Pete Sampras Curious About Wimbledon
by Sean Randall | May 7th, 2007, 11:31 am

So Pete Sampras can win on clay after all! Okay, it was a little Boston senior event and he beat a bunch of guys – John McEnroe, Todd Martin, Tim Mayotte, Petr Korda – who don’t exactly strike fear into people on the dirt. But give the guy some credit, a year after looking real bad against Robby Ginepri he takes the Boston title in this his senior debut. ADHEREL

What’s most interesting about the win is what he had to say and what others said along the way. Here’s a sample:

“I hit the ball better today than I did in my prime because of the bigger racket,” Sampras said. “I think I can still play at a pretty high level. I can probably compete against anyone in the world today just one match, two sets.” – Pete after his win over Mac.

“I’m not going to play Wimbledon again. I’m curious how I’d do, especially with all the guys staying back. I always licked my chops when I saw baseliners…A lot of things come into play. It’s a lot of work. It’s a daily grind. I wouldn’t play Wimbledon just to play. I’d play to win. There’s got to be a reason to come back, and there isn’t a reason. To come back for one event is crazy.” – Pete.

“If he served the way he served tonight, not many guys on the tour (could return). They swing at the serve. They don’t block the serve. On grass he could beat many guys in the draw, badly.” – Petr Korda, after losing to Pete.

“I could see him get to the quarterfinals and then lose because he was tired or strained something. I told him if he went there and lost in the first few rounds, it wouldn’t take away from his place in history.” – Johnny Mac

I didn’t see any of the tennis in Boston but from the sound of it Pete’s playing pretty well. When Mac and Korda are raving about Pete’s game you have to believe them. And even though Pete says “I’m not going to play Wimbledon again” he did say that he was “curious”, which, translation, means he’s thinking about it. Pete then says that with the newer racquets he’s hitting the ball better now than ever, and when you throw in the fact that Wimbledon requires the least in the way of fitness and rewards those with the biggest serves, I think the door may have swung slightly open for a possible return at Wimbledon this year.

Thing is, and we’ve seen it time and time again in sports, when retired elite athletes think that they can comeback and compete again at the highest level, just like Pete has said, guess what? They usually do and give in to their curiosity.

I think Pete once said he wasn’t interested in playing senior tennis, now he is. I think he once said he would never play Team Tennis, then he did and he’s playing again this year. So could he flip-flop on his statement and play Wimbledon again? Why not. My guess is if he wins his next senior stop in Greece next month and even more players put it in his head that he could still do damage on the regular tour, I wouldn’t put it passed him to make one last appearance at SW19.

Plus, as McEnroe said, it wouldn’t take anything away from his history if he lost early again at Wimbledon. And he’s right. The reality of it is Pete couldn’t do any worse than losing to George Bastl, right? Unless of course Bastl qualifies and beats Pete again. (Could you imagine!) Well, on second thought, that could be reason enough not the play!

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52 Comments for Pete Sampras Curious About Wimbledon

Bonitto Says:

Who to say, he might just decide to play wimbledon again, and wins the whole thing.

johnnhoj Says:

He should just jump right in and give it a shot, just to see how well he does. He’s really not that old, but can he still be fast? If he loses right away, then at least he tried it. No shame in trying. If he wins tournaments, I’d be impressed.

amy Says:

to me only federer could beat him on grass
nadal does have a chance but not much when he’s on top
best of five is gonna be a big issue for him which i think would keep him from going too far
i won’t be surprised he loses to nobody after a 5-set game with someone
if the draw is in his favor he could make it to semi or even final and that would just be good enough to prove his superpower with this game

Fred Harvey Says:

why are you saying that “Pete can win on clay after all”? Boston Seniors was indoor hard.

