Ana Ivanovic’s Coach And Andy Murray’s Father-In-Law Nigel Sears Collapsed At The Australian Open [Video]
by Staff | January 23rd, 2016, 6:39 am

In a frightening scene, Ana Ivanovic’s coach Nigel Sears collapsed Saturday night at the Australian Open. The incident took place after Ivanovic won the first game of the second set over Madison Keys. Sears, who per ESPN TV reports, wasn’t feeling well before the match, got up from his coaching box to leave the stadium but fell going up the staircase on the way out.

The match was stopped for about 20 minutes as Medical personnel tended to Sears. The 58-year-old was transported to a hospital reportedly conscious and talking.

With the players off the court and the match suspended, both Ivanovic and Keys decided to continue the match which was resumed after about an hour-long delay. Ivanovic, the 2008 finalist, lost in three sets after holding leads in both the second and the third after winning the first.

While events were taking place on Rod Laver, Andy Murray whose wife is Nigel Sears’s daughter, played on seemingly unaware of the circumstances. After beating Joao Sousa, Murray reportedly left right from the and joined his mother Judy to head to the hospital.

Kim Sears, who is expected next month, was watching from mid-morning in London.

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8 Comments for Ana Ivanovic’s Coach And Andy Murray’s Father-In-Law Nigel Sears Collapsed At The Australian Open [Video]

danica Says:

Frightening and tense moments. Not easy to even watch. At the same time, Andy is playing, of course, oblivious to the drama next door. I was thinking about Kim, miles away and expecting, how this must be a shock to her.

ESPN reported that there was blood on the stairs and that defibrillators were used.

Colin Says:

It’s a damn good thing Andy didn’t know this was happening, as he was already making rather hard work of beating Sousa. The blood on the stairs isn’t necessarily all that sinister. Maybe he banged his head and started a nose-bleed, I’m subject to nose-bleeds myself, and they can very quickly give the appearance of a crime scene

At least it doesn’t seem to have triggered a premature birth on the part of Kim, and for her there is the comfort of knowing other family members are with her dad.

Humble Rafa Says:

May be he went into labor earlier than expected.

calmdownplease Says:

`May be he went into labor earlier than expected..’

I do hope Mr sears is alright.
The heat can certainly get to some people.

RZ Says:

Glad he seems to be doing okay now. What a tough scenario for Ana to keep playing through.

danica Says:

As I watched this unfold, the ESPN commentators hinted that Nigel was rushing back to the player’s box. I thought he slipped and hit his head which can be extremely dangerous. It took them forever to get help and bring in the stretcher at which point it was obvious it was a rather serious business. At the same time, they were showing Andy playing. For me, just a spectator, it was emotional and surreal – to see Andy fighting to win a match, to know that a family member is fighting for his health, to think about a daughter and a wife who is in a delicate state so far away and unable to offer any help. How she must have felt seeing this? I hope she didn’t (get the change to see it).

They were also showing Judy who at some point left Andy’s box. She seemed not at ease and quite worried so she may have already known what had happened.

They also said that Ana was aware that her coach had heart problems before and that he was the one who said that they should continue with the match.

I sincerely hope he recovers quickly.

Django Says:

Did Nigel he have a heart attack or cardiac arrest?
They used a defibrillator, I read.

jane Says:

rz, yeah, good point: no wonder ana lost her match. she had won the first set, too.

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