Marin Cilic: The Next Indian Wells Champion?
by Sean Randall | March 11th, 2010, 5:07 pm

As I wrote on Tuesday, after a quick glance at the Indian Wells men’s field my top two picks were Andy Murray and Marin Cilic. And now 48 hours later I’m still thinking that way. Before I get into their credentials, I want to talk about why I don’t like the other players. After all, sometimes you arrive at conclusions by a process of elimination, which is the case for me here. ADHEREL

First from the top. I don’t like Roger Federer. The current No. 1 hasn’t hit a ball since the Australian Open and I just don’t think he can come to desert and have his way like he’s done in the past (the three-time champ hasn’t made the final since 2006). The guy’s also been fighting a lung infection and had Nikolay Davydenko not gone throat-clutch in Melbourne, Fed would be titleless going on seven months. And even though he does have a cushy draw, his lack of match play gives me pause. It’s been around 40 days since he last played a real match and that’s an unusual length of time for him to miss during a season. For me, it’s too long.

Like Federer, Rafael Nadal is having his own issues. He’s knee are bad and he too hasn’t hit a ball since January. Given we thought he was 100% healthy in Australia before his knee gave out, I thought he’d really take bypass the hard court circuit and gear up for the softer clay. But Nadal obviously feels healthy enough to give it go, but mentally the knee has to be in the back of his mind. And for the defending champ, that’s trouble.

Novak Djokovic has been the hot man of late. The now-No. 2 pocketed the Dubai title then was the hero in Serbia’s tough Davis Cup victory over the U.S. last weekend. The Joker enters the desert on a 7-match win streak but – and a big but! – five of his last six wins have gone the distance (the exception a four-setter v. Querrey). Credit to him for winning the tough ones, but he’s not winning easily. And I think all that tennis and the struggles he had in those matches are going to catch up with him this week.

As for the draw, in the top quarter I still like Federer to emerge to the semifinals. Unless he’s completely off his game I think he’ll get to the Andy Roddick match in the quarterfinals. Andy also has a pretty easy road up to that point but I don’t think the American will overcome Roger in that one. Andy (like everyone else) has been bothered by a shoulder and his play since Australia has been suspect.

In the second quarter, I see nothing but green lights for Murray to the semifinals. Maybe James Blake can give him a run if the former finalist can reach the 16s, and maybe in the QFs JW Tsonga, if healthy, can push the Brit, otherwise there’s just not that much opposition in that section.

I find the bottom half of the draw a little more competitive. In the third quarter we have Davydenko, Nadal, Sam Querrey, John Isner, Fernando Verdasco, Tomas Berdych and even Ernests Gulbis. I think any of those could get through (ok, maybe not Gulbis!) to the final weekend. Davydenko’s been injured so I actually like Gulbis to upset him in the second round. From there I’ll go with Verdasco out the quarters to face Nadal. I’ll take Rafa to beat Querrey, who seems to found his game of late. And coming through, I think Fernando’s the guy. He’s training in the Vegas desert so playing in Indian Wells should be comfortable for him.

In the last section I think we’ll get the Serb-Croatia Davis Cup clash with Cilic and Djokovic in the quarterfinals. I can’t seen anyone beating Marin en route to the final eight. Novak could struggle with Mardy Fish in the second round and possibly Ivan Ljubicic in the third, but I think he gets to the Marin match. And in that one I like Cilic to get the win. Novak’s a better player overall but I just think he’s played too much tennis and as I said the struggles he’s had in his game (his serve) catch up with him against a top caliber player like Cilic.

Plus, Cilic is now under the part-time wing of Goran Ivanisevic (they will start in Miami) and his current full-time coach, Bob Brett, is very well respected. Credit to the Marin, he’s really put together quite team and already this season his results – two titles and an Australian Open semifinal – have proven he’s could be the next big thing. I wrote at the start of the season that Cilic could be the one guy to break into the Top 5, I just didn’t think it would be happening this quickly.

That leaves my semifinals: Federer v. Murray; Verdasco v. Cilic. And in the final, I’m not going with the Croat just yet. I think Murray puts all his troubles from the past month behind him and collects this title. But I’ll be rooting for Marin to pull the upset.

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95 Comments for Marin Cilic: The Next Indian Wells Champion?

