Andy Murray: On Tuesday I’ll Decide If I Continue Playing The ATP Finals
by Tom Gainey | November 21st, 2011, 6:11 pm

Not only did Andy Murray suffer a shock 64, 75 loss today to David Ferrer in his home ATP World Tour Finals, but now the Scot may be forced to withdraw.

Murray, who withdrew from Basel a few weeks ago with a gluteal strain, is now dealing with groin injury.

Speaking to the press, Murray said the injury may end his season prematurely.

“I’ll decide tomorrow whether or not I keep playing,” Murray told the UK Press. “You’ve got to sometimes do the right thing. I didn’t know exactly how it was going to feel on the court today. I haven’t been able to do too much training this week. I played, I didn’t feel particularly great. I’ll see if I feel any better tomorrow.”

Murray revealed he sustained the groin issue just after Paris. He said had the event not been the World Tour Finals he would have withdrawn before the tournament.

Murray is hoping to have a good result this week and finish the year ranked at No. 3. But with rival Roger Federer playing well if he does withdraw it would leave the door wide open for the Swiss to jump ahead.

If he does withdraw Janko Tipsarevic will assume his position in the field.

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18 Comments for Andy Murray: On Tuesday I’ll Decide If I Continue Playing The ATP Finals

jane Says:

Arrrgh, I wonder if the two strains are related (glutteal and groin)? I think Nole’s back/rib and shoulder are related. It seems to make sense if they are in the same general areas. I hope Murray can continue. :(

racquet Says:

I hope he can continue ONLY if he’s sure he can make a contest of it. Berdy would be next so he’ll need to serve and run (and run) with ease.

Joel Says:

Poor Tipso. He’ll have to acquire Murray’s losing record when he might have had a better change against Ferrer?

dari Says:

Hope he just stops now and doesn’t push it, he has no reason to play hero, its the end of year and known for staying tough with injury. Now is not the time, get ready for 2012!

Queen Says:

groin injury LOL this mf must grow some balls first

carlo Says:

Janko gets 70K for being an alternate and 120,000K for participating. I can’t feel too sorry for any of these guys. They are very well-compensated.

It is such bad luck for Andy Murray though if he has to withdraw.

opus Says:

If Tipsarevic can´t make it I´ll take his place! For 120 000K I´ll sacrifice both groin and shoulder muscles.

margot Says:

Apparently a groin strain can easily become groin tear which would impact on Andy’s prep for next year, so I hope he withdraws. If he can’t beat Ferrer, he can’t beat anyone, let’s face it, so he might as well.
Boo, looks as if I won’t be seeing Andy at WTF after all, good job I love tennis!

MMT Says:

I can’t understand why he’s playing if he’s injured. If he’s not fit enough to compete he should get out of the way and give Tipsy a chance.

jane Says:

Murray missed his practice today; I wonder if that is a sign he is going to pull out?

Of course I agree he should if he is badly injured. It is just that he will be sorely missed, is all.

margot Says:

MMT lots of pressure on him to play. I heard a spokesperson for the tournament on the radio this morning and was not impressed by his attitude.
jane, he’s also been spotted limping :(

margot Says:

Pulled out :(

MMT Says:

I don’t understand what’s happening with these players – they have a coterie of advisors, masseuses, cooks, mothers, coaches, WAGS and anything else you can come up with, and none of them is able (or willing) to advocate in the players best interest. Who cares what the ATP is pressuring him to do – if he’s not fit, he shouldn’t play, and that’s it. Nobody is going to do him any favors if he does something serious and destroys his chances for 2012, or the rest of his career, so why on earth is he bowing to pressure to anyone or anything but his own best interest?

One thing you have to say about the Borgs, Vilases and Connorses of the world, NOBODY told them what to do – for better or for worse.

jane Says:

margot, it’s the right decision for the long term, though sad for the short term.

MMT, it’s true that sometimes less is more. Andy himself said “if it wasn’t a slam or this event, i wouldn’t have played” so he clearly was “torn” both literally and figuratively. I would imagine the organizers put a lot of pressure on him to play. Sometimes it works out too. Murray played with a rolled ankle at the FO and made it to the semis, and he didn’t hurt his future prospects as he went on to win Queens. It must be a tough decision, weighing whether or not to play with a small injury. I am sure they all do it, especially at bigger events. But is the injury “small” or not; maybe that’s the part that is hardest to determine? And if you have so many cooks in the kitchen, conflicting advice is likely. Hmmm. Can’t be easy.

margot Says:

MMT: well he’s done the sensible thing now. He said he would’ve withdrawn beforehand if it hadn’t been WTF.
Don’t underestimate the amount of pressure on him as only Brit in top what, 200? It’s lonely up there.

jane Says:

Interesting opportunity for Tipsy actually: he has a 4-1 H2H versus Berdych. And while his H2H isn’t great versus Nole, he pushed him really hard for 2 sets at the USO. Best of 3 is always more of a crapshoot.

But Nole will not have it easy against Ferrer; he is such a persistent player, so determined, and an excellent returner. He got a set in Madrid this year. If Nole doesn’t serve well, he could be in for a really long day at the office.

Is this court, come to think of it, playing like fast clay? High bounce, slow, etc?

dari Says:

Head was in sand today, did not know he officially pulled out. Hope this is physical rejuvenation and not something that will hurt him later! Get well, McMURRAY!

alison hodge Says:

hi margot just to say how gutted i am to see muzza pull out,as i thought he was in with a good chance sadly not to be,a blessing in disguise i suppose best not to risk making the injury much worse,at least this way he can rest up and prepare for next season now,every cloud and all that.

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