Andy Roddick Interview: “There’s Really No Good Reason For Me to be Playing Well Here”
by Tom Gainey | November 5th, 2010, 11:56 pm

Andy Roddick continued his strong week with a convincing 64, 64 victory over David Nalbandian Friday in Basel.

In the interview below, Roddick speaks of his lack of practice and preparation he had ahead of Basel because of the thigh injury he suffered in Shanghai.

Win or lose tomorrow against hometown hero Roger Federer (Federer leads the head-to-head 19-2!), Roddick has certainly had a week that he can build upon for London later this month.

Here’s the ATP interview Roddick did, and below that is Federer’s.

Serbs Victor Troicki and Novak Djokovic will play in the first semifinal in a rematch of their US Open first round clash.

Federer had little trouble today beating Radek Stepanek 63, 62. He’s won Basel three times and once was a ballboy at the tournament.

And here are the highlights from Basel quarterfinals on Friday:

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18 Comments for Andy Roddick Interview: “There’s Really No Good Reason For Me to be Playing Well Here”

pro rafa Says:

hope u win andy…. awesome serve n forehand u’ve got
go n beat the living daylights outa roger :):)

Kimmi Says:

great perfomance by andy against nalby. I thought the match would be close but not even…andy is way too consistent.

dont know how troicki will fare up against djoko. but the bigger match is definetly federer vs roddick

Skeezerweezer Says:

Troiki is gonna find out where his game is at present against Novak. Should be a watcher.

“…go n beat the living daylights outa roger :):)”

Lol, well I don’t know about that, I hope Fed wins, but Andy has got to win sometime ( 2-19 ). Just know that quote was from a Rafa fan who’s fav just pocketed 3 slams in a row. Why? Taken from the great Brian Wilson, one word, “jealousy”

annie-east-coast Says:

Roddick, PLEASE beat Federer. I’m cheering for you. Good luck

Von Says:

“Just know that quote was from a Rafa fan who’s fav just pocketed 3 slams in a row. Why? Taken from the great Brian Wilson, one word, “jealousy””

It’s amazing how much of a 360 degree turnaround you’ve done with respect to Roddick. I didn’t see you saying such stuff when the Djokovic fans were cheering for him to beat Fed, and, then when he beat Fed at the USO, you were handing out congratulatory messages. I suppose there’s strength in numbers on this site that causes so many shifts from zenit to nadir. OY VEY. Enjoy the ride for as long as it lasts. That kinda stuff becomes confusing and tiresome. Just take a look at the yay sayers and you’ll get my drift.

anyway, you’ll get yourwish, as I’m sure history will repeat itself. enjoy!!!!!!!!!!

Von Says:

correction: “zenit to nadir.” S/b zenith to nadir.

One more thing, you’ve sure fooled me quite a lot.

margot: Ditto re the molasses — it’s so thick and gooey.

Von Says:

BTW: Why did it have to be a Nadal fan wishing well for Roddick? Andy’s got some fans you know, except they’ve been driven away by the group that prevails, by those know how to play the popularity game.

And, what will youj do if the djoker wins tomorrow, should Fed win today? This, I gotta see. But, I get it, it’s better for the djoker to beat Fed and win, than for Roddick to do the unthinkable. shees, are my eyes wide open now!

dari Says:

I will cheer for roger no matter who he plays, I want Andy r to have his time, but not in Basel!

dari Says:

Anybody gonna supply commentary for the roddick/Federer match? I am not able to view at the moment!
Checking scores and saw the early break to roger!

Huh Says:

Hi Mrs.Von! :)

slope days Says:

Hi Skeezer – yep that ‘Jealousy’ ain’t pretty. But I guess each to his own.

And I keep thinking the same ‘Andy has to win sometime’ – 20 to 2 is not a good reflection on the quality of their rivalry. Most of their matches have been very close with Roger just a little better. Perhaps going forward we will see a few more Roddick wins.

Von Says:

Hi Huh: How have you been? It’s nice to see you around. Take care. :)

oh dear??? yeah, oh dear, dear, dear, me, and OY VEY too!! That ain’t bad is it/??

Mindy Says:

I think it’s great to see Roddick playing well now. Oh, I forgot! I am a Rafa fan wishing Roddick well! That won’t help on this site.

Anyway, it’s how I feel. I like Roddick, always have and and will cheer him on unless he’s playing Rafa! :)

I guess there will be no improvement in the h2h this time. I know that Roddick will keep on hanging in there and doing his best. Better luck next time.

skeezerweezer Says:


IMO the more chances you have to play someone, the more chances you have to beat them, and a win will come. Look at Fed vs Sod, Hewett, etc. It didn’t happen today. Sorry for you and your fav :(

That was all I was trying to say about that.

My other comment was to pro rafa, not you, and I have seen those types of posts before from him/her. Do you really feel that post was a sincere cheer for pro rafa’s fav, being Roddick? Maybe the post name should change to pro roddick? Just sayin….if I am wrong…well I will eat my virtual hat.

Von Says:

skeezer: Thanks for the explanation — it’s appreciated. And, for the commiserations. Actually, I’m happy Andy did so well at this tourney, considering what he’s been going through since April of this year.

I didn’t think of the fact that it could have been a wish just for the sake of a vendetta, but thought it was meant sincerely — now, I’m thinking and hoping that it was sincere.

You know what I can’t stand any more on this site, the constant bickering of which fan’s player is better than the other guy’s player. It’s one of the reasons, among others, why I don’t post here often. Then, there’s the clan …

Some pople feel they can lambaste another player because that player doesn’t have many fans, but when one retaliates, then we hear about it. I remember having to politely ask a new poster to stop clling Roddick a ‘jerk” among other names that she used, but I think she forgot that one, And now, I’m public enemy No. 1, as was proven last evening in one of her posts. sheesh. Are we children, or adults who are only posting to settle a score?????? sheesh

Huh Says:


You’re friend No.1 of mine. :)

Von Says:

Huh; You know you’ve always been my sweet young friend. I’m enjoying the metamorphosis you’re going through, whereby you temper justice with mercy, and can stand on your own, without the need to be one of the group. I know I’ll eventually see this young man mature into a very strong, yet sweet adult, who’s learnt the key elements necessary to interacting with others.

Take care and keep up the good work.

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