Jo-Wilfried Tsonga’s House Robbed During ATP Finals Sunday
by Tom Gainey | November 30th, 2011, 3:45 pm

It turned out to be a double whammy of a Sunday for Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. Not only did the Frenchman lose to Roger Federer in the ATP World Tour Finals, but also during the match his home was robbed! (By a Federer fan?)

According to Swiss press, Tsonga’s Swiss home in Gingins, just north of the French border, was burglarized Sunday afternoon.

An alert neighbor noticed a light was on in his villa and called the police. Tsonga said on Monday that he was hopeful he would recognize his home when he returned.

Tsonga lives alone in a house he spends very little time at. That and his fame makes it’s easy to know when he’s not home and very susceptible to theft.

For finishing runner-up in London Tsonga won $740,000 which should help to ease his pain.

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23 Comments for Jo-Wilfried Tsonga’s House Robbed During ATP Finals Sunday

Humble Rafa Says:

Why doesn’t he live with mom, dad, uncle, aunt, sister, first & second cousin, nephews and neices like I do in Mallorca. My home doesn’t burglarized because someone is always home.

Jonathan Says:

Ah sucks, doubt he had much there to be honest though. Targeted attack!

Andre Says:

I sorry about that sexy Tsonga.

Wog boy Says:

I think they got it wrong (house), they were supposed to do one in Basel.

Kimmi Says:

humble rafa – i didn’t not know you live with all those people..but travelling 90% of the year, it wouldn’t matter too much. you must still get privacy in hotels, no?

someone Says:

if someone can afford to be robbed, it’s defintiely these atheletes

Sneaky spy Says:

Humble Rafa- hahahahaha wow! I bet that when you come back home you barley have some time for yourself. Living with all these people may seem a bit hard. I dont think that it acttually matter if Joes home was robed or not because he has so much money and he can get all of the stolen things back. Unless it was his trophys, no? Besides Joe doesnt really care ;)

Riaz Ahmad Malik Says:

Rafa, that is how most of us Pakistanis live. A bit crowded but safe.

Fot Says:

“Wog boy Says:
I think they got it wrong (house), they were supposed to do one in Basel.”

lol! If you’re referring to Roger’s house – well, he doesn’t live in Basel anymore. He lives in Bottmingen, Swiss.

Wog boy Says:

I was referring to Roger’s house, well they definitely got it wrong, I got it wrong too, blame it on outdated GPS . I did’t mean to ofend RF’s fans, just a joke.

BTW, they did same thing to Novak’s flat in MC during USO. I think they are after something else, something that is on hard drive or DVD.

alison hodge Says:

whether or not your rich or poor,does not make any difference,yeah ok been rich means you can afford to replace materialistic things,the way us mere mortals cannot,but to have your home broken into is an invasion of a persons personal privacy and sacred space,having been unlucky enough to have also had my home broken into,i can honestly say it is no joke,you can replace belongings,but emotional scars sometimes never heal,your home never feels the same again.

Wog boy Says:

Happened to me three times, twice in Belgrade and once in Sydney. First time I was 10 my sister 12, they walked in to our flat 7am after our parents left to work, told us to stay in the room and took everything they could. They didn’t look as naive as those ones from “Home alone” they were more scarry, believe me :)
You have to look on bright side, they didn’t harm us. It can always be worst, that is my attitude in my life.

jane Says:

Good attitude Wog boy: it could be worse indeed. But I have had that happen too, and it is violating, as alison says. So I feel for Tsonga (and Nole – didn’t know about that Wog Boy, strange, like it’s a “tennis burglar” or something??). :(

steve-o Says:

Sorry, Jo.

Humble Rafa Says:

you must still get privacy in hotels, no?

No. I have the knee machine guy, uncle Toni, doctor, etc come and go all 24 hours. Rafa’s ATP Tour is a 24 hr medical emergency operation directed by Uncle Toni.

carlo Says:

LOL Humble Rafa

Hoping you can work in a little Davis Cup between medical emergencies.

Davis Cup thread for Tennis-X, por favor? Vamos Davis Cup?


Sorry for Tsonga, too.

Wog boy Says:

Jane, Novak was visibly distressed that day at USO, I can not remember who did he play against.

jane Says:

Wog Boy, did you see the interview I posted on the Nole “in movie” thread? It is short but good. :)

Anna Says:

I have a feeling Jo’s house in Switzerland is not his real home (since he’s rarely there), but one he keeps for tax purposes.

Wog boy – That sounds truly frightening and I’m glad you don’t carry permanent scars from that event. My house was broken into two summers ago. All that was taken was my gun and two rings. The rings were passed down from my great grandmother, and my grandother. I was heart-broken then and heart-broken still.

Wog boy Says:

Thank you very, very much for interview, Glad I didn’t miss it.

Believe it or not , it was more frightening for me next day when police took us (without parents) to main police station, to try to recognize bad boys on the photos. I still have fear and taste of police station in my mouth. Those hallways and smelly rooms,strange people, I just wanted to go home to my parents, but they kept asking and asking…….
As for scars, my wife thinks I have few beetwen my ears:-)

Arun Says:

@alison, Great Comment !! It isn’t the materialistic things , its all emotional when you know someone has broken into your house. The house we lived in for 20 yrs doens’t feel the same when someone had broken into it while we were away

alison hodge Says:

to jane,wog boy,anna and arun sorry you all had the same thing happen to you too,these sort of people have no shame,they are just scumbags,@wog boy horrible as it was at the time at least we were not in the house at the time unlike yourself,i have to say i commend you for your bravery and positive attitude,well done.

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