Roger Federer Already Practicing on Clay in Miami
by Tom Gainey | March 31st, 2010, 10:40 pm

A day after his stunning defeat to Tomas Berdych, there was no rest for Roger Federer. The World No. 1 lived up to his words that he needed to “pratice harder” by hitting the clay courts Wednesday in Miami.

On his facebook page Federer even put a picture proving that he is a man of his words. Whether or not he actually played on the courts or just took the photo to have some fun is to be determined. It strikes me as somewhat bizarre if you ask me.

Federer will have over a month off until the Rome championships begin on April 25.


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20 Comments for Roger Federer Already Practicing on Clay in Miami

Von Says:

That shot was shown on FSN during the Nadal/Tsonga match.

ThyGodisTennis Says:

Theory #467-

A Grand Slam ends a season on a particular surface. Roger then builds to the next Grand Slam surface. In this case clay. After prep for Aussie Open on hard court playing two hard court events a month later seems anti-climatic or out of sync with his training methods.

Just another theory in the endless theory catagory.

contador Says:

hm, that’s an interesting and possible theory, THYGODisTENNIS.

yeah, when he was younger the “training method” of prepping as you mention may not have been so important. he used to clean up a hard court masters event post Grand Slam AO or an AO final. but that could be true now. he said he was glad to get to the clay last year.

Federer is still Federer. he says he’s going to practice more.

wait. over a month off? isn’t he playing on clay before then, Tom?

contador Says:

ahh so. you are too right, Tom Gainey.

i was thinking he was playing monte carlo or estoril was before Rome.

Roger skipped monte carlo last year but he has never won Rome.

however, his clay season turned out quite well.

RF knows what he’s doing. clearly he does need the practice though….some real match play goes missing, oh well.

practice well, Champ!

rafa Says:


No he din’t skipped monte carlo last year.

He played and lost to wawrinka in R16 4-6,5-7.


I think Roger should play Monte Carlo. He’s not playing that well and needs all the match practice he can get. If you assume he gets to all the finals(20 matches) then sure, 4 clay court tournaments prior to the FO is too much, but he was playing better last year at this time and only made it to one final.

I heard someone say that Nadal is not playing Madrid. This makes sense because there is a high probability of him getting 5 matches out of each clay court tournament. Also, Nadal is not comfortable with the conditions in Madrid where the high elevation reduces the effect of topsin. Baseball pitchers have the same trouble throwing curve balls at Coors Field. The spinning ball just doesn’t grip the thin air as much.

contador Says:

oh geez, you are right, Rafa.

i forgot he got a wild card into the tournament. i simply remembered fed announcing after miami last year he wasn’t playing it…..then, he whisked off and married Mirka…and returned. yeah, stan the man beat him.

contador Says:

and i agree NELTA. i wish he would play monte-carlo.

Roger knows best, eh?

Dari Says:

Dear Tom Gainey, just for clarification why does the photo strike you as bizarre? And do you really think he would go and just take a picture? THAT would be bizarre to me. love Fed to death, but it does seem slightly manic. Like a recovering drug addict telling evbody he’s done after one day off the drugs and getting like a button that says “ONE DAY SOBER!”
we’re proud of you, Roger though! Practice hard, stay strong defend those titles!

Dari Says:

I *really* wanna put it out there that I want Roger to play Monte Carlo. And I just did! BUT, I want to instill a sense of faith in Roger. I believe he does know best and that the decisions he makes about rest and practice will get the best results! Also, can I throw it out there? Does Roger need to put on a tiny tap more muscle? What do I know???!!!

ChicagoSteve Says:

I agree with Theory #467 – Roger manages his schedule and prepares for GS’s better than anyone – problem is, IW and Miami are a bit out of place in the schedule – should serve as tune ups for AO or USO, since they are hard court events.

Quite honestly, I believe Fed doesn’t get excited about IW and Miami anymore because they do not serve a purpose for him as preparation for a GS. Additionally, he’s already won of them each multiple times, so the resume for these two events is complete !

