Rafael Nadal Refuses To Play Doubles With Nick Kyrgios At Charity Event
by Tom Gainey | August 27th, 2015, 5:25 pm

Tennis bad boy Nick Kyrgios is now being shunned by his fellow peers. Last night at a charity event at John McEnroe Tennis Academy in New York City, the troubled Australian was paired with Rafael Nadal. That is until Nadal decided he wanted nothing to do with sharing the same side of the court with Kyrgios.

The event organizer had to replace Nadal with Kyrgios’s countryman and Davis Cup captain Lleyton Hewitt. The two played singles while Kyrgios teamed with McEnroe to play Patrick McEnroe and Jonas Bjorkman.

“The reality is he’s been saying inappropriate things, maybe not as bad as what he said to Wawrinka, but similar things not even under his breath to the crowd, making comments like that,” Patrick McEnroe told the Post. “That’s got to stop or else he’s going to have a very, very difficult time on the tennis court because it’s hard to live that life, travel around with the same players. You have to at least respect them and treat them appropriately on the court, otherwise you’re going to be in for a real tough, long ride.”

Hope for a good US Open faded when Krygios drew World No. 3 and 2012 champion Andy Murray in the first round. Nadal didn’t have much luck either as he’ll meet rising 18-year-old Borna Coric.

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40 Comments for Rafael Nadal Refuses To Play Doubles With Nick Kyrgios At Charity Event

sienna Says:

Wow I never see or hear Nadal take such harsh stand. This is a big blow. But rafa should focus on winning slam. all negative energie now Murray will be asked questions about Kyrgios again.

chris ford1 Says:

Admire Rafa for his strong stand!

MAybe the pendulum will swing and we will have a certain latitude for “exciting bad boys” again – and ending the Corporatists effort to scoop out players personality and replace it with “brand friendly styrofoam” will be good for the sport.

But you don’t go out like Tomic and Kyrgios have, and pissed on the “code” of the Tour (the way players are expected to respect one another, the fans, and the respected and followed traditions of the sport.)

Different than naughty but fun “bad boy” stuff – it is punk behavior from 2 entitled and cosseted Down Under A-Holes.

We may also need a couple “bad girls”. Even – a couple of “Adorable Angels” on the Kim Clijsters line. Simona Halep – worth viewing an interview or two of her..modest and very nice thoughts and disposition.

kriket Says:

Nadal took it too far. Dismissing a player like that, who by the way didn’t do nothing to Rafa personally to deserve such treatment is just uncalled for. If it was Fed, I wouldn’t be surprised, but Rafa… I thought he was more forgiving than this.

Markus Says:

Great stand by Nadal. My admiration for him just got a bigger boost. That’s a man. If you have a viewpoint, make it known. Bravo!

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Yes, CF1
Every sport has a code; obviously in hockey, football and basketball much worse things are said. But the Code matches the context. The context of the ATP is 50 or so players who see each other and have to co-exist every week. Rafa is standing firm on the code.

Okiegal Says:

Well, in those types of situations, there is a lot of laughing and hand slapping going on. Just maybe Rafa didn’t feel like he wanted to pretend like he was having fun, when in actuality he thought it would be a bit hypocritical. After all, he’s known Stan for many years and would definitely be on his side regarding Nick’s rude on court behavior….

Skeezer Says:

Is Rafa is a good sport? Isn’t this just another one of many under 20 yr olds who have beaten Rafa? Still ticked at getting outed by a young-ins? Best sporting thing to do is beat Nick on the tennis court. Not ” I won’t play” with you in a charity event. Charity events are not about that, they should be about charity. Contribute and be happy.

Ruby Says:

Never mind that Rafa is friends with Stan and may have his own personal reasons to not want to be buddy-buddy with Kyrgios right now. More importantly, no publicist or manager worth his/her salt would let their client be photographed laughing it up with Kyrgios right now. It’s just a brand killer.