O-Kerr Says:

Aye Cilic all the way. Cilic with the first Masters. Cilic into the top 5.
He will prove he’s the next big thing.



blah Says:

Well, Cilic has a brighter future than delpo anyway. Speaking of which what happened to delpo after his uso win? (other than final at masters cup). Why is he not playing here?


DelPo has a wrist injury which is a tricky joint. A knee only moves forward and back, but a wrist goes up/down, side to side and twisting.


Speaking of injuries I am a bit worried about Cilic. He has the most on court miles of any player. If he continues to go deep in tournaments he will need to manage his schedule better to reduce the wear and tear on the body.

Kimmi Says:

NELTA says “He has the most on court miles of any player”

What do you mean ? he is an offensive player by nature so I don’t think he would have “most on court miles”..that status you can give it to players like Nadal or Murray maybe.



Maybe not the best analogy on my part. I was basically saying that Cilic has played the most matches by far of anyone in the top ten and a lot of those matches were long(2 five setters and 2 four setters at the AO). Twice as many matches as Fed, Murray or Nadal. If they had all played an equal number of matches then you are correct that a Nadal or Murray will do more running per match played.

The Ferrer-o duo also have a lot of matches that they kind of snuck in under the radar in the South American clay court circuit. It will be interesting to see if they can carry it over to the hard courts.

Kimmi Says:

aha, I understand now. Yes you are right, he has got the most matches this season so far. And those five and four setters in the AO were tough.

I saw a list of match leaders on ATP site. Cilic still has time to manage his schedule depending on how he will perform from now on..I think this is the best start he is had in his career so far.

1 Marin Cilic 18-2
2 Andy Roddick 15-3
3 David Ferrer 15-4
4 Marcos Baghdatis 15-5
5 Juan Carlos Ferrero 14-3
6 Ivo Karlovic 14-5
7 Novak Djokovic 13-2
8 Nikolay Davydenko 13-3
9 Juan Monaco 13-5
10 Four players with 12 wins


Wow. I didn’t realized Baghdatis has played that many matches.

What happens is that usually before you are a top 5 player you sign up for every tournament possible knowing that you aren’t going to the final in everyone. When you go on a hot streak like Baghdatis or simply become a better player like Cilic you end up getting to the finals in a lot of these tournaments. You play a few more matches than what your body can sustain long term. This is what happened to DelPo. He signed up for every hard court tournament and kept getting to the final. He was so exhausted he withdrew from one to get enough rest for the U.S Open. Ever since then he has suffered from a nagging wrist injury although he was able to play through it in the masters cup.

Kimmi Says:

I am happy for Ancic. He came from behind to win his first match after a long layoff beating Bobby Leynolds 4-6 6-3 6-4. Great job.

Kimmi Says:

Very few that can go on a hot streak like Delpo. That was insane..he won 4 tournements back to back..was it 4?

Some players are just unlucky with injuries. federer who is exceptional, played 3 seasons with almost 100 matches each and was still going strong. Go figure!

Seth Says:


There’s absolutely no way Davy would’ve won the AO quarterfinal against Fed. In fact, there’s no way he’ll ever win a grand slam. Why? Because he’s Davydenko. No matter how many non-Slam wins he gets over the big boys, his game is still essentially 2nd tier, as is his confidence. I never bought into the Davydenko hype and I never will.


I know. There are a lot of variables when it comes to injury although most tennis injuries are wear and tear unlike other sports where you have sudden, traumatic injuries. You don’t see many injuries where someone falls to the ground with a torn groin or hamstring. It starts with a little soreness, they try and play through it and then it progresses into something more.

Skeezerweezer Says:


Mario da man! Another one hit wonder or dark horse of the year? I hope the latter :). Did u see the match ? I missed it. How was his performance?

Kimmi Says:

Skeezer, No live streaming YET. Just followed live score. Yeah, “dark horse” I think.

Kimmi Says:

mardy fish in trouble broken twice already in the first set.

jane Says:

Kimmi, just a note about Cilic – while @6:54 you point out that Cilic is an offense player/ aggressive by nature, that doesn’t not necessarily translate into less court mileage. For example, look at Cilic’s run at the AO – a number of his matches went 4 or 5 sets. AND he’s also got a loaded schedule at NELTA already pointed out. Plus, just because Cilic is aggressive, he nonetheless can get embroiled in some longer rallies at times. So I think NELTA makes a good point that he’ll need to be careful of his schedule and long matches as well to avoid injury. He moves great for his height, but he still has to bend more to get down to shots and that could take its toll.

