Roger Federer Doesnt Even Own a House
by Sean Randall | April 11th, 2007, 1:25 pm

That according to Rick Reilly who in the April 9th Sports Illustrated (Florida Gators) wrote about his recent sit down with Roger Federer during the Miami event.

It’s a pretty funny read, which appears on the back page of the magazine (hey, might not be the front, but at least Roger’s in the magazine!), as Reilly is struck by just how normal and humble the World No. 1 is compared to other mega-star athletes.

I can’t find a link to the story, but here are a few excerpts:

Roger Federer is decent, humble and kinder than Aunt Bee. He is constantly saying, “I’m just a normal guy.” All his winning shots were just “lucky.”

Do you realize this man, whom most experts say is the greatest tennis player to ever live, actually goes to restaurants and sometimes waits in line?

He doesn’t have a full-time coach. Has no tattoos. His entourage is a joke. His publicity agent, his scheduler, his hitting partner and his girlfriend are all the same person. And she’s not even a lingerie model! Just an ordinary, very nice Swiss miss named Mirka.

Here’s a guy who has dominated his sport far more than Tiger Woods has over the last three years, yet Tiger has a 155-foot yacht and Federer doesn’t even own a dinghy. Federer made an estimated $28 million last year, yet he doesn’t own a house, just two “flats,” he says.

Get this: You can send an autograph request to his parents’ house – their address is on his website – and within a month you’ll get a photo hand-signed by Roger. .. Damn, son, at least get one of the signing machines like everybody else!

There were two chairs in the interview room. A large, cushy one with armrests and a plain straight-backed one. He looked at me sheepishly and said, “Would you mind very much if I took the larger chair? I am very tired from my match.” Hello? Roger? Monster sports Goliaths don’t ask. Monster Sports Goliaths plop down in the big one, then put their feet up on the smaller one.

Also in the issue (sorry, i’m a week late!) is a story from Jon Wertheim on the relative ease at which tennis players – a la Serena Williams, Guillermo Canas and Martina Hingis – can return to success so quickly after lengthy layoffs. And in addition to Yannick Noah getting a mention for being Joakim’s dad, there’s also a note on Andre Agassi selling the rights to his memoirs for $5 million. Heck, it’s almost like a special tennis issue!

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24 Comments for Roger Federer Doesnt Even Own a House

whajeebeez Says:

Yawn. Everything about HRH Princess Roger rings so hollow, shallow, and false.

goa Says:

humble? he’s just polite.

Fan of Tennis Says:

whajeebeez Says:
Yawn. Everything about HRH Princess Roger rings so hollow, shallow, and false.

Hey whajeebeez…have you sat down with Roger and interviewed him? Do you follow him around? Do you have first hand personal knowledge of the man? If the answer is “no” to these – then you need to say that your post was just “your opinion”. It amazes me that people want to tear down this man – people who hasn’t gotten closer to Roger than their TV sets – who always criticizes him and think the worse. Yet the people who interviews him, the people who are close to him, the players who play him, etc., seem to think just the opposite of your thoughts. Since I have never personally met him, I’ll believe what the writers who have met him say…that he really just might be such a great humble champion.

coachability Says:

Yawn? Get a clue wajeebeez. It’s sad that you are so jaded that you have no faith in humanity. What if, just what if, Fed is just a good person too? What if he’s that rare, almost unique, combination of talent and graciousness? Why is that so wrong? Why is it shallow and false? Why are you so jaded?

shzg Says:

Who cares if he has a house or not? As if that is any mark of achievement. A house is a big bother, why would he want that headache?

claycourt god Says:

Waaager doesnt own a house- who cares? vamos canas!

BABackhand Says:

Persistent Federer detractors and negative responses from above just prove that even if one does “their best” there will always be the pathetic f**ks that have to criticize others in order to feel better about themselves.

Anonimous Says:

Statements such as, humble, decent and kind are the essence of Roger Federer. Statements about his entourage are in error. I was recently with Mr. Federer during training an he has, on court, a group of 5 people of the highest caliber for all aspects of his training routines. And by the way his wonderful companion Mirka is not his hitting partner and she is a personalility of her own. Just clarifying.

Moburke Says:

There’s too reasons Roger isn’t more popular in the states and this is one of them. The other is that he’s not american. However if he had grown up in america, like martina hingis, sharapova, etc. no one would care and he would be as american as an andre or pete.

JCF Says:

Federer also walks around on tournament premises, instead of taking the shuttle. Some of these walks are long walks of 30 mins. Most people take the ride, but he chooses not to fuss over things.

Pretty amazing how down to earth he seems. Especially with an entourage being so modest. His parents very rarely ever watch him play unlike some people, like say… Hewitt, who’s parents follow him around full time and depend on him to put food on their table.

beerme Says:

I own a house, can Roger say that? No? Face! Rog will probably rent an apartment in Paris next week just to spite me.

toni Says:

Princess Rogers modesty rings false once again…..why does her royal highness Roger think hes above playing davis cup ?

Hans Says:

Is spending one’s own money to feed and raise unprivileged kids in the 3rd world “false, shallow, hollow”?

Fan of Tennis Says:

Toni… Roger has played more Davi Cup matches than Roddick, Agassi, and Sampress… so he has paid his dues and has said he will be playing in the future. I don’t have a problem with players not playing in every single DC tie!

calgal Says:

It always amazes me how insecure men never fail to resent the obvious alpha male that Federer is. Calling Federer “Princess” is a huge announcement of their own male inferiority complex. Whajeebeez and others, thanks for the notice. Let’s see you return one of the Federer inside out forehands from the ad court. Until then, listen up and you might learn something from watching a really fine man like Roger Federer. If you were more like Federer, you wouldn’t need to make your shallow, empty-headed and ignorant remarks before the whole world.

Roger Federer Says:

I’m the greatest sportsman and greatest person to have ever lived. After my tennis career I will save the world.

PS. see my new site; my own RF shop!!!

setsuko Says:

what do you mean “after my tennis career…”? isn’t playing tennis TMF’ way of saving the world?

rogeryna Says:

so bad.
it’s ok
bcos what evr roger does, i support
mom’s son!!!

Roger's Buddhist Uncle Says:

I support you too!

Steven Rahn Says:

If you are rich, very gifted and humble….look out. You will be a target for every idiot that would be arrogant, demanding and rude….with half as much money and none of the gifts. Truly kind people with fame and fortune irritate those that can’t understand them. Why be nice if you don’t have to?

rogers twin sister Says:

Whajeebeez and Toni…maybe some day you’ll meet and spawn demon twins who will be half as great as Fed.

Jimmy Roland Says:

It’s amazing how much trash people talk about the best tennis player ever walked on a tennis court. Guess this is a quality of modern times. Talking before thinking! Shame on all of you who can’t accept that Roger Federer is a humble person while being a Superster in Sports.

Roger Humbleton Says:

Roger is awesome and so very humble. He never talks himself up and his game is so superior. He’s the picture of a humble Leo. As well all know Leos are always so very humble and pious.

Tennis chick Says:

you are just all jelous and talk a whole lot of bull…you dont even know him and your giving him all this crap about not being PERFECT but hes just a normal person….sooo get over it

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