smiling)”
lhahahaha. He’s thinking of all the front-page sports headlines.

:))) Indeed. Something to be joyous about

been there Says:

correction@ 3:58pm: ‘love for me’ s/b love for money: re Davy

Kimmi Says:

Soda saving a 0-40 game there..man with confidence

Kimmi Says:

DELPO..biggest FH ever. how does he hit it that well..incredible

been there Says:

contador, are you watching/listening?

Del.P hits a 109mph winner
commentator1: “Soderling was near the ball, but looked like he’s rooted on cement”
commentator2: “Del.P hits some balls faster than the speed of light…like no other player in the world”…exaggerated but I think he’s passed his point across!

jane Says:

Delpo has replaced Gonza’s nuclear forehand! The mantle is passed.

Twocents Says:

Great one for Davy: finally and fully derserving :-)).

Good one for Fed: fighting hard and better lose in O2 than in SW19 :-)).

Good one for Sean: calling Fed for 2009 no.1 back in January :-)).

Now my turn to go attacking the turkey leftovers…

Kimmi Says:

been there: another one
Commentator; “I spoke to murray’s coach the other day and he said, “this guy scares me, the way he hits that ball””

Kimmi Says:

seriously, when you look at these guys serving..nadal needs to sort himself out quickly..they will finish him.

Bjorn Borg Says:

Soderling is making difficult for JMDP with those big serves. JMDP should not have missed those triple break points in the 1st place. Now, it looks like it is gonna go into the unpredictable tie break, which probably would favor Soderling. I am worried, though I like the Swede, too, though a little less.

contador Says:

well i have been attempting every which way to get the picture but…no luck, so i am listening intently and watching the score….poor tennis junkie that i am.

not sure why been there but i find myself rooting for soda. ?? strange i want robin to win. maybe it has something to do with who davy might be able to beat :-)))

commentators are too quiet again. sounds like koenig is leaning toward soda

been there Says:

“this guy scares me…..” re: Murray’s coach
lol. And so they should be. When Federer admits that he’s surprised by how good Del.P has gotten in such a short while..in the span of less 9 months, then there’s big reason to be scared. Yes, the summer run last year in the small events was good, but to improve this much to this level to compete with the best of best. SCARY. ..ranked in the #60s last yr!

Anyhow, Soda pop (contador!) is holding his own…popping them aces. lol
Roddick would be proud of the bombs Del.P is throwing in the name of aces & un-returnable serves.

It’s a serve-fest so far…but exciting nonetheless. Tie-break in the next few minutes.

Kimmi Says:

Poor tie break so far by delPo

been there Says:

Double fault by Del.P by going all out for it in a 2ns serve costs him one tie-break point

A sloppy forehand from Del.p, another point to Sod
Sod: 3-0
Soderling serves well, rallies well in the next two points on his serve:
5-0 Soderling:
Nightmare for Del.P
Del.P’s serves & holds
5-1 Soderling

Another error from Del.P
6-1 Soderling

————————————————–Soderling armed with two serves to get the set

An ace–Soda pop pop pop!!
7-1 Soderling

Nightmare for Del.P 7-6 to Soderling

Kimo Says:

WOW. Who would have thought that the YEC final could be between Davy and the Sod? CRAZY, but both guys are deserving of such an honor.

Would love to see how Delpo responds.

Kimmi Says:

This is where delPo brings his A+ game…as we have seen been down a set does not touble him

Bjorn Borg Says:

With the 1st set in the pocket, Soderling may pull an upset here and go for the title. If he wins today, I will be rooting for him tomorrow. I expect JMDP to turn this around if he wins the 2nd set.

jane Says:

Delpo’s rise in rankings has been great, quite similar to Djoko’s or Murray’s.

Djoko 2006: went from 72 -> 16 and then in 2007: went from 16 -> 3.

Murray 2006: 62 -> 17, and in 2007: 17 -> 8 but then injured so dropped down to 11, and then in 2008: 9 -> 4 and as high as 2 this year.

e.g. Delpo 2007: moved from 50s to 80s in rankings. In 2008 he went from as low as 81 -> 9, and in 2009 from 9 -> 5 and possibly 4?

IF he can turn this match around. So far Soda has an edge, though it’s marginal.

Kimo Says:

Who’s winning the rallies?

jane Says:

There’s aren’t any – lol. Just kidding.

Kimo Says:

LOL, maybe that’s why Soderling is winning. I know he’s no slouch from the baseline (he beat RAFA at RG, remember?), but Delpo’s groundies are a lot heavier.

been there Says:

“not sure why been there but i find myself rooting for soda”

I know what you mean. He’s a good guy. It’s like unless Del.P is ur no1 fave player, or u strongly dislike Soderling, it’s quite hard to root against him. Look, I wanted roger to win each match in the slams. But still, whenever I saw Sod in his draw, I’m like ‘poor guy…erm..too bad’.

And that’s been the case throughout the year for even other players. Look at Davy today. I like Roger, but still, once I saw how Davy got that first set, in a very little way (tini-tiny), I still wanted him to win. And Del.P as well in the USO. Not the same for Roddick @Wimby ‘coz I badly wanted Roger to get that record. I only felt bad AFTER the match, not during.

