Roddick v. Querrey, Federer, Murray in Action Wednesday
by Staff | November 3rd, 2010, 12:10 am

Andy Roddick is back on court for the first time since injuring his thigh during Shanghai last month. Roddick will be tested immediately by American countryman Sam Querrey in the first round at Basel on Wednesday. ADHEREL

“Obviously a lot of it was centered around trying to get healthy, physical therapy sessions, etc.,” Roddick said about his time off. “I didn’t play much for the first eight, nine days that I was home. Primary concern was just making sure I was better to try and play here.

“You make a choice to play, and I’m healthy enough to play and that’s what I’m going to do.”

Roddick is currently 8th in the 2010 standings, just a few hundred points ahead of Fernando Verdasco for the final London spot.

Top seed and local favorite Roger Federer is in second round action against Janko Tipsarevic. Tomas Berdych and John Isner are also scheduled in second round play.

Earlier today, defending champion Novak Djokovic eased passed the slumping Ernests Gulbis 6-4, 6-2.

“It was the first match of the tournament for me, and you never know what to expect,” said Djokovic. “At the start of the match I was trying to find a good rhythm and I kept in control of the match throughout. I was returning well, playing patiently, playing good tennis when I needed to and I’m happy to go through to the second round in straight sets.”

Marin Cilic, Vicktor Troicki and Richard Gasquet were among the other victors in Basel.

In Valencia, Span, fresh off a 6-3, 7-6(1) win over Feliciano Lopez, top seed and defending champion Andy Murray returns to face Juan Monaco.

“It was a good start so hopefully if I can play a few matches I can start to feel better and better, but it’s going to take me a little bit of time,” said Murray, “Obviously there were a lot more important things to worry about last week than training so it might take a few extra days to feel very good again.”

On Wednesday, in addition to Murray, Gael Monfils, Mikhail Youhzny and Verdasco are scheduled. Verdasco meets Gilles Simon

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94 Comments for Roddick v. Querrey, Federer, Murray in Action Wednesday

jane Says:

You can tell Roddick and Querrey know each other’s games well. Querrey could use a better second serve; Roddick’s taken advantage whenever he’s had one.

Ben Pronin Says:

What is going on with Murray?

jane Says:

margot are you watching Andy M? I missed the first set as I was watching the other Andy. What happened? How did Monaco get that lead? He has beaten Murray once in the past but it was on clay. Anyhow, hoping for a rally here!

jane Says:

I don’t know Ben; just switching over…

i am it Says:

Jane, Murray appeared to go away quickly but since he eliminated the double BPs and held, he has turned it around. He will most likely win this set and cruise. Watch …

i am it Says:

Ben and Jane,
W.r.t. 1st set (1) Monaco served better and was playing patiently (2) Murray was trying to rush too much; in other words, his aggression was not clicking, i.e. too many UEs in those aggressive shots. In the 2nd set, everything is slowly reversing, in Murray’s favor.

jane Says:

Also Isner lost the first set to Haase, 6-2. Murray has break point on Monaco’s serve, so perhaps he’ll get the break. Some long, grinding points.

jane Says:

Your prediction looks correct, i am it; Murray has the break. He’s definitely being more patient, and he is thus forcing Monaco into errors.

Sam serving to stay in it, and force a second set tiebreak; last set at this point he made a number of errors.

i am it Says:

Congrats to Roddick for a straight set (tight) win. First post-injury win must always feel good.

jane Says:

Arrrgh Murray; get the break back!

i am it Says:

Now, what is wrong with Murray? One sloppy volley and one BH error, and he gets broken. Suddenly he looks out of energy and lethargic. Not feeling it. Not sure he can come back if he does not break back right away.

Fed is playing amazing and has taken early break so nothing to worry about him.

jane Says:

Bad day at the office for Andy M. : ( That slow start hurt him, because if he’d played well throughout, like he did in the second set, well, it’d be a different story. At least he won Shanghai; this is a bit of the letdown for him, but Paris is next so he can get back some points there and at O2.

Yes, Fed seems to be handling Tipsy – 6-3 first set.

i am it Says:

Congrats to Monaco. A win against top 5 is an accomplishment.
Murray started badly (untimely aggression) and righted the course in the 2nd (playing long rallies on a day his shots were not going in) and tried to balance between the offense and defense but could not execute, partly because (1) he was slower to get to the ball (e.g. the 5th point, the one that gave Monaco a Match Point)(2)his defense was not stellar (3) he resigned and self-abused (racket and feet)to aggravate the situation. Maybe, this will give him more prep time for Paris, in the Beijing-Shanghai manner.

skeezerweezer Says:

Fed looking great. Sorry for Andy M. and the fan base :(

margot Says:

jane: didn’t see match, at work, am glad! But have just read his first serve percentage was below 50%. When that happens he loses. Full stop. Monaco’s was 70%. End of.
Don’t think he was terribly well prepared for this, jamie’s wedding and all that.
i am it: from what I read of what you said,(!) his movement was poor and that’s a key element of his game too.
Oh well, all Andy fans r patient, philosophical folk…we darn well have to be ……;)

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Fed is looking very powerful. Since the long layoff he was a finalist in his first tourney back, won his second, and is looking extremely strong through two rounds of the third.

skeezerweezer Says:

congrats Fed.