Tennis-x is in the Trunk Says:


” 1. Roger Federer-Mental meltdown against Nadal in the Monte Carlos final was a step backwards, how will he regroup? ”

Mental meltdown? LOL. How blind can the tennis-x fanboys be? Is it really so hard for them to accept the fact that Federer gets OUTPLAYED by Nadal? Come on now. Nadal owns Federer because he’s better than him, not because Federer always wilts. There was nothing in their last scoreline to indicate that Federer was anywhere close to beating Nadal. Stop making excuses and just deal with the facts. Federer’s never going to beat Nadal on clay. Breathe. Accept it. Move on. Repeat after me: There. Is. No. Rivalry.

” 3. American Men-So how does skipping much of the claycourt season help your game? ”

Since when was skipping just one TMS, Monte Carlo, suddenly skipping “much” of the claycourt season? lol. Try getting some basic facts straight. They are all in Rome now.

Remember the days when tennis-x used to have some tennis credibility and basic knowledge about tennis and its players? Whatever happened to those days? Will they ever get their mojo back? Will Sean Randall ever go back to his original job of writing his fanboy Federer blog and let the rest of us adults discuss TENNIS?

Ville_Liukko Says:

^^^^^ Settle down already, Nadal spaz.

Anyway, Id love to see Sampras return to the grass at Wimbledon…hope hes more than just curious about it. Id love to see another Fed/Samps match, even if its straight sets.

johnnhoj Says:

People’s pessimistic attitudes toward Federer are rather sad to read, to want to tear him down because he’s in the biggest struggle of his career against probably the best clay-courter ever. But you know what? Federer’s the second best clay-courter right now and the best tennis player overall, and the extra bit of fight and focus that he needs on clay now can get him a Roland Garros title. Plus, he keeps going on about how he needs to keep playing matches against Nadal on clay to improve in the match-up between the two. I’m not dismissing Federer. I’m standing firmly behind the guy. He’s gonna prevail eventually. Just watch.

Oh, yeah, and Sampras is welcome to give Wimbledon another shot.

danielhh Says:

Gawd I hate him, just shut up and retire already.

realist Says:

there’s a big ifference between beating 40 year old retired players(from an era where simple modern shots like swing volleys and half volley pickups where ‘amazing’)to beating current atp players, and even sampras’ enormous ego knows it.

i hope he does play though, so nadal could lick his chops passing him all day long.

claycourtrafa Says:

hahas ya id like to see that to, esnd him back to his old boys club.

John Says:

My guess:


73: Bracciali
74: Youzhny
75: Djokovic
76: Canas or Safin
77: Federer

Almagro (done 6-3, 6-4)
Gonzalez or Andreev

sampras_wanna_be Says:

i would cash out on my retirement just to see pete in wimbledon one more time.

Agassi fan Says:

He beat Todd Martin 6-3 5-7 11-9 (tie break set). So, Sampras split sets and saved 3 match points against a guy who has not been a factor in big time tennis since September 2000 (US Open semis). Big deal.

Does Sampras forget that he lost to Alex Corretja and george bastl on GRASS in 2002? Now 5 years later, 5 years older, not practising that much (3 days a week?) – he’ll get creamed.

After the 2000 wimbledon, he lost in 28 consecutive tournaments, before finally squeeking out the 2002 US through the luck of draw and scheduling (big time). playing a good friendly set once in a while is very different from playing 7 best of 5 sets in a grand slam, he should know that!!

Agassi fan Says:

Read this article if you want accurate analysis of this….

Agassi Fan Says:

Read the column by Dan Martin – much more accurate:

John Says:

Pete just beat 4 guys (ages: 48, 42, 39 and 36) and now he’s going to win Wimbledon again (if they only change the rules).

His victory over Todd Martin, where he won one set (and a tie break that could easily have gone either way) was, I guess, the clincher.

Todd who made it to the Semis at Wimbledon, once, is another strong argument in favor for another Wimbledon run.