Kimmi Says:

Yes, Good points jane. I agree with both of you. In Cilic case, the AO run was very tough, (I think it was the toughest of all semi finalist) Roddick, delpo and Murray were his toughest opponents but he also has a tendency to prolong matches he should win easily therefore a lot of court mileage. He did not start very well in his early rounds but after he gained confidence and played better. He also did not have a break before and after AO. He played Chennai right before and played Zagreb right after. He did not give his body time to heal I would say. So that kind of schedule will always be tough for his body.

But then as what NELTA is saying, he probably signed up for all those tournaments expecting not to do that well. He should improve his schedule if he consistently start reaching the deep end of these tournaments.

Anyways, my point was more about court mileage made by an offensive vs defensive player. I still think defensive players (if played the same amount of matches) will make more court mileage than aggressive players say. Aggressive player tend to finish their points early, therefore fewer long rallies.

Fish made a great comeback after that abysmal first set. Great job! Now, can Djoko have Fish for dinner next? :)

Polo Says:

I like Cilic although he looks frail to me. He needs to bulk up a little bit and build up more endurance.

Von Says:


“He moves great for his height, but he still has to bend more to get down to shots and that could take its toll.”

Could you explain to me how Cilic could log a substantial amount of additional miles onto his body, more than any other player, because he has to bend a few inches more in an effort to retrieve those balls that fall to his shoe laces.

I think NELTA is talking in terms of mileage on Cilic’s legs, vis-a-vis, running, not bending a few times per game, as it’s not often a shot drops down to his shoe laces. Additionally, considering he’s a big server, doesn’t it bode well for him that he’s able to conserve energy when he hits aces = energy conservation and logging a lesser amount of miles on his legs? I don’t know, but that’s how I see it with respect to a player logging miles, and the aces will off-set the bending down.

steve Says:

Cilic’s only weakness is that he isn’t consistent enough yet in closing out his opponents in the best-of-five matches, he sometimes goes away mentally after he has them on the ropes, only to make a reappearance at the last minute. If he can figure that out, he’ll really take off.

I am looking forward to seeing him on grass, I think his game is very well suited to that surface.

contador Says:

i was thinking the same about his consistency and cilic’s game on grass, steve. maybe it was a fluke last summer but his game looked great at wimbledon, even in the process of losing to haas.

speaking of losing, EG lost the first set to chewy and missed a break chance in the set already. : (

ah, a little hope suddenly. EG made it, up a break in the 2nd. NOW HOLD! c’mon, do it…..arrrgh, double fault….chewy will now break back.

ernie will be done in.

skeezerweezer Says:


“Now, can Djoko have Fish for dinner next? :)”



Gulbis up 5-2 in the second, keep givin him your MOJO :)

contador Says:

and i rushed home for this.

now 2 break points for EG. c’mon! this is do or die time

haaaaahahahahaaa, what a rollercoaster. gotta love gulbis, he broke back, now a 2nd chance to hold and possibly go to 3 sets.

no mo double faulting. c’mon, i say.

Kimmi, i am willing Ernests to get to the 2nd round. i think he’s cooperating. GO Gulbis. win this set! play like you are avenging that loss to federer in dohahaa! their mates, take switzerland like you did the czechs in memphis!

no, no not duece, you had a break point to win the set! oh god, now please serve this set out and over. make it. or he’ll break back and that’s that.

skeezerweezer Says:


Where are you, your man just took the second! Sometimes the first round is the toughest besides the final….

I can’t stay up. Hope for you he takes the third. Good luck!

contador Says:

woooot! hope lives on for EG or not. the decider now.


hey skeeeeeeeezer! c’mon help me, i mean us, EG and me……

contador Says:

what? can’t stay up? skeezer? okay.

sure. i talk to myself just fine.

not feeling too good. Never watching tennis again, if gulbis loses. grrrrrr

skeezerweezer Says:


You are too funny. Ok I am still up 3-2 in the third on serve, I guess I can stay up a little more…..but pleaasseee EG, no TB’s! lol!

