Nalbandian, Argentina Close in on First Davis Cup Title; Roddick Hires a Coach
by Sean Randall | November 21st, 2008, 2:09 pm

It probably won’t make your local news or show up on front page of your city newspaper here in the U.S., but there is a Davis Cup final going on this weekend. Of course it’s Argentina bidding for its first ever Davis Cup title against the Nadal-less Spanish team down in Mar Del Plata. ADHEREL

I picked Argentina to beat Spain in the final at the start of the year not because I foresaw the rise of Juan Martin Del Potro or an injury to Rafael Nadal, but because of the home court advantage which Argentina has enjoyed throughout this Davis Cup season. And I see no reason to pick against them now especially vs. a very depleted Spanish team of David Ferrer, Fernando Verdasco, Marcel Granollers and Feliciano Lopez.

As I write David Nalbandian has already hammered Ferrer in straights sets in the opening tie, and now Del Potro is ahead by a set over Lopez.

Spain might salvage a doubles win but that’s likely going to be it. Nalbandian has been known to get tight in the past in pressure situations but if given the chance he’ll close it out Sunday in singles against whomever Spain sends out.

Had Nadal played things would have been different, but I think I’d still pick Argentina to win it. Home crowd, home crowd in a tight match usually favors the home team. But it is disappointing not to have Rafa there.

I should also add the tie is on TV in the U.S. live all weekend (I believe) on the Tennis Channel.

With the off season comes coaching changes and news broke yesterday that Andy Roddick has hired Larry Stefanki. On the surface, a very good move for Andy who I think will greatly benefit from the wisdom of Stefanki, a guy who helped Fernando Gonzalez channel his power into an Australian Open final run and helped Marcelo Rios get to the No. 1 position.

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9 Comments for Nalbandian, Argentina Close in on First Davis Cup Title; Roddick Hires a Coach

Srini Murty Says:

Looks like you’re wrong about Lopez being knocked over by Del Potro. Lopez is up 2 sets to 1 and 4-2 in the fourth.

zola Says:


I picked Argentina to beat Spain in the final at the start of the year ****

never underestimate your jinx power! but there is still hope for Argentina. It is their home and they are even. I don’t think Ferrer will give anyone any trouble. But with Feli’s win, tomorrow’s doubles match became more exciting.

I am happy for Roddick. Stefanki seems a very sensible choice. As you mentioned he helped Gonzo put some control on his forehand. I don’t know why he is parting from Gonzo. Anyway, great news or Roddick and great move for 2009!

Nancy Wickes Says:

Colorado does not receive the Tennis channel! We miss out on lots of good matches. I have called an complained to Comcast many times, and have been told that many others have done the same. Can you use some influence to obtain the Tennis Channel for Colorado.?

zola Says:

live stream for the doubles matchs:

hugo Says:

I just like Roddick.

Giner Says:

zola may be on to something with Sean’s jinxing power. Spain overcame all odds. DP got injured, but Spain lost Nadal for Granollers, which practically cut them down to only 3 players. Adding to that, Ferrer is playing like crap, so he may as well be injured. Spain won with only two players who would have had to play best of five sets 3 days in a row (Lopez’s 4 set match went over 3 hours).

I knew Lopez and Verdasco had a fair chance of winning the doubles, and I thought Lopez had a good chance of stealing one or even two singles matches if he could keep them short. But this is a tie Argentina should have won.

Larry Stefanki is a good coach. Murray tried to court him some years back. I think this will make a big difference to Roddick. I don’t see him beating Federer regularly as a result, but he might make some GS final or SF appearances again. Let’s hope he keeps this coach and doesn’t split again like all his high profile coaches.

TD (Tam) Says:

At this point in his career I dont know if Stefanki will have much of an impact on Roddick but I certainly hope he will. I want to see Andy back in the winner’s circle again soon!

Sorry to the Argentina fans today – that was a terribly heartbreaking loss! I am happy for the Spanish team winning without Rafa. even their captain looked surprised that they won.

Von Says:


Hi. I think Andy is set in his ways, but Stefanki could still help him with closing up some of the gaps in his game. Andy wasted crucial years – 2 years or more with Connors and his brother, but it’s never too late, and it all depends on how much Andy really wants it. Stefanki didn’t do much for Gonzalez except for the ’06 AO final and Rome final, but Roddick and Gonzelez are very dissimilar, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. Of course, I’m with you, I want to see andy back in the winner’s circle, even though some prophets have phophesied by ’09 he’ll be out of the top 10. who knows who’ll be in or out of the top 10 in ’09, only time will tell. :P

hannah Says:

don’t get me wrong, but i love andy. but how many times much he switch coaches?

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