Novak Djokovic Pays Tribute To Phil Collins After US Open Win [Video]

by Tom Gainey | August 30th, 2016, 3:50 pm

After a 4-set win over Jerzy Janowicz last night at the US Open, Novak Djokovic broke out into song and dance in tribute to opening ceremony act Phil Collins.

Djokovic’s rendition of Genesis’s “I Can’t Dance” may have been the highlight of the night for the 2-time US Open who again struggled with all types of issues.

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23 Comments for Novak Djokovic Pays Tribute To Phil Collins After US Open Win [Video]

Willow Says:

Too Cute, love to see the fun side of the players, Nole does it better than the rest IMO ….

danica Says:

Lol Willow,
if that “singing” didn’t wake the crowd up, I don’t know what did :)).

The match was utterly boring, so much so that the camera caught some fans sleeping. Both of them players looked as if they were run down by a stampedo.

theDA Says:

cute but #awkward

Anki Says:

It is that heart celebration that I can’t stand. Wish he would stop it, that is not so not cool and just makes me cringe.

Ronn Says:

@Anki. Agreed. I’m a Djoko fan all the way but that “heart to the crowd” gesture looks so over the top. If he just did it once then ok, but to do it in the 4 directions is so time consuming and just looks silly…

Giles Says:

He looks like a clown doing that stupid celebration. Has nobody told him so yet?

Willow Says:

Danica cant comment on the match, as it was the middle of the night where i am, and with work i couldnt stay up to see it, anyway what counts is the win and thats all that matters in the end, and i always believe if you cant laugh at yourself then its a bad a bad job, and unlike Anki and Ronn i quite like the heart to the crowd, as Nole is a sensitive type of guy, and wears his heart on his sleeve ….

BTW IMO He will also play much better against Vesely ( hope i spelled it right ), as i think the Janowicz match will be a wake up call ….

danica Says:

I like your thinking and appreciate it big time.
As for the heart to the crowd salute, I am with Anki and Ronn. It’s becoming even for the Nole fans, a bit tiring.

We’ll see how the match with Verely will go. For my part, I will be working and follow only the live score. But I hope the problems and pains Nole had are mending.


Willow Says:

Danica unfortunatly i will be going away as from tomorrow, even though im looking forward to celebrating Autumn equinox, and visiting friends next week, i will still be sorry to miss the vast majority of the tennis, still hey ho, may the best man win in the end, CHEERS TO YOU TOO ;-)) ….

Margot Says:

Willow, have a good time and I hope the weather is kind.

Willow Says:

Danica meant to add, ive said it before, in that Nole reminds of Britains very own pop star Robbie Williams, i dont mean in looks, i mean in that same cheeky chappy type SOH, in that neither of them are scared of poking fun at themselves, i enjoyed it when Rafa was been interviewed by the press at the FO, and he giggled when he saw Nole with a Mickey Mouse stuffed toy out of the corner of his eye ….

Willow Says:

Margot cheers me too, forecast is good i think ?, maybe i will see another lady on my travels, maybe some lady from Oklahoma called Okiegal, we can compare funny accents he he ;-)) ….

AndyMira Says:

Great..Willow and Okie will gonna leave me alone to kick Margot’s sofa for the next two weeks..nice guys!Yeah..go on enjoy yourself gals..

PS..M..will you be my partner in crime to destroy your sofa?

J-Kath Says:

Willow: Should you come across that other lady in your travels you can say “Dr. Okiegal Livingstone I presume.” followed by: “Have you heard how Rafa’s doing?”

Anki Says:

I switch off the TV/lap as soon as his match is over in order to avoid watching the heart thing. It was good when he did that at Roland Garros, thought he would stop doing it , but no. He looks ridiculous doing that. I love Novak, but really wish someone close to him can ask him to stop the heart celebration. Makes him look like a fool.

Willow Says:

Novak wont have to play Vesely, hes recieved a W/O ….

Willow Says:

J-Kath / AndyMira thanks gals, ill miss all my good mates here on TX, ill be back though ;-)) ….

jalep Says:

Goodness, have a wonderful time at the Autumn Equinox party, Willow 😚
Take pictures, maybe? Sounds very interesting/I’d like it.

Margot, you, and amy lead the WTA Bracket pool!

Willow Says:

Hi Jalep yeah im so excited for this, and i will get hubby to take some pictures, and also try to fathom out how to do links to show you the pictures, although if you go on you tube and look at at sight called the mercian gathering its all there, and you would love it as its a great weekend ;-)) ….

Cheers for the bracket updates too, me, Margot, Amy in the lead ill enjoy that while it lasts lol, Nole getting a W/O could be just what the Doctor ordered to get the wrist right, which will mean bad news for everyone else, im concerned for Jo Konta cramping that bad eek ….

Wog Bog Says:

Ok, ok, don’t be so harsh on Nole, you’ll get used to it after he wins another couple (5) of slams..

Willow Says:

Wogboy i wasnt been harsh on Novak, my posts were all nice to the guy, i dont know if he will win another 5, although its certainly not out of the realms of possibility, but i think he could go on to be the best ever, and from the practice pictures he seems to look better, so there you go not harsh at all ….

Margot Says:

You’re so yesterday darling… brief is glory!

Wog Bog Says:

Willow, don’t take everything I say too serious, when I want to be serious a make sure everyone knows that.

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