Kimmi Says:

contador..very late here. sleeping time. I was asleep then was up for a little while..then I saw Gulbis. OMG Gulbis in the third set, he is serving second too, not good.

Lets hope he continue that fighting spirit he showed against stepanek and berdych in memphis. Coming back from jaws of defeat….that was him then!

Chewy is holding his own very well here..ernie any slip he is gone..needs to hold and hold and hold!

skeezerweezer Says:

Hey wait a sec….How can a guy from Sweden be named “MARCO”…somethings fishy …lol

Kimmi Says:

skeezer..sleeping is good. Tomorrow is work! LOL

skeezerweezer Says:

EG breaks! You da man EG, C’mon, make Contador’s night!

Kimmi Says:

skeezer..he is from switzeland not friend of your man federer!

wait a can a guy from SWITZELAND be named “MARCO” LOL

skeezerweezer Says:

I know…OMG, this was an all dayer here at this blog for me, and I was working too…WTF? Thank God for Red Bull :)

skeezerweezer Says:


Exactly! HA!

Kimmi Says:

contador where are you…he needs to hold. For some reason when players breaks they get broken back :( can Gulbis hold !

Yes he does..or not

skeezerweezer Says:

C’mon Contador, you have to post something, Kimmi and I are stayin around for this………lol

EG Holds for 5-3 in the third…..

Kimmi Says:

one more more

Kimmi Says:

contador contador contador :( where are you.

OMG Match point

contador Says:

he’s a russian swiss italian. handsome, wears an implanted chip, so federer can feed him strategies….

i had my eyes closed and EG went up a break in the decider, but it means nothing…..chewy is fighting to break back. HOLD< my man, HOLD he made it, he held!

still time to choke …shhhhh whispering….chewy the genius’s best friend

2 match points for EG! make that one. now deuce…..uhggly

skeezerweezer Says:

contador Says:

“he’s a russian swiss italian. handsome, wears an implanted chip, so federer can feed him strategies….”

You made my night, that was sooo funny lol!

contador Says:

Kimmi, skeezer! yay! that was intense.

EG will upset davy now. sorry, mrs. davy.

thanks for the company, tennis people!

GO Gulbis!

skeezerweezer Says:

Congrats Contador, Kimmi thanks for keeping me up too, enjoyed it!

Ok good night and good luck!

Kimmi Says:

Hey how could you go to sleep?

Congrats Contador and gulbis. Great win. He is very impressive nowaday..coming back after losing a set..your man is a changed man contador. ..goodnite all

contador Says:

yes, no, i would not have made it without you. *bows* to EG, skeezer and kimmi

love all tennis fans, love is in the air in indian wells. ahhhh

bring on the real russian, ernie wants him, the higher the rank the better. right, Ernie? YES YOU CAN, and sbould. you know you belong in the top ten!

Do it for Latvia! over and over. dream big!

madmax Says:

Gulbis could be a huge threat to all players – he may have turned a corner contador.

madmax Says:

can anyone give me a link for indian wells?

MarkoPolo Says:

My first time posting here. I always read all the comments, but had a difficult time posting in the past. Why are all the comments Fedal oriented???

Glen Evan Says:

It was a cagey move on your part to pronounce, “I don’t like Roger Federer”, in the context of betting odds for this tournament, not that anyone was fooled.

Skeezerweezer Says:


Enjoy :)

Sean Randall Says:

Like Novak, Cilic has also played a lot of tennis this year, but he’s also younger and I think more mentally durable than Novak. So I don’t think the # of matches Marin has already played will be a problem.

Good win for Gulbis. Playing outdoors will be much tougher for him than indoors. Big difference.

Seth, you are probably right. I don’t see Davydenko ever winning a Slam. The moment he had Federer put away he completely caved in. The guy couldn’t handle it, that simple.

Polo Says:

I need to see more consistency from Gulbis. A couple of good tournaments do not a sparkling career make.

As regards Davydenko, time is not on his side.


I thought I would put together some simple statistics to give people an idea of what players are getting the most free points and giving away the least. The calculation is aces minus double faults divided by service games. This of course doesn’t tell the entire story of a player’s serve, but it’s a good start Dr Ivo is averaging almost 1 1/2 free points per service game, the highest number by far so it is no surprise that nobody enjoys playing him. Djokovic actually has a slightly negative number so his winning streak is quite impressive in light of this fact. Nadal is probably the only other player I could see consistently overcoming a negative number.