Here are some stats for Pete and his recent and potential opponents. They are ordered by W-L percent:

Name Age W-L Titles GS_Titles Wimbledon
John McEnroe 48 869-194 (82%) 84 7 W(3)
Roger Federer 25 501-128 (80%) 47 10 W(4)
Rafael Nadal 20 205-056 (79%) 20 2 F(1)
Pete Sampras 35 762-222 (77%) 64 14 W(7)
Mats Wilander 42 571-222 (72%) 33 3 QF(3)
Todd Martin 36 411-234 (64%) 8 0 SF(1)
Petr Korda 39 410-248 (62%) 10 1 QF(1)

John Says:


Quote: “Martin was having similar trouble in the championship, waving weakly at Sampras’s 105-mile-per-hour serves as the first set slipped past.”

A fast serve for Elena Dementieva, who is not known for her serves, is about 111. Serena is about 125.

Sean Randall Says:

John, thanks, if that was the case (Martin) then certainly not good for Pete when it comes to a comeback!

Fred Harvey, great catch! I had no idea. Just assumed all the senior events were on clay. Thanks!

Tennis-X Trunk Dude, I feel your pain. I don’t handle the Funk part of the site, but in regards to the Americans I guess it’s up to one’s interpretation of “much”. We’ll see how many post next week in Hamburg. Further, am I also a Fed fanboy even though I just slammed him? Even though I once suggested Nadal would win Wimbledon before Fed wins the French. Those are my facts…

Agassi Fan, your boy Dan is deranged. Sorry. At Wimbledon fitness will play almost no role unless there’s rain forcing back-to-back matches. Sure when you do the math Pete shouldn’t be able to hit better now than he did back in 2001, but can you say that with 100% certainty. You of all people should know better, being an Agassi Fan. At 35 Agassi was hitting the ball just as well as he did when he was 25, so who is to say Pete cannot do the same?

Where Mr. Martin misses the point is that we are talking about Pete playing on GRASS, not on hardcourt where he would be far, far more vulnerable. On grass, if his serve is anywhere near where it was back in the day then he’s going to be a tough out for anybody.

Agassi Fan, don’t you think that Pete would have a chance against a guy like Jonas Bjorkman on grass? I do. And of course Bjorkman reached the semifinals of Wimbledon just last year. If Jonas could do that, I think Pete could do that as well.

claycourtrafa Says:

pistol pete just cant run down balls and balls for 2 weeks come on lets be serious, imagine him playin nadal and his passing shot his volleys wudnt work and he wud not be able to slug t out from the baseline with many players.

realist Says:

everyone goes on about sampras’ serve, as if that’s all he really needs. problem is, return of serve was more of a novelty than a necessity in his era, players now wouldn’t have anywhere near as much trouble with it.

everyone in the top 20 is a great returner, except maybe roddick, ancic.

consider how great returners like nalbandian, nadal, federer easily account for roddick’s serve, supposedly one of the biggest.

sampras is only serving from 6’1!!, not like he’s karlovic.

not to mention, according to henman, wimbledon is slowing down, with the surface and the balls.

bjorkman getting to the wimb. semis does say something though, even though he had an easy draw.
i guess it’s hard for the modern players to get experience on grass unless they grow up in one of the uk colonies.

Agassi Fan Says:

Agassi worked 10 times harder on his fitness than Sampras EVER did, that’s why he hit the ball as well at 35 as at 25. Sampras can’t do that. Plus Sampras has been out of tennis for 5 years.

Dan Martin’s article for which I have the quote in a post above is excellent, and makes much more sense than yours.

Fan of Tennis Says:

I want to remember Pete as “Pistol Pete” the champ… I don’t want to witness him struggling against the #200 ranked player in the world trying to win a match. I think it would be a big mistake for him to come back on the regular tour. The top 100 are stronger now than maybe the top 20 in Pete’s time, person for person. Plus, with him not being ranked, he could be pitted against the top players in round 1 and not even get to ‘a final’…less known a Wimbledon final.

The game Pete played on grass when he won will not consistently stand up today on the grass at Wimbledon. All the players say 2 things: (1) the combination of the grass/ball makes the grass slower; (2) everyone now has a fantastic return game; which makes it almost suicide to come in and serve/volley on every play at Wimbledon like they did in the past.

