A Lonely Looking Roger Federer Lands in Sydney [Picture]
by Tom Gainey | September 14th, 2011, 12:44 pm


Somebody get Roger Federer a friend! Federer landed in Sydney yesterday and snapped this facebook picture of himself in front of the “Welcome to Sydney” sign. The surroundings and colors in the picture just look depressing and desolate, and Federer looks like a guy in need of a friend. Can you blame him?

After squandering two match points for the second straight year to Novak Djokovic on Saturday in the US Open semifinals, Federer flew to Australia to compete on Switzerland’s Davis Cup tie this weekend against the Aussies.

“After a long flight, I’m feeling pretty good,” Federer told the Sydney Morning Herald.

”Usually we never have that much time to get used to the grass anyway, that’s how we have to deal with it every year for the grass season,” Federer said. ”It wasn’t centre court now so I don’t know how that plays, so we’ll see how it goes tomorrow.”

Federer and Stanislas Wawrinka will take on Lleyton Hewitt and Bernard Tomic on the grass in Sydney. The winner will advance to the 2012 World Ground. Federer needs to play the tie to earn a spot in the 2012 Olympics which require all participants to have played Davis Cup.

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33 Comments for A Lonely Looking Roger Federer Lands in Sydney [Picture]

Swiss Maestro Says:

yes, so lonely as a celebrity with 8million + likes on facebook can be.

i wish i was lonely like roger ;)

ged Says:

oh tom gainey, that’s not a very nice thing to say now, is it? what you are is a hater. what you are is unattractive on the inside.

alison hodge Says:

good luck to roger and stan in the davis cup this weekend,ged love your serena williams quote lol.

jane Says:

Lol, he does look dwarfed by the huge sign overhead, but I am guessing there is a throng of people around waiting to mob him for autographs and the like – unless it’s the middle of the night, in which case, a smaller throng. ;)

RFFan Says:

Fed always poses alone for facebook photos, even if the wife and kids are two feet away. Tho’ he travelled w/out them this time.

BTW, he did not need to play this tie to qualify for Olympics, he is already qualified by virtue of playing DC against Portugal in Bern after Wimbledon.

fed is afraid Says:

roger plays nole tougher than rafa does.
except on those match points.
i guess it really is all about match ups.

Peter D Says:

I think those missed match points are just bad karma. Fed was many times lucky to win – Roddick’s mishit backhand on 6:2 in the second set tiebreak of Wimbledon comes to mind – so, he just needs to fulfill some cosmic requirements for bad luck before it all returns to normal again. Hopefully, while he’s still able to play well as he does now.

grendel Says:

alison hodge says:”ged love your serena williams quote lol.”

Seconded. Whilst it can’t have been much fun to have been on the end of Serena’s tirade – when, after all, all you were doing was your job – the fact remains that Serena Williams, unconsciously obviously, comes up with some of the funniest stuff imaginable. Thus she solemnly informs a complete stranger:”you are unattractive on the inside”. Woody Allen would struggle to better that one, not to mention Larry David, the script writers for Frasier and so on. And some of her other stuff was not bad at all….

However, there is no new career awaiting Serena. Because when she actually thinks, her utterances are banal in the extreme, not to mention cloying. It’s when she’s riled that the creative juices are released. Perhaps something might be arranged…

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Thirded. I think I have a new catchphrase. Don’t look at me, I’m not the one.

Humble Rafa Says:

Fed is afraid. Unlike you I am a Fed fan, for selfish reasons.

He is my b*tch. He need to beat Novak CONSISTENTLY. His losses to Novak kill me.

SG1 Says:

Humble Rafa,

I suspect that Fed won’t get better at beating Novak over the next couple of years. You’ll just have to find a way to get through this period. I wouldn’t worry too much about Fed though. He’s a living legend.

Rafa’s got a lot of work ahead of him to get some things figured out against Novak. Crazy to think it but Rafa is pretty much a living legend too.

Great time to be a tennis fan!! Anyone have any feelings about Raonic for Wimbledon next year?

scoreboard66 Says:

@swiss Maestro, I saw your post on the other thread, and you’re welcome. No, I don’t think I’ll give out my email address, coz i’m sure I’ll get tons of hate emails. However, considering I’m four people and possibly another which is to be verified, then I’ll have to come up with 5 email addresses, and that would indeed be confusing. i can’t even keep up with the emails I receive on my one an d only email address, so it would be a humoungous task trying to deal with 5 email addresses. Now that I’ve thought about the accusations, and other stuff, i have to laugh, coz what kind of mind would think another is capable of of such plots and schemes, unless they dabble in such stuff. More power to them is all i can say.