With so many players putting in such good effort, & playing brilliant tennis it gets confusing who to root for. I’ve said I want Davy to win this YEC, but if Soda makes it, hmm, I don’t know. Maybe Soda ‘coz he doesn’t have any big one. I don’t think he’s got a masters yet-not too sure though?

contador Says:

thanks, been there! soda soda soda

juan is gonna fight back this set. soda has to be aggressor, not an easy task

Kimmi Says:

jane says: “There’s aren’t any – lol. Just kidding”

Its true, there aren’t many. commentators just been talking the longest rally on delPo serve was 5 shots and on soda serve only 4 shots.

I see long lally now…16 shots

Kimo Says:

been there said:

“I don’t think he’s got a masters yet-not too sure though?”

No, he hasn’t won a mester’s 1000, but if you can get to a slam final you can definitely get to a masters final, and then anything can happen.

Kimmi Says:

SODA is popping those serves..nothing delPo can do.

jane Says:

Yes Delpo seems to be waking up, fighting, but Soda keeps serving the bombs! One after another. He served like this all event. Amazing. No wonder Djok got frustrated; you can see how Delpo is even shaking his head right now – lol. And he never gets very frustrated. Soda’s motivated here. But Delpo still very much in it!

been there Says:

Soderling wipes out a break-point with a mega-ace.
Del.P bows for a breather

commentators: “Del Potro can’t believe it. I’ve never seen Soderling serve this well”

which says alot ‘coz Soderling normally serves well…so it’s to another level.

contador Says:

didn’t have your 4:57 post when i sent my above one, been there, but you just described my sentiments about soda and davy. i like them both and it’s confusing….i thought i would be cheering for juan, i like him too, i think he’s the real deal.

but….this is about robin soderling! i think….he may not get as many future chances…

soda soda soda

David Says:

been there

I just don’t agree that he wasn’t, as you said, “fired up & ready to go/compete”

I think his reaction at the end of the second set showed how fired up he was. I thought he was all there mentally but Davy was just the better player this one time.

Kimo Says:

I think I’d enjoy a Davy-Sod final. I like them both and don’t mind either of them winning, which is strange for me coz normally I have a favorite in any match I watch.

Bjorn Borg Says:

With those big down the T serves, Soderling has denied JMDP a break for the 5th time. Not looking good at all for the Argentine.

David Says:

It just occurred to me that if Delpo and Sod were around in the 70s or 80s playing every point from the baseline, the announcer would be saying, what is wrong with these guys? They’re 6’6 monsters, don’t they know they need to get to the net!?!

LOL. How the game has changed.

been there Says:

Kimo, true. Roger has been his barrier to more greatness this year.

And now that Roger is out, I’m sure he’s thinking ahead.

Since we all love all things Roger n Rafa related:
The conqueror of Nadal FO or the conqueror of Federer USO. WHO’s gonna prevail? beast vs BEAST

(ppl, it’s all in good fun. a bit of humour on the blogs…just in case someone sensitive takes offence & gives me a long lecture)

Kimmi Says:

how does he do it soda…big serve at 30-30. nice rally there…

now we have duece..what do we get..second serve and waht a winner from delpo ”BREAK POINT

Kimmi Says:

DelPo BREAKS, what a game

Kimo Says:

A break for Delpo…he must be relieved.

jane Says:

I can’t decide for whom to root either, and I don’t think it’ll be easy to know for whom to cheer in the final either. I guess part of me wants Davy to win, because he is the “oldest” dog and took out Fed, but then again Soda may not have a lot more chances either. I like Delpo though too, but he will have more chances in the future – no doubt. He’s got this second set, though, by the looks of it. And he is showing some mega-determination, which is unusual also from him, like the early bit of frustration.

been there Says:

Del.P breaks!!
Serving for the set. Seems like we’re headed for a decider.

Bjorn Borg Says:

Finally on the 6th opportunity, JMDP breaks.

been there Says:

David@ 5:05 pm,
You don’t have to agree. As I said, he did improve in the 3rd set. I’ve repeated this like ten times, but throughout the match, generally looked sluggish.

So as I said, me, the BBC commentators and a few others saw it that way….you saw it differently. None is right or wrong. Just different opinions on the same match.

Kimo Says:

Delpo’s serve is so hard to break. He hasn’t been broken in his last two matches, and if you guys remember the RG semifinal against Roger he wasn’t broken for 3 1/2 sets!!! On clay!!!

Bjorn Borg Says:

And the Argentine takes the 2nd set, and we are going the distance. Hope JMDP finds a way to beat the new all-serve Karlovic.

David Says:

Sod’s only winning 39% of his second serve points, compared to 56% for Delpo.

That makes me think it’s much more crucial for Sod to keep getting lots of first serves in in the 3rd set. They’re both serving an incredible 73% for the match.

Kimmi Says:

We are going to a decider, I give an edge to DelPo here..when soda stops popping as frequent as he has done..delpo has the edge.

been there Says:


“I thought he was all there mentally but Davy was just the better player this one time.”

Again, I’ve not seen anyone question his mental presence. lol. Where are you getting all this stuff from? How does saying ‘looking flat/sluggish’ translate to ‘not being mentally there?’