Now if someone at Wimbledon really wanted Pete to come back, they would have to go back to the grass they grew when he was playing and use lighter balls, and change the string tension, and…well you get the point. Pete, there is a reason why most everyone stay back at Wimbledon now.

Let Pete compete with the Seniors. Also, I would like to see Pete play Rios. By the way…where is he these days? Rios made a living beating up on ‘older guys’. Now Pete’s playing the senior tour – where’s Rios?

Agassi Fan Says:

Again, people forget that Pete lost to Alex Corretja and George Bastl on grass in 2002. He can only fare worse, much worse, in 2007. Coupled with the slower grass and better return game and fitness of players, its a no brainer.

And its ridiculous to say that fitness doesn’t matter at Wimbledon! Pick up a racquet and get out there for a couple of hours on grass and you will find out. Just moving on grass puts your groin muscles to test! Sean Randall, ever played on grass??

Sean Randall Says:

Agassi Fan, in fact I have played a few matches on the grass. Quite a forgiving surface – as I’m sure you know – and much less taxing on the body than hardcourt or even clay. Sure there is an added element of injury because you must stay so low to the ground but since the points are far shorter and the impact on the joints much less than on the grass, fitness does not play as great a role.

As for Pete’s losses on grass to Bastl and Corretja, get over it. So what? I seem to recall Agassi having a bad patch in his career during which he suffered some poor results but a few years later he turned it around, didn’t he?

Point is, when I compare Jonas Bjorkman to Pete Sampras on grass, I would give the edge to Pete. Jonas gets the edge in backhand, return of serve and fitness, but it’d take Pete’s serve, forehand, volley, mental toughness over Jonas. And again, Jonas got to the semifinals just last year!

And I get that now the grass is slower, players hit harder, returns are tougher, etc., but if all that goes against Pete than how did a guy the same age as Pete, who plays serve/volley but possesses far less weapons than Pete – Jonas Bjorkman of course – do so well last year. His run goes against that argument.

I’m not saying that Pete could win Wimbledon or beat Federer or Roddick on grass, but given the right draw with some good luck I could see him reaching week two.

claycourtrafa Says:

i don think so, u see he has no more motivation to do so, he even stated in an interview

claycourtrafa Says:

well for all u federer fanboys, he just lost again to volandri! 6-2 6-4. his worst stretch since he became no.1 in feb 2004!!!
who still thinks he can win RG

John Says:

I briefly saw the match stats.

Roger had an awful first serve percent. I don’t remember the number but I think it was in the thirties or forties. This indicates that his accuracy was off.

His unforced errors were huge (maybe 44). Another indicator of inaccuracy.

He’s been practicing a lot, maybe too much.

On the other hand Volandri (a wild card) whipped Gabashvili (60 63) and then beat Gasquet. So he’s been playing great.

Volandri plays Berdych next. And then maybe the winner of Gonzalez/Chela.

Agassi fan Says:

I am a Fed fan, but no, I don’t think he is winning the French now. the writing is on the wall.

Fed had the longest and most dominant stretch as No 1 in the history of tennis. I think 2006 was his peak (though his peak was much higher than anyone else’s peak, so it will take some time for him to hike down). He will definitely break Sampras’s record of 14 slams, but from now on, his domination will be at the level of Sampras, not what it was the last 3 years.

everything that goes up comes down.

Bill Walsh Says:

Yep, indoor hard.

bogledance Says:

That article that talks about Sampras “105 mph serves” is obviously not correct. I was at the match and he was serving huge.