Ivo 1.41
Isner 0.93
Roddick 0.92
Tsonga 0.79
Lubicic 0.77
Gulbis 0.69
F Lopez 0.62
Soderl 0.60
Murray 0.55
Cilic 0.49
Fed 0.45
Davy 0.20
Nadal 0.18
Djoker -0.08


Thanks for the pics Madmax. Who is the Djoker imitating? LOL

tennisfan Says:

“had Nikolay Davydenko not gone throat-clutch in Melbourne”
This kind of “history what ifs” are useless, don’t you think? If you really understand and appreciate the beauty and complexity of tennis, you don’t write such BS…

jane Says:

Von by this ” he still has to bend more to get down to shots and that could take its toll” I meant he could eventually *sustain an injury* (hence *take its toll*) say to his back or knees. As for court mileage, I already pointed out that Cilic gets into a lot of longer matches and plenty of good rallies. He’s not a one-two punch player often times. Moreover, as NELTA already correctly indicated, Cilic may want to cut back on his schedule going forward, since he seems to be getting deep into everything he enters.

jane Says:

contador – WOOT! for Ernest. : ) Also, you said w.r.t. Cilic, “his game looked great at wimbledon, even in the process of losing to haas.” I totally agree – loved watching Cilic at Wimbledon last year. Indeed I think he had a great shot of winning that match versus Haas had it not been postponed until the next day, but when it was I just felt that Haas would prevail with his extra experience. In the tension of the 5 setter, getting late etc, it seemed like anyone’s match. Actually, Cilic was in a couple of 5 setters there too – he played one against Querrey the round earlier. So as steve opines, Cilic will want to start trying to end matches sooner if he can.

Kimmi, I have no idea if he’ll beat Fish. When Djoko was playing very well in 08, Fish took a set from him, so who knows what’ll happen now with Djok’s serve being questionable… will wait and see.

NELTA, just wondering – those stats are from this year only, yes? Thanks.


Yes, just from this year.

contador Says:

sean randall @ 9:55 am writes:

“Good win for Gulbis. Playing outdoors for him will be much tougher for him than indoors. Big difference.”

okay. but, i thought del ray WAS outdoors. it was windy, he held up; beat karlovic. his best performance in a GS was outdoors at the FO, was it 2008 or 2007? point being, EG has all the talent needed: outdoors, indoors, hard court, clay court, and i betcha, even on grass. ( not the way he played at wimbles last summer v murray, but…)

At least he has a coach now and appears to be improving.

just saying.

O-Kerr Says:

Persian Axis of Evil (as Bush used to call),

(1) Seriously, now you talk about mileage on Cilic’s legs. Do you attach an odometer to Cilic’s balls so you could gauge the mileage vis-a-vis his big serve height, and bending? What about the strain and stress on the body that his bending causes? What kind of device do you use to measure that?
How does his big serve mitigate the effect of the bending he has to do when retrieving low balls?
He has to bend when he has to bend. The thought of “I served big” does not help when the ball is returned low.
Finally, conservation is an art, a skill, coordination of number of things. Ask Federer, the most economical player of all time. His court-coverage, distance traveled on the court is not far behind the most defensive players; yet, his ballet movement is least stressful and more energy-conserving. Conservation is not solely based on serve. Conservation has equally to do with how you construct points, how quickly you finish them,etc. Is Cilic a quick finisher like Karlovic, Isner, Gonzalez, and the likes? I doubt it. He likes to play rallies. Look at the duration of his matches. Aces give you free points, but they don’t eliminate the bending down. More importantly, look at his 1st serve %. He ranks 67th with 56% in the last 19 matches. Does that bode him well in conserving energy? He is not like Roddick who could get his 72% 1st serve in and hit 258 aces in 18 matches, i.e. 74 aces more and 16% 1st serve less, add to that 1 match less to get accurate stat, Roddick’s 18 matches Cilic’s 19.

Conclusion, it is only partially true to say, Cilic is “able to conserve energy when he hits aces = energy conservation and logging a lesser amount of miles on his legs.” You have to account for the ratio between serve % and aces, disadvantage of height and bending, long rallies, economy or over-taxation of movement, etc.