And again, WHO exactly has said or questioned whether or not Davy was a better player? You seem to be making up reasons to have a debate….’coz none of the stuff you allege have been said on this thread. At least definitely not in the posts that I’ve written, and the ones I’ve read-maybe I haven’t read them all, so I can’t tell if such allegations have been made.

David Says:

been there

I’m not trying to argue :)

Again, your quote was something to the effect of he was lacking that “fired up & ready to go/compete’ attitude”

For me, if you lack the attitude for competing, you’re not mentally there. That’s all I was saying.

jane Says:

Delpo has the edge now; he just has the more rounded game, imo. I think it’ll be a Delpo-Davy final. The giant versus the little guy (of course I guess that’d be the case no matter who comes through here, but somehow Delpo seems more gigantic! ;)).

Kimmi Says:

Both semi going to decider, we are really treated to some great tennis..no more straight set wins.

contador Says:

sounds like the crowd is favoring delpo, true?

Kimo Says:

contador said:

“sounds like the crowd is favoring delpo, true?”

Well, he is a slam winner, after all. They want a big name to be in the final.

Kimmi Says:

OOOH impossible..impossible …what a get from selpo

been there Says:

Del.P hits some amazing winner to level 2-2
Crowd goes CRAZY
Del.P sups in the cheers & applause and asks for more by raising his hands like Monfils. lols

Super-charged tennis going on here.

Bjorn Borg Says:

Those three crazy points from JMDP helped him get through that game.

madmax Says:


Posted November 28th, 2009 at 2:43 pm


This semi final is INCREDIBLE. OMG. DELPO and SOD are just out there like warriors.
Contador in answer to your question, about who i would like to win. I think for tonight, soderling. No other reason than I feel he deserves a title. For tomorrow, I would like davy to win. For no other reason than I think he deserves to end the year as No.1 ATP player, as his tennis has been the most under rated for the WHOLE week. But you know, I dont really mind either soderling or davy to win.

Delpo scares me sometimes. He seems so relaxed, doesnt he? walking like he has got all the time in the world. I have never seen soderling play like this. I think he is just playing at a completely different level. These two guys play so similarly, it is hard to distinguish who is the better player right now. Very close. Very, very, close.

Roger, I hope you are watching!

Do you know, I think it is just weird. There is soderling who falls apart in front of federer, and plays delpo like he doesnt care, and stays close with him all the way through the match. I really think it does come down to a mindset thing.

Classy play tonight.

contador Says:

oh but the iceman wasn’t impressed by theatrics….he held!

c’mon soda! be da boss!

David Says:

Yeah, three points on the defense against Sod. That’s better than what Nadal was able to do and the guy’s 6’6″

Bjorn Borg Says:

Someone is going to crack soon, and I have feeling it would be JMDP. I hope not.

madmax Says:


I’m loving soderling right now.

David Says:

Sick returning from Sod. Gets the break.

been there Says:

Soda pop! pop! pop! lols

Kimmi Says:

Soda BREAKS..he is on the roll…great returns from soda to break

madmax Says:

I cannot believe the shots by both players right now. This is testosterone charged at the highest level.

Kimmi Says:

Soda is playing so well right now..he got this match in the bag now

contador Says:

ooo BB: you are right but juan is not gonna take it….he likes the crowd support….i think is gonna be a big ask for soda

Bjorn Borg Says:

I just saw it coming. That could be the end of JMDP’s aspiration. Can he break back? I doubt it.

Kimmi Says:


been there Says:

Del.P breaks back.


madmax Says:

break back to delpo. WTF!

jane Says:

“u know, I think it is just weird. There is soderling who falls apart in front of federer, and plays delpo like he doesnt care, and stays close with him all the way through the match. I really think it does come down to a mindset thing.”

madmax – this is true! That’s why I was trying to say H2H matters at least somewhat, maybe at the psychological level, because players can just have that in the back of their heads when it’s getting close (for e.g., I am finally there – so close to getting the win etc!) and then they choke or get nervous or whatever.

Honestly, I think JMDP lost a little focus with the showboating there. lol. He came back though!

Kimo Says:

It looks like the weaker Group B has delivered both finalists. Who would have thunk it?

Bjorn Borg Says:

JMDP breaks back right away. This is getting crazier.

madmax Says:


what a match! The match of the tournament so far!

Kimo Says:

I wrote my post before I knew Delpo broke back. Damn that “live score”.

David Says:

Sod’s returns are just scary. Seemingly not fazed by Delpo’s first serve.

been there Says:

David, you now want to argue on semantics. Splitting hairs.

not being “fired up and ready to go/compete” = no adrenaline = sluggish = flat. B
Really, how many other ways can I explain myself? I’ve explained over & over what I meant by that first statement, & now you go back to it…another round of debate.

“For me, if you lack the attitude for competing, you’re not mentally there.”

I didn’t say Federer lacks the attitude to compete. Look, you’ve mis-understood me, so why don’t we leave it at that? He looked sluggish – whether or not he wanted to compete, only he knows. I’ve even re-terated, ‘I don’t believe in all this stuff about not wanting it enough.’