According to this he was serving 130mph+ which sounds more like it based on what I saw (having seen a lot of pro tennis in person over the years):

As for Sampras playing Wimbledon I have my doubts as his shoulder was apparently sore by the time he reached the final in Boston.

grendel Says:

I think actually, Federer peaked in the semifinal Aussie Open, miraculous tennis. He’d already come down by the final, and he was not too impressive winning Dubai. Since then, he’s been nowhere. Is he really going to win more grand slams? Maybe, but there’s no certainty he’ll catch Sampras. A grand slam here, another one there as the years slip by – it’s going to be agonizing to monitor! Not just Nadal to contend with, not by a long chalk. But maybe his prime opponent will be himself. Such a sublime talent he has, for the game to work he has to be operating at full confidence. Once that’s gone, he slides into something close to mediority. It’s a truly strange phenomenon; people like Sampras and Nadal are quite thickskinned, and can shrug adversity off. Can Federer fight back? We’ll find out at Wimbledon.

Agassi Fan Says:

after 1997, Sampras nickled and dimed from 10 to 14 slams by 2002. Fed will certainly do better than THAT! However, his 8000+ ranking points days are over. Now he will hover around 6000. I think Sampras’s best was about 5100, right?

John Says:

Match stats:

Rome, Round of 16, 5/1/2007

Federer, Volandri (WC)

First serve %: 44% (24/54), 73% (45/62)
Aces: 5, 0
Double faults: 4, 2
First serve points won: 71% (17/24), 71% (32/45)
Second serve points won: 37% (11/30), 47% (8/17)
Service points won: 52% (28/54), 65% (40/62)
First serve return points won: 29% (13/45), 29% (7/24)
Second serve return points won: 53% (9/17), 63% (19/30)
Return points won: 35% (22/62), 48% (26/54)
Total winners: 12, 10
Unforced errors: 44, 23
Forced errors: 12, 15
Total points won: 43% (50/116), 57% (66/116)
Break points won: 14% (1/7), 50% (4/8)
Score: 2-6, 4-6
Match time: 1:18

John Says:

It seems like Volandri is the new Canas.

He just wiped out Berdych 62, 63.

Next, he plays the winner of Gonzales/Chela. Chela just destroyed A-Rod 60, 64, but Fernando should be the favorite.

If Volandri wins again, he gets a shot at Nadal (#77) in the final. My guess, he gets clobbered 60, 61.

Nadal needs to get by Davydenko (#76) first but that should be a cake walk (maybe 61, 63).

claycourtrafa Says:

im a nadal fan but i still like fed a fair bit and im surprised that grendel is writing him off already come on roger federer possibly the best player of all time dominated tennis for 3 years and still fit to do so, the guys just in a slump he’ll get out of it soon not in time for RG but i think he can do it at wimby and if not there the U.S open, this is clay it is nadal’s turf he is not really expected to win i admit a loss like that to 58 in the world is embarassing but 2 months ago ppl were saying hes the best ever he’ll win the french he’ll make 19 20 grand slams at least, so hes not winning everything he plays in for couple tourneys, i think roger federer will be back sooner than later.

John Says:

IMO, Roger needs to find out why he’s not playing well and fix it. 44% first serves is awful.

On another note: The WTA Tier I final in Berlin might be all Serb: Jankovic vs. Ivanovic.

Jankovic is leading Henin 64, 44 (to be continued tomorrow). If she wins she needs to beat Kuznetsova.

Ivanovic needs to beat Vakulenko (ranked 53).

kamret Says:

No one answered an interesting question asked by Fan of Tennis (above). Where is Rios now? We all want to see Sampras play Rios. So, where is Rios now???

claycourtrafa Says:

nadal wopn rome 6-2 6-2.

Dan Martin Says:

First, I want to thank Agassi fan for the publicity. I want to address one point – Agassi was playing great tennis into his mid-30’s because he practiced and conditioned every day. Sampras, self-admittedly, did not pick up a tennis racket for 3 years! Now he plays every other day. How many current pro’s hit only 3 days per week? None. Sampras is a great player, however if he struggled vs. Todd Martin in 2007 how would he do against Berdych (similar size to Todd Martin)? Berdych serves bigger, returns better, moves better and is in better shape than Todd Martin (in 2007). Many other players would also trouble Sampras. If Sampras took the next 12 months getting into shape, maybe we could talk.

