Novak Djokovic: Troicki’s Definitely Innocent Of Doping Charges
by Tom Gainey | August 7th, 2013, 9:31 am

After a quick win and dance last night at the Rogers Cup Montreal, 2-time defending champion Novak Djokovic weighed in on the Viktor Troicki doping case, giving full support for his friend on countryman.

“We’re not sure what’s going to happen with Viktor,” Djokovic told Reuters.

“We all give him big support because he’s definitely innocent,” he said. “Hopefully he is going to be able to be on the court very soon.”

Under the ITF ruling, Troicki has been banned 18 months for refusing to submit to a blood test earlier this year in Monte Carlo. He is currently appealing to CAS.

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19 Comments for Novak Djokovic: Troicki’s Definitely Innocent Of Doping Charges

scineram Says:

What exactly is Viktor innocent of? Did no one ask Novak that?

madmax Says:

Is the appeal decision out yet?

Brando Says:

I’m a lifer for innocent until proven guilty. So yeah: right now I give Viktor the benefit of doubt. For him and the game it would be good if he is innocent.

Ben Pronin Says:

Innocent of what?

Michael Says:

I think the Tennis stars should be very careful with the kind of drugs they use. They must seek an opinion as to whether they are banned substances or not before consuming them. Troicki may well be innocent as Novak claims. But what is evident is that he has been pretty careless and should have exercised more caution.

Eric Says:

Troicki is definitely guilty of being a moron. Guilty of doping? Well, probably not – but who really gives a shit.

tennisx hippy chic Says:

I think the only thing Viktor can be accused of here,is not been regarded as the sharpest tool in the box,i really dont know what he was thinking here to be honest.

Michael Says:

Alison – Let us say Troicki was reckless and is paying the price for it. It is good that he has Novak’s support in this trying moment.

metan Says:

Its sad that a player has been banned because of reckless. How about the fine for that reckless cased??

Giles Says:

Innocent or guilty, we will never ever know. The man didn’t take the blood test and why, because he is scared of needles.
How old is he?

metan Says:

Does he have phobia of needles??? How he get trough all the previous test???

tennisx hippy chic Says:

All i can say is Viktor is lucky he is not in my shoes,as i have to have blood tests every month as i take Thyroxine tablets as i had my overactive thyroid removed,add to that i suffer with high blood pressure and hair loss as a side effect, i will probably be a bald as Lubicic one day lol.

tennisx hippy chic Says:

Michael indeed its great Viktor has the support of his good friend Nole.

Ben Pronin Says:

He does have a phobia of needles, what does his age have to do with it? Metan, I don’t know, he did. But he only had 5 over his career so couldn’t have been too terrible.

I think his sentence should be reduced, but he still broke the rules and he should face a penalty for it. 18 months is pretty extreme, though.

Michael Says:

I agree with Ben. 18 months is too harsh. They can reduce it to six.

metan Says:

I knew there is nothing to do the age and phobia. I think you misunderstood my post. However it wasn’t your fault but my poor English so I couldn’t write corectly what I mean.
I don’t believe that Troicki has a needle phobia. I assumed it was his his lame excuses after refusing to give the blood test straight away. He knew that he had taken wrong stuff by his own ignorance or neglect.

it makes me sad because he didn’t earn much. How he is going to survive for 18 months banned. ????? Hope he gets 6. Agree with you and Michael.

Ben Pronin Says:

Metan, I was referring to Giles post. Phobias have nothing to do with age.

The ITF did say that they are aware that Troicki has a phobia of needles (unless I read something wrong). But that he has taken blood tests in the past and that is not an excuse for him missing this one. The main reason he skipped the test is because he was feeling sick and the ITF deemed it not a valid reason. So, here we are. 6 months sounds reasonable. 18 is just overboard. But they want to look like they’re doing something even when they’re not doing anything.

James Says:

Agree with Ben and Michael. 18 months is a bit too harsh. He might have taken a PED or he might not have, we don’t know. However, Troicki did break a anti doping rule and should be slapped with a few months ban, maybe 6.

Kim Says:

I have a strong feeling that Troicki,who did provide urine sample that day, and who once vomited and felt sick after giving blood, carelessly thought he could be excused because he felt dizzy and ill that day. But, I also think he should have been much more cognizant of ” rules apply to all” and doing more on his part to brave it out or have a written permission from authority that it was ok to give blood next day, which he did. One can’t just start changing the rules and get away with it, because ALL players need to obey and there is no end to exceptions for this or that personal reason. I don’t think he was thinking ahead and understanding the larger implications of his “feeling of the day” decision. That being said, I do think the ban is too harsh and that he is innocent, but not very wise to bring upon himself and other compatriots all this publicity and negativity. He should have just taken a deep breath and have it done. I am sure he regrets that he didn’t – it big time. Now Novak, who always adheres to the rules, has to endure questions about this and is drawn into it, which in turn, is played by the media to the max. Think ahead and respect the rules, I would summarize it.

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