Watch Novak Djokovic Dance To Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” [Video]
by Tom Gainey | August 7th, 2013, 9:02 am

Ever the entertainer, Novak Djokovic broke into dance to Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” after winning his opening match over Florian Mayer last night at the Rogers Cup Montreal. The World No. 1 said to honor an agreement with his friends he’ll keep dancing after every win.

“It was a little agreement I had with my friends when we had vacation time a few weeks ago,” said Djokovic. “This is one of the summer hits. We listened to that song quite a lot. We had a lot of dancing going on. I said, Why not? I’ll do it after the first match in Montreal.

“If I keep on winning, I’ll do it after every match. If I win the next one, you can expect same song but maybe little bit different dance. We’ll work on it.”

Djokovic has won the Canadian Open the last two years. The Serb will face the Peliwo-Istomin winner on Thursday in the third round. More dancing to come?

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21 Comments for Watch Novak Djokovic Dance To Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” [Video]

tennisx hippy chic Says:

LOL Nice dancing,i love that song anyway,Nole is a very funny guy,and has one of the best personalities on the mens tour IMO,nice win too BTW,looked very good.

Polo Says:

This guy just wants to have fun. Keep on!

harry Says:

@jane, Wog boy, Conty —

[If you stumble on this page and happen to read this post while this thread is active]

All three of you have left this community due to some recent, unhappy events (after sticking around for several years); and it appears that it is not one of those normal “breaks” that one takes often…

I know that some of you may come back after a while. But it will be great if you guys can leave a statement on here as to why you left — it need not point to or hint at any person (in fact, it is better that it does not); and although I can guess the reasons why the three of you left (jane, I do not believe the story of a single nasty poster that is bandied around here) it can help this community grow; and perhaps, you may feel a sense of closure too with a statement!

Already, these recent events seem to have triggered better posting policies — the now famous “guidelines”, for example. I think a (thoughtful & calm) statement will make it even better!

Lastly, some of us here read your posts regularly; well, in my case, “regular” translates to once in a couple of months! Still it would be great to those of us to have a statement — at least i would like it :-) I am not asking you guys to come back — it will be great though, if you did (in any case, i will do my periodic disappearing acts, just like grendel does!)…

PS: I am leaving this message on a Nole thread for a reason!

courbon Says:

@ Harry: I thought they are only have little break?Or I’m wrong? I hope is just small break- I like their posts, same as you.

harry Says:

@Courbon —

Hippy Chic somehow hears a lot of news! She tells us that they are gone for a while (the words she used was “the joy of posting is gone” for jane and Conty)… I added WB in the list because i thought i sensed some disappointment in him when he said he is taking a break [i may be wrong about WB]; but the news about the two is “authentic”…

tennisx hippy chic Says:

Harry/Courbon what i read about Jane and Conty was when i filled out my bracket challenge,in the comments section Jane said i no longer post on tennis x,as the hatred for Nole was taking the joy out of it,Conty said she would not post either if Jane wasnt,or something along those lines anyway,Wogboy said he would not post during the HC season regardless of Noles results,but would still post occasionally,Mat4 as we all know has personal issues,im sad as they are all great posters and hope they all have a change of heart after taking a break,as the chat has actually been really great today,no bickering or trash talking,just good old fashioned tennis talk.

harry Says:

tx hc.

Steve 27 Says:

Good one, very funny Djoker!

tennisx hippy chic Says:

There used to be two Fed fans who used to post here,that were great knowledgeable guys,an Indian guy named Ajet,who actually had a run in with Dave about a year ago,and hasnt posted since,and another called Swiss Maestro who didnt take prisoners that was for sure,but was always very fair to players,as long as they were fair to Roger.

tennisx hippy chic Says:

Harry your more than welcome :-))..

Steve 27 Says:

tennisxhippy chic, Dave is Michael 9 in

is so easy to tell it’s him.

harry Says:

@HC: Yeah, now that you mention them, i remember Ajet and Swiss Maestro…

@Steve 27: wow! The resemblance to Dave is uncanny :)

tennisx hippy chic Says:

Steve 27 yes agree with Harry the resmblance to Daves posts is indeed uncanny.

tennisx hippy chic Says:

Harry Ajet was bullied away,but Swiss Maestro said he was very busy in the real world,he still posts occasionally though still.

Steve 27 Says:

Who else in the virtual world can be so methodical and give as much information as well as being a fan of Federer and defending tooth and nail also discredits nadal and finally his post are very long.

harry Says:

@HC — i remember Ajet defending Rafa often and then getting asked where his loyalty lay (he was an emotional poster and so my recollection of the whole attack/defence thing has a funny tinge!)… May be i am mixing it up with somebody else…

tennisx hippy chic Says:

Harry your quite right, a very nice and none biased gentlemanly poster,with a great heart and a wicked sence of humour,whos posts i greatly miss even now im still p*ssed about it,we used to have some great laughs,he said if he ever got married he would name his 1st born baby Alison if it was a girl,which i thought was so sweet,he had a massive thing for both the Marias especially Kirilenko,i hope if he still reads any posts on this forum he will also have a change of heart :((

harry Says:

Ah! i now remember his thing for Kirilenko :)

M Says:

I love Daft Punk, but I am soooo sick of that song.

Michael Says:

Novak’s superb quality is that he always takes life easy and wants to enjoy what is in store. It is this kind of quality which has honed up as a great fighter Tennis has known.

Sherbear Says:

Love the Nole moves. Lets do it in Cincy. Flash mob here we come in Cincy August 13 th.

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