So you want me to have said: he was not “fired up and ready to go” and removed the word ‘compete’
Ok. then.

As you’ve admitted, YOU are the only one who has brought up this mental issue. No one else. For me, not being ‘fired up’ and not being mentally present are two very different things.
e.g Nadal is always fired up…Davydenko is rarely fired up, very dull…yet they are both fierce competitors.

So I’ve explained the whole thing throughout the thread…over & over & over, you can even check BBC sports ‘as it happened coverage’ and check the comments by Sue Barker & co. They said Fed looked ‘flat’ energy-wise.

We don’t have to agree. Peace!

jane Says:

Kimo, I didn’t think group B was so much weaker so I am not too surprised, though I did believe either Fed or Murray would be in the final along with one of the guys from group B.

I have NO IDEA who will win this. I keep thinking Delpo will win, still leaning toward that, but Soderling is showing a lot of fight and desire, too, not to mention cool.

contador Says:

can’t stop grinning listening to this match- really very happy for both players how they performed this year!

Bjorn Borg Says:

If it goes to tiebreaker, Soderling is the sure winner.

Kimmi Says:

crunch time..crunch time

jane Says:

It’s looking like a 3rd set tiebreak. How tense…! Whichever one wins, he deserves it, and sad to see a loser in this match. SO CLOSE.

jane Says:

Delpo with the mini break, like Sod last tiebreak. Could this be the sign he will prevail? Looks like it.

Kimmi Says:

delpo shining so far 3-0

madmax Says:


am so glad you joined this site. Just popped over to TT, and some really nasty comments by Jean – whats her problem?

This is going to be a close one. I think delpo is going to squeeze it.

Okay. This is a shame for both players. Both deserve to win. Sod is gonna be devastated.

jane Says:

I feel sad for Soda. His chances of a big title are way less than Delpo’s. But that’s sports. What can you do? ; )

contador Says:

oh i’m already feeling bad for soda :(

he has played a great match though, you think?

i love you robin soderling!

been there Says:

Del.P prevails

Super-sad for Soda. :((((:(

jane Says:

Congrats to Delpo – it will be the giant and the little guy tomorrow. I give the edge to the giant. ha ha. Davy actually has a 2-1 H2H vs. Delpo, but they haven’t played since last year at this point. I kind of would rather see Davy win because, just like Sod, his chances of winning a bigger title are much less than JMDP’s who will win more slams for sure. So I’ll probably root for the underdog but be happy for either.

Kimmi Says:

US OPEN champ DelPo, is in the final of WTF Congrats delPo. With this big serve, don’t know if davy can deal with it.

jane Says:

Yes, will join you all :’ ((

Sad for Soda! Too bad he didn’t serve it out when he was up a break.

Kimo Says:

All stats about Delpo from last year can be thrown out the window at this point. I mean, here’s a guy who was double-bagled by fed at the Aussie Open. Look at him now!!!

Kimmi Says:

Contador, was it you who said you saw delPo shoe is written “delPo” in it..I saw that too. He is starting to be famous.

contador Says:

madmax – if i even go check over there, i’ll be tempted to say something in reply and that’s one mean bitter poster person.

congrats delpo!

come back strong robin …..i like the strong soda!

Bjorn Borg Says:

My hero JMDP reaches the final, was not easy but deserved this opportunity to play for the title. I had some doubt in the tiebreak, but I am happy he proved me wrong. I will never doubt you, champion, ever again ! Jane, you got this one right.
Congrats to JMDP and kudos to Soderling for making a great match ! Thoroughly enjoyed.

jane Says:

That’s the way with up and comers Kimo. Soderling almost beat him. So maybe we need not get hyperbolic about JMDP lol. He has definitely improved tons and has a mega-watt forehand and serve. But we’ll see next year where and how he shines. I suspect he’ll get one slam. But I am having a hard time dividing up the slams now a days – I want so many guys to get one. LOL. Roddick and Djoko need another; Murray his first; Rafa should get one, the French or USO; Monfils @ the French would be great. But then you’d think Fed will get at least one. Not enough to go around! LOL.

2010 promises to be a wonderful tennis season.

been there Says:

The good news for Soda: He’s now ranked 8th..will have his own quarter in Australia..should he play well, he should at least make it to the qtrs before he faces the Feds, Del.Ps, Rafas Djokos etc who give him problems. otherwise, he’s right up there with them…he just needs that ‘bit’ extra push…& oerhaps have more control on the aggression during crunchy crunch times.

I’ll be cheering for you Soda..you went down fighting. You’ve had an excellent year.

contador Says:

yes kimmi….thanks, you saw it too. okay i didn’t dream it. to me it means he has embraced the nickname full on …..he is the delpoi!

gotta love him. he’s on his way up….

but i will cheer for davy tomorrow. he’s been around longer, probably no shot at a slam title. i would dearly love him to win and not be a runner-up here again.

madmax Says:

contador, last post for the night.

Delpo just announced on tv that he is SINGLE! Seriously, I laughed my socks off! woot! he is single! such a cutie. Get in there girl!

oh, by the way. I did go over there and I did say something in reply. Alik told me a while ago because I talked about tennis.x so much, I should go back there. I did and I dont regret it one bit. TT is way below this forum in terms of classy, intelligent conversation with people who know their tennis. TT has just got worse in my view.