2/2 BP’s, dominating with the 1-2 playing punching the serve and FH. Is this reverting back to Fed v1.0?

Leon Says:

And 1st serve points won: 25 of 25. Tells something.

Sean Randall Says:

Good win for Roddick. Poor result from the other Andy!

Kimberly Says:

Ditto Sean. And congrats to Fed, he looks great so far.

Fedend Says:

Federer can dominate only these second rung players. He cannot beat any of the top 5 players if they are playing decently.

Skeezerweezer Says:


Your posts are getting old, same old claim, lol

madmax Says:

HI skeeze! great result for our man!

Fedend Says:
Federer can dominate only these second rung players. He cannot beat any of the top 5 players if they are playing decently.

November 3rd, 2010 at 3:01 pm

poor post fedend. you haven’t done your stats properly! look at the top 5 players he has beaten this year starting with Australia, but more recently since the hard court swing, then you might want to re-evaluate – actually – don’t bother. Just read skeezer’s post. I agree. Yours are just getting ‘old’.

TGiT Says:

Kamke rules!

Berdych what the hell man. No footwork on your forehand and you were surprised how many first serves were in play. Ouch…..

Fedend Says:

I’ll try something better next time.

Fot Says:

Glad Roger came through. He did look pretty good today. He was aggressive on the 2nd serve; he served well; and ground strokes were great. Berdych was out played in his match and lost. I didn’t see Murray’s match so I don’t know how he played.

Fedend Says:


I know very well who you are.
Dont try too hard here to pass off as an objective poster…..its useless.

In one of your posts AFTER the US open this is what u wrote to attack Rafa and one of his fans who challenged u.

“As for Nadal’s 18 Masters series shields, 13 of them are on clay – the least competitive surface.”

“Of Federer’s 16, 11 of them came on hard courts, to repeat the most competitive surface.”

“Take away clay – where he won 5 of his 8 slams”
Still 8 slams ???

And the funniest part is after writing ur “OPINION” about least/most competitive surfaces and an “INCORRECT” statistic you have the guts to say this:
” I quote a lot of facts above, whereas you tend to veer towards the emotional – head spinning/heads will roll routine.”

“Do you actually analyse what you say? I think not.”

Hilarious… are an absolutely unstable creature.

P.S: I copied and pasted your own words….hahahah.

contador Says:

congratulations to federer, roddick and simon! i didn’t see their matches but good win.

margot, jane, Kimmi – i did see most of the murray match and it was not good from murray. had thought he’d be more motivated in valencia but he just looked like he wasn’t serious about winning from the start of the 1st set and i was waiting for him to break back. then, he did pick up in the 2nd set but went away in the 3rd again.

kinda baffling really. how does he beat federer in a 1000 series and lose to juan monaco? i noticed they were both laughing at one point but valencia is not a hit a giggle, exactly. sorry margot, i was frustrated with murray today, almost like i was gulbis yesterday. i know murray and monaco are playstation “mates” but i wanted murray to serve well and win. it didn’t happen.

murray did get mad at himself in the 3rd but i’d rather see a surly fired-up muzza than the nonchalant one i saw in the 1st set. c’mon!

i am it Says:

Rafend says: “Federer can dominate only these second rung players. He cannot beat any of the top 5 players if they are playing decently.”

Let me question your logic, however whimsical it is. First off, all top 100 players are top tiers. Second, on his best day, any one of them can defeat top 5. Evidence from this year alone shows that. Seven of Rafa’s 9 losses this year came at the hands of the following players who ranked outside “top 5 players” at the time:
No. 6 Davy, No. 26 Ljubicic, No. 8 Roddick, No. 31 FeLo, No. 20 Baghdatis, No. 53 Garcia-Lopez and No. 12 Melzer, at Doha, IW, Miami, Queens, Cincy, Bangkok, and Shanghai, respectively.
Among the top 5, Murray beat him 2 times out of 3 they played in ’10 (AO and Canada Masters).
Of the 69 match wins, Rafa beat the so-called top 5 players only 3 times.

Fact: Rafa won 3 and lost 2 (W/L 3/2) against the top 5.

