Rafael Nadal: My Shoulder Is Much Better; Changing Racquets Is A Risk
by Tom Gainey | January 3rd, 2012, 5:12 pm

Speaking to the press yesterday in Doha before his match Tuesday, Rafael Nadal said that his injured shoulder is feeling a lot better.

“The shoulder is better, I think,” said Nadal. “The shoulder needs more power, because when you have an injury there, the rest, the muscles around lose the power. But the problem, the injury, is much better. I am able to play today with no pain, so that’s important.”

Nadal also talked more about what he went through with his bad shoulder.

“I didn’t have the right time to prepare, because I had an injury in my shoulder, so I had to stop after Davis Cup finals,” he said. “So I finished on Sunday. I started next Wednesday, I wanted to not stop because the period of time is very short. So I wanted to keep practicing to be in form for beginning of the season, but I started on Wednesday. On Friday I had to stop for my shoulder. I really couldn’t play with my forehand and serve. So I stopped for two weeks.”

There has also been a lot of discussion about Nadal’s Aerodrive Babolat racquet which he made some changes to. Nadal had hoped to have 3-4 weeks to get used to the heavier frames but because of his shoulder recovery he only had one week to get ready for the new season. And Nadal admits it could be a bumpy ride early.

“After Davis Cup final I had all the racquets prepared at home to change, but in theory, I will have three, four weeks of right practice,” he said. “Finally I only had one week. But that’s the right moment to change. If not, when? You don’t have time, no? So probably a little bit tough now at the beginning maybe, yes. I cannot say that’s when you have to change. You cannot think that everything will be perfect from the beginning, but you make change thinking it will be better in the future. So probably, I don’t know‑‑ I don’t know how to say in English. Investment? Or to try to improve something, few things in my game that we believe we needed, like the winner, like a little bit the serves. So we thought this change, that’s can help, that’s nothing is magic, but that’s can help a little bit to improve that. But probably that hurts my game a little bit at the beginning. So is a risk for this beginning of the season? Obviously, yes.”

So far so good for Nadal. In his first match of the season he beat Philipp Kohlschreiber 63, 67(2), 63 today in the first round.

“I’m very happy about my level,” stated Nadal. “I think I played a very good first set. The only moment that I didn’t play well was the beginning of the second and after the tie-break. For the rest [of the match], I think I played solid.”

Nadal will now play Denis Gremelmayr in the second round.

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11 Comments for Rafael Nadal: My Shoulder Is Much Better; Changing Racquets Is A Risk

Ajet Says:

HOLY CRAP!!! Am I really reading this???

Humble Rafa Says:

What happened is this. As the season began, my shoulder started healing at 20 times normal speed. If I win more matches, the healing rate will increase.Mind you, in case of any loss, it will worsen as quickly.

El Flaco Says:

Didn’t see the match, but Nadal’s serve stats looked good. 7 aces, o double faults, 1st serve % above 70.

Steve27 Says:

Humble rafa you are a ironic man, Haters like you are a real shame

Jeanius Says:

Rafa should have disappeared with last year

alison hodge Says:

^hopefully fafa will continue to play for a fare few more years yet,as many of us love to watch him play ,win or loose.

alison hodge Says:

^rafa not fafa.

Lulu Iberica Says:

I want desperately to see Rafa play and do well, but man, he has to get his head & attitude sorted fast! He is talking too much. I don’t like this idea that the AO isn’t “important.” Obviously he doesn’t have much of a chance there this year if things continue as they have been (Djoko’s level in the exho, Rafa’s wimpy serve, etc.) but as a fan, I want to hear that he is giving it his all — it is a freakin’ slam!

alison hodge Says:

totally agree lulu,who knows maybe hes playing down his chances,still i dont think it would hurt for once to just keep a lid on things for a change,did you see his game today,i missed it although it seemed like a comprehensive victory,how was the serve,and most importantly how did the shoulder look?

Lulu Iberica Says:

Sorry, Allison, I didn’t see the match today, but the ATP site said he only lost 7 points on serve, so it must’ve been ok; although it’s hard to tell when he’s playing Gremelmeyer (sp?). I’m hoping to see tomorrow’s match.

skeezerweezer Says:

Lulu & alison,

Now that is Rafa fan talk. Tell it like it is. Behind you both 100 % on your comments! Imho he needs a kick in the butt and just do it. Its not like he doesn’t know how. Quit the talkin and start the walkin. He has more slams on the tour than anyone except Fed. Now play like it!

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