Djokovic No Joke at US Open

by Sean Randall | September 8th, 2007, 12:50 pm

Novak Djokovic made quite a name for himself Thursday night, and not just for his straight set win over Carlos Moya. If you flipped off the tube after the match you missed one of more hilarious moments ever on Arthur Ashe court. ADHEREL

At the urging of USA’s on-court interviewer Michael Barkan Novak went into a few of his player imitations mimicking Maria Sharapova’s pre-serve routine and Rafael Nadal’s run the baseline followed by his infamous ass pick.

Very funny stuff from Novak and it sounded like the crowd ate it up. I know I did and I wasn’t there but it was hilarious to watch on TV. Those Serbs have a thing for drama, don’t they?

If you missed it (or you haven’t heard about it) here’s the footage:

Today, however, will be no laughing matter for Novak. The Serb faces the unrelenting backboard David Ferrer as each attempts to advance into their first Grand Slam final.

Djokovic will have the pressure since he’s failed at this stage in the last two Slams, losing both to Rafael Nadal. Then again this is Ferrer’s first Slam semi.

On paper Novak’s the much better player and has far more firepower, but he’s also more capable of having more ups and downs, whereas Ferrer is pretty much going to try to get every ball back and extend the rallies. If Novak can minimize his slumps and cut down the errors he’ll get through, which I think he will in four sets.

I think Nikolay Davydenko should match up pretty well Roger Federer, but for some reason he really doesn’t. Federer’s 9-0 and has won 15 of the last 16 sets against Davydenko so asking Nikolay to win three sets in one afternoon is asking a little too much.

That said I like the way Nikolay stands on top of the baseline – a la Andre Agassi – and takes the ball early taking time away from his opponents and dictating play. And this time Davydenko should feel better about the match with Federer. Davy’s yet to drop a set all tournament (has he even faced a set point?) while Federer’s last three opponents have been big servers – John Isner, Feliciano Lopez, Andy Roddick – so the Swiss will have to make the adjustment to playing the baseline game quickly.

But this one is looking like three sets and a good NYC dinner tonight for Fed.

As for the women’s final, everything appears to be and should be going Justine Henin’s way. I’d be surprised even if her match tonight against Svetlana Kuznetsova was even close. A 6-2, 6-3 sounds about right.

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20 Comments for Djokovic No Joke at US Open

jane Says:

Sean Randall –

A typo to note: you mean first Grand Slam “final” not semifinal.

The Sharapova is fantastic.

Good recovery for Djok in 1st set – once his serve and forehand were working, they were lethal, even for super-returner/runner Ferrer.

Zeg –

Did you notice the Djokers all in adidas now?

p. batinic Says:

I have Direct TV Service. Why can’t I watch today’s US Open (Tennis)games? This is a scandal. Sorry.

jane Says:

One of the reasons Davy doesn’t beat Fed is that, like so many other players, he doesn’t BELIEVE he can do it:

In his own words:

“I feel like I’m a top 10 player. I play very well. But I’m not, you know, feeling I’m reach level to be No. 1, you know, to beat Federer or Nadal. You know, you need to be more strong. I need to be more physically strong because these guys play perfect, try to play perfect. That’s why he’s No. 1. You know, if you need to beat No. 1 you need to play also perfect. You need to get body, everything to play very well, just try to play every point good.”

Shital Green Says:

In 2 hr. 10 min, Djoko wins in straight sets (6-4, 6-4, 6-3). Congratulations to him for making to the first GS final. Now, he is ready to widen the group of two. One is in; let’s hope the other gets in, too. I think he will give Fed a good run tomorrow, if Fed wins today, which everybody predicts he will.
I cannot wait to see Djoko’s firepower tomorrow in the electrified evening match at the Arthur Ashe.

jane Says:

Yes – even though Djok’s match not super-competitive today, in this particular situation, it’s good he got through quickly, given that he has his first ever G.S. final tommorrow – in all likelihood against Federer.

And speaking of Fed, Djok does imitate him after all, and he does it v.well – especially the hair toss. Here’s the You Tube link; you have to wait for it as he does a few other players first, but it’s worth the wait. Gotta love this guy –

Crni Grujo Says:

Sta je bre Ameri,jebe kevu Nole,A?

ross Says:

So, what’s it gonno be tomorrow – 3, 4, or 5 sets?

I think one of the two will show up a bit flat, and it will be 3 sets.

I think Fed’s not gonno be the flat one.

jane Says:

Well, Davydenko showed that Fed’s certainly breakable…

ross Says:

davydenko has the best record of breaking serves on the tour – I think this US open, he won more than 50% of the service games he faced in the first 5 matches. So he is always very tough to serve to. Especially today, in the windy conditions.

but remember, he also lost serve 9 times, with 25 break points against him!!! That’s incredible returning from fed.

