Rain Moves Djokovic, Wozniacki Beijing Finals to Monday;Tsonga, Verdasco on Court in Shanghai
by Staff | October 10th, 2010, 10:50 pm

Heavy rains in Beijing on Sunday forced the postponement of both the men’s and women’s finals at the China Open. ADHEREL

The men’s final between Novak Djokovic and David Ferrer did get underway with the Serb leading 3-1 before the rain suspension.

The women’s final between soon-to-be No. 1 Caroline Wozniacki and Vera Zvonareva never got underway.

On Monday, the Djokovic-Ferrer match is scheduled to resume at 11:45am local time, or 11:45pm Eastern. The women’s championship will be played at 7:30pm in Beijing, or 7:30am Eastern.

The weather is expected to sunny Monday in Beijing.

Among those in action on Day One at the Tennis Masters Shanghai on Monday are Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (v. Feliciano Lopez), Fernando Verdasco (v. Thiemo de Bakker), Marcos Baghdatis (v. Jeremy Chardy) and Gilles Simon (v. Stanislas Wawrinka).

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17 Comments for Rain Moves Djokovic, Wozniacki Beijing Finals to Monday;Tsonga, Verdasco on Court in Shanghai

zola Says:

Congtarulations to Jane, Duru, Sar and all Djoko fans for his win in Beijing. I caught the end of the second set. Djoko came back from a break down to win the match. Great effort.

sar Says:

Thanks Zola, glad for him to defend a second title.

jane Says:

Thanks zola – yep kudos to Djoko. Happy for him.

johhny Says:

Nice job Nole.

C’mon Von where are you, we need unhealthy doze of negativity on Nole’s thread; show us what you’ve got!

grendel Says:

Verdasco had a break point (set point? can’t quite recall) in the 2nd set (in which he had been cruising) for a double break. de Baaker saved and broke back. Verdasco called for the trainer, prompting the following exchange between Peter Fleming and Mark Petchey:
F:”Did you notice something wrong with his foot?”
P:”Yes, the scoreboard.”
F:”Is that located in his left shoe?”

Fleming actually made the point that a great ball hitter (like Verdasco) can become a good match player, but only a great mover (and he deemed Verdasco to be only quite good) can become a great player. Petchey asked Fleming if in his opinion his friend and partner McEnroe lost some pace after he came back. Fleming hesitated, and then said yes, he thought so. “He was still quick, mind” he added, “he’s still quick now at 51, but at this very high level, even losing half a pace is critical, and is why McEnroe didn’t win any more slams after he was 25.”

I thought that was very interesting. Some time ago on this site, some people were suggesting McEnroe was simply displaced by more powerful hitters. I thought at the time this was an incredibly unlikely explanation. At his absolute peak, McEnroe could deal with ANYONE, powerful hitters or otherwise. And I am wondering, too, if this might be an explanation for Federer’s decline. Maybe he, too, has lost half a pace. Not so as any of us could see it, remember even Fleming, a top player in his own right, had to think a bit to conclude McEnroe had slightly lost pace. And also remember, McEnroe was 25, Fed is 29. Just a thought, you know.

margot Says:

jane: a big, big hello to u 2 :) Djko is playing SO well, u must be thrilled :) This time of the year obviously suits him. BTW my tickets for O2 came? Excited or what :) :) :)
grendel: re kids influencing parents, my daughter can’t stand Fed, won’t have a word said against Rafa. Over time I’ve found myself cooling/warming. However, do not think whether u like someone or not, should, in any way, influence what u think of their game. Also, did u c that Scotland won gold and bronze in tennis mixed at Commonwealth games? Shocking or what? I’m sure Andy’s success will, in time, inspire other young players- just hope I live long enough 2 c it ;)
conty: howyr picks? Now, I’d never have chosen De Bakker, Chardy or Zverev -who?- so if I’d entered I’d now be bottom of the pile and wondering why I was such a dimwit ;)

margot Says:

grendel ps we did have that “half a step” discussion about Fed a while back. Seems very likely. His game is all about movement after all, whereas Agassi’s was all about technique. Not me being original, I hasten to add, have read this somewhere.

