Novak Djokovic: “I’m Not Getting Naked For Anybody, Except My Girlfriend”
by Tom Gainey | January 21st, 2012, 1:22 am

Novak Djokovic was in a good, jovial spirit after easily advancing to the fourth round tonight at the Australian Open. Djokovic dominated a hobbled Nicolas Mahut 60, 61, 61 and overall through three rounds of play the Serbs has lost only 10 games.

Naturally, with little to discuss about the match, attention on Djokovic focused on other topics, like if Novak would pose in a swimsuit magazine as the women’s players have.

“I will choose my next words very carefully,” Djokovic jokingly responded. “Well, I don’t know. I guess, yes. We should all have equal rights. But I am not thinking about that too much. I guess, you know, women are more attractive than we are. They have a lot more to show, I guess.

“I’m not getting naked for anybody, except my girlfriend,” he concluded.

Jelena Ristic has been Djokovic’s longtime girlfriend.

Djokovic on Monday will play the winner of Milos Raonic or Lleyton Hewitt, a match contested for early this morning.

“I will try to watch the match,” Djokovic said. “It’s going to be quite interesting because Lleyton has been playing some really good tennis I think the best that we have seen him play in last two years. On the other hand you have Raonic, who is one of the upandcoming players, very young but strong, powerful hitter from the baseline, great serve. I think a lot depends from his serve, the way he’s going to serve.

“Lleyton is playing probably his favorite court in front of his home crowd. It’s not going to be easy for both. I hope they go distance.”

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17 Comments for Novak Djokovic: “I’m Not Getting Naked For Anybody, Except My Girlfriend”

Ajet Says:


tennisfan Says:

But, look, I’ve done it once. Why not twice? Why not stay optimistic and positive about the whole season? It’s a start.” …

From being World No. 3 for 4 years to being a worthy World No. 1 Novak Djokovic has come a long way in his career…Here is a look into the evolution of this Champion at Australian Open ( Tennis)!…

A must read for Djokovic fans-Evolution of Novak Djokovic- Australian Open (2007-2012)!

Michael Says:

Good decision Nole. We don’t necessarily want to see your scrawny unattractive frame. What do u c in him Jelena? You could do a lot better. Just saying.

alison hodge Says:

michael (whichever one im talking to),each to there own i suppose,personally i think he has a nice face,but i agree hes way too skinny now,much prefered him when he had more meat on his bones.

Michael Says:

Alison Hodge. I thought it was sorted out as to which Michael I am. I am Rafa fan and the other Michael has 2 ‘l’s in his name now.

alison hodge Says:

michael oh yeah forgot sorry.

Ajet Says:

who cares how one looks so long as one has got $$ in pocket and wins in his record, gals would kill each other for a date with such a successful guy evn if he’s not very handsome!!!

Just look at how beautiful a wife davydenko has, and this is nole: far more handsome and successful! I think it’s jelena who’s lucky to have djoker as boyfriend rather IMO.

alison hodge Says:

ajet no offence but that does make us sound rather shallow,to be honest i think he is a good looking lad,with a great personality and sense of humour,i just think hes a bit too thin,when i see older pictures of him at least then he looked healthy back then,not all girls are obsesessed by looks anyway,and whats good looking to one aint necassarily to another and vice versa.

Michael Says:


I do not mind posting as Michael1 or Michael2 although I have posting here for almost two years as Michael and you came much later. You could have chosen a different name, but for some reason you sticked with this. It is Ok. Let the other forum members distinguish us with our views. You are a Rafa Fan and a hater of Federer whereas I am a Federer fan but not a hater of Rafa.

margot Says:

I’m with alison on this, am finding it mighty confusing.
lol I confuse dari and Dory sometimes. They must be married, mustn’t they….;)
btw dari, are u doing bracket challenge?

Michael Says:

Hey Michael. I thought we sorted this duplication of names quite a few days ago. As I said at the time I did not notice another Michael posting. Anyhow, didn’t u say any future posts by you you would spell yr name with 2 ‘l’ s?

Michael Says:

Michaell. And by the way I am not a Federer hater. What gave u that idea? I quite like him actually but am not a fan.

margot Says:

Can’t one of u change your name to Mikey, or Micky?
Just asking….;)

Anna Says:

Oh come on Nole!! One little pose you shy boy. I think Nole is attractive with beautiful eyes. I also think he’s quite bright which is no small part of the attraction.

alison hodge Says:

anna i completely agree i love rafa,but noles also a lovely looking guy,with a great personaality,i just think hes got a bit too thin imo,prefered him a couple of years ago with a bit more meat on his bones,still gorgeous though,if you check out you tube you will see him on the cat walk in a pair of speedos,very sexy indeed.

Michael Says:


Posting as Michaell is just not working and it is reflecting as “awaiting Moderator comments”. Therefore, I have no other option but to only post as Michael.

By the way seeing some of your postings I came to an impression like that “You are a Roger hater”. But if you are not, then it is fine.

reason Says:

Djokovic is in cahoots with the devil, he is cheating on her, his life about to crumble before his eyes, ha ha

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