This year is Rafa’s peak, or the climactic year. Now, since you implied a comparison (otherwise you would not be ridiculing Fed’s win, right), let’s see how Federer did in his best 2005-2006.

In his 81-4 run in 2005, Fed lost to only 2 players outside top 5(No. 101 Gasquet Monte Carlo and No. 12 Nalby at YEC). He beat top 5 players six times , losing only twice (Safin at AO and Rafa at RG).

Fact: Fed wins 6 and loses 2 (W/L 6/2) against top 5.

In 2006, of the 97 matches he played, Fed lost only ONCE to a player outside top 5 (No. 12 Murray at Cincy). How many times he beat top 5 that year? Big time 8 times.

Fact: Fed wins 8 and loses 4 (W/L 8/4) against top 5.

Of course, rankings change every week and do not account for the whole story as far as how a player performs on a certain day. Plus, whether you win against a player in top 5 or below, say No. 100, you win the same points and perks. Sure, you can celebrate 1 day and gain confidence for future, etc. They are peripherals.

A task for Rafend, why don’t you do a stat that backs up your point. That would be interesting to read. B.t.w. the suffix -end can be added to any player as there is no such thing as endless, including the planet earth we live in (Earthend).

On today’s results, Verdasco and Berdych lose AGAIN. Slumping continues. Congrats to Simon and some lucky loser Kamke. I am already restless for a new generation, hoping some thunderous storm suddenly decides to march through the scorching desert field.

contador Says:

oh and the big surprise for me was the berdych-kamke match!

i had never seen him play or paid any attention to german tobias kamke. only saw bits of the match but kamke was not at all intimidated. and he really made berdych look ordinary. berdych wasn’t playing great but for kamke to just serve out the match and break berdych so many times i think showed a lot of poise potential, even though he’s only 1.80 cm. that guy can move and blast winners from the baseline! reminded me a little of davydenko from what i saw.

i’m a new kamke fan!

i am it Says:

Corrections, however irrelevant to my argument:
In 2005, Federer played 89 matches (85-4).
in 2006, he played 102 matches (97-5).
They include Davis Cup.

contador Says:

hey, i am it. great post! ; )

“I am already restless for a new generation, hoping some thunderous storm suddenly decides to march through the scorching desert field.”

ditto on that!

and… so glad u mention this:

“A task for Rafend, why don’t you do a stat that backs up your point. That would be interesting to read. B.t.w. the suffix -end can be added to any player as there is no such thing as endless, including the planet earth we live in (Earthend).”

Kimberly Says:

I am it0000Last time I checked Rafa beat Murray, Fed, Soderling twice and Djokovic. How does that come out to 3 top five wins. Sounds like 5 to me.

Fedend Says:

i amm it:
You tried too hard, but still missed the point.
I dont know what you are trying to prove by digging all those past statistics about Federer
and Rafa. I didnt even bring rafa in here.

Read my comment again.
Its all about the Federer of today (present tense)….not about 2004 or 2005 or 1895.

Federer has lost important matches against all the other top 5 players this year. You want me to elaborate on the statistics ? I guess not, you seem to be good at statistics.

Fedend Says:

Contador, I am it,

You guys have to seriously pray and hope that a new sensation should storm into the ATP tour ASAP. DelPotro is also there….vamos DelPo !!!!
You guys badly need a storm now. Keep hoping and praying.
Hahahahaha !!!!!

skeezerweezer Says:


Fedend is all about provoking what he calls the “Fedtards”. Don’t let hime get to ya, he is havin fun, and I have rarely seen him want to talk about Rafa, he mostly is enamored with Fed :)

I was looking for a Fed interview on youtube re: Tipsy/Basel and found this from 2007 Basel. A must see :)

See if you can REALLY translate what he is laughing about…..Fedend….don’t butt in in here I already know what your thinkin after you see it….lol

Kimmi Says:

eeeeek! muzza :( contador – ypu said it all!

ok, verdasco, berdych, cilic and davy. I said before the start of the tournaments..who will get far this week..2 down 2 to go!

Cilic and davy please dont dissapoint.

congrats to other winners, roddick included.

federer yay!

contador Says:


you did bring up nadal in your post to madmax. and you don’t post other than to dis federer, attack fed fans or hype nadal. i hope you are not attempting to pass yourself off as an “objective” tennis fan.

i am it Says:

You said recently that you go to ATP daily, right? Check here and pay attention to what the player’s rank was at the time a match was played:

I will get back to you in a friendly way some time tonight. I gotta go now.
Skeeze and Conty, you two make Fed proud !!!

contador Says:

hm, well i may be mistaken, skeezer. i thought “fedend” did post a time or two in support of nadal. but there are fans who dont support nadal and post to provoke fed fans and put down roger federer.

it’s their sport.

skeezerweezer Says:


I might have missed it on the Rafa thing, you could be right maybe I am not paying attention…regardless, we all know how he LOVES Fed.