jane Says:

Simon fell easily to Wawrinka, which kind of surprises me as I thought that’d be a very competitive match. I think Warinka maybe has Rafa next? Also somewhat surprised that de Bakker took out Verdasco, but de Bakker is a good player and Hotsauce has been in a sort of slump, or at least suffering some inconsistency, for a while now. Tsonga is through; I wonder if he’ll have a run here? I don’t know why but I feel like the winner here will not come from the top four. It’s just a hunch. Have no evidence or anything to support it: If I had to pick one of them, I think I’d go with Murray here.

jane Says:

margot, you lucky duck – O2 again eh?! Hope you have fun. I think Murray will qualify this week. He has stated outright that that is his goal. So it bodes well.

grendel Says:

yes, Margot, I saw – but: only Commonwealth.
“do not think whether u like someone or not, should, in any way, influence what u think of their game” – no. But for most people it does – human nature, doncha think?
“we did have that “half a step” discussion about Fed a while back” – yes, but inconclusive. one school of thought insists Fed’s exactly same, others caught up. Me giving ammo to anti-that s of t.
p.s. how’s my margot impression? Remember what they say – the best parodies always come from admirers.

skeezerweezer Says:

Ditto on Zola’s post at 1:18 am!!!


You crack me up, you actually can write in shorthand “street talk” if you want to, thus elevating your status IMO to “Classic” :)

contador Says:


i am enjoying a brief moment on top. thank-you.

it’s early round luck. during the us open i was on top for… i don’t remember. but by the second week i was near bottom. but here i am picking your andy again and federer. both have the tennis game in them to win.

i picked wawa over simon and picked an “unkown Q” to beat a cold stakhovsky. zverev won = dumb luck.

those two picks help me share top spot atm with kimberly’s

knowing where the qualifers land helps. i wasn’t going to pick an unknown Q to beat baggy but had i known it would be chardy, i would have picked chady. chardy has been warm and baggy has gone cold.

the worst damage to my bracket was verdasco last night. a big part of me said pick de bakker. but, verdasco is now “wanted” for posing as a top 10 player.

oh yeah, and i took a chance on tsonga finding his form fast enough to beat f-lo. good guess.

the big cut happens tonight. toughest matches to pick:

roddick v kohls – i picked roddick but i’m not at all sure about him being in form or motivated.

golubev v tipsy – golubev is my pick off the top but had there been time to 2nd guess…tipsy

querry v berrer – i picked berrer and i do not know why.

ciic v seppi – i picked cilic as usual. but he is as dicey as picking verdasco

berdych over robredo could also backfire

the one i might get lucky on is another unkown Q over florian mayer. kevin anderson might get me back a point i lose on one of the other picks.

gulbis: he’s on his way back home. miserable asian swing. :/

contador Says:

federer is slower imo. i am not happy about it but he’s slower in general. sometimes, he can nearly move as well and look as fast as 2007. it’s not about being slower all the time every match but a lot of the time.

yet, he is still better than most – world #3. number 3 and slipping? perhaps. but i doubt it will be the free fall as some might hope.

and he looks good atm. no wife or kids in shanghai and i hope he is there to win! or at least go deep. c’mon feddy!

Kimberly Says:

did Gulbis lose already? UGGGGH if so.

contador Says:

no no no, kimberly!

he has his match to play with gas-k tonight er…whenever it is.

i’m being very pessimistic. “meant he’ll be on his way….”

good luck with your picks… and with your cool new ipad!

back to work for me.

margot Says:

grendel: ;)…but just u wait 4 mine….

grendel Says:

am awaiting in fear and trembling. I’ll tell you one thing – you’ll need stamina…

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