Also, with kids now, I think three weeks in the states in between AO and European clay season is something he’s probably not thrilled with – he didn’t look too happy to be at these events at all. In fact, looked pretty much like he mailed in the effort…

We will see a different Fed for clay court and grass seasons !!!

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Here’s another theory:
Roger: Have to go practice!

Mirka: The Hell you are, get back here and change diapers.

Roger: But I’m unprepared for Indian Wells and Miami!

Mirka: You’ve had plenty of practice, if you’re not ready now you never will be. Besides, Murray and Djoker are playing like crap, Nadal will never last on his knees, and YOU have diapers to change.

Roger: Grumble…


Roger: I told you so! If I change one more diaper my entire legacy is in danger! I must practice, I must I must!

Mirka: OK you big baby, go practice.

Roger exits, whistling…

Roger (to himself): A double fault on set point. Can’t believe she bought it. And to Berdych! Ah, women.

#1Rivalry Says:

Indian Wells and Miami are just at the worst possible time in the calendar. The hardcourt season ends with the Australian Open is Federer’s eyes. Regardless of what Federer says in the press, or to the media, there are 4 tournaments that he basis his year around and that is the majors. Roger has won 2 Masters 1000 events in the last 2 and a half years, and won 4 majors in the same amount of time. If you look at those Masters 1000 victories you will notice a pattern. Madrid and Cincinatti are played one week prior to a slam. This is in perfect harmony with the peaking theory. Roger will never win Miami and Indian Wells again because as much as I hate to say it they are pointless to him. Look for Roger to peak at Madrid again this year just like he did last year. Also Roger does not need anymore rest because he has played 5 matches in the last 2 and a half months, and that means he is fresher now than probably anytime throughout his career. He could play Monte Carlo, Estoril, Rome, Madrid, and the French Open, and be perfectly fine. I do believe he should and will take a Wild Card into Monte Carlo. Another month off is to long for Roger right now, and he will run the risk of being to rested without enough match play. He should play Monte Carlo, Rome, Madrid, and the French Open. Forget that little nothing tournament in Portugal. That aint gonna do nothing for him anyways.

Fot Says:

I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MIRKA! Today is her birthday. I hope Roger and her are celebrating… oh wait, that’s how the twins got here in the first place! lol!

Dari Says:

OMG thank you for mentioning Fot! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIRKA!

madmax Says:

i dont think the photo is strange at all, or for roger to do this, Tom. The picture and message was put up on his facebook page for all his fans. You’ve just taken it from facebook (and it’s also been posted at gototennis, author there thought it was great!

There’s nothing weird about that at all. dont read too much into it. It’s what people do on facebook everyday!

Will be interested to see whether Roger does take a WC to Monte Carlo, (which he did last year, one week after his wedding), I remember him saying that this was “their honeymoon!” teeheeeee.

No practise for him prior to entering MC, so he used it as practise, he can do so again this year, we will have to wait and see.

madmax Says:

Tom, on his facebook page he says “I’m back on clay!”, meaning, he is there in Europe, practising on clay. SO he went to Europe to have a photo taken on clay only? c’moon! give federer some credit!

go federer!

Kimmi Says:

where is green clay? i have never seen green clay in europe! US has some green clay in houston, I am i right?

I think he is still in the US..oh heck who am I to know!

contador Says:

Tennis Vagabond-

that’s the problem; it’s all about the diapers. hahahaaa-loved it!

best laugh i had since the Berdych loss:

“Roger exits whistling…..

Roger (to himself): A double fault on set point. Can’t believe she bought it. And to Berdych! Ah, women.”

good one. thanks!

Dan Martin Says:

What if Miami and or Indian Wells moved to green clay? It would be a faster soft court than red clay, it would have some logic in transitioning toward Paris and the Miami event especially has such a Latin flavor that it might be a great way to see South American and Spanish players do well.

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