Ben Pronin Says:

I third contador and I am it’s notion for the next generation, and it has nothing to do with Nadal, like Fedend claims. At least Nadal, like Federer, is consistent. You can rely on these guys 90% of the time (99% for Nadal atm). But the bottom half of the top 10, Berdych, Verdasco. These guys are an absolute joy to watch on their best days, but these ridiculous slumps. Plus they’re late bloomers as it is, so they pretty much played well for only a short time so far.

I’ve always preferred the younger generation anyway. Believe it or not, I liked Nadal when he first broke through up until Dubai 06 when he permanently cemented his winning record over Federer and continued to beat him regularly. He’ll I even rooted for him against Blake at the US Open in 05, and I love Blake.

Anyways, in all seriousness, where the he’ll are the 18 and 19 year olds scoring stunning wins? Am I not watching enough tennis? Is there any current top player who wasn’t a teenage sensation? Shouldnwe really be impressed with Dimitrov’s success? Del Potro had a very similar winning streak at the same age only he did it on the main tour beating guys like Roddick and Haas. Nadal was also just 19 when he dominated his first clay season back in 05, a streak that included 2 Masters and a slam.

New balls, please.

In an unrelated matter, I am it, do you watch the Office? The way you said “fact” reminded me of Dwight.

contador Says:

a much more interesting topic, imo is the matches in progress in basel and valencia. i came on here to post about the murray match and see what margot in particular had to say.

but get the pleasure of reading “fedend,” how wonderful. not.

the tit for tat roger v rafa typical nonsense really lowers the level of a thread, imo.

moving on….i hope.

Kimmi- isnt verdasco in danger of not making to london finals? i haven’t looked at the race closely. maybe berdych is in trouble too.

skeezerweezer Says:

Yeah agreed. What is up with the field? Birdy and Soda ( as an example )looked to break through this year with there supposedly BIG wins over Fed. WTF?

skeezerweezer Says:

Ben has a point too. Outside of Rafa, where is the Padawans? Days of a Chang, Becker, etc?

contador Says:

on a lighter note, all posters on tennisx beat the level of posters on the live stream chat LOL!!

there are a few super knowledgeable “betting experts” and i read enough french to pick up interesting gossip but the majority are….well…maybe pretty young and other things.

in desperation to know if there is any hope coming up the ranks i’ve started following challengers, Ben. no one is really showing “prodigy” potential to the degree of a nadal or a del potro.

dimitrov is not consistent but he’s only 19. there’s hope. i was interested to see how a young spaniard would do but not sure javier marti at 18 is no nadal.

i keep looking.

contador Says:

meant- javier marti, at 18, is no nadal.

( he was davydenko’s opponent yesterday in valencia )

Kimberly Says:

I am it—oh, well I thought soderling was 5. Sorry for my mistake. You know I love Rafa and perhaps remembered it in his favor.

What was up with Murray. Lack of interest? You know he wants to win but during these wierd losses he really looks like he could care less. During the French Open Berdych’s coach told him Andy didn’t look like he wanted to be there. I thought maybe because it was clay he couldn’t be bothered but he had the same type of look the Wawrinka match at USO. Maybe some emotional stability issues? (sorry Margot just hypothesizing)

jane Says:

I want Nole and Murray to be the new storm, and storm the Bastille of Fed & Rafa. Come on, when is the last time there was a different number 1 besides these two? 1895? :) Actually I think (?) it was Roddick, 7 years ago in ’03. Time for Murray and Nole to win some more slams and step it up. These two were both playing well as teens. Nole won the AO at 20 years old. He needs another and Murray needs his first, like soon. : /

TGiT Says:

I said it before and I will say it again.

Murray is a mental case.

Yeah, last time I said it people got all nutty but hey we now have even more evidence.

skeezerweezer Says:

Nole was a nut case of sorts with the serve thingy, so I have hope and faith they will get over it. Everyone is different, no two nuts are the same:).

Respect, they are both very young. Give them some time to figure things out before everyone puts a label on them. Rafa matured early in that Dept., as well as Fed. I am hoping they break through also, they have the skills….

Kimberly Says:

Kimmi, cilic should come through with a loss for you tomorrow he is playing nalbandian.

Davy may last one more round.

Will be interested to see what troicki can do. Will he bomb tons of aces are be milder, choking, nervous etc….