Congrats to all delpo fans. I so feel bad for soderling. I love him. I love soderling more and more. I didnt like him at first, thought he was rude.

But also loving the davy. the davy rocks!

David Says:

No doubt, Jane. But Rafa winning the USO? Seems a bit of a stretch, no?

jane Says:

BB: Congrats to your hero! I waffled but once JMDP won the second set, I always felt he’d come through. Even after Soda broke in the 3rd my gut said Delpo will prevail.

jane Says:

David, of course it’s a big s-t-r-e-t-c-h. LOL. I just said that because it would complete his set.

Bjorn Borg Says:

Tomorrow, I will proudly cheer for JMDP. Hope he wins and deservedly takes the No. 4 mantle. My sweetest moments of the tournament were Federer beating Murray, JMDP beating Federer, and Soderling beating Djokovic, and JMDP beating Soderling. Besides the drama and quality of play, I had reasons to enjoy those as they are the rivals that have to go down so JMDP can rise to the top. Go JMDP !

madmax Says:

okay people. Question directed to the true, and I mean…trrrruuueeee fedfans – just watched the last couple of games again in the third set fed -v- davy – so roge is leading 5:4 30 love in the final set. He shoulda wrapped it up!

I want to scream now. I want to scream! Roger! why oh why did you do this!

Bjorn Borg Says:

ATP erroneously writes:
“Davydenko, who defeated World No. 3 Djokovic and No. 2 Rafael Nadal in the round-robin stages, is the first player to beat the Top 3-ranked players in the same tournament since Madrid in 2007, when Nalbandian beat No. 2 Nadal in the quarter-finals, No. 3 Djokovic in the semi-finals and No. 1 Federer in the final.”

Fact check: Davydenko never beat Djokovic in any round. He lost to Djokovic in the tight opening round robin.

been there Says:

Whether or not JMDP wins tomorrow, the question on Fed’s & Rafa’s mind is: What to do about this new BEAST in the name of Del.P?

Can you imagine…Fed & Rafa get their draws, check it & hope that they don’t have Del&P in their half or qtr (depending on if he prevails tomorrow). Unheard of. The fearless have become fearful. Hmm, quite strange indeed. Power-tennis at it’s very best.

It will be very interesting to see what tactics fed & Rafa apply against him ‘coz baseline scrambling & he’ll squash them.

As for other players vs.Del.P…I have to see more, ‘coz give him a Fed or Rafa, & it’s all easy…but even as we saw tonight & the others…give him a Sod, Murray, Verdasco, Cilic, etc & it’s a bit topsy-turvy. Either loses or all go to the wire. Nothing separated him from Soda tonight – but a win is a win. We will see..’coz for sure, he can only meet the two top-dogs deep into the tournament but before then?

So many questions about Del.P!! We’ll see. Anyone read Fed’s post-interview, seems like even he is waiting to see how it all pans out next year.

…oh my, after tomorrow, January is so far! Ok, Davis cup to indulge in. Let’s fast-forward to 25th Dec Christmas & get back to business.

jane Says:

I think JMDP will be number 1 someday BB – it’s just a matter of time for him! He’s proving himself here once again isn’t he? Wow.

sonic Says:

Both SF’s turned out great, lots of drama and at times great tennis. Well done to all 4 players for that.

Davydenko has no chance what-so-ever tommorow. Del Potro has reached the level of consistancy that is just insane for someone hitting that hard and deep, so Davy holds nothing on him there…let alone in the power department. Ad the fact his serve is twice as deadly as Davydenko’s and it’s easy to figure out he can play at lower level than Davy and still win. If both play best, Davyboy will get crushed in an ugly way.

Pony really deserves the No 4 as the slam winner, and if he does win the YEC he’ll be right behind Federer as the AO favorite. Plus he’s not defending a whole lot untill RG unless i’m mistaken (could be, no idea really what his results were, but don’t remeber hearing about him much before RG) so no2 or even no1 are not really totaly out of the question. Certianly seems like he has the mental thoughness to be the next no1 and the long term ruler in tennis after Fed is done and dusted.

Should be a great year coming up.

David Says:

So, if Davy wins, Delpo stays at No. 5 and if Delpo wins he moves up to No. 4?

Bjorn Borg Says:

Jane, a publicly announced JMDP convert does not say this, “I kind of would rather see Davy win because, just like Sod, his chances of winning a bigger title are much less than JMDP’s who will win more slams for sure. So I’ll probably root for the underdog.” That’s just betrayal:)
and I don’t remember your ever rooting for Davydenko, not since I started reading Tennis X. I knew yesterday why you secretly wanted Soderling to beat JMDP. I’d do exactly the same. There is nothing wrong with that.
“I think JMDP will be number 1 someday BB – it’s just a matter of time for him! He’s proving himself here once again isn’t he? Wow.”
That is far away. Remember how long Rafa had to wait, and how long Djokovic has been waiting to get to No. 2. I will be super happy as long as he breaks into Top 3 by the end of 2010. One step at a time, first no. 4, which is so near, yet far away. Hope everything goes well tomorrow.

