Henin, Clijsters Show Benefits of Second Chances
by Jeremy Davis | April 1st, 2010, 11:02 pm

As I watched Justine Henin and Kim Clijsters enter a third set in their semifinal on Thursday night at the Sony Ericsson Open in Miami, I thought of the lucky players who get second chances in their careers.
This is the era of super racquets and super strings which bring players’ careers to a premature end. If it’s not from the toll these racquets and strings bring about on the arm and shoulder, then it’s the toll they take on the legs and body, sprinting to chase down the resulting super-groundstrokes.

Some tour injuries have been a result of the new technology, while some have been results of detrimental game styles, or fitness failure.

Case in point: Henin and Clijsters, who both retired in part or in full to toll the game had taken on their bodies while still in their early 20s (both said it).

Case in point: Rafael Nadal, whose scrambling game has left his knees in shambles and is looking at a possible early retirement at a young age (hopefully not, he has had to take a lot of time off over the last two years due to the knees).

Case in point: Serena Williams, who over her career has failed to maintain the weight and fitness level of an elite athlete. She is currently sidelined with a chronic knee problem due to carrying around excess weight.

This makes the case of Henin and Clijsters all the sweeter. These two talents that exited the game early are now back with their full talent on display. We are the beneficiaries of their early retirements that saved their games. If only other players were so lucky.

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6 Comments for Henin, Clijsters Show Benefits of Second Chances

Hypnos Says:

How do you argue with Serena’s results?

And, while she may take vacations during seasons, she’s never done the retired/unretired dance. All she does is win Slams.

margot Says:

Surely the reason these women have done so well is that, if you take the Williams sisters out of the equation, who have you got?

Sick of Serena Says:

I am so sick of the screaming Williams sisters. Serena, for one, should have been suspended for threatening a line judge. However, they could not suspend her for fear of being called a racist. I will never respect people who treat others the way the Williams’ do. Even watching Venus today, throwing the towel back at the ball boy, always scowling. What is it with their attitudes? I am American, but would much rather root for Kim or Justine… they have a lot more class.

Joe W Says:

You add two dashes of Kim, two dashes of Maria, five teaspoons of Ju-JU, and then you add in 20 pounds of USA Grade A williams sisters beef, stir the pot and let simmer. That’s been the recipe for the past ten years.

Lucy Says:

Hmmm – Rafa’s knee problems are due to his “scrambling” playing style, while Serena’s are due to “excess weight” ? Is that your diagnosis doctor? Roddick has also been trouble w/tendinitis in the knees – excess weight, playing style or the fact that tennis is hard on the knees. There are a lot of hard stops and quick direction changes on courts made of material that is very hard on the body. Conditioning or weight loss cannot fix everything, and the fact is that people are born with different bodies – why is Shriekapova’s shoulder gone? Stop ascribing injuries to what you don’t like about a player’s game.

berto Says:

“sick of serena” is a hater. the post wasn’t even about the williams sisters, y’all.:D

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