Why not a Sampras-Agassi (bad back and all) in Newport, RI the week prior to Wimbledon? Agassi kept his skills sharp from 2002-2006. Sampras picked his racket back up in 2006. Who would win? Probably Agassi, even with a bad back, a 3rd round 2006 Wimbledon loss and playing on Sampras’ best surface. You cannot sit your rackets down for 3 years and expect to play like you did when you were 25. My 2 cents.

jimmy the greek Says:

In my opinion Pete does’nt stand a chance of winning Wimbledon. What does a player of his legendary status have to gain by stepping back in the ring again only to at best loose to Roger in the finals? Johnny Mac told him that he would have nothing to loose by trying. I strongly disagree! Does anyone remember MJ’s return with the Wizards! Even though he was still better than most of the other players, it was still painfull and ugly to watch, and it definetely tarnished his name in the history books forever. The truth be told is that Federer fans(Former Agassi Lovers)including Mcenroe would love nothing more than to see Pete get dusted off by Roger! If that happened people will gladly declare Roger as the better player.Pete’s game is outdated and he is crazy to think that Roger can’t pass him all day if needed! If he wants to best Roger he’ll need his prime back and a time capsule to play in a different era. My guess is that if Sampras played with this generation of players we would have seen something entirely different. Probably the greatest baseliner ever! Don’t fool yourselves into thinking that he didn’t possess that kind of talent. There is plenty of glimpses of this thru out his career. But nevertheless a return to Wimbledon or any other possible Federer confrontation will not prove well for his precious few fans or himself.

Sean Randall Says:

Dan, thanks for stepping in. I think you’ve missed the point again. We are not talking of Pete playing on hardcourts, we are talking about him playing on grass. So it’s tough to make the link that if Pete struggles with Todd Martin on hard courts that he’ll automatically struggle with a lot of players on grass. Again, if his serve is anywhere near where it once was (Johnny Mac and Korda say it is) then he is going to present problems for just about anyone he would potentially face at Wimbledon, Berdych included. If it were to happen, Berdych would certainly be favored over Pete, but Pete would get the edge in the volley, grass acumen, mental toughness and perhaps even in the serve department. Berdych should and like will win that match, but I don’t think it 100% certain as I could see Pete squeaking that one out, provided Pete’s serve is up to par.

Again, I look at a guy like Jonas Bjorkman reaching the semifinals and I have to think that based on that result and the fact there are so few grass players Pete could still do some damage at Wimbledon.

Just look at the guys Rafael Nadal beat at Wimbledon last year. Do you really think there is no chance Pete could beat Alex Bogdanovich or Robert Kendrick?

In regards to Pete’s fitness and lack of match play, fitness and stamina play the smallest role at Wimbledon of all the Slams. Unless play is severely backed up due to rain it’s rarely a factor there as matches go quickly and the impact on the joints is minimal.

Certainly the more Pete plays and practices the better he gets, and I’m sure if he really considered playing Wimbledon he would have already stepped up his training. Given two months of solid work I think he’d be fine in that department and I don’t think that would be a great issue in the end. Obviously he’d have to get his timing and footwork which would be key, but playing senior tennis would help in that.

On the other hand, a guy like Agassi relied on fitness far more than Pete did. As a baseliner Agassi needed to be in the best of shape to compete at the top whereas big servers like Sampras and Krajicek didn’t work on their fitness as much because their points were shorter and their games weren’t designed to wear down their opponents.

Dan Martin Says:

Bjorkman reached the 2006 Semis and got smoked by Federer. Todd Woodbridge reached the 1997 semifinals and got smoked by Sampras. Great doubles players can get a shot at doing well at Wimbledon if the draw breaks the right way. Sooner or later they get smashed. If Sampras was match tough and match fit, he might have a Bjorkman type run in him. Like I said in my column and my post, Sampras would need to spend time and get ready.