As is always the case when scandal erupts, if Kyrgios wants to recover, he needs to step back for awhile and rehab his reputation before he can act like a star at public events again. It’s pretty cut and dry. The USO draw has even helped him to disappear quietly for a bit. The question is if he has the discipline to do that!

Okiegal Says:

@Ruby…..You make a valid point. Rafa can handle the situation however he chooses. He would have made the same decision if he’d beat Nick before or had never even played him…..Hopefully Nick has learned a good lesson. He’s so talented, but has some growing up to do. Being 20 years of age is no excuse. Apparently he says stupid stuff to the fans also….He acts like a nutcase to me……

roy Says:

impressed by that. i would have expected him to fold like a ‘nice guy’ as most do.

harrison, though, was the one on the money. violence was what was needed.

only centuries ago, it would have been socially acceptable for wawrinka to duel the foul turd and run him through for publicly humiliating him.

courbon Says:

But if Kyrgos beats Murray ( sorry Andy fans ) we will have most anticipated quater finals
Now, would not that be a fun? ( with extra security on the court, in a case they start punching each other )

Margot Says:

Courbon: You can go off people you know….;)
BTW recognise yourself in GG’s aposite comment about Nole fans? More…;)
Touche, mon ami!

sienna Says:

My problem with Rafa always been off tennis court. Downplaying his chances while clearly on top of everything.

This is a personal stands and his outspokenish is refreshing. I like it a lot. This shows a man to make stand because his values are more important.
I also remebered Kyrgios bragging his master victory against fed holding more importance then Nadal slam victory.

I am rooting for la decima in 2016.

Gypsy Gal Says:

NK Having Rafas number recently is neither here nor there TBH,and not really the issue either,NK apologized to Stan supposedly, and was fined so that bit i think we should let go of,but i agree with Okie and Ruby,NK needs to concentrate on rebuilding his reputation,which leaves alot to be desired at the moment,i know im bringing Roger into this but i wonder with him been a friend of Stans if he had been asked if wouldve done/said the same thing hmm,i guess we will never know though?….

courbon Says:

I understand your reaction but would ‘t be great for Tennis to have such a exciting match? You know, we should think about what is good for sport, not only about our favorites.You Are bit selfish…
And about Georgy Gal… That was directed at me!So rude.
And she wonders why is moderated…well , if you are rude to ME- you get moderated.Thats how it works here…
( you would be suprised how easily bribed are Sean& Co.-Over Christmas I sent them can of Frois grase and nice Bordeaux wine and since then, they watch my back )

Okiegal Says:

^^^^Its a good feeling to know someone has your back! There is a particular poster on here who has my back…..Every time I say something good about Rafa, he pops “back” on the forum refuting everything I’ve said! Lol…….

Giles Says:

The article is untrue. Rafa did not refuse to play with Kyrgios. It was entirely JMac’s decision. Listen to the video.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Okie like yourself im also a Rafa fan that doesnt think hes perfect either,but sometimes whenever you agree with the guy and what hes saying or doing,your seen as a fanatic or a fan girl,why cant people see that none of these players are perfect,but also see that sometimes they might actually have a point,which i believe Rafa does here,and its nothing to do with NK having a number over Rafa recently which is neither here nor there anyway?….

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Courbon, I didn’t realize Wawrinka-Kyrgios could happen. Wow.

I get Skeeze’s comment that for a charity event you just do it and shut up, but as Ruby says, some publicity people have really messed up, beginning with Nike not even following the sport closely enough to realize Kyrgios was just a bit unsavoury to fans AND fellow players, and use him in that publicity event. Then this. That’s marketing mixing with sport it doesn’t understand.

I actually wrote a novel on the subject, about the world’s greatest underground tennis nomad:
The Adventures of Bacon O’Rourke, Tennis Vagabond.


Gypsy Gal Says:

Giles thanks for the link,tennis-x have gotten hold of the wrong end of the stick,pure click bait….