It seems to be a race not qualify for the bottom three spots. My guess is ferrer, berdych and roddick will get them.

contador Says:

jane- as much as i love fed, i have no problem with him not winning another slam. i’m happy for him IF he does but have been ready since he won FO in 2009 for someone else to step up.

delpo did it. and then it went back to fed and mostly rafa. last fall i was hoping djokovic would continue his the great results he had and go on to win a slam in 2010. murray too, i thought he’d win AO or US open. now i’m not sure if they’ll get a chance in 2011, as i think rafa is fully fit, has found the right treatments, and isn’t going to stop winning for quite awhile.

rafa is good for tennis, a good sport, and i think he’s going to dominate for awhile. i am not a rafa fan but i am enough of a tennis fan to get it. he needs some competition and i want to see him challenged. who will do it? i dont know but i’m looking.

i’m resigned to the fact of rafa likely cleaning up on GS titles in the next year.

it would make sense if it was murray or nole to challenge for a GS and the top spot in the world but i’ve lost a little confidence in them after the last couple years. they are only 23-24 in 2011 but can either of them beat nadal in a GS final? remains to be seen. soderling and berdych couldn’t do it and both those guys have hit slumps since their loses at FO and wimbledon, respectively.

we might be in for a wait. and perhaps another fedal. which makes most people and tournament organizers thoroughly excited still.

not me. i hope to have someone spoil the party. i just don’t know who atm.

Kimberly Says:

Contador….I think gulbis is on holiday, for 2010, maybe the rest ofnhis career as well. I am close to giving up. Maybe he will surprise me.

contador Says:

yeah. gulbis, Kimberly. as i said after the djoko match yesterday, it doesn’t look good. gulbis needs to have a revelation, maybe struck by lightning, i dunno, some kind of an epiphany and suddenly be transformed and overcome with a passion for tennis. since none of the above is likely, mmmm. i have to officially break up…lol… i’m officailly over him!


off the topic but…

this is from “kids in the hall” a canadian comedy troop – you remember them? i stumbled across it on youtube while confused today by languages in the chat and looking for translation help. sometimes i feel i cant communicate in any language.. even my own!

Colin Says:

Murray drives me nuts. Just when he seems to have regained his focus after a poor season, he plays like this!
Kimberley, are you American? If so can you tell me this – why do americans use the phrase “could care less” (as you did about Murray) when what they mean is “could NOT care less”? Is it perhaps ironic and Jewish in origin?

Kimmi Says:

contador – never heard of “kids in the hall”…maybe because i am kind of new here in canada??? who know!! it was funny to watch that clip though..ha-ha

kimberly – you could be right about cilic losing to nalby tomorrow. that is a tough match for him.
i have my issues with nalbandian too…he has been up and down for a while. that simon loss in montpollier still bugs me, serving for the match twice in set 2 and 3 and still lost. so, lets see what he can do!!

davydenko has chela, not a walk in the park. we will see..somehow i see danger for davy in this match.

I read somewhere that tsonga is officially out of the season. (recurring knee injury)..too bad for tsonga. he only came back in tokyo, after missing half of the year..maybe it is best to call it, start fresh next year.

I also read youzny pulled out of valencia. ah, WTF contenders are all falling like flies. who wants to qualify for london? the way things are going, i bet berdych ferrer and roddick dont have to do much to qualify…

i am pulling for roddick and maybe ferrer…everybody else is playing like crap!

Kimmi Says:

did i mentioned no davis cup final for tsonga..oh noooo!

monfils and simon for singles ??

during federer/tipsy match, djoko and troicki were sitting on tipsy box, supporting their davis cup teammate? looks like serbia is really pumped up for davis cup..

Kimberly Says:

Davydenko, cilic, verdasco and berdych have had an unimpressive part two to 2010. I guess I like ferrer because I see him as solid. Not a star but an overall solid performer whontries his best. And roddick while plagued by injuries and illness at least makes an effort and has consistently made an effort for like ten years. So I definitely want them to get two of the spots, probably would like to see melzer get the last spot as again, he at least tries but unlikely as he pulled out of this tourney and I doubt would rack up enough points in the next event to win.

skeezerweezer Says:


re: post at 8:17 pm

Props to your post :)


Gulbis on holiday….lol

How old is he anyway, he is a Padawan, no?

Kimberly Says:

My prediction, Serbia will smoke France in Davis cup…..

Kimberly Says:

Colin, I’m American from south Florida and perhaps I am saying it wrong. The correct phrase is probably couldn’t be bothered. Either way, Murray has these wierd inexplicable losses where it seems like he couldn’t care less!

jane Says:


Yes, I mentioned the other day on a different thread that Tsonga’s knee is apparently injured again. It’s really too bad that Jo Will has been hampered by all of these injuries.