But fed needs to play cleaner tomorrow. and serve better. And make it a grind, since djoke will never be able to win if the match goes into a 5th set.

Natasha Says:


max619 Says:

Davydenko had not lost a set until today when he lost 3 in a row.
Fed wins tomorrow in 4 sets.

You guys forget to comment on the chances that both Moya and Ferrer had in the second set against Djoko and when Djoko has to go beyond 3 sets his trainer is called on duty as many times as the rules allow it.

andrea Says:

and after federer wins tomorrow, he can imitate the most annoying serving tic on both the men’s and women’s tour – djokovic’s ridiculous ball bouncing.

jane Says:

And maybe if Djok wins (notice I say maybe – he’s obviously the underdog) he’ll do his hilarious impersonation of the untouchable one – umpteen hair tosses (well it is, reportedly, an $800 haircut), racquet twirling, ballet leaps, and all. lol

Ross –

You’re right about Davy’s serve – but Djok serves much better. He’ll be harder to break.

Christopher Says:

I predict Djokovic will upset Federer tommorrow in 5 sets. Djokovic played the cleaner semi-final match. Djokovic’s serve and over all power will be the difference. From the ground they are equal. Djokovic can hold serve much easier than Davydenko did. I just believe Djokovic is hungry and Federer may underestimate him even though he claims not to. If the conditions are windy and they are forecast to be then Federer is more prone to errors than Djokovic is. I hope it goes to a fifth set tie breaker. That would be thrilling. It would also be a great ending to another fantastic U.S Open.

jane Says:

max619 –

Don’t forget that Davy was up a break numerous times in both the 1st and 3rd sets, so if Fed was playing against a better server, he may well have been down 2 sets to 1.

Chances are chances – they don’t mean much unless they’re converted.

I am not going to say Djok “will” win, as it’s his first slam final, and he’s had some grueling matches here. But I will say I hope he does win and kudos to him for making the final. He’s a future champ no doubt about it.

Daniel Says:

People, lets face it, in the beginning of the third set Federer was playing Davydenko. He was practicing slice, so he can prepare his variety game against Djoko. He had break points (several 0-40) in all Davys serves in this set. When he feels that he could loose the set he played a step higher and prevailed. The guy plays only the necessary. He manipulates the game the way he wants to it.

Djoko will need to be perfect, without his usual ups and downs and “feeling bad” thing. As the game will not be under the sun, he may feel better, like the matches he did at night, and has a better chance.

But Fed will win in 4!

Shital Green Says:

Both have great serves, but Djoko will have to be more focussed to match Fed’s consistency. Both can hit winners from mid court, though Fed will look for more opportunities to move inside to hit sharp angles. Fed is probably a bit better at making drop shots and playing the net. Both are great from the baseline. However, Djoko has better footwork to create unreturnable shots. Djoko’s topspin shots are more lethal than Fed’s. Djoko seems to be less prone to be emotionally affected by a couple of mis hits (though he expresses his frustration only for a few sec. and quickly gets over it). He will be steadier than Fed at tie breaks. If he gets occasions like Roddick did in those 2 sets, it will be Djoko who will come out as winner. Fed is built more solidly to play under humidity and heat, but, like Christopher said, wind can help Djoko. Yes, it will be a match between Djoko’s hunger for 1st slam vs. Fed’s ego as invincible God of tennis to build a unsurmountable monument.
At the end, honestly, I am not certain who will heist the trophy, though I would like to see a great tennis, preferably 5 setter final, with the 5th one going into tie break.

FoT Says:

Roger never underestimates anyone in a grand slam final – and that will be Djokovic’s undoing.

And yes, Djokovic has a great serve…but so did Isner, Lopez, and Roddick.

Yes, Djokovic beat Roger in their last match but Roger has beaten Djokovic in all of their best-of-five set matches (Davis Cup and Aussie Open).

And…IF the match goes to 4 or 5 sets, judging from what I’ve seen lately on Djokovic’s ‘condition’…. he won’t last. Roger can make even the best run ragged.

I predict Roger will win tomorrow because as he says “I usually play my best in these grand slam finals”. We’ve never seen Djokovic play in a grand slam final before so I don’t know how he’s going to react. This is a new thing for him. I remember when he made his first master’s event final it wasn’t pretty.

张奔斗 Says:

“If the conditions are windy and they are forecast to be then Federer is more prone to errors than Djokovic is.”

Christopher, what kind of bullsh*t is this?

What if the conditions are blustery, snowy, rainy or otherwise crappy? Who will be more prone to errors?

zola Says:

Djokovic has a great game, but his personality has yet to mature. He is an attention seeker, for any price. let’s see how deep he can dig!

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