Okiegal Says:

@Gypsy…..Just got through watching Rafa play tennis with Savanna on the today show. He played in his suit and tie…..I guess he had on his Tommy Hilfiger undies??? Lol

elina Says:

It’s obvious in the video that JMac is simply taking the pressure off Nadal saying that he made the decision.

What would be the point of switching Nadal for Hewitt to play Kyrgios and how does who Kyrgios play matter in this situation if it didn’t come from Nadal.

Nadal looks a bit uncomfortable when McEnroe explains the situation, putting his arm to his face (a very common tell).

Okiegal Says:

TX has gotten on the wrong end of the stick?? GG, they always manage to regarding Rafa….just saying…..agree with you again…

A big thanks to Giles for clearing this up….

Okiegal Says:

I guess it doesn’t really matter whether or not he was trying to take the pressure off of Rafa or not…..Rafa got the headline…….

elina Says:

Pretty irresponsible reporting by the NY Post however as there is nothing in the article to support the claim that it was Nadal’s refusal.

To be expected by The Post. Maybe TX staff didn’t pick up on this.

lee Says:

Federer one of my favorites but over 5 sets and 7 matches I think Jok is the one to win, at 34 it’s not easy to win a grand slam even for Fed. Also Jok’s not likely to go down easily! My hope though is that Nadal hits form!

madmax Says:

Good on Rafa for doing what he did. He obviously feels strongly about it. Respect for standing by his own convictons.

However, I think it is time for all to move on from this. Fresh start. Even for Nick. Just hope he learns from his bad mouthing.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Madmax i think you should read Giles post and open the link,it was all Macs idea anyway not Rafas….

madmax Says:

Gypsey, thanks for the heads up.

madmax Says:

Giles, (and others), it goes to show doesn’t it? Unless you hear it directly from the horse’s mouth, reporters have carte blanche (pretty much), to write what they want.

I will remember the link you posted Giles, for the next time you said Federer said something, when he didn’t.

Thanks for this. It’s very interesting. :)

Gypsy Gal Says:

Madmax exactly ive never said Nadals perfect and never will,but the thing i get really p*ssed off with is when people are automatically so quick to believe the worst of him,and yeah agree enough already with this NK story….

madmax Says:

We on the same page Gypsy.

Dantheman Says:

Kyrgios is a kid with a lot to learn, and this kind of thing is part of the education. People are going to steer clear of him for a while until they can see if he has really changed his ways. Actually, I’d be surprised if he keeps Kokkinakis as a friend too, because it is he and his reputation who got dragged into this mess by Kyrgios. How could he ever trust Kyrgios again with any personal info knowing that he could broadcast it to the world at any time? I don’t dislike Kyrgios, I think he and his eccentric ways are ultimately good for the game, but that public smear a couple of weeks ago shows that his game is way more mature than he is. No one in their right mind will want to be around him in the near future.

sienna Says:

oh no just like I thought Nadal stood for his virtues. He just let Mac take the heat in order not to be ascociated with Nick. Back to the basement for Rafa.

Gypsy Gal Says:

I sometimes feel with Rafa,its a case of lets make a federal case about each and every little thing he says or does, decides to do,or decides not to do in this case….

Markus Says:

I can almost hear Nadal say, “Don’t cry for me Nadal Gals. The truth is I’m doing just fine.”

Margot Says:

^ And as for fortune and as for fame,
You never invited them in,
They are illusions…”

Okiegal Says:

@Markus…..To the tune of “Don’t cry for me Argetina”…….the movie about Evita Peron?? Lol We “Nadal Gals” are tougher than nails!!! :)

Okiegal Says:

I should have done the bracket challenge…My pick with Kei losing first match would have been spot on. I was taking into consideration the heat, possible 5 sets and not to mention his latest struggle leading up to the open. He’s so talented…….but in the stamina dept, very shaky…..feel sorry for him and his woes….injuries are the pits!!

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