I remember “Kids in the Hall”, lol; my son got a kick out of that clip :) I hear what you’re saying, but I still have faith in Murray and Nole. They’re going to win slams next year. I mean it! : D Okay, wishful thinking. But I am trying to “believe”.

contador Says:

i saw that kimmi – on atp website the pictures of djoko and troiki watching federer and tipsy.

i didn’t see simon and verdasco but not surprised by the result.

monfils and simon are in good form. tsonga’s troubles continue.:(

well, i have to rethink who wins valencia.

have to think monaco and simon reach semi. from lower half ferrer.

but who of soderling, monfils, or wawarinka. kinda going with wawrinka to beat monfils, thinking how important being ready for bercy is to monfils. i have little confidence in soderling these days.

simon and ferrer final.

basel. no comment on who wins basel. it’s likely a federer/nole final but basel is stacked with my favorites!

and i’m sorry to say this but of the americans, isner is my least favorite. nothing personal about him-just not a fan of his tennis. i am happy to see robin haase got a big win like kamke did.

nalby and cilic are both favorites and their match is first. going to bed to wake up early and stream it before work!

skeeze- : )

EG is 22 and i’m completely over him! dropped him for tobias kamke as of today!

by Padawan? you mean like gulbis as a potential jedi knight? i wish. not sure about him being open to “doing what he must” or listening to anyone. more like he does what he wants, i imagine.

tough for gumy or anyone to get through to gulbis.

contador Says:

jane- was also happy to see youtube has all those “kids in the hall” clips available. the writing, acting, delivery was all so simple, original and funny. family guy and others have knocked off a lot of the material. glad your son liked it. the humor is not for everyone tho…

okay. i’ll be positive. nole and murray will win slams next year! i think nole made a big step by beating federer and getting to the us open final. murray has more of a challenge. likely the biggest is nadal and the pressure winning his first. he will have to the same confidence he has in masters 1000 events in the slam final. his focus and confidence level in a match appears to have a lot to do with his serve. wasn’t there today in the monaco match enough.

gotta sleep to be up in time for cilic nalby….

Kimberly Says:

Of course I would be happy with endless rafa slam wins but in terms of others, hmm I would like to see roddick get a wimbledon beforenhe retires, Novak one or two more,

Less likely, gulbis ferrer Tommy haas, fish

Agreenwith contador, isner fails to sparkle for me. Of the americans Andy and fish are still the men. And I think James Blake is done.

jane Says:

I still like all of Cilic, Gulbis and Delpo, so I hope Cilic and Gulbis can have their shining moments at a slam, like Delpo has already done and will more than likely do again. I think Ernests has a very intriguing personality, but maybe that’s part of the problem. LOL, oh Ernests, be more earnest about tennis! So you’ve dropped him conty; is this the last time?

jane Says:

Kimberly, I can’t think of many tennis fans who would *not* want to see Roddick to win a Wimbledon before he retires, especially after his monumental effort there in 2009. He played a very good match in 2004 finals too. Three Wimbledon finals…hopefully he gets another shot at that one.

margot Says:

colin@9.24, I’ll second that with bells on!
Cheers conty for your comments but all is explained by I am it, I think, with “the curse of Corretja.” It really is true folks, when he’s not there Andy plays better! Don’t even know if that’s how he spells his damn name :(
What an inconsistent year and, even for his long-suffering fans who are horribly used to it, some roller coaster this one..:(

Fedend Says:


Lol…I never tried to pass off as an objective poster. I have made my intentions very clear.

And can you just show me ONE post where I have attacked a Fed fans ?
I am not much interested to deal with Fed fans like you.

But I just LOVE playing around with the FEDTARDS who make statements like “Rafa has only 8 slams”, “Rafa is on PEDs”, “Rafa is not a hardcourt player”, “Clay court tennis is not tennis”, etc.

contador Says:

well pardon me. aren’t you so funny fedend? haha. but by your chosen alias you do appear to be someone looking to provoke or as you define it, “play around.” i’m sure in picking such a pseudo you know that you’ll be successful getting attention.

and why have a pseudo that is perpetually making an anti fed statement every time you post? you could have a less provocative pseudo and post the reasons you think fed will end instead of coming on a tennis site wearing a billboard. but……

i don’t want to censure you. i don’t like censure. so carry on.

was never trying to censure “fed is afraid” either, a similarly negative pseudo. but you can’t have such a nickname and not think people are going to comment! of course you know we will.

go on with your mission by all means. but to try and pass yourself off as a fair poster with such a nick is silly imo. you are what you are: here to pick fights with whom you decide is a “fed tard” and send your message that it’s ” the end of federer.” tee hee hee, i suppose that makes you happy. sure, his end is probably a year or two away. fed himself says 2012. but clearly gloating and taunting is your forte.