(2) Dark-humorously, you sure have vision problem, both retinal and mental, or else you would not be seeing balls falling to Cilic’s shoe laces.
Oh, I get it you have obsession with balls so you see them everywhere. I clearly remember the time when you were virtually salivating to swallow a pair when Giner mentioned testo in the context of Australian insurance policy. Are you aware that each time you are saying something your mouth is open, hoping some balls would fall in it? Your misogyny directed against all female posters of this site is testimony to your obsession with balls. Why else would you appear each time to only attack and question another female poster, from Cindy, Jane, through Madmax, if not to claim over all the available balls of this site?

OllyK Says:

contador!! I’ve just got home and saw that your man beat Karlovic 2:0!!! Congrats!!!

contador Says:

Madmax- GTT….droooool…

NELTA- i think djoko was giving nando some important tips. “see, i’m world #2 now and this is how i mess with opponents on the important points. worked great on federer in basel.”

ajde, ajde nole! i love that guy.

dumb question maybe, but anyway- where is delPo on your serve list?

Jane. thanks. obviously i can’t contain myself when EG gives me a mere thread of hope.

we both love cilic’s grass game and he has one huge thing going for him = GORAN IVANISICIC (sp) cilic already has a whopping serve but what a bonus to have goran on his side, right?

contador Says:

hi Ollyk!

you have to click madmax’s link to GTT. the pic of nando and djoko ….what do you think? is he imitating or advising? LOL!

i’m very jealous of sar. hope she reports in to us.

EG beat chewy last night. next up is davy. i think EG can and will win. Ernie brings his best out against the top seeds. okay, ernie will at least get a set as he did off federer in doha!

cheers, OllyK

OllyK Says:

Oh my goodness!!! I saw THE picture! LOL You gotta love him! :)
I must say I like your interpretation a lot! :D Or….maybe he was imitating James Blake?! :D

Gulbis is my no4 player on the list of favs now. After Nole, Rafa and Gonzo… :) I like impulsive ones, obviously! :) It is not going to be easy with Davy…speaking of which, did he fully recover form injury? It is going to be very interesting match! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for Latvian boy! :)


Hi O-Kerr,

1. The point that I made was simply that Cilic has played the most games of anyone on tour. He signed up to play a lot of tournaments and did well. If he continues to go deep in tournaments he should manage his schedule accordingly to minimize the chance of injury and fatigue in the future. I didn’t make any comments in regards to his “bending”, style of play or efficiency.

2. I posted some serve statistics, but that had nothing to do with my comments about Cilic playing a lot of tennis so far this year. It was pointing out on average how many free points(aces minus double faults) a player is getting each serve game. I also mentioned that this is by no means the only serve statistic to analyze.

3. Your mixing up a lot of different posts, creating arguments that were never made and trying to refute them(kind of). Then of course you’ve got your political, anatomical, and homosexual references.

jane Says:

NELTA, I believe O-Kerr’s post was to Von, as this quote from her post to me – “able to conserve energy when he hits aces = energy conservation and logging a lesser amount of miles on his legs.” – was included in it.


Hi Contador,

I forgot to put DelPo on the list. He only has 4 matches this year. His number is 0.49 which is the same as Cilic.

I’m a bit disappointed in Cilic’s serve based on his height and the pedigree of servers coming out of that region. I wish as a child he had imitated his idol’s serve. Take a look at the motions of Ivanisevic, Lubicic and Karlovic. Remarkably similar. I hope Goran can help him improve the serve similar to the way DelPo improved on his. Don’t get me wrong, it is still a very good serve, but it can get better.


Ok. Thanks Jane. It was kind of a strange post. I had trouble following his train of thought.

Von Says:

Oh well, you sure have issues with me and my posts, and that’s great. I wouldn’t dignify anything you say with an answer, because you are just looking for a war and I’m not going to give you one. I asked a simple question about mileage and bending; anyway carry on. I post when I have the time to do so and when I find something that’s worth talking about, and I will continue to do so, despite your efforts to run some of us off this site. Carry on and have fun.