Bjorn Borg Says:

David Says: “So, if Davy wins, Delpo stays at No. 5 and if Delpo wins he moves up to No. 4?”
Yes, that is exactly the case.

David Says:

OK, thanks.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Hi all
Soderling ain’t going anywhere. He will be a force in all the GS in 2010- I think he was better this year than many realized since he ran into Fed at 3 straight GS! DelPo is our next #1. I don’t believe Rafa, Murray or Nole will be taking the mantle anytime soon.

jane Says:

I don’t mean to betray Delpo, BB! I just feel like Davy has done so well here, in beating Rafa and Fed, and almost beating Djok, that it’d be good to see the guy win a big title. Plus he got to the final of the YEC last year too, beating Murray along the way, and was denied by Djoko. I just don’t see it happening for him in the future, so this is more like a “last chance” scenario. As you say, I am not one who usually roots for Davy, but nor do I root against him. I just think he’s okay, a hard working, stalwart top ten guy who can play great baseline tennis. He’s not a future number 1, like Delpo! Delpo’s shots are blazing. : )

Anyhow, I’ll be happy for whomever wins tomorrow. Davy for his last chance saloon. Or Delpo for a sign of things to come. It really doesn’t matter to me. And as for Delpo getting number 4, he would deserve it for winning a slam and the YEC too! Can’t fault him for that, even if he does knock down Andy M. Murray will have to step it up next year and win a slam!

I want Djoko and Murray to each get to the top at some point in their careers. They have to step it up and prove themselves though; that’s what it’s all about!

Long Live the King Says:

A little busy, but dropped into say :

What a match and WHATAPLAYA!

JMDP is cool as cucumber under pressure! Gotta love his game and his attitude. :)

Very importantly, he is bringing it on in the 3 setters as well :) Though it would REALLY help him if he realises it is a BEST OF 3 and he doesn’t really have to always play 3 sets :D

All his 4 matches thus far went 3 sets, with 2 of them ending in 3rd set breakers :) Someone has gotta tell the kid that he CAN win a best of 3 setter in straight sets. They will still call him the winner then ;)

Things getting interesting. If JMDP can avoid injuries and these dramatic long 3 setters, he can be a legit contender for no.1 and dominate the game.

Great final tomorrow. Prediction Delpo in 3 ;)

Andrew Miller Says:


As for Del Potro, I know of one man influenced by Del Potro’s success who is training as hard as possible for 2010: David Nalbandian. He is about to become a “has-been” and is demoted, much like Marcelo Rios was in Chile with the rise of Gonzo, to at most the 2nd best player in Argentina…if that.

Andrew Miller Says:

Davydenko is due for this big title. The guy has shown the ability to pull off big back to back wins (see Miami 2008) so – he can do this.

As for Del Potro – he’s made a believer of me. I am shocked how he subdues Federer in the big tournaments. He must be looking back at Roland Garros and saying: “Nunca mas – never again.”

Kimo Says:

The way I see it, slams will be highly contested next year. It appears that with Fed stuggling to maintain his level within matches that the best-of-five format works better for him, so I don’t expect him to wins many masters 1000 tournament, but of course he’ll be a force in all slams.

IMHO, the Aussie open, RG and the US Open are pretty much up for grabs next year. As for Wimbledon, Fed is by far the best grass court player out there and the only one who can give him a run for his money is Roddick, not Rafa. Rafa had to reach an amazing peak in order to snatch it out of a sub-par Fed’s hands in 2008 in five sets. I don’t think he’ll ever reach a Wimbledon final again. But Roddick has the grass court know-how, he just needs a little dip in Fed’s performance, but on paper, no one come close to Fed on grass.

Andrew Miller Says:

As for Federer: it’s fair to say that he no longer “wins tournaments in the locker room” as he did before (meaning he won games for the very fact that opponents would look at the scoreboard and see that they were playing Federer and lose games from their conscious or unconscious belief that they could not beat Federer).

All that said: he’s still playing awful well. If he trains well for Australia, it’s hard not to see him make the finals.

Andrew Miller Says:

Kimo is right

Andrew Miller Says:

I think Rafa has another Wimbledon final in him.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Kimo- I think you’re mostly right about Wimbledon, but I’d say Andy Murray can contend as well. His semi with Roddick was just about as close as the finals. Its also yet to be seen if Roddick is on the way out- he certainly hasn’t been a force since Wimbledon and that was a LONG time ago.
Plus, let’s not get ahead of ourselves with Rafa. He might be on the decline off clay, but I think this is still speculative. The AO will tell us a lot more, but even if he’s crap there, a hot clay court season might revitalize him. Time will tell.

jane Says:

I do too AM – Rafa got to the final in 2007 too, not just 2008 when Fed was supposedly slumping, even though he was in the final too. And when Rafa got to the Wimbledon final in 07, he had to play back to back to back because of the rain delays. So, I could see Rafa reaching another Wimbledon final and potentially even winning depending on whom he plays. Fed is the top favorite, then maybe Roddick, Rafa, Murray. I don’t think JMDP will win on grass just yet, but you have to like him for the French. Cilic to me could be a factor on grass. I still marvel at the way he handled that 5 setter with Haas. Had he gotten through that, it’s possible he’d’ve beat Djoko in the quarters and have had a chance to play Fed. He wouldn’t’ve won, but still. He’s lighter on his feet than Delpo, so I think his grass movement will be better. Mind you Cilic didn’t do too badly at the French either. So who knows? He might be the break through player next year.