Dan Martin Says:

I guess the draw would also be huge. If Sampras faced the draws Federer and Baghdatis had to get to the 2006 semifinals, he’d be in trouble. The draw Nadal had and the draw Bjorkman had were not nearly as tough.

Federer beat Gasquet, Henman, Mahut, Berdych, and Ancic to reach the semifinals.

Baghdatis beat Macklin, Andrei Pavel, Grosjean, Andy Murray, and Lleyton Hewitt.

Nadal had to beat Bogdanovic, Kendrick, Agassi, Labadze, and Niemenen.

Bjorkman beat Thomas Johanson, Dlouhy, Bracciali, Max Mirnyi, and Radek Stepanek.

Of the four draws to the semifinals, I think Sampras would do best vs. Nadal’s 2006 opponents. Stepanek, Johanson, Bracciali and Mirnyi were all good wins for Bjorkman, but not mountains to climb.

Federer and Baghdatis’ draws would likely have been impossible for Sampras to get to the semifinals.

A fit 2007 Sampras might beat one of Pavel, Grosjean, Murray, Hewitt or one of Gasquet, Henman, Berdych or Ancic, but not all of them.

Also, this is a cool site.

Sean Randall Says:

Dan, draw would be major for Pete at Wimbledon.

Of the four runs, would agree with your that Nadal’s road would be the easiest. With Federer’s, he probably loses to Gasquet, with Bjorkman’s he’s out to Johansson, with Bagdhatis i’d say Grosjean probably takes him out, while with Nadal’s i think he’d get to Niemenen but no further.

And another thing to keep in mind is that these days so few guys have really massive serves (a la Ivanisevic, Philippoussis, Krajicek or even Rusedski) and the ones who do don’t really follow it into the net, so Pete’s return game weakness would not be as exposed. Hence Pete’s added “curiosity”.

Dan Martin Says:

I think we were talking across purposes earlier. My column was more aimed at the belief that Sampras would just walk out and win Wimbledon, something you seem to find unlikely. Your column is stating that Sampras could have an interesting run and I think with proper prep he very well could.

Samprazzz Says:

I enjoy tennis much more now that Sampras has retired. His matches were frankly boring. If he comes back, that tongue of his will be hanging out in just a few games. Pete will have a problem on grass: when he was in peak form, he could hang out in the backhand corner and float backhands back waiting for his opponent to hit to his open forehand, then he’d blast his running forehand for a winner. Which meant he didn’t run much from side to side- except to blast the winning forehand. Now, at his age, without high level training, does anyone really believe that he could still hit that running forehand for a winner on a consistent basis like he used to? Take that shot away and now you’ve got a problem: his opponent will be making him run from side to side. But, as his history at the French shows, Sampras won’t run, he’ll go for a shot that’s low percentage, and miss. On Sampras’ own serve, he can hold it decently, but there’s got to be some rust that will creep in at times. I agree with Johnny Mac, he’d make the Quarters if he got a good draw. I’d like to see it happen: to see him play Rafa and lose reaching for Rafa’s groundstrokes would be a treat.

claycourtrafa Says:

and to see him try and volley against nadal’s many many passing shots

Bonitto Says:

He could kick Nadal ass at Wimbledon.

sampras fan Says:

i would love to see pete sampras back at wimbledon,

matth103 Says:

Seeing Pete back at Wimbledon would be great if he got fit for 2008 . It might be more interesting if Sampras played an exhibition match against, say Federer, on Grass, center court at Wimbledon, best of 3 sets. That would be sweet.

the kiwi Says:

petep smaparas just is one of the best greats that i know about just like martina navratilova and monica seles and and my favourite tennis mens player of all time is andre aggasi

kendall Says:

I’d wish he give a try at a come back. we all know he is awesome. whats there to lose he is already emortalized in history.too me he aint but showin these youngsters how play & it will benefit the younger generation.

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