as i said, with a nick like yours, dont expect to be read as an objective tennis fan.

by the way, i am a “fed tard.” i don’t particularly want to bother with you anymore than you do me but after awhile your posts get old to me just as a “fed tards” does to you. i’ve also been called a tennis geek, junkie, whatever….it’s all true.

and again i logged on to post about today’s matches to some posters interested in that topic and find i am out of time after reading and responding to you. : (

Kimmi, jane, kimberly – i think im done with tennisx as i was with tennistalk a year ago. i’ll be on the paris bercy atp draw challenge though.

skeezerweezer Says:


Uncalled for Fedend…. Contador is a great poster up here, and she is not all about Fed. If she was, so what?
Ya gotta know when to NOT cross the line, and if you do, know how to retreat in kind. Been there myself. Just sayin……


“And can you just show me ONE post where I have attacked a Fed fans ?”

C’mon, man? U serious? That is what you are up here for , remember?



i am it Says:

Contador, please say you were kidding when you said this:
“i think im done with tennisx as i was with tennistalk a year ago.”

We, me and my friends, love you so you owe us love back with a retraction. I don’t see a good reason to call it a quit.

No, you and other Fed fans are not retarded fans of Feds so I don’t accept the tag “fedtards.”

If you want to resume the discussion seriously, could you define me what these two terms mean in your lexicon: “can” (ability) and “dominate.” Then, granted Fed cannot, could you share with us WHO you had in mind “can dominate” and not be beaten by “second rung” players in their best days, and, yes, please humble me with histories and stats? If you do these, I will simplify what I was trying to say in my follow-up response. Will that work?

jane Says:

conty, if you can, just let these differences slide. It’s simply not worth sacrificing the fun you do have posting here and all the posters with whom you do have things in common. Besides which, who would come up with all the good nicknames for the players?

Kimberly Says:

contador—don’t leave, we would miss you too much. Everyone gets attacked, one person told me no one cares about all of my personal trials and tribulations and during one match i had to listen to Rafa be called a buttpicker and smelling it (so what if its true?) moonballer cheater pusher etc (courtesy zinaldo)

I watched this site for months before I started posting and your comments, kimmis match summaries and sonics were my favorite. You will do tennis-x a disservice if you go away.

Kimmi Says:

awwww contador – please take that back.
i just opened tennis-x for today and read sad post from you :( hey we would miss you.

i agree with jane, where can we get the nice nicknames ..ernie, dolgo, sexy step, soda pop ah i will miss that..

dimitrov is doing well too..c’mon lets all send him some good vibes

please take that back..:)

contador Says:

skeeze- u already know i am “over it”

i am it – well, i wasn’t kidding at the time yesterday but maybe, yeah, being very “hormonal.” tennisx is not tennistalk, thank god. and hey, glad you have returned too.

jane- you are right. very good advice. i really wanted to post about nole’s great match. he’s playing awesome atm!

Kimmi and kimberly ; ) OK, i’m over it. it’s the weekend. and yeah kimberly, i thought you took the high road very well all those times.

fedend- keep the posts coming. all those posters reveling at the thought of no more federer get a big kick out of your pseudo, i’m sure. they need you. LOL…

Kimmi Says:

good to see you contador. now for paris bracket challenge. no rafa. who will win paris?

skeezerweezer Says:



contador Says:


going to the other thread. my poor brain is working very hard on the bracket atm! smoke is coming out my ears, thinking cap on.

Kimberly Says:

come one tennis xers. don;t be all talk no action. do the draw challenge join tennis x fan group. Last one of the year!!!!

jane Says:

conty! Happy to see you back. : )

i am it Says:

Conty, you faker, I know you cannot live without us or vice versa. Missed you all day. Don’t be threatening us and don’t be disappearing again, you hormonal lady!

contador Says:

hahahaha…i am it…

i am it- i am begging…time is running out, there are like 30 hours left ( laughing) but would really LOVE to see what an “i am it” bracket would look like all filled out for paris. so c’mon!! and the “tennisxfans” group needs you!

jane is in, yay!

i can’t decide who will get past the first round atm! help….

it’s easy…..sign in here please:

Fedend Says:

Well I thought u r a grown up lady….sorry I was wrong.
I have already made it clear and obvious that I dont want to be objective and fair here. I am not here to win a popularity contest. So dont ever get into that again, waste of time.
But still I am stil not getting the reason for u to get upset.
Did I attack you or did I call u a FEDTARD ?

You are the one who commented about about my post and started crying without even getting provoked or attacked.
Be cool and have fun here….I respect you and I have never ever attacked you and never ever will attack u…..and let me also have some fun….pls dont make me too soft.

Fedend Says:


“Uncalled for Fedend….”