But yes, in short – 2010 slams to be highly contested. Woot!

Kimo Says:

Mats Wilander once said: “Before you can be picked to win a slam, you have to win a slam.” So for me, the jury is still out on Murray. As for Cilic, I’d say he’s right now where Djoko was at the end of 2006. It’s very possible that he’ll make a splash next year.

David Says:

Totally agree, Jane, about Cilic.

He seems to be lagging a little bit behind Delpo, but they have similar games and I think Cilic definitely has it in him to be a top 5 player, maybe as soon as next year, although that might be pushing it a little.

Another one to look out for is Gulbis. He’s got all the talent. Not sure where his head is though and hanging out with prostitutes is probably not the ticket to success on the court. LOL

jane Says:

No probably not David, he he.

contador Says:

arrrgh! gulbis frustratis! such high hopes for ernie dashed over and over. every time a draw came out in 2009 i looked for his name and got all excited. pretty soon i gave up on him getting past the first round and hoped he’d make it through qualifying. then i was overjoyed if he got a set. in the end i was glad if he didn’t get arrested.

and yet, i still am a gulbis watcher…..*sigh*

been there Says:

The way I see it:

>>AO – Anyone who has a good run
Tier1: The usual suspects: FED, Rafa, Djoko
Tier2: Del/P – Ideally, I should put him in ‘tier1’ but I can’t quite decide whether he’s here or there. What happened between USO & YEC? Why didn’t he perform well in that time period? Why wait till YEC to unleash? Is he able to repeat it? Is he having a good season run or is he truly here? Too many questions.
Tier3: Those needing stars to aliggn but can still win: Murray, Soda (if he can avoid Fed)

>>FO – RAFA, Fed, Del.P, Djoko
by this time, we oughta know the truth about Del.P. I’ll assume he is here for real.

>>Wimbledon: FED, Rafa,

>>USO – again, similar to AO…anyone who has a good run but top tier is: FED, FED, FED. lol. He’s gonna be there waiting for the next challenger.

been there Says:

I’ve put Rafa in all those ‘coz of his legacy – we don’t quite know what’s going on with him. In YEC & Paris, it’s not the injuries, neither is it about getting ‘match practise/grooved’ as it was immediately when he came back in Montreal & Cincinnati.

Neither is it being too physically or mentally fatigued from a super-long season ‘coz he had a long break while nursing injuries post FO.

Maybe it’s family problems – but all players & human beings have these. So it can’t quite take precedence over his tennis since August USO series. But again, we don’t personally know these players. Just what we gather from TV & gossipy media to lable them arrogant, humble, spoilt, petulant, nice, etc. We see Rafa as ‘mentally toughest’..but that’s on a tennis court. Perhaps problems at home have affected him more than we realise & he’s just turning up on court to go through the motions.

Or is it ‘coz he’s lost too much top body mass to reduce pressure on his knees, thereby changing the type of player that he is in that he no longer has the power he needed to hit shots like he did? I’ve read this interesting speculation on a few blogs – but I can’t quite tell. I guess in some ways it makes sense. ‘Coz unless it’s personal emotional issues, what else can it be?

Or is he simply too scared to chase each ball down thereby risking further injury? But as has been pointed out by others in previous threads, that is what makes Rafa RAFA!…it’s the only way he’s been winning. He’s a defender – he has to chase to win. Cancelling that out would be like telling Fed to cancel out his back-hand slice…totally changing the player.

So either way, as ‘tennis vagabond’ says, we’ll know more about Rafa in Australia. Fed had a dismal first half of season then came back in Madrid for some excellence. But his problems were quite clear. With Rafa, it’s a bit grey. So depending on the reason for his slump, Rafa will make a comeback. If it’s truly loss of body-mass or not chasing balls then it may be a long wait – otherwise, he’s still a favourite – perhaps not like in ’08, but he’s still in.

Bjorn Borg Says:

Jane says on 10/14, “Tsonga and Davy are so close that it looks at though they’ll probably secure the 7th and 8th spots unless Verdasco can do something special in the remaining events. I would rather see him there than Davy as he’s never been and may not get many more chances to make it.”

jane quotes Kimmi and Says on 10/16: “I also would like for Verdasco or Sod to qualify” – Kimmi

“I would like for both of these two to qualify, as neither ever has in the past. But it’s unlikely now that Davy has decided to play his best. It’s just that on the “big” stages this year, Sod and Verdasco have made more noise, and that’s why I would’ve liked to see them at the YEC rather than Davy, not that I have anything against Davy. He played awesome at the YEC last year and he’s been a stalwart in the top ten for several years, though he has dropped down once or twice.”

And just yesterday, you wanted Davydenko not to reach the semi at all.