BTW, you mention ed in your post about some people who have thorns and those who jumped on different bandwagons, how can i access those threads from 2006? I’d like to get some insight as to what transpired during that time.

Michael Says:

You cannot but appreciate the commitment of this Great Champion towards his Country. He has every right and liberty to skip the Davis Cup after a taxing US Open. But he has come to play for his Country and that shows his deep patriotism and love for his motherland. Take it from Federer, you are a true Champion which every Tennis Player should emulate !!

contemperory Says:

We should appreciate the commitments of all these players. Comeon, this is a game and not about jealousy and blame games. Let the game and most importantly, professionalism and patriotism rule!

seen him in real life Says:

Actually, he rarely has people asking for autographs. He goes about his business like anyone else, NYC included, by himself around Midtown Manhattan out to the gym and shopping and that stuff when he’s there in town. People tend not to recognize him any time of the year and oddly not during the US Open either.

scoreboard66 Says:

I don’t think roger looks lonely, he looks tired. How could he be lonely when he has a wonderful wife and two lovely little girls waiting for him at home? That’s a lot to mke any guy feel happy, but jet lag can definitely change someone’s appearance.

I think it’s wonderful Roger made that super long trip to play Davis Cup. He is to be commended. Goodluck to Rog and Stan!

Umer Says:

He is never alone. He takes his millions of fans everywhere.

Humble Rafa Says:

He has every right and liberty to skip the Davis Cup after a taxing US Open.

Valid point. Which shameless player would show up to play a week after he chokes on 2 match points. None that I know of.

Winning=1 week of crying
Losing=3 weeks of crying.

colin Says:

“The surroundings and colors look depressing and desolate”
Of course they do – this is an AIRPORT!

madmax Says:


Showing a link to Federer and his patient fans waiting for his autograph, he seems one happy, ‘lonely’ guy to me.

Good on you Roger!

And the kids, god so sweet.

Lulu Iberica Says:

Good luck to Roger and Stan!

andres Says:

He seems to be having a good time with the australians judging from this pic in the bottom left corner


Dc Says:

@Humble Rafa Says:
He has every right and liberty to skip the Davis Cup after a taxing US Open.

Valid point. Which shameless player would show up to play a week after he chokes on 2 match points. None that I know of.

Winning=1 week of crying
Losing=3 weeks of crying.

Humble Rafa – what is the relationship between being shameless and choking?

None of your posts every make any sense or provide any insight into the sport or any of its players.

Lou Says:

For people who think that roger era is over-should read this-
Will Roger Federer Bounce Back And The Myth of Age 30? http://bit.ly/mUlKHO

CM Says:

Thank you Lou.
To whom it may concer: Yes he cries. Don’t you ?? Or you have never experienced such high and low ?? He is real. He is not an actor. He is 30 but he can still send a much younger guy running for cover. So he lost. So what?? But he never retires for no valid reasons. He never looks at his coach for advise or decision about challenge. He never takes unnecessary medical time out to distract the opponent’s focus. He never delibrately stir up the audience just while the opponent is serving. He never uses any device nor medication duing nor not during a match to alter his blood oxygen. Yes he is older now but to me he will always be my champion.

Time will tell, the truth will eventually come out. I shall wait and see. It is just like Tour of France cycle race, truth will come out.

Allez et Vamos. Simply love tennis. Simply love a clean game.

Skeezerweezer Says:

Great post!

CM Says:

Thanks. Love tennis.

Bill Says:

@CM awesome post

King Says:

CM, how do you know what he does? You don’t know what you don’t know as Rumsfeld once said!

Colin Says:

Good grief, King,you are scraping the bottom of the barrel if you have to quote someone like Rumsfeld in support of your case!

CM Says:

Congratulations to Argentina !! Great work Delpo. You won fair and square. Now we shall have a great final in Spain. I shall be there supporting both the finalists. Vamos !!!

CM Says:

Gracias!!! Love tennis!!

CM Says:

@humble rafa

Hey I saw someone quoted your great saying re: Mandy’s bum at Tennisplanet.me . Good work humble. You are famous.

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