What….can you be specific ??

“Contador is a great poster up here, and she is not all about Fed. If she was, so what?
Ya gotta know when to NOT cross the line, and if you do, know how to retreat in kind. Been there myself. Just sayin……”

Where did I cross the line against her….did i attack her ??

“C’mon, man? U serious? That is what you are up here for , remember?”

I guess you are getting a bit too serious….cool down buddy….have I ever attacked u ??

I am not here to attack Fed fans….am not here to “attack” anyone….read my post again and try to understand.

I have made it very clear and distinguished the “Federer fans” like you and “Mentally retarded Fed fans” (in short FEDTARD) like madmax, gannu, etc.

Fedend Says:

Skeeze, Contador,

Just curious….do u guys also get upset when Rafa or his fans get attacked here ?
Oops…its not “your” problem right

Fedend Says:

i am it,
My point is at present if Rafa, Nole, Murray and Federer are anywhere near their best, Rafa, Nole and Murray can beat anyone and can be beaten by any of the other two, but Federer cannot beat anyone even if he plays well.
It was evident with the recent results. He was playing well in USO and shangai when he was beaten by Nole and Murray respectively.

contador Says:


ooooh what a rebel you are!

the first time i read a post of yours the word “twerp” came to mind. really had not thought of that word for ages. but from that point on, the content of your posts became irrelevant, which is too bad because i think you really could be a knowledgeable objective tennis poster, if you had the desire. but indeed, you admit you don’t ( have any desire to be objective ). and yet you are capable. quite a few of your posts, one present even now on another thread, is clearly not offensive and has a neutral tone. ahh, but for the inflammatory pseudo it is written under.

and be assured, i don’t win popularity contests. not my thing. tact is a learned behavior for me, not natural. much more fun to stir up trouble, right? blame it on a touch of tourettes or…

back to “twerp.” the word isn’t used much any more – learned it from my grandmother’s vocabulary, thought it worthy, and twerp stuck. thanks to you posting on this site with your chosen nick, you reminded me and made me think that being a twerp is exactly your intention in posting. not that i consider myself any stellar example of mature behavior but you do strike me as a teenager looking to stir up trouble, very “twerp-like.”

urban dictionary has lots of definitions for “twerp” but #9 fits you. i mean it’s the persona you bring here. you might be quite different in real life. who knows. evidently the presence of “fed tards” is the reason or your excuse to behave like a twerp on this board.

i even imagine you might fit one of the other definitions: one who farts in a bathtub and eats the bubbles…….LOLLLLLLL….it;s all in the urban dictionary. thanks for the laughs!!!

madmax Says:


(I’m going to call you deadend from now on).

Nothing wrong with contador’s posts at all. She is a class lady. Unlike you. And please. Because I am a federer fan, that bugs you?

What a shame. Can’t deal in facts can you. You make me laugh. No mental retard am I. I am learning and will try harder. perhaps you could do the same. who is the moron? check out your own ‘fair’ posters. – kimberley being the only one – plenty of tards on the rafa side, but then that gives them too much kudos.

margot Says:

conty: I’m so glad u didn’t huff off! You know how much I enjoy your quirky posts :) However, if I may offer a word in Fedend’s defence, not that s/he needs it of course, there is a lot of Fedlove on this site and sometimes I’ve felt as if I’m drowning in saccharine. Fedend provides a bit of an antidote, we need sour as well as sweet. BTW I am in NO way justifying the rude idiots who post mindless,insults, they really are best ignored. Anyway girl, keep your comments coming!
Talking of disappearances..grendel, I hope u r sunning yourself on some caribbean island somewhere …and not ill disposed :)

contador Says:


i know your posts well enough to understand you’d defend fedend. it’s all good.

had you and a couple others in mind and that was why i was actually being sincere when i typed:

“fedend- keep the posts coming. all those posters reveling at the thought of no more federer get a big kick out of your pseudo, i’m sure. they need you. LOL…”

again, i’m not at all for censure. i like some wack-o’s around or “nutters” as you’d say. myself being one, of course.

my HOPE is that tennisx doesn’t turn into tennistalk. the posters there would not have been successful in running off all the diversity if lead journos/administrators weren’t so anti-fed themselves, imo.

the excessive pro rafa “saccarhine” and anti federer bitterness found on tennistalk definitely spoils that blog. really lop-sided, double standard censure there. which is too bad. the match reports are short but timely and i still read those.

madmax : )

would be fun to see your bracket for paris too….would you have federer winning??

i don’t think he’ll win paris. he doesn’t have a great record there. i sort of hope he goes out in an early round to be more ready for london.

Fedend Says:

Well contador I thought I would spare you in my posts…but not anymore….its game on.

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