David Says:

been there

I think the main issue for Rafa is that he’s just not that great on indoor, low-bouncing courts. Last year, he lost to Simon, I believe in Madrid then didn’t play the YEC. In 2007, he lost badly twice to Nalby and then squeaked into the YEC semis, mainly helped by the fact Djoko was just completely spent physically. Then he lost 6-4, 6-0 to Fed. In 2006, he had Robredo in his section and only just barely beat Davy.

So, I think his current struggles really aren’t all that new. He’s lacking confidence and that’s being magnified by the court conditions and the opponents. The fact is we really should never expect Rafa to beat Djoko on an indoor hard court. Djoko has manhandled Rafa off of clay on numerous occasions. It’s not just now. And this new Sod has too much game for Rafa too on this surface.

Rafa needs a friendly surface to beat these guys, meaning some court that will give him more bounce off the court.

jane Says:

OMG – BB – am I being investigated? LOL! I stand by what I said before.

This comment, on 10/16:

“not that I have anything against Davy. He played awesome at the YEC last year and he’s been a stalwart in the top ten for several years”

Pretty much mirrors what I said above:

“As you say, I am not one who usually roots for Davy, but nor do I root against him. I just think he’s okay, a hard working, stalwart top ten guy who can play great baseline tennis. ”


Yesterday I didn’t want Davy to reach the semis for selfish reasons, because I wanted Djoko to go through.


As for saying I’d rather have Verdasco in than Davy if it came down to one of them being eliminated, I stand by that as well. Davy has been to the YEC before, even in the finals, whereas Verdasco never had, and yet he had a great year this year. That’s why I felt he earned a chance to get there this year. But in the end, so did Davy, as he proved!


I am not quite sure what you want to prove BB – except perhaps supporting your idea that I shouldn’t cheer on Davy in the final because I am somehow being unfaithful to Delpo?! : )

Besides which, I can change my mind on things, based on how matches and tournaments develop; I think I have that right as a tennis fan.

BB – I don’t know how long you’ve been reading / posting at Tennis X, but I consider myself a fan of the sport first. I even watched tennis when you were still playing! LOL. I have favorite players but they change, the top favorites usually over stretches time, but then I have a lot of players that I like to watch play, old and new, fading and coming. I just love tennis.

So please forgive me if you find me unfaithful!


Kimo Says:

I don’t know why people stil think that the divorce of Rafa’s parents still has an effect on his psyche. I mean for God’s sake the guy is 23, not 5!!!! And his parents didn’t seem to have a nasty divorce like the Williams. His parents were sitting side by side in London, so obviously they just wanted to go their separate ways.

The only mental scars Rafa has are due to him losing RG and his ever troublesome knees. His knees don’t only bother him physically, they bother him mentally. That’s why his movement is off. It looks like he’s trying to lose weight to out them under less pressure, that’s why he’s losing power and confidence on his strokes. Most of Rafa’s problems are physical. His body can’t keep up with the demands of the tour and the modern game. He can’t keep with the Djokos and Davys and Cilics and Soderlings of the world.

Kimo Says:

out is put

Kimo Says:

I say good for Kim :)

jane Says:

Oh Kimmi that’s too bad; I’ll read it now. I always thought she seemed like a sweetie, but who knows? Maybe she’s had it with him not fulfilling expectations. LOL. Just kidding of course. Well, maybe this will spur him on, make him focus even harder? Hope so.

jane Says:

Well, good to read that it was amicable anyhow…

Bjorn Borg Says:

Jane, I am not investigating you. You don’t have to give reasons for cheering for anyone you like or you don’t like. I only wanted to point out that those reasons given earlier were implausible to me. I found it odd that you had to labor hard for manufacturing reasons to sound benevolent or whatever. I don’t really care if you are consistent or not, or if you take firm stand or not. It does not bother me. Like I said, I would do the exact same thing, i.e. cheer for Davydenko for “selfish reasons” if I were Djokovic and Murray fan. I am deeply sorry for infringing upon your “right as a tennis fan.”

Kimmi Says:

maybe she is a reason Murray game is just not quite the same since US Open..LOL I am just looking for excuses.

The article says they have been together for 4 years, thats is pretty long time..I am sure it must have had some effect on both.

anyhow, hope for murray to come even stronger next season.

jane Says:

BB – no worries. I just wasn’t sure what you were after. As I said, I will be happy for either winner tomorrow. I have been “converted” by JMDP’s exciting play at this event, and will follow him next year closely to see what transpires and how he continues to develop. Meanwhile, I am happy for Davy’s late success, especially his first win over Fed, and so sentimentally, knowing that this may be a last shot at a big title, I feel for him, and wish him the best.

May the best man win!

sar Says:

Since Novak couldn’t have it, Davy please win this one. But I like Delpo too so I won’t be too disappointed.

I hope Novak is taking a nice cruise someplace and will be continuing to improve his body and mind.

Andrew Miller Says:

Davydenko wins! I never thought I would say this: I am really happy that Davydenko won it. The guy has been in the top 10 forever it seems without significant wins (all of which changed in 2008 and 2009).

So – I am excited for Davydenko. Del Potro will keep getting better and could define the ATP for next few years. But this is Davydenko’s moment.

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