Novak Djokovic Goes Dancing on Jay Leno [Video]
by Tom Gainey | August 3rd, 2011, 10:27 am

Novak Djokovic made his second appearance on the NBC Tonight Show with Jay Leno Tuesday night. Entering the stage to Martin Solveig’s Hello (remember that video), Djokovic even got a hug from Katie Holmes.

Leno touched on Djokovic’s Wimbledon title, his gluten-free diet, his upbringing and some of Novak’s antics.

Djokovic then turned the tables on Leno by calling out for a quartet of dancers to break out in Serbian dance. Djokovic jumped on stage with them and later Leno and Holmes joined the fun.

Quite an interview, quite a showman in Djokovic. The Serb first appeared on the Leno show in March of 2008.

Djokovic (and dancers?) will be a guest tonight on the Conan O’Brien show which airs at 11pm ET on TBS.

He’s then schedule travel east where he’ll be the top seed at Montreal Rogers Cup which begins next week.

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21 Comments for Novak Djokovic Goes Dancing on Jay Leno [Video]

jane Says:

Thanks Tom. Looking forward to Conan tonight.

gordon Says:

It was very spontaneous and quite a different from usual show guests. Besides tennis Djokovic is bringing a fresh air even into a show business. Not a surprise that we will have him also tonight on Conan O’Brien show!

jane Says:

Nole posted some pictures of the dancers and a few of his waiting room before he went on stage; I like this one:

He must be a fun guy to know,

Brando Says:

Nole does seem to be the most fun guy out of top 4 to know

Michael Says:

Djokstrap missed his real vocation in life!!! Actor/entertainer!!

Tennis Vagabond Says:

I hate to see it differently than everyone else, but he just seems like kind of a dull wit who tries really, really hard to show off. I liked Nole since he first emerged but the more his personality gets exposed the more he comes across to me as a kind of pushy and obnoxious and constantly doing whatever he can to draw attention to himself.
I still enjoy watching him because he does add an air of loudness that’s missing on tour, but I personally don’t find that me-centric kind of personality fun to hang out with. I wouldn’t want to go to bars with a dude who rips his shirt off and flexes his muscles every night.

RZ Says:

Kudos to Katie Holmes for dancing in those high heels! I’m glad he’s making the talk show circuit and promoting tennis.

sar Says:

Backstage with Nole after the show and during rehearsals with Mat Kearney

jane Says:

I agree RZ: the promotion is good. I can’t recall the last time I saw tennis players on late night / prime time talk shows. I remember Roddick on SNL, and Safin on Letterman. I remember Delpo on the Today Show as well.

Tennis Vagabond, aww, it’s too bad you see him in such a negative light. But of course we all perceive things differently. I don’t see Nole as a “dull wit” or as “me-centric” and I certainly can’t imagine him ripping his shirt off and flexing his muscles every night! He seems like he’d love to dance, tell stories and do karaoke, generally being the life of the party. And I think he loves attention because he is a born performer / entertainer. However, I don’t see that as a bad thing. I love it! : D J-Mac, Agassi, Connors, those are guys who loved the limelight too. Indeed, J-Mac has tried his hand at both rock stardom and talk show hosting.

Peter Says:

Djokovic is not witty and physically not that attractive.

Yet he always behaves like he has the sharpest wit and the handsomest physique.

That is because he’s needy.

Must be hard to always be ON. If he could occassionally switch off and be cool, he would be much more appealing. He just tries too damn hard.

jane Says:

That is your take, but many would disagree. :) Fed did do Letterman, just saw the clip at

margot Says:

Good to see Nole having fun and, of course, you either like him, or you don’t and I personally do.
However there does seem to be an awful lot of partying going on and I’m wondering how much preparation is also going on. The American hard court is nearly upon us….thank goodness….and Nole is top seed in the next big one.
There’s that old saying you can’t burn a candle both ends….really hope Nole proves me wrong.
Meanwhile….back at his ranch, Andy is sweating it out for 6 hours a day in the Miami heat (….. ;) kimberly). Perhaps too much?

dari Says:

Conan was better than leno for sure, and outfit was better, too.
Thx for getting a tiny Andy update in there margot!

Ben Pronin Says:

Jane, US Open champion always goes on Letterman afterwards. I’m sure Nadal was on last year although I can’t remember seeing it.

dari Says:

us open champion who speaks english well enough and agrees to go on letterman always goes on letterman.
i don’t think juan martin and nadal did.
and roger didn’t go his last us open win.

jane Says:

dari, I think JMDP and Rafa both did the today show? I remember seeing JMDP on the Today Show anyhow.

Cheri Britton Says:

I don’t think Novak tries to be lively or funny – he’s just an extrovert who likes to party and enjoy his success. Looking at how lean his body was when dancing with Leno, we don’t have to worry about his fitness. Despite all the fun in his life, he has the focus of an elite athlete when he needs to, and will be the one to beat at the US Open.

dari Says:

yeah, they were on the today show , but that’s a really short segment and its not about being funny like it is on the night shows. Being funny in a foreign language is not easy. Anyway rafa is speaking great English now, delpo is always improving, maybe next time letterman!
Or it has nothing to do with language they just didn’t feel like going or Dave didnt ask! Just winner is not always on letterman like Ben said

suzette Says:

@ Vagabond, I guess you are entitled to your perceptions, however the other players like him and do like to hang around him. Ferrer has been quoted as saying that Djokovic was a fun guy and the one he would love to be master of ceromony at his wedding. Caroline Wozniaki said he was one of the nicest guys you could meet and was a true gentleman. I find it interesting that when Novak kind of retreated into himself because of criticisms such as yours, people complained they wished he was back to his more gregarious self. I guess with some people it’s a case of “your damned if you do and your damned if you don’t”.

Anna Says:

I like Nole’s enthusiasm, I just wish he’d give up the subtle sexual inuendos. They do seem contrived. Otherwise, party on.

Nikola Says:

Us Serbs rock the spot light :) Nole will win and have fun doing it,too bad fed ex pulled out a wonder and stoped him in RG or Nole would have had a calendar year!

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