Von Says:

NELTA: jane is correct. My question was to her — a simple one. Here’s the link:
Jane: Thanks for clarifying to NELTA about my post.

skeezerweezer Says:

O-Kerr? WTF dude? Blog comes to a screeching halt. Thanks. Name calling and personal attacks continue on the “dysfunctional tennis blog”.

In other news,

At the IW Fed was seen sitting with Henin after a pre-match workout. Reliable sources heard them making comments about the movie “Analyze this” and were quoted as saying to each other;

(Fed)”You…yeah… you you…you the GOAT”
(Henin)”…no…you are yes! you you you….. YOU ARE…..GOAT, yes you are!”

Nearby, Nole walked by and was overheard the two talking and chimed in saying……”c’mon! This is getting old! You two get a life already….”

O-Kerr Says:

Skeezy-doo, It’s because we have too many chiefs and no Indians. One of them is you so I had to call you something. Did you like your new name, Chief Skeezy-doo?

Kimmi Says:

And Nalbandian wins..yeah baby..keep going man.

Skeezer, federer and Justine! LOL! Love them both.

skeezerweezer Says:

Sorry, your fishin up here and no one is takin your BAIT, and it seems everyone is gone. Later dude. Maybe you should try “O-Kerr’s” tennis blog……

PS: Now if you nick named me “Skeezer-Dude” I mighta, just maybe, given you some “Cheetos”.

I’m out. Next article!?


Tx :)

I read that right Nalby was a WC? Verryyyy interesting. Gotta check who’s side of the draw he is in…..

Kimmi Says:

Skeezer, Yap! nalby is a WC here. I am interested in this guy, lets see what he does this year, he is a top ten material, right? that backhand used to be amzing!. You know, he is ranked 139 now but I reckon he will go up Nalbandian.

Next he plays Melzer, a tricky guy. They are in Monfils/Roddick side of the draw..aaaaarg! can’t wait to watch these matches, the waiting is soooo boring!

Kimmi Says:

What is happening to these women? Justine about to lose to Dulko..aaaarg..C’mon Justine..where is your attacking tennis? Federer must have jinxed her Skeezer :)

she is 2-4 down in the third..absolutly nightmare. She loses this match, and then she comes to play Hit for Haiti..its not going to cut it. Wake up!

make that 2-5..she is toast!!Sigh!!

Kimmi Says:

She is trying to make a comeback..Dulko is choking! can’t serve it out hehehe:) Dulko still has one more chance to serve it out!

skeezerweezer Says:

Yeah I saw that she is now 4-5 Dulko serving in the third…..ugh

Kimmi Says:

About to lose now 3 match points Dulko..the cinderella story is over!! Oh well!!

skeezerweezer Says:

Wow… question is..who is Dulko?…NELTA…need some researched facts here :)

Kimmi Says:

LOL Skeezer!! the GOAT?

skeezerweezer Says:

Full credit to Dulko. For Henin fans though, with the Sisters out, was she overlooking the draw?

Kimmi, I need an education on the womens side, I can’t recognize 2/3 of the names in the draw. Lots of “ski’s” and “ova’s”….lol…Can you? If so…sorry my bad…??? Help ladies?

skeezerweezer Says:

LOL good one! No …no Dulko…you…you you you….haha

Kimmi Says:

Skeezer. re: women players, lets talk to jane. She might know one or two, maybe while she is educating you..I might pitch in. :) hello jane!

I watch some women tennis too, especially top players. The return of Kim and Justine was a welcome sight. I hope they both play well this year!

skeezerweezer Says:

Well I know Na li, she just got ousted by a Brit. Geez, and Sharapova is down a set,……

Kimmi Says:

Sharapova in trouble..maybe NOT. The brits will have another bandwagon to follow..hehehehe Read the brits new tomorrow! Good job Baltacha!

Kimmi Says:

Dushevina (I can’t remember this face), soon to be another GOAT..just about to serve out the upset.

Kimmi Says:

Sharapova fighting here…or Dushevina choking! LOL

skeezerweezer Says:

A “vina” and an “ova” fighting it out…ova fights back…. a little :)

rafa Says:

Sean Randall jinxing is amazing. Just like voodoo magic. :) It can make even guys like Guillero Garcia-Lopez bagel Cilic. Hats off to Sean. :D

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cilic fan Says:

cilic is very talented. he has not yet won a grand slam. i hope he wins many grandslams this year :)

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